Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1457

Chapter 383 touches! After Zhao Hai leave Tang Jie their there, immediately hurries to toward mine tunnel there, but he simultaneously very pays attention to Tang Jie their there situation, one hear of Tang Jie and Tang Wen words, Zhao Hai to has somewhat appreciated to this Tang Jie, this Tang Jie also was really the person who could take up to put down. But reason that Zhao Hai must such anxiously catch up with returned to command(er) mine tunnel there to go, because of these great Spirit Race people already cause disturbance . These great Spirit Race humanities want to slide in the returned to clan secretly, the country has received a letter to them for their clans, making their immediately go back, Palestinian wooden is a smart person, his very clear the people in their clan make them go back are any meanings, this was wants to give up Comprehend the world and Palpus Clansmen. In the regarding clan decided that Palestinian wooden too did not understand, if the clan were really gave up Zhao Hai really they, then regarding the person influence of clan was very big, why in his understand clan such do not do. However Palestinian wooden actually decides to go back, because of him to Kong Miao to his impoliteness, feels very angry, therefore he does not think that was taking care the Comprehend the world matter. However Palestinian wooden is not a fool, he presently Kong Miao has been discontented with them, if they were going to greet with Kong Miao at this time must go back, that feared that will be Kong Miao is will not comply absolutely, moreover Kong Miao also certainly can guess, great Spirit Race must give up them, by that time Kong Miao can make any matter to come, Palestinian wooden may not dare to say. Palestinian wooden very clear, if really the Comprehend the world person compelling, them will not have feared the murder anxiously, Undead Creature of that more than 1000 hundred treasure just Zhao Hai release came, has made wooden feel that was startled. Palestinian wooden understand, if their leave on a grand scale, Kong Miao they will certainly not let off them, butchered them to have the possibility directly, therefore Palestinian wooden after reading letter, immediately got the person to catch up toward Transmission mine tunnel there, the there road they also knew in any case, moreover these ordinary cultivator now also don’t know these dirty matters, they, so long as asked that these cultivator will tell them the Transmission mine tunnel in there, so long as there, they have been able to start Transmission Formation leave. However Palestinian wooden has a dream has not thought that their every action and every movement under the surveillance of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai receive the letter to catch up toward Transmission Formation there in presently them, immediately understand their meanings, therefore he gave on Transmission Formation the seal directly. Palestinian wooden they arrived at Transmission Formation mine tunnel there, presently there all Magic Formation have more than enough, asked a downloading gate governs Transmission Formation cultivator, these cultivator also anything don’t know.

That cultivator don’t know, he sees certainly Zhao Hai suddenly appears , then waves, then information, his there knows that Zhao Hai has given the seal all Transmission Formation. When Palestinian wooden wants to order that forcefully governs Transmission Formation cultivator to open Transmission Formation, Kong Miao and Xu Wuzun are bringing Battalion person Horse comes to Transmission Formation mine tunnel here. Palestinian wooden looked that Kong Miao they came, felt that the matter is not wonderful, but he has not displayed the startled appearance, but is coldly look at Kong Miao said : Kong Miao, what do you mean? You get up the Transmission Formation seal, does reinforcement of my clan also come? Opens Transmission Formation quickly, I want in return to clan, lets in the clan as soon as possible reinforcement sending.” Kong Miao shows a faint smile said : Grandmaster first do not worry to Palestinian wooden, please come with me, we have the newest combat report, this combat report, great Spirit Race very useful.” Said that does hand signal that empty has directed. Palestinian wooden looked at side Kong Miao these person of one, presently the performance of these person any hostilities, probably really have not greeted their, this arrived is makes wooden feel puzzled, why his understand Kong Miao cannot suddenly appears in here, not be because presently they do want to walk? If they are not presently they must walk, why that does want seal Transmission Formation? Palestinian wooden somewhat puzzled look at Kong Miao, the Kong Miao look at Palestine wooden appearance, on the face is still bringing smiling face said : Palestinian wooden mister, just we obtained information, hundred treasure there people presently our here Transmission Formation Coordinate, prepare to pass on probably the person through Transmission Formation, therefore we Transmission Formation to the seal, now have not been able to open, wait for you first do not worry, comes with me.” One hear of Kong Miao said that Palestinian wooden although somewhat is puzzled, but was not good to say anything, if he must make Kong Miao open now Transmission Formation, delivered them to walk, that Kong Miao will certainly get suspicious, those who when the time comes were bad luck was they, although Palestine wooden felt very aggrievedly, but he nodded, they walked toward command(er) mine tunnel there with Kong Miao, he has not actually seen, all cultivator and Palpus Clansmen, look at the look of their back was bringing strong killing intent. However this killing intent is only flashes, on hidden went, although they in the ten-thousand realms battlefield here strength are not strongest, but his these in various Realm that were also the characters who the person always became a ghost, what matter has seen, wanted to hide own killing intent to come, that was really too simple, only if like Zhao Hai such, met Purifying Heart Perceiving Nature Profound Technique Cultivation Method, otherwise is impossible presently they actually to want what. Palestinian wooden and Kong Miao they arrived in the command(er) mine tunnel, after Kong Miao invited the people sat down, to Palestinian wooden said : Little Hai exits to eavesdrop on information, the person who had a look at these hundred treasure how is presently my Coordinate, a while will come back, invites everybody first wait a minute.” Palestinian wooden nodded, then he knit the brows said : Kong Miao Grandmaster, why is Mr. Zhao Hai eavesdrops on information? Can he eavesdrop on information?”

