Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1461
Chapter 387 called my Tang elder brother! Zhao Hai also shows a faint smile, he has not cared, but he to has the favorable impression to Tang Jie this person very much, this person is somewhat haughty, but he can be together with the person very much. Some little time Tang Jie they calm, Tang Jie has carried wine glass to drink liquor, nodded said : nice wine, this liquor in hundred treasure there, on being considered as was the high-quality goods, has not thought, Comprehend the world wine-making technology, unexpectedly so high.” Kong Miao showed a faint smile said : Tang Captain to be too polite, this liquor in Comprehend the world there is the best liquor, moreover this liquor was not everybody has, in entire Comprehend the world, had person produce this type of liquor, this person in your at present.” Tang Jie stares, then turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : not to think that Mr. Zhao Hai will brew unexpectedly also alcohol, mister is really versatile.” Zhao Hai smiles said : there, but is the material is good, moreover this liquor is not I ferments, is I asks the person to ferment, if Tang Captain likes, I to can deliver give Tang Captain.” Tang Jie nodded, turns the head look at Kong Miao said : Grandmaster, my Realm Master agreed the Grandmaster condition, starting today, Comprehend the world and must the clan be our hundred treasure people, does not know that what Grandmaster also does have to request?” Kong Miao shook the head said : not to have what request below, can give shelter by hundred treasure, I and other 2 Realms felt that motivation extremely, I know hundred treasure are just about to make war with great Spirit Race, I and others fully coordinate certainly.” Tang Jie nodded, deep voice said : that does not know how Grandmaster next step does prepare to do?” Kong Miao deep voice said : we move to octopus island there with must clan equipment \; first, because octopus island there is far from great Spirit Race \; second, because octopus island there in sea, moreover manage for many years must the clan, has not received the too big destruction, is a very good defense base, our here was too near to great Spirit Race, went down to the great Spirit Race center, feared that was some great Spirit Race slightly movements, can give to destroy completely us, even if obtained the support of hundred treasure, that also extremely in take risking, will give hundred treasure to bring greatly. Loss, therefore we prepare to move to octopus island there, does not know how Captain does think?” Before Tang Jie, has thought after Comprehend the world and must the clan hire oneself them, following exhibition how, Tang Jie also present, Comprehend the world the encampment, the position to great Spirit Race encampment was really too near, if the Comprehend the world person has hired oneself really they, that this encampment did not need the ginseng to use. How he also wants to urge Comprehend the world and Palpus Clansmen moves, has not actually thought that Kong Miao raised first, Tang Jie looked at Kong Miao said : oh, this idea to was good, how did Grandmaster think?” Kong Miao smiles said : this is Little Hai raises, we also sank he to say reasonable.” Tang Jie cannot help but looked at Zhao Hai one, he presently probably somewhat has underestimated Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai has not cared, but shows a faint smile to Tang Jie. Tang Jie nodded to Zhao Hai, this turns the head Little Hai to Kong Miao said : to propose very good, I do not have what opinion, but I think that everyone/Great Clan is best is moves does quickly, otherwise, the great Spirit Race person feared that will be quick presently the change of here, quick will kill.” Kong Miao nodded said : I to prepare, was right, Tang Captain, we had said that must give you some gifts, a while asked you to look.”

