Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1456

Chapter 382 so character! Tang Jie one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but has selected the eyebrow, his deep voice said : „the meaning of my do not understand Mr. Zhao Hai, among us is impossible to be the friend, now our hundred treasure die in your in hand person, feared that had more than 2000? You think that we can also become friends?” The Zhao Hai look at Tang Jie appearance, showed a faint smile said : naturally to be OK, we have killed your hundred treasure more than 2000 people, but at that time we were the enemies, naturally cannot be lenient to the enemy, but if we had a common enemy, the enemy of enemy was a friend, moreover our Comprehend the world and must the clan, in the ten-thousand realms battlefield here manpower, in addition also about ten thousand people, if our report is willing to help hundred treasure, that hundred treasure obtained about ten thousand people of new forces, but we helped hundred treasure at the same time, gives advantage that hundred treasure brought, not only probably manifested. In population?” Tang Jie one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then his two eyes twinkling brightly said : I heard that Comprehend the world is great Spirit Race has been covering, but great Spirit Race with our hundred treasure, but the mortal enemy, Mr. Zhao Hai said that did not fear great Spirit Race does blame?” Zhao Hai knows that Tang Jie this is in testing him, he has not thought must hide the truth from Tang Jie, but is complexion one positive, held the fist in the other hand to Tang Jie said : Tang Captain, in front of the sighted person does not tell the lie, before I think person who Tang Captain also saw these Giant Spirit, when you used the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, the great Spirit Race person had one to go back to request reinforcements, kicks our Comprehend the world encampment from Tang Captain to the present, had how long? I think Tang Captain not don’t know, but the great Spirit Race person had not actually sent reinforcement, in just, them gave back to these great Spirit Race people who kept to believe that making these people go back, this was planned that must give up us, our Comprehend the world although was only in one small, but every year to great Spirit Race was filial piety that has not been short, our Comprehend the world although person few strength were weak, but was not the cleaning rag, said that threw on can throw, since the person of Giant Spirit must give up our Comprehend the world, our Comprehend the world with them also on nature it doesn't matter, if Tang. Captain wants, can we also regard the gift to give Tang the remaining 48 great Spirit Race people Captain, don’t know Tang Captain what do you think?” Zhao Hai very clear, at this time, said that the truth is more useful than the string, you told the truth, Tang Jie possibly thinks that you are to have no way out to go to them now, may be awkward you, but if you said that lie, after that is known by Tang Jie, trouble. Tang Jie one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but has selected the eyebrow, but he has not actually made noise, is only look at Zhao Hai, a ponder shape of face. Really he must thinking well, Zhao Hai this saying say already very obvious, before Zhao Hai them, is great Spirit Race under the hand/subordinate, then with their hundred treasure naturally is the enemy, the murder does not have anything at the worst, you cannot always ask the enemy to drink tea, but the person of Giant Spirit has gotten rid of Zhao Hai now they, Zhao Hai their this has the resentment . Moreover the great Spirit Race person deducting, this was clarifies must get angry with great Spirit Race, must say that Comprehend the world one got angry with great Spirit Race, to them was only then advantage not fault. Is thinking in Tang Jie these times, reason that Zhao Hai then deep voice said : I know hundred treasure after coping with us, wants through coping with us, lets these attach to great Spirit Race and Upper Realm sees clearly the great Spirit Race appearance, thus leave great Spirit Race, but the successor methods of hundred delimitations, is spreads rumors and causes trouble, but such as was we have hired oneself hundred treasure, and public with great Spirit Race for the enemy, I thinks that effect will be certainly better?”

