Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1459

These cultivator and Palpus Clansmen, reason that face is ugly, was not said by Zhao Hai, but under because they actually do not have presently Palestinian wooden to hide in their eyes are up to mischief, this lets in their faces feeling sorry. They currently are impossible to Zhao Hai any discontentedly, Zhao Hai strength in that pendulum . Moreover the matter that Zhao Hai handles is also some exciting matters, therefore their simply impossible to be discontented with Zhao Hai, they actually do not have presently the great Spirit Race petty action in themselves. These these cultivator and Palpus Clansmen look at these great Spirit Race face bad, if these people with the great Spirit Race person put right, possibly is not the match of great Spirit Race person, however their strengths are not weak, so long as they are earnest, Palestinian wooden they in wants to be up to mischief is not easy. They have shut in after Palestinian wooden cavern, Zhao Hai on returned to command(er) mine tunnel there, he must says the matter about hundred treasure with Kong Miao and Xu Wuzun. Quick Zhao Hai on returned to the command(er) mine tunnel, Kong Miao and Xu Wuzun is discussing anything in mine tunnel, before Immortal Stage Expert has given them to instruct that the two can take responsibility to this matter completely, now they were discussing, if the people of hundred treasure agree to receive them, how their next should walk. Besides them, must several Divided Spirit Stage Expert of clan also, except their also dying empty Ning Hejian their several Comprehend the world Divided Spirit Stage Expert, the people sit in command(er) hall here, was discussing how next must walk. Naturally they also say now that wants to determine how next step walks, but also needs very important person join, this person naturally is Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai appears in mine tunnel here, immediately by Kong Miao calling side, after letting Zhao Hai sits down, Kong Miao look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, just what's the matter? Why goes is so anxious?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to be all right, is these fellow some are dishonest, did I tidy up their, what everyone/Great Clan was saying?”

Kong Miao deep voice said : was saying how next step plays walks, Little Hai do you look?” Zhao Hai looked at people said : in mine tunnel present great Spirit Race to give up us, if hundred treasure are willing to accept me, we were unexpected with hundred treasure, but before , we had these many conflicts with hundred treasure, has a grudge with hundred treasure, we must against they look afterward our have troubled, for did not make them look for our troubles afterward, that only then means that when hundred treasure with great Spirit Race to the war, strove many, at the same time show own strength, must by hundred treasure people be. To look for our troubles, must have the worry, like this we can true standing firm.” Kong Miao how many people nodded, but Kong Miao or said : „, if hundred treasure people if doesn't accept us? What to do should we?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : that drew back returned to Comprehend the world to go, making them hit, I not only need make him hit, I must make them not to stop hit, so long as in these two Upper Realm put together strength/Origin Qi to damage severely, we in appears in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, they also took us not to have the means.” Kong Miao and Xu Wuzun they stare, the meaning of do not understand Zhao Hai, hundred treasure and great Spirit Race although is a bitter enemy, but among them the fight is actually very restrain, the although double responsibility has the casualty mutually, but will actually not injure the pulsation bone, so long as the casualties of both sides have achieved a certain degree, their he will not be beginning, moreover returned to own domain is in the tian wound, is preparing the next war. Because no matter person very clear of hundred treasure Giant Spirit, although they biggest enemy is the opposite party, but if their casualties are too big, only cheap others, is for this reason, therefore both sides can continuously that restrain. Also because knows this point, therefore Kong Miao and Xu Wuzun will be shocked, they do not believe that hundred treasure and Giant Spirit will put together life and death. although at present looks like, hundred treasure these time comes prepared, moreover great Spirit Race has also made a wrong decision, this will make them fall on leeward, but an extremely thin camel is bigger than a horse, great Spirit Race is not good to cope, so long as great Spirit Race fights several with the people of hundred treasure, the casualties of hundred treasure more than one, they should meet the armistice, wants to let them mutually wounded is almost impossible. Zhao Hai look at Kong Miao and Xu Wuzun their eyes, show a faint smile said : my material everybody people should not be strange, good everybody to have presently I most important Divergent Technique?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Kong Miao they have gawked, but also let alone, the Zhao Hai material they had already looked, Divergent Technique that but Zhao Hai said that they have not thought at once. When several people ponder diligently, does a sword sound convey said : Space Divergent Technique?!” His throat makes all people stare, look at Zhao Hai that then actually two eyes shines, the appearance of Zhao Hai look at people, shows a faint smile said : well, Space Divergent Technique!”

