Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1462
Chapter 388 break the formation Spirit Snake needle succeeds in obtaining white light flashes, Zhao Hai and Tang Jie have Tang Wen appears on Transmission Formation, position that they are at now, is the octopus island, they are finally person of a batch to octopus island, before Kong Miao and Xu Wuzun they have been leading returned to octopus island here, Tang Jie, Tang Wen and Zhao Hai, Mo Sheng, Li Zongdao, cultivator of several hundred treasure, is finally the a batch returned to octopus island. // «» . com «» novel network // They remain to destroy Comprehend the world encampment there Transmission Formation finally, these time destroys , the complete destruction, does not leave a point trace. This Kong Miao they had also firmly decided that great Spirit Race has gotten angry with them in any case, later they with the personal enemy who great Spirit Race main altogether did not treat the day, that Comprehend the world encampment must give up. Since there must give up, that cannot leave behind a point clue to great Spirit Race, therefore entire Comprehend the world encampment completely was destroyed, naturally, this also under winning the approval of Comprehend the world that several Immortal Stage Expert has done. Nobody likes giving up own family, but if to maintain a livelihood , can only give up, Comprehend the world person very clear, if continues to stay in oneself has the dead end, Comprehend the world cannot give up ten-thousand realms battlefield here, if they gave up here, that Comprehend the world wants at the show on very difficult. Therefore Comprehend the world these Immortal Stage Expert, clench teeth, agreed the Zhao Hai plan, destroyed entire encampment. But makes Comprehend the world Immortal Stage Expert make such decision the power , because to the hatred of great Spirit Race. The Comprehend the world person hates great Spirit Race many to hate hundred treasure, they most from the beginning with hundred treasure are the enemies, what method therefore hundred treasure with cope with them, they will not be surprised, treats the enemy, must stop at nothing. But great Spirit Race is different, great Spirit Race from most from the beginning is their Sect Master clans, they enter to supply every year, to obtain the protection of great Spirit Race, but great Spirit Race actually when they most need, gave up them, this makes Comprehend the world people think that great Spirit Race is a rebel. It looks like compares the enemy, the people hate the rebel to be the same, the Comprehend the world person is also same, compares is hundred treasure of enemy, they hate to give up their great Spirit Race. Because entire encampment was destroyed, the Comprehend the world person deepened one regarding the hatred of great Spirit Race thick, Zhao Hai is also same, now Zhao Hai defeating great Spirit Race regarded target, what he wanted destroys great Spirit Race, making great Spirit Race forever not get turning over. &\;*. «» . com quickest renewal ** In several people of audiences Transmission Formation comes out, Kong Miao and Xu Wuzun walked on the front surface, they to Tang Jie gave a salute, Tang Jie also return salute, as this they arrived in Palpus Clansmen Great Hall.

After waiting till Great Hall has sat down, Tang Jie look at Xu Wuzun and Kong Miao their said : two Grandmaster, don’t know octopus island here preparation how?” Kong Miao nodded said : prepare was similar, in island original defensive formation, restored, now is carrying on some processing, arranges many formation on the island, is arranging also some to work certainly formation.” Tang Jie nodded said : to be very good, I think that the great Spirit Race person also soon came, we must make the best use of the time to be good, Little Hai, encampment was there has left behind Undead Creature to monitor? The great Spirit Race person must come, certainly first will go to encampment there.” Zhao Hai nod said : has arranged, if the great Spirit Race person goes to encampment there, our immediately can know.” Tang Jie deep voice said : „the great Spirit Race person is not a fool, they should quick presently their decisions be mistakes how, therefore their certain meeting wants completely all means to make up for this mistake, wants to make up for this wrong best method, with the method of as powerful as a thunderbolt, and must put Comprehend the world from ten-thousand realms battlefield here cancels, therefore their these time will want not to attack, so long as they will come, that offensive certain very fierce, octopus island here defense Magic Formation although will be good, but will want to defend the attack of great Spirit Race, feared that will be some difficult, great Spirit Race should also. Has the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, if they use these thing, we somewhat were dangerous.” Zhao Hai two eyes one bright, he turns the head to Tang Jie said : Tang elder brother, don’t know you to be able the break the formation Spirit Snake needle to give me research, I also meet crafting, I want to take a look whether to manufacture counterfeit of some break the formation Spirit Snake needles to come, if our in hand had these thing, then has the advantage to us very much.” Tang Jie one hear of Zhao Hai such spoke of stares, but he nodded, complied, then waved, took the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, has given Zhao Hai. Tang Jie does not fear the Zhao Hai imitation, in fact the method of manufacturing of break the formation Spirit Snake needle, is almost public in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, even if Comprehend the world has the method of manufacturing of this type of break the formation Spirit Snake needle, but Comprehend the world does not have the ability to manufacture. Tang Jie does not think that Zhao Hai is capable of manufacturing the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, because looks like the person in Tang Jie, entire Comprehend the world does not have the ability to manufacture the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, do not say Zhao Hai, this is he is also willing to give the Zhao Hai reason the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, in his opinion this nothing but is sells to be good to give Zhao Hai, does not have anything at the worst, he regards as important Zhao Hai very much, does not need in this thing, making Zhao Hai feel to be discontented. Zhao Hai to is excited , after receiving the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, his immediately has stood, holds the fist in the other hand to several people said : Tang elder brother, Grandmaster, Xu Wuzun mister, I must go to research one this break the formation Spirit Snake needle, did not accompany you.” Three people beckoned with the hand, Zhao Hai then leave, Tang Jie looked at disappearance Zhao Hai, turns the head to Kong Miao said : Little Hai probably to these thing craving, his is crafting very fierce?”

