Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1465

Chapter 391 applies makeup Hears in the clan this decision, east Bayan was not don’t know must say that really what was good, in the clan this was clarifies must give up Comprehend the world, such will do will make other small Interface see Giant Spirit? This equal to the prestige that great Spirit Race these many years accumulate, a dynasty gave to ruin. East Bayan wants to urge, but he is Junior Captain, simply could not speak, now in the eyes of these old fogies, only then Balick, Balick broke wind in these old fogies seems like fragrant. Thinks of east the here Bayan cannot help but is discouraged, in his opinion, if their earlier dispatches troops to rescue Comprehend the world, following matter simply will not live. East Bayan still remembers that these old fogy letters make wooden bring the person comes back, simply this matter has not cared, however after the letter nearly a day, Palestinian wooden they still had not come back, this makes these old fogies feel that does not suit. But they in the letter, that letter are actually did not exit, wants to go to Comprehend the world encampment through Transmission Formation, Transmission Formation does not have the means to use, these old fogies felt finally the matter is not right, immediately makes the person inquire that what's the matter, the answer that however obtains is actually, in person present, Comprehend the world encampment has destroyed probably completely, these old fogies could not sit still finally, making Balick lead 5000 people to have a look what's the matter. East Bayan was also elected in these 5000 people, looked at east this aspect Bayan on understand what's the matter, these old fogies definitely also think that Comprehend the world there lived certainly any matter, will otherwise not make Balick have 5000 people to look in the past, these 5000 people sufficed destroying completely Comprehend the world. When east Bayan they arrives at Comprehend the world encampment with Balick, what sees is only stretch of ruins, but east Bayan they present, Comprehend the world encampment by the person deliberately destruction, if only the fight, simply is impossible to destroy this appearance. They examined with Spell, presently here simply with having corpse, a corpse does not have, east Bayan they do not know well, here was certainly given up, the show of matter also to the worst result. Balick although will not look at these thing, was he after hearing this matter, immediately has made the decision, went to octopus island there to have a look, if Comprehend the world these people in octopus island there, directly extinguished them. Now they already in toward the road in octopus island on, but east Bayan actually still some strange Balick, this matter , if not Balick meddles to act unreasonably, feared that was another one type of aspect. East Bayan like Balick, has not seen Zhao Hai they, therefore Balick they do not pay attention to Zhao Hai completely, east Bayan has seen Kong Miao, has seen Xu Wuzun, has seen Zhao Hai, these three people are in the person, especially Zhao Hai, has made very profound impression on him. although said that looks at the Zhao Hai strength, only then Infant Stage time, but Zhao Hai before him is actually neither arrogant nor servile, speech is well-organized, gives his impression is very good. Bayan eastern very clear, in small Interface not necessarily does not have the capable person, conversely, in small Interface can appears in the here person, be some talent characters, is few because of the small Interface practice material, can practice Transcends Tribulation Stage, that certainly is Expert, this looks like these ascend people, aptitude will be quite generally good to be the same.

Person who east Bayan will not look down upon small, but this did not express the person who other people will not look down upon small, person universal of big looks down upon small in fact, this cannot blame them, the practice commodity of big was really too rich, small simply can't compare with, looked like a person, you were taking a blade, your this, also will take the person spear|gun of spear|gun the blade built to kill, therefore sometimes, weapon was can decide the victory and defeat. The battle between cultivator is so, weapon regarding cultivator important, good weapon can decide a cultivator life and death directly. Reason that the person of big can in the person who in the situation of same level strength defeats small, actually on this weapon has taken very big advantage, on adding on Spell and Cultivation Method has also taken some advantages, therefore the talented person of small is not the big cultivator match. Because of this, therefore east Bayan believes that the Upper Realm person has no reason actually the underestimated small person, because of this, therefore he they so will be polite to Kong Miao. Also because of such disposition, therefore lets the appearance that east Bayan cannot get used to seeing Balick, but east Bayan also knows that Balick cannot get used to seeing him similarly, in Balick opinion, east Bayan absolutely does not have big disciple stance/framework/shelf, this is loses face to big. East Bayan knows that Balick cannot get used to seeing him, therefore he will be hiding Balick as far as possible, even if now on Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, east Bayan will also hide in the corner, as far as possible does not make Balick pay attention to him. Giant Spirit Treasure Ship is not very fast, requires the several days time from Comprehend the world encampment to the octopus island, this several days to is calm, some cultivator looked that Giant Spirit Treasure Ship early went round. Regarding cultivator, the several days time is really not anything, quick Treasure Ship arrives at outside of octopus island, but in Treasure Ship to outside of octopus island, east Bayan they was actually shocked, some outside people because of octopus island in they. In outside of octopus island, is suspending three Battle Formation, the middle first team is hundred treasure cultivator, they is a black robe, very good recognize, the left is Comprehend the world cultivator, has the monk to have the custom, some people wear the cultivator robe, some people wear the frock, this also very good recognizes, the right is one team of Palpus Clansmen, three teams of troops add altogether about ten thousand people. Looks at this posture, Balick naturally also on understand what's the matter, he stopped Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, stands in the bow, coldly look at opposite hundred treasure people, in fact in Balick's eyes, only then these hundred treasure people, other people his simply have not cared. Balick looked at Tang Jie one, obviously he knows Tang Jie, because he with Tang Jie one young Expert that is in great Spirit Race became famous, another young Expert that is in hundred treasure became famous, they can be said as the inborn enemies, must know the opposite party. Balick looked at one toward both sides, coldly snorted said : Tang Jie, what do you mean? Do you want to shelter my great Spirit Race rebel?”

