Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1460
Chapter 386 agreed! Standing of Tang Jie calm on the ground, his stands these hundred treasure people, Tang Jie is Captain, these people very much respect regarding Tang Jie, therefore Tang Jie has not made noise, these people have not made noise, is only look at Tang Jie. Tang Jie and other information, he already completely understand that formidable relationship wrote, Tang Jie believes that in person will agree, because in most hoped to cope was great Spirit Race, lost these people in Comprehend the world here is not anything, can who Comprehend the world received hundred treasure, will have regarding their plans well from the place. At this time Tang Wen has arrived at the Tang Jie side, to Tang Jie said : Senior Brother, you said person who octopus island there remained behind, now can wait to worry? We were quite a while have not delivered information to pass.” Tang Jie has gawked, then shook the head said : „the present to deliver information to fear that was already late, I tried.” Said that Tang Jie has put out the signalling jade sword, has input the content toward the sword, must release for flight the jade sword, but the jade sword does not have any response. Sees this situation, Tang Jie sighing said : gently really with cannot help but same, this Zhao Hai that I think, seriously is vicious and merciless.” The situation of Tang Wen look at jade sword, cannot help but said : Senior Brother, was this What happened? is octopus island there has an accident?” Before Tang Jie sighed said : „, they said that Zhao Hai killed from Comprehend the world encampment, I thought strange, now looks is really, Zhao Hai definitely runs up to octopus island there, person who first kept there us killing, ran returned to here to cope our, this person seriously was vicious and merciless, became his match, did not worry wonderfully.” Tang Wen one hear of Tang Jie said that complexion cannot help but does change said : this Zhao Hai has seriously such skill? Is impossible? Senior Brother, did you too look at him high?” Tang Jie shook the head said : absolutely not, the person who octopus island there leaves behind definitely died, moreover definitely was killed by Zhao Hai, Little Wen, you did not want underestimated Zhao Hai this person, the material of Zhao Hai this person you also to see, he after Lower Realm flew to come up, every large or small also hit had been inferior, you looked that his time has suffered a loss? Is his Infant Stage time, Comprehend the world Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert chases down, is one struggles hard, finally also Bai Jian Master, moreover later he shut half more than four years, after coming out, he superficially, strength or Infant Stage time, but you looked at his fighting strength, feared that did not compare a Divided Spirit Stage Expert difference, moreover he was Dark Magician, a such person, did not allow to look down upon absolutely.” Tang Wen nodded said : Dark Magician is the generations of some vicious and merciless, to manufacture Undead Creature, they is a companion with the corpse generally, this Zhao Hai also very arrives at that to go.” Tang Jie nodded said : this Zhao Hai Undead Creature very special, before also helped him fight, general Dark Magician, after ascend, wants to have progressive, must study Advanced level Cultivation Method to be better, Black Magic also slowly was discarded, however Zhao Hai his these Undead Creature is still his one big helps Undead Creature strength very strong, to the present, but do you have presently, he little uses Undead Creature to make the war, you said why this is?”

Tang Wen said : „can't he control these Undead Creature too long time?” Tang Jie shook the head said : he in the preserved strength, he in keeping card in a hand, he brightly will come out his card in a hand when necessary, in other words, he before made the war with us, had not put out own complete strength, how his complete strength, feared that was Comprehend the world person don’t know, this person of plans very deep sank, if such person can for be we use that is best, moreover subdued Comprehend the world also to have in addition an advantage.” Tang Wen does said : „have the advantage? What advantage?” Tang Jie look at Tang Wen whispered: You think that our hundred treasure twice suffer a loss in Comprehend the world and Palpus Clansmen in hand, is what good deed? If this passes on, which the faces of our hundred treasure toward put, troubles with it time, might as well receive Comprehend the world and must the clan, making them our in hand copes with a great Spirit Race sharp sword, you think that if great Spirit Race, does not have the means with their 2 Realms, what situation can that be?” Tang Wen did not answer the egg, his immediately understand the Tang Jie thoughts, nodded right that said : Senior Brother said that if great Spirit Race really and must the clan not have the means with Comprehend the world, their prestige in one time will be attacked, was adding on the Comprehend the world betrayal the matter, great Spirit Race feared that had difficultly.” said : that Tang Wen two eyes shines so looks like, this received Comprehend the world to have Palpus Clansmen to have the advantage, but Senior Brother, haven't our beforehand enmity reported?” Tang Jie looked at Tang Wen one, deep voice said : Little Wen, some enmity must remember, some enmity actually cannot record, Zhao Hai they have big using to us, our genuine enemies are great Spirit Race, Zhao Hai they, when with us does right, they belong to great Spirit Race, but if they have hired oneself we, that belongs to our hundred treasure, our hundred treasure aren't competent the matter that bides one's time for punishment, understand?” Tang Wen one on understand the meaning of Tang Jie, great Spirit Race has just not rescued Comprehend the world, will leave behind the inexhaustible future trouble to oneself, if they are coming biding one's time for punishment, then with their people, feared that will be the everybody feels insecure, will have hundred to harm not to have an advantage regarding hundred treasure. Tang Wen nodded, in speaking, now in his only hope really can accept Comprehend the world and must put, otherwise, that may really be in big loss. Their talks have not used voice transmission, therefore other people also heard, one hear of they said that these were also deep during a piece of thought. They said strictly, is some cultivator, when hundred treasure, they have their some influences, to ten-thousand realms battlefield here, they had been combined in together, was trained an army, each of them will serve in ten-thousand realms battlefield here for over ten years, was allowed returned to hundred treasure to go, must say that among them has the sentiment of deep ally, that arrives is not necessarily, cultivator originally is selfish, for maintain a livelihood, for the even bigger benefit, do not say definitely some allies, was the brother disciple nephew died, they not. Will be grieved.