Tang Jie one hear of Kong Miao said that stares slightly, on the face gloomy has gotten down said : you says these great Spirit Race people? Altogether how many?” Kong Miao smiles said : altogether 48, but before , because they cause trouble, by Little Hai killing six, now only then 42, when Tang has Captain wanted to have a look at them?” Tang Jie deep voice said : „the present wants to go, they in there?” Kong Miao shows a faint smile, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you led Tang Jie Captain to go.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, has stood, Tang Jie Captain invited to Tang Jie said :.” Tang Jie nodded, holds the fist in the other hand to Kong Miao and Xu Wuzun, this turn around followed Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai brought Tang Jie to depart the command(er) mine tunnel, turned off the mine tunnel of great Spirit Race person to fly toward that Tang Jie flew while to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, these great Spirit Race people that honest was being closed by you? What trick hasn't been using?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : they not to dare, because they also want to live for several minutes.” One hear of Zhao Hai this saying, Tang Jie cannot help but felt that back somewhat in cool, his although with great Spirit Race is an enemy, but he needs recognize, the great Spirit Race strength is very strong, even if hundred treasure people with Giant Spirit one-to-one to, that consequence is also very difficult to expect that however in the Zhao Hai mouth, probably great Spirit Race person, but is the duck that some momentarily can slaughter is ordinary, this is really some fearful. Quick they arrived at outside of that mine tunnel, although now entire Comprehend the world and must the clan prepare to move, but however this mine tunnel here still kept large quantities of manpower to protect, moreover these person of very earnest, on the manner of present these people, feared that was the Zhao Hai Liquid Silver flying needle is impossible to fly into the mine tunnel. These cultivator and Palpus Clansmen looked that Zhao Hai and Tang Jie came, holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai also returned to a ritual, then his deep voice said : Palestinian wooden, bringing your clansman to come out, has a friend to see you.” These cultivator and Palpus Clansmen separate, cave entrance of mine tunnel surrounding, Palestinian wooden these time to playing any trick, getting his clansman to fly from the mine tunnel. Flew outside, Palestinian wooden saw Tang Jie, Palestinian wooden complexion cannot help but changed, he knows that hundred treasure were agrees certainly to accept Comprehend the world, in this moment Palestine wooden heart thorough was cool, not only to own future destiny, to the great Spirit Race destiny. He presently great Spirit Race really has made a very wrong decision, gives up Comprehend the world is really a mistake, they just gave up Comprehend the world, hundred treasure received the past, this did not express that the people of hundred treasure are the fools, sorts thing that others do not want specially, but the polarity, the people of hundred treasure are not silly, they return very intelligent, they can such quick receive Comprehend the world, certainly be because Comprehend the world can bring the even bigger advantage to them. Great Spirit Race gave up Comprehend the world, prestige was certainly damaged, hundred treasure received Comprehend the world, the prestige is promoted on a certain degree, this liter fell, did not add First Grade in two to be so simple. Palestinian wooden some are not willingly, if great Spirit Race High level in here, Palestinian wooden certainly face to face asks these people now, they actually in thinking anything, why must give up Comprehend the world, before Comprehend the world, to them is loyal and devoted. Reason that Palestinian wooden very clear, Comprehend the world will betray great Spirit Race , because great Spirit Race gave up them, if great Spirit Race can send reinforcement to come, Comprehend the world will not betray great Spirit Race, after all Comprehend the world has killed hundred treasure that many people. Thinks of here, Palestinian wooden cannot help but somewhat is also dejected, does not fear cannot judge the quality of goods, feared that the goods compared with the goods, place together this comparison with hundred treasure great Spirit Race, high under immediately judges, great Spirit Race gave up being loyal and devoted to them, Comprehend the world that year after year made an offering, looked like discards one to scratch the buttocks paper to be the same conveniently. But hundred treasure actually received has killed they more than 2000 Comprehend the world, such mind, such bearing, was really these people of Giant Spirit cannot compare.

However Palestinian wooden some are not willingly, he is really willingly does not see his enemy, proud vast standing in his front, therefore Palestinian wooden complexion calm look at Tang Jie, cold sound said : Tang Jie, your other proud, Comprehend the world can betray us today, tomorrow they can betray you, like the race, is not worth believing.” Tang Jie is hundred treasure famous young Expert, therefore Palestinian wooden recognizes Tang Jie. Tang Jie one hear of Palestine wooden said that cannot help but laughs said : Palestinian wooden, haven't I called to be wrong you name? You such obvious to drive a wedge between, won't I be able to look? Betrayal? Was Comprehend the world betrayed you, did you betray Comprehend the world? This point you are clearer than me, I thought that your Giant Spirit did not have what hope.” Palestinian wooden coldly snorted, turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, said : of face hatred Zhao Hai, you did not want proud, you have killed hundred treasure that many people, you think that you hire oneself now, won't the people of hundred treasure bide one's time for punishment? You will