Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1458

In this at daggers drawn time, a sound solid however conveys said! ” Yo, was this What happened? shines the fellows? Had an accident? ” Was saying a person flew, sees the person, Kong Miao cannot help but relaxed, because comes person Zhao Hai. although Zhao Hai does not have what duty in Comprehend the world here, however his doing with is actually all people knows that Kong Miao presently now more and more rely on Zhao Hai. Before he with Palestinian wooden they to, but also has shone weapon, Kong Miao felt that somewhat lacked self-confidence, was at heart hurried, but saw Zhao Hai appears , his suddenly at heart does not fluster. Palestinian wooden also saw Zhao Hai, but he may not have what saying that in his opinion, the Zhao Hai status did not have Kong Miao to be high, he has anything to be good to fear that qualifications that therefore his coldly snorted said : Zhao Hai, here you have not spoken, one side get lost!” Zhao Hai looked at Palestinian wooden one eyes, showing a faint smile does said : suddenly look like Palestinian Captain has not made clear the situation probably? Where do you know don’t know here are? here is the Comprehend the world domain, but I am the Comprehend the world person, what thing you calculate, matches in here shouts and wrangles? what? thinks that what really our don’t know does think in you? Do you think very strange? Why these Transmission Formation suddenly by seal? It seems like beforehand Kong Miao Grandmaster to you was really too polite, making you not make clear the condition!” Along with the Zhao Hai words, Palestinian wooden face number , when hears Zhao Hai to scold him is any thing, his face was black, but hears these that behind Zhao Hai said that Palestinian wooden face slowly bleached, he presently has probably thought mistakenly, before Kong Miao to these that he said that probably not real. Zhao Hai look at Palestine wooden, before coldly snorted said : „, you from here leave, received the signalling jade sword in your clan, then greeted does not hit one, leading the person to go toward Transmission Formation there, does what? want to pass in Transmission Formation returned to great Spirit Race? I can tell you, late, after presently your trends, I Transmission Formation to the seal, you have wanted to know that I just did go to there? My truth told you, I went to negotiate the terms to go with hundred treasure people, our Comprehend the world and must the clan rather hire oneself hundred treasure, in helping hundred treasure was coping with your great Spirit Race, so long as they are willing to accept on the line, but you, but was remained by us, delivered after hundred treasure gifts, but also dares to shout three to drink four in here, if great Spirit Race the idiot like you, to suffering a defeat and fleeing is not far!” Palestinian wooden face pale look at Zhao Hai, coldly snorted said : ungrateful, your Comprehend the world people are the disciple of perishing graciousness being ungrateful, our great Spirit Race person was not thin to you, can you deduct the person who gives hundred treasure us unexpectedly? Are you a person?” Zhao Hai look at Palestine wooden, suddenly laughs, some little time Zhao Hai stops the laughter, look at Palestine wooden said : that two eyes cold light sparklesPalestinian wooden, you are short toward your face previous post [gold/metal], your great isn't Spirit Race thin to our Comprehend the world? This saying you can also say, our Comprehend the world works to a frazzle, thing that every year goes all out to obtain, actually wants on give you great Spirit Race three layers, for obtains your protections, is the present? Hundred treasure coped with us, why did they cope with us? In our person who the person, meets hundred treasure around walking, is impossible to offend them, they cope with us , because we are Giant Spirit are covering, we lived the conflict with them, has killed hundred treasure 1000 people, to your Giant Spirit indicated that our manner, we are willing with you, to be willing to help you cope with hundred treasure, but do you do? You unexpectedly only hundred 50 came our here examination, in touching to decide the situation is in the real situation, is still not actually willing reinforcement, even to give up our Comprehend the world finally, do not say that our Comprehend the world now with Palpus Clansmen is the ally, our 2 Realms person gathers, the strength reaches the Upper Realm level, even if we are only level, you should also look that makes an offering every year that many thing in us, but hundred treasure are of your sworn enemy dispatches troops to help us, you do not fight unexpectedly, but ran away, gave to sell to your loyal and devoted under the hand/subordinate unexpectedly, I. Person? Is your great Spirit Race dry matter the matter that the person does? You also match for on Upper Realm, great Spirit Race finished! decides to give up our Comprehend the world from you at that moment starting from, great Spirit Race ended, you lost became on the bear heart and spirit of Upper Realm, did not have on the aggression of Upper Realm, did not have aggressive on Upper Realm, was not on Upper Realm, you own under the hand/subordinate cannot shelter, does not dare to shelter, what you also had qualifications become on Upper Realm, I told you, you should better put honest one, I can also be lived by you many some time, if gave to provoke anger me, butchered you, you. The head gives hundred treasure is not good. Palestinian wooden is been pale by face that Zhao Hai said that jumping of head blue vein, in this time, great Spirit Race person suddenly is calling out one, the hand proceeds to wield, a giant axe, the head of direct Zhao Hai cut. Ten points suddenly that this gets down, no one has thought that great Spirit Race person meets suddenly to be difficult unexpectedly, moreover this move comes and quick, Zhao Hai could not avoid shortly.