Kong Miao smiles said : naturally, Little Hai is Dark Magician, his Undead Creature varies, some small Undead Creature, can eavesdrop on information to hundred treasure Battle Formation, this almost can find some clues.” Palestinian wooden nodded, look at Kong Miao said : Kong Miao Grandmaster, when do you plan to carry on the general attack to the team of people of hundred treasure? If let them always in here strolling, that destruction was also very strong.” One hear of Palestinian wooden said that Kong Miao and Xu Wuzun their complexion change, they know that Palestinian wooden was leave, great Spirit Race gave up them, but in this case, Palestinian wooden actually also said that this didn't clarify must push toward the fiery pit in them? Wants them to go with hundred treasure people to put together life and death, this intention was really too dangerous. Kong Miao almost did not live on control, jumps to rip to kill with Palestinian wooden, spent the big strength institute, Kong Miao has such depressed killing intent in oneself heart, complexion calm said : „and so on, now the people of these hundred treasure, they in break the formation, have not been arranging Transmission Formation in turn, wanted to kill from our Transmission Formation there, we according to the circumstances quick, they feared that has killed, how waits to clarify them to know after my Coordinate, we were moving them not late.” Palestinian wooden nodded, looked at Kong Miao said : „, since they presently did not have the means to come from your Transmission Formation Transmission, I think that they should in using that Transmission Formation, you whether to open Transmission Formation, if reinforcement in our clan thinks that is arriving through Transmission Formation, you actually gave seal activated Transmission Formation, that was not quite good.” Kong Miao did not scold at heart crazily by, but in the surface was actually the motionless sound, but nodded right that said : mister said that but now is not good, we must confirm that they were not using Transmission Formation to be good, but I want to ask Grandmaster, Noble reinforcement when? Why such hasn't long time arrived?” Palestinian wooden look at Kong Miao, what meaning deep voice said : „is Kong Miao Grandmaster this saying? Disliked the evening that reinforcement in our clan came? In our clan is assembling the army also requires certain time, said it, our previous time sends the person who requests reinforcements, perhaps has not thought that the people of your less than 3100 treasure cannot block, therefore this reinforcement comes late, is normal.” Kong Miao look at Palestine wooden, deep voice said : less than 3000 hundred treasure people, we naturally can cope, but why the people of hundred treasure cope with us, this point mister knows that I also know, like our Comprehend the world and must the clan small Interface, simply not the reason that is worth hundred treasure beginning, target that they must cope with, great Spirit Race, I am only have not thought actually that great Spirit Race actually does not have the courage to come with hundred treasure people to fight!” Kong Miao endured patiently Palestinian wooden for a long time, he wants they to put under house arrest most from the beginning Palestinian wooden, does not think to have no consideration for face now, he is also thinking must leave a leeway to Comprehend the world, but he has not thought that Palestinian wooden also poses as superior unexpectedly, speech belt thorn, in there to drive a wedge between, this made Kong Miao unable to bear, satirized Palestinian wooden in turn. As soon as Palestinian wooden listened to Kong Miao saying that obvious stayed, he has not thought that Kong Miao said such impolite, has not waited for Palestinian wooden to respond, his behind his great Spirit Race person, one has stood, pointed at Kong Miao to scold said : dissolutely, you were any thing, dares such to speak with Captain.”

The Kong Miao look at that great Spirit Race person, coldly snorted said : I am Comprehend the world now Commander, I can say you on behalf of Comprehend the world, what thing are you? Do not say you, even if Palestinian wooden, what qualifications he also does have to treat as an equal with me? Is he Captain? He is just Vice-Captain, even if your Captain, east Bayan such will not speak to me, you are any thing, has any qualifications to shout and wrangle to me in here.” Palestinian wooden complexion thorough changed, he has not thought that Kong Miao dares such to speak to him, good, he is only Vice-Captain of 50 people of squad, but they are on the Upper Realm person, do not say his Vice-Captain, in that even if just spoke Upper Realm ordinary, there is qualifications such to speak with Kong Miao, in their opinion, they use this manner to speak with Kong Miao, that is in normal, must say that their manner was very good, the Kong Miao simply qualifications such have not spoken to them. Has not actually thought that now Kong Miao actually said that they do not have the qualifications to speak to him, this makes wooden feel shocking, but other these great Spirit Race people also one has stood, some people already release Magical Artifact, but Comprehend the world cultivator and Palpus Clansmen have also spilled into the mine tunnel, these people also revealed Magical Artifact, the open fight between factions have touched! ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;