Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1464

Chapter 390 has difficulty duty Zhao Hai understand Tang Jie this saying is any meaning, this break the formation Spirit Snake needle although can flowing like snake, the needle bar also be able probably transformation, but changes with his Liquid Silver and Kong Miao hundred the Vajra stick has in a big way is different. // «» . com «» novel network // Zhao Hai Liquid Silver that was needless saying that almost can turn into any shape, hundred changed the Vajra stick is also similar, but the break the formation Spirit Snake needle actually cannot transformation, in other words, he can only be the acicular, can only hover, will not produce transformation. But was this also was very great, the snake can the body be able like the noodles, optional transformation, flexible incomparable, was only this point is enough. Zhao Hai knows that Tang Jie is the good intention, he also shows a faint smile said : feel relieved Tang elder brother, I will not act unreasonably, we also prepare, these fellows should it will not take long arrive, if they have not brought the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, that was uses Great Formation, Magical Artifact that but their these time was used to hurry along to was very special, unexpectedly was huge ship, that ship was very big, 5000 people sat have embarked, probably did not have what issue, not excessively was actually not very fast.” Tang Jie coldly snorted said : Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, great Spirit Race these time actually took Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, it seems like they were also somewhat anxious, that Giant Spirit Treasure Ship was one type of Great Formation that great Spirit Race made, needed 100 Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert to start, each ship can sit ten thousand people, not only can regard the flight tool to use, can regard Great Magical Artifact to carry on attack, because just the build was too big, therefore not very flexible, but the attack strength to was the good, real hedge words, can under one on cracking-up Eight Sapphires Chariot, since great Spirit Race took to come out Giant Spirit Treasure Ship. That looked like they will not use the break the formation Spirit Snake needle.” Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled look at Tang Jie, Xu Wuzun connection said : Giant Spirit Treasure Ship in some ten-thousand realms battlefield here fame, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, if attacks, impulse in Great Magical Artifact, is very famous, general time, the great Spirit Race people are use Giant Spirit Treasure Ship to attack his Mountain Guardian Great Formation, they used this method to cope with small that several have not been obedient.” Zhao Hai complexion dignified, nodded said : originally is this, can we cope with their Giant Spirit Treasure Ship with the break the formation Spirit Snake needle?” Tang Jie thinks that said : this method to is not good, but break the formation Spirit Snake is mainly used for break the formation, they during the energy fluctuation of Formation, will find a point gauge rate, then follows this gauge rate, eradication Formation slowly, but Giant Spirit Treasure Ship is Magical Artifact, Magical Artifact itself also has the intensity, but Giant Spirit Treasure Ship is famous for defense strength, if to, although can give to defeat Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, but will actually affect the service life of break the formation Spirit Snake needle, in that case, on some gaines does not equal the loss.” Zhao Hai one hear of he said that also frowned said : „the break the formation Spirit Snake needle to be too precious, the material collects very difficult, if to cope with Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, but lets words that the break the formation Spirit Snake needle is damaged, truly is some strokes, was right, we can with that counterfeit that I manufacture, that counterfeit Might although is not very strong, however can also cope with one with Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, they must some time be able to come, I can use these days, is manufacturing a counterfeit break the formation Spirit Snake needle, is adding on my in hand Great Formation, perhaps we can deal with the great Spirit Race person, But does not need to use the break the formation Spirit Snake needle. // «» . com «» novel network // One hear of Zhao Hai this said that three people of eyes are one bright, Tang Jie nodded said : this to arrive is good means that imitates the mouth break the formation Spirit Snake needle, if can block Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, that all said that was right, did the material that this counterfeit used have these? On us also has some materials, making me have a look enough, if insufficient, can in letting in sending.” Xu Wuzun immediately put out Zhao Hai to give Tang Jie said : material to his jade slip not to be strange, if can prepare to is also good, our here material can manufacture several not to be a problem, was the person this time?” Speaking of here he to turn the head to look at Zhao Hai one.