Tang Jie stares, he has not thought that really Zhao Hai actually anything knows, he cannot help but curiously looked at Zhao Hai one, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile to Tang Jie, deep voice said : „, moreover everybody underestimated our Comprehend the world, our Comprehend the world strength truly was not probably strong, only then level, but must the clan with us be the ally now, both of us simultaneously offended your everybody, now simultaneously offended Giant Spirit, can say that our two clans now are grasshopper on a rope, can the together motion, as the matter stands level of our strengths on reaching Upper Realm, hundred treasures. Is wants to tidy up us, needs to make very big effort, will also incur not the small loss, this does not have to hundred treasure advantage, this will only make the great Spirit Race person sort to a small advantage, after all now we were also the great Spirit Race enemies, why everybody put our these helpers not to use, can advance the position of enemy us? Compared to cope in our two, I think everybody who hundred treasure, to tidying up great Spirit Race should be interested?” Tang Jie look at Zhao Hai, he to the present the understand Zhao Hai fearful place, the Zhao Hai most fearful place does not lie in his strength, but lies in his assurance to the will of the people, each few words that he spoke, will speak of your go at heart, and expounds formidably for you, therefore Tang Jie clearly know Zhao Hai has had no way out now, if their hundred treasure do not accept Comprehend the world and must the clan has the words, Comprehend the world and must the clan fear that was can only withdraws from finally being out of ten-thousand realms battlefield, but how was you knew, because you presently, compel ten-thousand realms must hundred treasure of clan The battlefield, might as well leave behind them to be useful, leaves behind them, they become your in hand sharp sword, gives up them, gave up one time attacking enemy best opportunity on equal to, meanwhile will incur the loss to oneself, in this case, feared that was the idiots knows how must choose. Therefore Tang Jie clearly know receives Comprehend the world and must the clan, regarding Comprehend the world and must advantage even bigger of clan, but still will actually move. Not only Tang Jie, Tang Jie behind these hundred treasure people, in making noise, their calmly is listening to the Zhao Hai words, they also by the Zhao Hai words attracting, although Zhao Hai now have had no way out, but they have to recognize, Zhao Hai say is reasonable, hundred treasure accept Comprehend the world, accepting must the clan, advantage even bigger regarding them, they had a reason of open and aboveboard to attack the great Spirit Race person, regarding the people of hundred treasure, Comprehend the world and must the clan not be their enemies, unqualified was their enemies, their genuine enemies forever. One that is the Giant Spirit person, to cope with great Spirit Race, their anything can definitely accept beforehand Comprehend the world and must the clan to their unreasonable. Tang Jie looked at Zhao Hai some little time, calm said : this matter was too big, I cannot take responsibility, I must relate with the clan in!” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to do as you please, before your clan answered, we will not carry on attack to everybody, at that time, we will not let go great Spirit Race these people, if hundred treasure agreements accepted us, these great Spirit Race people were the gifts, if the people of hundred treasure did not accept us, we and Palpus Clansmen first will butcher great Spirit Race these people, have been putting together with everybody, retreat left the ten-thousand realms battlefield!” The threat, Zhao Hai this equal to was threatening Tang Jie, Tang Jie two eyes flash of cold light, look at Zhao Hai said : „were you are threatening me?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to dare, our Comprehend the world offended everybody, now offended great Spirit Race, if you in cannot accept us, that this ten-thousand realms battlefield did not have our taking shelter, but why couldn't our these people stay in ten-thousand realms battlefield here? However is the deity fights, mortal suffers distress, we can advocate received the disaster of Wu Wang, since everybody can compel to have no way out us, our Comprehend the world and must the clan, is not the kindhearted person, before leaving scoops up a ticket, leaves foul air to be also good, was good, did not disturb everybody below, everybody please contact with your people, said goodbye below.” The Zhao Hai personal appearance moved, vanishes in the area.

The place that Tang Jie look at Zhao Hai vanishes, on the face appears an angry facial expression, actually suddenly has then smiled, most from the beginning is only the smile, finally actually turned into laughing. Stands in Tang Jie Tang Wen puzzled look at Tang Jie said : Senior Brother, Why are you laughing? Tang Jie laughs said : not to think really that in Comprehend the world, really has such character, this person can say distinguishes friendly . Moreover the analysis to the matter is also with meticulous care, he is placed several situations in front of you now makes you choose, if you choose advantageously to yourself, that is also favorable for him, if you choose disadvantageously to yourself, is also disadvantageous to him, this person is a character, good, even if for this person, above I must urge, and must the clan receive Comprehend the world to hundred treasure, has their join, we cope with great Spirit Race on. Had confidence.” Tang Wen said : „, Senior Brother, won't you really such regard as important that Zhao Hai?” Tang Jie shows a faint smile said : this person very intelligent, reason that he before with us for the enemy, was because their were standing the great Spirit Race person, they wanted to have the support of great Spirit Race, must great Spirit Race indicate the manner likely, therefore he went all out with us for the enemy, attacked us, when he presently, great Spirit Race must give up their times, his immediately the great Spirit Race person deducting, these great Spirit Race people had been deducted by him at that moment starting from, has determined the destiny, they must die without doubt, he deducted these great Spirit Race people, on was indicates him in us likely. Manner, if we accepted them, these great Spirit Race people are their throwing describe, if we do not accept them, these great Spirit Race people are their air vent holes, moreover he is not threatening us finally, he was saying a fact, if we did not agree to accept them, we these person of let us not want to run today.” Tang Wen stares, then puzzled can't said : „? Do they dare to kill us really? Don't they fear the retaliations of our hundred treasure?” Tang Jie looked at Tang Wen one, sighed said : they to be compelled unable to return to ten-thousand realms battlefield here, what but also there is good to fear? So long as they ruin here all formation, we wanted to find the Comprehend the world Coordinate are not that easy, when the time comes feared that was these Immortal Stage Expert can make a move, in any case they already not any worry.” One hear of Tang Jie said that Tang Wen cannot help but shivered, if said like Tang Jie, they have to accept Zhao Hai they, otherwise their poor life also keeps this.

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