Tang Jie look at Balick, shows a faint smile said : Balick, you still think oneself infallible, does not reason with, rebel? It is not you give up Comprehend the world? How have they become the rebel?” Balick coldly snorted said : one day becomes my great Spirit Race person, that lifetime is my great Spirit Race person, any thinks that is separated from my great Spirit Race person, is a rebel.” Tang Jie look at Balick, smiles said : Balick, was you gave up Comprehend the world and must the clan, now they hire oneself voluntarily my hundred treasure, what relationship also had with you? Your today's aggressive comes, to find fault?” Their this completely in speaking idle talk, but the matter on this face, before these big make war must say that attacks without prior notice, in big there is few appears . Balick look at Tang Jie said : Tang Jie, rubbish, these days, your hundred treasure have been provoking our great Spirit Race, now was also the time calculates the account, but calculates you to have bad luck today, you think that with your subordinates that more than 1000 people, was adding on these waste, can block my Giant Spirit Treasure Ship attack?” Tang Jie he he chuckle said : cannot block must keep off, our hundred treasure will not look like certain people, has the danger to give up own under the hand/subordinate, that matter our hundred treasure may unable to do.” One hear of Tang Jie said that a Balick's complexion paleness, Balick also knows this were has made the mistake, he has not thought that the Comprehend the world person, the courage so will be unexpectedly big, turn around has hired unexpectedly oneself hundred treasure, this was solid was hitting his face, now Tang Jie also takes this matter to satirize him, if Balick's complexion can good that call strangely. Balick turned the head to look at Comprehend the world Battle Formation one, coldly snorted said : Comprehend the world, how dare you, dares to betray my great Spirit Race unexpectedly, and I asked you, my great Spirit Race these disciple?” Stands Kong Miao in front of Comprehend the world, the Kong Miao side stood Zhao Hai, Kong Miao is looking at Balick one eyes, calm said : has killed!” These two character although are simple, moreover Kong Miao said is also superficial, however said at this time, actually full-sized lengthy speech powerful, Balick only thought that the blood upward flushed, his look at Kong Miao said : good, good Comprehend the world, really to act recklessly, today I want the slaughter surely entire your Comprehend the world.” The Kong Miao look at Balick's appearance, facial expression calm, faint said : has still done as you please!” Balick complexion is red, he felt that he must spit blood, Kong Miao is such simple reply, more appears does not pay attention to him, this is applies makeup face to face, moreover hits the sound.

Not only Balick's complexion is unattractive, these great Spirit Race person complexion are unattractive, after all Balick is the great Spirit Race representative, but now Balick applied makeup in there, the entire Giant Spirit person who loses. A laughing sound transmits from hundred treasure there, Tang Jie has not thought really that not showing the mountain and not revealing the water Kong Miao really also has had such one side, these four characters said that simply scolding Balick 400 is more powerful. As soon as Balick listens to this laughter, could not bear, his roars, the hand wields, huge Ghost Head Broadsword, cuts toward Kong Miao. This has more than 30 meters Ghost Head Broadsword considerable, the silver-white color, the back is very over the body thick, understands at a glance heavily, this blade wields, is having sound of the keenly blowing unexpectedly, imposing manner is astonishing. Kong Miao stands in there, look at that Ghost Head Broadsword, actually moves has not moved, probably had been scared was the same, eye look at that Great Blade in dividing in the head of Kong Miao, in Balick's eyes has cannot help but revealed liking, is bringing also puzzled. At this moment, person's shadow suddenly appears in Kong Miao front, in hand flash of white light, hears working as bang two, Balick's Ghost Head Broadsword was collapsed to fly upside down unexpectedly! All people who sees this situation are one dull, Balick's strength people are know that great Spirit Race originally is well-known by the strength in the ten-thousand realms battlefield greatly, their attack, few people have met hardly, but Balick is the outstanding person in great Spirit Race, his struck to be given to collapse unexpectedly? This was too astonishing! ...... &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;