Kong Miao shows a faint smile said : to be very fierce, before we when with Palpus Clansmen to the war, Little Hai understood one type of to find the stealth the Palpus Clansmen method, therefore in the fight of Palpus Clansmen, we can be in the upper hand, what what a pity was, in that type of machine had one type of metal very special, entire ten-thousand realms battlefield here, we had not heard had existence of that metal, but Little Hai was actually present the abilities of this metals, but shortcoming very obvious of this metal, that on was extensive express, no matter in the environment that no matter what guaranteed, he will only restore, not means long time guaranteed the inch, therefore. That thing can say that can only be the disposable thing, but to can look at Little Hai crafting innate skill from this point, is very strong.” One hear of Kong Miao said that Xu Wuzun cannot help but stares, then the complexion big change, must know that their Palpus Clansmen biggest taking advantage is the stealth clothes, but Kong Miao said now that they did find one type of to break the stealth clothes method? How this makes him not be startled. Reason that Kong Miao said that this matter , because they with must the clan be the allies now . Moreover the ally of that separation, in adding on the Zhao Hai present that search set, most can only use for one year, one year later that type of search set is scrap iron a piece, therefore Kong Miao does not mind to say. Looks at the Xu Wuzun appearance, Kong Miao shows a faint smile, put out a search set to lose to Xu Wuzun said : this is the search set that Little Hai manufactured, in 10,000 meters, so long as there is your Palpus Clansmen, can demonstrate that feared was his stealth is also same, this was used to cope your, but has now had no need, moreover this type of search set can only use for one year, one year later became scrap iron a piece, because did not have the material, Little Hai did not have the means in manufacturing, you did not need to be worried.” Xu Wuzun received the search set, carefully looked, operation originally very simple of this search set , he as soon as opens saw how this thing uses, he had found his position on the search set quickly, then his immediately/on horseback stealth, but is useless, represents his red point still to illuminate, after Xu Wuzun comes, complexion is somewhat ugly. His present understand, why Comprehend the world, when fights with them, was at the winning side, had such Ultimate Weapon in the hand, must the clan biggest took advantage of simply with be useful, conversely, the Comprehend the world person instead to can have without any preparation copes with them, this was most important reason of Palpus Clansmen failure. But Xu Wuzun most is worried is, this method will be studied to go by others, such words regarding Palpus Clansmen, absolutely is a disaster. Kong Miao also sees the Xu Wuzun restless place, he has not said anything, but has put out that big glass jar, looks at molten metal that in the jar has been not much left to Xu Wuzun and Tang Jie, and spoke to them the characteristics of this molten metal, Xu Wuzun naturally had not heard this thing, but Tang Jie has not heard. In fact if they had heard that called fishily, because this thing simply did not exist, these molten metals were also Liquid Silver. Finally Kong Miao also turned on glass jar, only blinks, the remaining that dot molten metals vanish from sight, Xu Wuzun saw this situation, this feel relieved slightly. But this time Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many, although he also knew Kong Miao they in saying anything, these anything that but Kong Miao they say now has not been is worth him paying attention, he naturally did not need to pay attention, he in Space, was just putting Universal Analyzer there the break the formation Spirit Snake needle now.

Now Zhao Hai must do is first decomposes the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, makes inside all materials, then in reconstruct, later he can manufacture the broken snake Spirit Snake needle, moreover can these rare metal join to Liquid Silver Magic Staff , after like this, he can use the innumerable break the formation Spirit Snake needle. The attack strength of this break the formation Spirit Snake needle, that is great, specifically is used for broken Mountain Guardian Great Formation, can that attack strength be weak? Moreover this break the formation spirit Suo Zhen this cannot break Mountain Guardian Great Formation, what is most important, defensive formation, the destructive power to Defense Protective Shield is also equally astonishing, can say, so long as had this thing, that Zhao Hai attack strength will enhance absolutely. Considers, with the methods of hundred treasure operate flying needles, operate the innumerable break the formation Spirit Snake needle, what situation that will be being one type of? By that time feared is Divided Spirit Stage Expert is not the Zhao Hai match. Regarding Universal Analyzer, decomposes Magical Artifact is very ordinary matter, in decomposing the agreement of break the formation Spirit Snake needle, the innumerable mineral lode forms in Space, innumerable formation appears in Space, then fused these minerals and Liquid Silver, when the time comes Liquid Silver formidable. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;