certainly not have the good end in the future.” Zhao Hai looked at Palestinian wooden one eyes, shows a faint smile said : not, I can affirm the person who hundred treasure will not bide one's time for punishment, my fate will also be very good, because my these time has killed a hundred treasure person, later I will kill ten, even 100 great Spirit Race people as the compensation, I want this compensation, the people of hundred treasure will certainly not ask me to do accounts, you said that my method is what kind of?” Presents all people to feel that ghost behind their neck, blows the cold wind toward their backs, that gloominess, ices the feeling of coldly , making on them brave the one layer goose flesh instantaneously. Tang Jie turned the head to look at one, smiling Zhao Hai, has cannot help but smiled bitterly, Zhao Hai this reply, really stems from his anticipation, but he has to recognize, he like Zhao Hai this reply. Palestinian wooden complexion pale look at Zhao Hai, coldly snorted, has closed the eye, he really does not want to see Tang Jie and Zhao Hai appearance, he does not want to let Tang Jie and Zhao Hai sees in his eyes that frightened facial expression, he is a great Spirit Race person, he cannot make the enemy see his weak side. Zhao Hai not in principle Palestine wooden, but turns the head to Tang Jie said : Tang Captain, the person looked how these people can handle?” Before Tang Jie looked at Zhao Hai said : you, how to handle, how now to handle.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : so, Zhao Hai your command.” Said that Zhao Hai putting out a hand of gently, hit a sound to refer, Palestinian wooden their throat places blew out one group of blood splashes, then from airborne downward fell, but they have not waited on the ground, one group of black gas gave to wrap up them, waited for black gas to diverge, Palestinian wooden they disappeared. This is Tang Jie first time saw that Zhao Hai turns into Undead Creature the person, this process probably is very simple, but is really because simple, makes Tang Jie feel somewhat coldly, can look from the Zhao Hai movement, he handles such matter, don’t know had many times, this is makes Tang Jie feel the most fearful place. Tang Jie turns the head look at Zhao Hai, said : „can Little Hai, make me have a look in release them in a soft voice.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : naturally.” The hand wields, 48 great Spirit Race person appears in his front, these person of each and every one have seemed like same as them before death, wound does not have, if there is heartbeat, the body is bringing Death Qi, almost nobody believes that they are Undead Creature. Undead Creature of Tang Jie look at these purifications, his really don’t know must say that what was good, he felt that Zhao Hai is really was too scary, but quick Tang Jie noted a matter, he presently Palestinian wooden their imposing manner probably have not changed, stood in there, still gave people the one type of pressure, this pressure only then Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert can come out, this made Tang Jie complexion change, he turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you will not tell me, were these Undead Creature strengths still Transcends Tribulation Stage?” Zhao Hai smiles said : that to be how possible, these Undead Creature strengths now only then the Qi Refining time, just imposing manner retained, is used to frighten the person.”

Tang Jie shouted in the mouth to be mad lightly, this was he imagines the answer, if these Undead Creature strengths had Transcends Tribulation Stage, he will feel that was startled with cannot accept. Zhao Hai received these Undead Creature, turned the head to Tang Jie said : Tang Captain, we went back, I think now everyone/Great Clan also tidies up was similar, we can go to octopus island there through Transmission Formation, we must carry on some arrangement in there, was used to defend great Spirit Race.” Tang Jie nodded, flies toward command(er) mine tunnel there with Zhao Hai, flies he while to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you thought that the great Spirit Race person, when knows here did have an accident?” Zhao Hai sighed said : they to fear that was knew, in great Spirit Race to Palestine wooden last signalling jade sword, should be makes their immediately go back, but Palestinian wooden was actually given to buckle by us in here, moreover Palestinian wooden thinks that the returned to great Spirit Race signalling jade sword was also given to block by me, great Spirit Race they have not come back in presently Palestinian wooden, did not have the signalling jade sword to send back, moreover Transmission Formation by the seal activated time person, they should also feel that matter incorrect place, feared that is present great Spirit Race army, in has caught up toward here.” When Tang Jie gloomy face said : „can we go to octopus island there? Octopus island there defensive formation was destroyed much, must as soon as possible repairs, moreover we accepted the order in clan, in remaining to resist great Spirit Race with your together, so long as has the need, in the clan immediately will send reinforcement to come.” Zhao Hai turns the head to show a faint smile said : to Tang Jie Tang Captain feel relieved, when you agree to accept us, had his Palpus Clansmen and our Comprehend the world person catches up with returned to octopus island there to repair these formation teams, believes we to octopus island there time, formation should be fixed.” Tang Jie look at Zhao Hai, he believes that this feared is the Zhao Hai arrangement, therefore he probes was asking that said : this is you arranges?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : I to propose saw to discuss, was Kong Miao Grandmaster and order under Xu Wuzun mister.” Tang Jie looked at Zhao Hai one, shouted tone said : lightly starting from today's present, called my Tang elder brother!” &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;