Person understand of these hundred treasure, they can walk sideways in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, is because they are hundred treasure, if hundred treasure reputations are damaged, was suppressed by all parties, their days will not feel better, therefore these people, as soon as listen to Tang Jie, have pondered, in their opinion, accept Comprehend the world and must the clan, really have the advantage to hundred treasure, perhaps do not make their sworn enemy great Spirit Race eat to suppress, think, to Comprehend the world that air/Qi, vanished slowly. Tang Jie is deliberately says these words to come, he appreciates Zhao Hai really very much, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, even in hundred treasure, vicious and merciless is not a derogatory term, cultivator with having not vicious and merciless. The Zhao Hai conduct has, make a move is ruthless, such person absolutely is a talented person, if Zhao Hai can like blocking their attacks really blocks the attack of great Spirit Race, then to hundred treasure, absolutely is the good deed. Tang Jie looked at behind these person of one, in the eye has shown a smiling face, in this time, the jade sword has been flying in front of Tang Jie together, Tang Jie received the jade sword, spiritual force searched toward , after seeing clearly inside content, long vented anger. Did Tang Wen look at the Tang Jie appearance, immediately/on horseback said : Senior Brother, how above said?” Tang Jie threw the jade sword to Tang Wen, smiles said : you to have a look to know.” Tang Wen not polite, is taking the jade sword, searches toward in the spirit, sees clearly inside in easily, Tang Wen is also be with smile on the face said : good, fantastic, above agreed.” His sound just fell, a sound conveys said : so, below on representative Comprehend the world and must the clan, thank Upper Realm to give shelter.” Tang Jie and Tang Wen look following the sound, Zhao Hai, Kong Miao, Xu Wuzun, but also has plenty Divided Spirit Stage Expert, stands before them not far away. Tang Jie immediately/on horseback recovers, they welcomed with a smile toward Zhao Hai, but in these people, stands in now forefront, but Kong Miao, Tang Jie held the fist in the other hand said : Grandmaster to be too polite to Kong Miao, should be we thanks you to be able join hundred treasure to be right.” Kong Miao shows a faint smile said : my Comprehend the world also to probably the clan, lonely ghost that now has not wanted, hundred treasure can not count the past animosity to give shelter to me and others, I and others was deeply grateful, the friends of hundred treasure, in request personally.” Said that Kong Miao empty directed, Tang Jie also to show a faint smile said : to invite.” They fly shoulder to shoulder toward the mine tunnel, Tang Wen follows in Tang Jie, Xu Wuzun follows in Kong Miao, empty rather their Divided Spirit Stage Expert, with following in turn in Xu Wuzun, but the people of these hundred treasure also in turn follow in Tang Wen, Zhao Hai had not actually moved, he walked in finally. The people of this these hundred treasure noticed all the way many cultivator and Palpus Clansmen are folding formation in there, from that trace, this formation arrangement, but many, if they do not agree to give shelter to Zhao Hai really they, that is only these formation suffices them to receive.

The quick people arrived at a big mine tunnel, Tang Jie have made Tang Wen empty rather them go, let these people first to settle down, but he alone went to command(er) mine tunnel there with Kong Miao. Empty rather their these Divided Spirit Stage Expert not with them, the person but who arranges these hundred treasure personally went, only then Kong Miao, Xu Wuzun and Zhao Hai three people accompanied Tang Jie to go to command(er) mine tunnel there. After several people arrives in the mine tunnel to sit down, Zhao Hai immediately has put out one bottle of liquor, several jade cups, to several people of one person but actually one glass of liquor, has fallen then back on Kong Miao, a word, is not a servant is probably same. However Tang Jie actually does not dare underestimated Zhao Hai, he also specially paid attention to Zhao Hai, looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, he cannot help but shows a faint smile said : Tang Jie to drink Mr. Zhao Hai personally liquor but actually, is really a big good fortune.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : Tang Jie Captain to be too polite, Zhao Hai was a junior of Infant Stage time, can for senior liquor, be the Zhao Hai good fortune is but actually right.” Tang Jie laughed said : mister is really too polite, if Infant Stage time cultivator of this in society such as mister so, I and other Divided Spirit Stage feared that did not have the means of livelihood.” Kong Miao and Xu Wuzun have also smiled! ...... &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;