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : „to be enough, before my research break the formation Spirit Snake needle has used a lot of time, designed appearance , the computation material, these do not need now, had the specific data, had the material to refine, should be quick.” Tang Jie has swept content in a jade slip with spiritual force, then is actually two eyes one bright, turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : well, Little Hai, these thing we give you to prepare, you refine as far as possible, the more better, the material did not need you to leave, I came, you can only refine on the line.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, so long as there is a material, refines is not a problem.” Tang Jie nodded, turn around exited, before long came back, in hand is taking Space Bag, then throws to Zhao Hai said : to go Space Bag, is quick!” Zhao Hai rubbish, nodded, turn around returned to in his Cave Mansion. Zhao Hai walks, Tang Jie immediately has put out a signalling jade sword, has input the content in, turns the head to Xu Wuzun said : Xu Wuzun mister, immediately/on horseback to pass on returned to hundred treasure encampment to go jade sword grounded Magic Formation this, is quick.” Xu Wuzun has complied with one, took Transmission jade sword turn around to fly away. Now octopus island here has established with hundred treasure encampment direct Transmission Formation, when necessary, hundred treasure encampment there can despatch troops to give support, they can retreat to hundred treasure encampment when necessary go. Uses Transmission Formation to pass on returned to encampment there to go the Transmission jade sword, naturally fly compared with jade sword quickly. After waiting for Xu Wuzun to walk, Tang Jie turned the head look at Kong Miao said : Kong Miao, after waiting for this time matter, I want to make Little Hai go to hundred treasure there exhibitions, did you look?” Kong Miao somewhat surprised look at Tang Jie, to be honest like this requests him is first time heard that before had not heard these Great Sect, will let other person join they, must know that these Great Sect are very proud, looks to person simply of small does not glance, can Tang Jie suddenly set such request? Tang Jie looks at the Kong Miao appearance, knows that what he is thinking, Tang Jie sighed said : Kong Miao, the Little Hai strength you also saw, moreover innate skill that he showed in the crafting aspect you also saw, to be honest, if made him stay in Comprehend the world there, that really has been a pity, if made him go to hundred treasure there, his future will be certainly limitless, naturally, I will not have made you suffer a loss, Little Hai went to our there, I will prepare him teach you some hundred treasure Cultivation Method and crafting method Comprehend the world, how did you look?” Kong Miao one hear of Tang Jie said that two eyes cannot help but one bright, to be honest, this condition makes him irrecusable, therefore Comprehend the world this does not want leave ten-thousand realms battlefield here, is to obtain well cultivates the practice method and crafting Alchemy method, but the person openings to the outside world of these thing big, presently in his hand although will not have hundred treasure complete set practice method, if they practice, by hundred treasure people present, that hundred treasure had the excuse to tidy up them, must know them, but under the hand/subordinate of hundred treasure, small has stolen Sect Master amended the practice method., This is taboo, Kong Miao is worried for this matter. But if Zhao Hai became hundred treasure people, then teaches them some Cultivation Method, all these said that Comprehend the world is practicing hundred treasure Cultivation Method, will not bring to the attention of hundred treasure people. Thinks of here, Kong Miao also nodded, can go to hundred treasure to Tang Jie said :, that is being honored of Little Hai, I believe that Little Hai will agree, so long as he did not oppose that I naturally do not have the opinion.”

Tang Jie nodded said : well, I believe that Little Hai will not oppose, these time copes with great Spirit Race, our hundred treasure have prepared for a long time, I believe that certainly can tidy up their, I know that this time your Comprehend the world has paid, you do not need to be worried, no matter this time can cope with great Spirit Race, I will find a good place in hundred treasure there to you, making them establish own camp, definitely compared with your original place.” Kong Miao bows said : to thank Tang Jie Captain to Tang Jie.” although Tang Jie is only Captain, said that these words a little are probably big, but Kong Miao actually does not believe that Tang Jie is in hundred treasure young one generations, famous Expert, is hundred treasure key trained objects, in hundred treasure there status, the status in Comprehend the world is not lower than him, words that a such person, said that that certainly will keep a promise. Tang Jie beckoned with the hand said : not to use politely, if can tidy up great Spirit Race, your Comprehend the world merit is not small, our hundred treasure regarding the man of merits, that will not treat unjustly.” Kong Miao in time expressed gratitude, at this time Xu Wuzun also walked from outside, passed on to Tang Jie nod said :.” Tang Jie nodded, let out a long breath, look at sand table said : „the arrangement of present octopus island here basically has then maintained the accomplishments of one's ancestors, if Little Hai can manufacture