Kong Miao they may not have the fool, hears Space Divergent Technique this ability, their immediately has thought that naturally also on understand the meaning of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, shows a faint smile said : is hundred treasure people now does not accept us, we withdraw from ten-thousand realms battlefield armor also temporary, so long as I want to come back, I momentarily can come back, therefore my present Zhao's the people of hope hundred treasure accept us, otherwise, hundred treasure, great Spirit Race, do not want to feel better.” One hear of Zhao Hai this killing aura steaming words, Kong Miao and Xu Wuzun they feel at heart coolly, their suddenly present, hundred treasure and great Spirit Race annoys the most wrong decision that Zhao Hai is their this makes really for a lifetime, so long as the Zhao Hai ginseng about to this matter, this two clans feared that cannot obtain the small advantages. Kong Miao take deep breaths, calm one own mood, turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : „, if hundred treasure accepted us, how our next does need to do?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : „, if hundred treasure accepted us, our next step first gives up here, the returned to octopus island.” One hear of he said that all people stare, Kong Miao puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : leave here? Why?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : here was too near to great Spirit Race encampment, great Spirit Race can keep dispatches troops to attack us, we cannot block, but goes to octopus island there not to be different, octopus island there is far from great Spirit Race encampment, although there is far from encampment of hundred treasure, but always wants on near some compared with here, we can also establish Transmission Formation on the island, is adding on the octopus island is on the sea, even if we cannot block the attack of great Spirit Race , can also fall back on marine evades temporarily, I think that these many years, Palpus Clansmen impossible to have known about the marine situation? Therefore octopus island there makes the base compared with here suiting.” Kong Miao frowns, although that Zhao Hai said is reasonable, but makes them such give up encampment, he is some are not really willingly. The Zhao Hai look at Kong Miao appearance, shows a faint smile said : Grandmaster, must the friends of clan to survive, can complete Faith we, come to our encampment, why can't we go to encampment of clan friend? Now our 2 Realms is grasshopper on a rope, naturally must with drawing back.” Kong Miao nodded said : well, if the people of hundred treasure accept us, we are move to the octopus island not to have anything.” Xu Wuzun they are happy extremely, to be honest, now they in Comprehend the world encampment here, although all are very good, Comprehend the world person because of the both sides together fight, does not have any to look down upon their meanings, but they always felt that some are not comfortable, if can in the returned to octopus island, their naturally happy. Zhao Hai nodded said : is we moves to the octopus island, these fellows will not let off our, but they do not let off our also no big deal, we must hit them, steps on their corpse to become famous, so long as we became famous, that was hundred treasure wants to cope with us also to think well, after all we helped them be busy, if they dare to unload the grinding to kill the donkey, they will only march into the great Spirit Race footsteps.” Kong Miao they also the plan of understand Zhao Hai, their also understand Zhao Hai said that now certainly rendered meritorious service is any meaning, they must in their body treasure label, moreover was most loyal that was the same, vertical merit most that as the matter stands hundred treasure people , to move them, that was difficult, moved them, will of the people also on dispersing. Kong Miao nodded said : this to arrive is good means that so long as hundred treasure are willing to accept us to be good, but great Spirit Race does not turn over to be good to cope, when the time comes they feared that will regard first target us, because we, as soon as will surrender hundred treasure, will not make hundred treasure increase the add some person regarding their attack to be so simple, to their prestige also will be three huge attack.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : also not only, if we can the great Spirit Race person drag really in octopus island there, making them unable to take the octopus island, what consequence can that be? Feared after is, in nobody will fear that great Spirit Race, in Upper Realm, cannot take in one unexpectedly, this regarding the attack of great Spirit Race is biggest.” Xu Wuzun they nodded, reason that in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, on these Upper Realm has the present status , because all dares to provoke their people, had been given to destroy completely by them, so long as dares to offend on Upper Realm, dares to provoke on Upper Realm, on the Upper Realm person will destroy completely them with the method of as powerful as a thunderbolt, to demonstrate own strength.

If in offended in one Upper Realm, but in this Upper Realm does not have the means this to fall to the disaster in the shortest time, that will make all people believe that in this Upper Realm on the Upper Realm strength, he had not worn in into on Upper Realm, by that time great Spirit Race feared was on. Actually all these should belong to great Spirit Race, if great Spirit Race does not give up Comprehend the world, that Zhao Hai will certainly persist to the end, these difficult problems with hundred treasure all can hundred treasure solve by that time, great Spirit Race can attack hundred treasure through this matter, when the time comes has troublesome was hundred treasure, what a pity, great Spirit Race gave up this opportunity, gave back to itself to make a huge trouble.!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;