Kong Miao face is pale, marries to stem from, actually saw Zhao Hai to put out a hand to hit a sound to refer to gently, this sound referred to one dozen, on the throat of that great Spirit Race person blew out one group of blood hua suddenly, on the throat appears a round hole, the blood like fountain same has welled up, the look of that great Spirit Race person also slowly lost the appearance, attacked also to fall the ground to the Zhao Hai great axe. Zhao Hai looked at that great Spirit Race person one eyes, said : acts recklessly in a soft voice, hundred treasure several thousand people attack us, was given in dire straits by us in this mine tunnel, depends on you less than 50 people, what storm but also wants to turn? Palestinian wooden, you best honest, otherwise I not to mind that now butchered you.” Zhao Hai this, not only shook Palestinian wooden they, shook Kong Miao they, Kong Miao they look at Zhao Hai, how don’t know Zhao Hai achieved. Zhao Hai has flown the Kong Miao side, to Kong Miao said : Grandmaster, hundred treasure this time Captain Tang Jie said that this matter team cannot take responsibility, must in relate with them, but I believe possible that they agree with meets even bigger.” Kong Miao one recovers, his immediately/on horseback nodded said : well, that is good, they what to do?” Zhao Hai looked at face pale Palestine wooden one eyes, sneers said : one group of conceited idiots, does not need to manage them, first looks like, if in dares to cause trouble, directly butchered.” Kong Miao nodded, turns the head to tell, immediately has Cultivation World and must the people of clan with Magical Artifact command(er) Palestine wooden they, gave to press them. They walked to Palestinian wooden, Kong Miao then turns the head look at Zhao Hai said :1 Little Hai, you just, Just that did achieve? How I don't have presently your attack that great Spirit Race person? ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, mouth ice to the ear of Kong Miao near, in a soft voice said : me, with they spoke, secretly turned into very tiny needle Liquid Silver, attracted their attention with the speech, then small needle thorn quietly their neck there, they, because too ji moved, therefore has not noted, when I wanted attack time, I made that needle attack good directly, fired refers to does not matter, fired refers to is just by them is thought I was pass to make a sound to refer to attack.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Kong Miao has cannot help but gawked, muttered said : this to be also good?” Zhao Hai smiles said : naturally to be good, this method I from the Magical Artifact application methods of hundred treasure these people, change, Grandmaster, hundred curved Vajra sticks should also be able to achieve this point.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Kong Miao cannot help but stares, then two eyes one bright, but he has not said anything, just they spoke, near that leaves, what also uses is voice transmission skill, therefore nobody can hear.