counterfeit of several break the formation Spirit Snake needles, we even can make war with great Spirit Race outside the island, Island Guardian Great Formation on such island by break the formation, octopus island here will not be been near to the great Spirit Race domain, so long as protect here, our hundred treasure had one to attack the great Spirit Race bridgehead, therefore here Island Guardian Great Formation was best is protect.” Kong Miao nodded said : this we to make the best use of the time to manage, if we can make war with great Spirit Race outside the island, that Island Guardian Great Formation preserves not to have any issue.” Xu Wuzun also nodded said : „the present looks at Little Hai, so long as Little Hai can manufacture counterfeit of several break the formation Spirit Snake needles, we can make war outside the island with great Spirit Race.” Tang Jie forced smile said : will not be easy, even if were this time we have repelled great Spirit Race, great Spirit Race also met the immediately/on horseback organization people to counter-attack, they possibly also will assemble when the time comes some of their the armies of small Interface to participate in the attack, therefore our time, cannot let great Spirit Race defeat rapidness of too, cannot let Island Guardian Great Formation on great Spirit Race break the formation island, this was possible he to be very difficult to grasp, I just gave in the clan the letter on was by them, immediately started to cope with the plan of great Spirit Race, was small with these of great Spirit Race. Interface contacts, but this is requires the time I, we must drag great Spirit Race to be good in here some time.” One hear of Tang Jie said that Kong Miao and Xu Wuzun cannot help but knitting the brows head, to be honest, if makes them make the war with great Spirit Race directly, this is not difficult, nothing but is the everyone/Great Clan dispelling battle formation, to fighting, respectively depending on method, but wants such to tow Giant Spirit, does not make great Spirit Race win, does not make great Spirit Race lose, this may on a little difficulty. No matter Kong Miao or Xu Wuzun, are very confident to Zhao Hai, they believe that Zhao Hai can manufacture counterfeit of break the formation Spirit Snake needle, so long as there are these counterfeit, in the people of additional over a hundred treasure, they have the confidence to deal with these great Spirit Race people, but must say that does not make them win not make them lose, this difficulty may a little be big. Tang Jie looked at their one eyes, deep voice said : I knows that this matter hard to deal with, however for the final victory, we must drag them very much in here, best was makes them feel, won hopefully, but always cannot win, like this we succeeded.” To be honest, the request of Tang Jie is not general high, but Kong Miao and Xu Wuzun do not have the means to oppose that in fact they compared with Tang Jie also hope great Spirit Race was defeated, even was eliminated, because great Spirit Race certainly hates their bone to inter the body now, if not defeat great Spirit Race, after that their 2 Realms will not have the good fruit to eat.

The Bayan east station on Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, look at bow there is standing that person, cannot help but sighed at heart, to be honest, east Bayan somewhat blamed that person, although that person was Expert that in the great Spirit Race young generation became famous, but east Bayan somewhat could not have a liking for him. Bayan eastern very clear, the matter turns into this aspect is that person creates now, that person was called Balick, great Spirit Race an elder son, the age of that elder was not small, in old age, naturally was love, therefore Balick since childhood with medicine pill, when the sugar bean ate, such person practiced, if were slow, that damn, but east Bayan also has to recognize, Balick also truly be a talent, degree rapidness of practice, no matter what Magic or Magical Artifact, to his in hand, will have wielded biggest Might, but like this one. The person, extremely was haughty, was too selfish, except for him, whose he does not pay attention, even if in great Spirit Race there, few likes him personally. East this Bayan after knowing Comprehend the world there the situation, immediately returns to encampment to invite the reinforcement, because of his very clear, the situation that Comprehend the world there encounters, absolutely is not accidental, the here surface has certainly hundred treasure plots. After Elder Assembly in original clan hears the situation that he said that prepares to dispatch troops to rescue Comprehend the world, but actually by Balick blocking, him has thought in one not to be worth rescuing, for, makes war with hundred treasure now, is unworthy, moreover Comprehend the world also stir with must clan robber race in together, that was not worth rescuing, if they have rescued, perhaps is thought must the clan on be their under the hand/subordinate, that regarding the great Spirit Race prestige was influential. although that this saying said that has certain truth, but east Bayan actually believes that does not rescue to the great Spirit Race prestige affects even bigger, what a pity, he is only Junior Captain, the person easily speaks, but how these elder also don’t know think that agreed with Balick's words unexpectedly, to rescuing Comprehend the world, but also sends the letter to make wooden have the person to come back. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;