At this time Xu Wuzun actually walked, laughed said : to Zhao Hai 1 Little Hai, great, vented spleen, has vented spleen, this several days my look at these rampant fellows, were at heart uncomfortable, this foul air exited finally.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : these time is hundred treasure people does not accept us, these fellows of Giant Spirit cannot remain, we these fellows butchering, later shifts blame to hundred treasure people, making their 2 Realms hit, like this they did not have the time to find our 2 Realms Coordinate, copes us, therefore these fellow sooner or later must die, before them at the point of death, but also made them rampant what, might as well one breath.” Xu Wuzun and Kong Miao one hear of Zhao Hai said that at heart is one cold, reason that to be honest, before they do not want to conflict with Palestinian wooden, for wants to keep an escape route to oneself, if the people of hundred treasure do not accept them, they also want to ask the great Spirit Race person. Actually their understand, the great Spirit Race person has not come to help them at this time, they ask the head of great Spirit Race, will not have any result, but the great Spirit Race person after is on the Upper Realm person, they kill also really have the worry, that will be the same to Zhao Hai, no matter Zhao Hai simply great Spirit Race is on Upper Realm, he only does to the advantageous matter, gives up them presently that moment being started by Zhao Hai from great Spirit Race, these Palestine wooden they on are the deceased person, fears is at that time, Zhao Hai on having this idea. In their look at each other in dismay, don’t know must say any good time, Zhao Hai face suddenly changes said : „, acting recklessly thing, but also unwilling to give up.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Kong Miao stares, then face did change said : What happened? is Palestinian wooden they causes trouble?” Zhao Hai nodded said :Palestinian wooden release secretly a signalling jade sword, it seems like wants to tell Giant Spirit the here situation, but Grandmaster you do not need to be worried that the jade sword by my Undead Creature plundering, me has urged to go faster...., The Zhao Hai personal appearance in a flash, vanished in same place. Looked at Zhao Hai to walk, Kong Miao then sighed, to Xu Wuzun said : I knows that what now superior was, 1 Little Hai when not having ascend, certainly was superior, vicious and merciless, could take up into, this make a move, will not be forgiving absolutely.” Xu Wuzun has also smiled bitterly, to be honest, he with Kong Miao they are not considered as that genuine superior, they practiced before wholeheartedly, how regarding to handle these matters, knows are really not many. Because of this, therefore they, when the processing matter, sometimes cannot let loose trick/hand and foot, cannot murdering like Zhao Hai decisive, this is around they biggest weakness Palestine wooden face pale look at these cultivator and Palpus Clansmen, he does not have to think one will one day reduce to this situation, unexpectedly by person looking like, before this is him, has a dream has not thought. Palestinian wooden there swallows under this tone, he took a signalling jade sword to let out quietly, his movement although has hidden the truth from all around these cultivator and Palpus Clansmen, has not actually concealed the truth has followed in his behind great Spirit Race person, these great Spirit Race people also very coordinated, to cause small sao to move, attracted the past these cultivator and Palpus Clansmen attention, by Palestinian wooden signalling jade sword smooth releasing for flight exiting. Actually this is also because these cultivator and Palpus Clansmen extremely in relaxing relationship, just among Zhao Hai raise a hand and throw a foot, extinguished a Giant Spirit person, vented anger for them, this lets these cultivator and some Palpus Clansmen interests, all attention are not too centralized, does not have the jade sword that now Palestinian wooden release goes.

Palestinian wooden looked that jade sword went to by release, on his face cannot help but 1 u left one to sneer, look at these cultivator and Palpus Clansmen, in the eye cold light sparkled, he now in thinking, time when the great Spirit Race person killed, what method they must use to revenge. In this time, suddenly Palestine wooden their front appears a person, was seeing this person, Palestinian wooden face cannot help but uglier, because of this person of Zhao Hai, Palestinian wooden understand Zhao Hai at this time didn't do, his simply has not thought the jade sword that his release goes to be blocked by Zhao Hai, because of signalling jade sword very fast . Moreover the volume is few, after release goes, almost nobody can block, therefore Palestinian wooden has not thought toward that aspect. These pressures Palestinian wooden their cultivator and Palpus Clansmen looked at Zhao Hai appears , immediately stopped, puzzled look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai was cold face look at Palestine wooden, cold sound said : Palestinian wooden, I have warned you, do not play the hua move with me, you have regarded the neglected advice my words, you must pay the price.” Palestinian wooden look at Zhao Hai, is pale face said : Zhao Hai, do not go too far, we do not have rebel, what hua move has not played, if you want to kill us, now begins?” Zhao Hai look at Palestine wooden does, sneer said :not to play the hua move? What is that this? This signalling jade, The sword is not you puts? I had said that must make you pay the price, is not cracks a joke, your release a signalling jade sword, I have killed your five people, isn't excessive? ” Looks at Zhao Hai to put out signalling jade sword, Palestinian wooden face changes, in one hear of Zhao Hai words, Palestinian wooden face one has grow darked, has not waited for him to say the argument words, Zhao Hai hits a child sound to refer , the throat places of five great Spirit Race people blew out the blood hole, from airborne dropped down. Zhao Hai look at Palestine wooden said : wants live a while, to give me to be honest, in dares to play the hua type, next time I kill ten.” Said that turns the head look at these cultivator and Palpus Clansmen said : favors them!” These people have complied with one hastily, their face are not quite attractive.( To be continued.!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;