Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1466

Chapter 392 attracts the hatred Zhao Hai stands in there, in hand is also raising Ghost Head Broadsword, his Ghost Head Broadsword in the permissible range, one meter long blade, is still adding on both hands his hilt, looks like looks like a pole shortens, large Glaive that blade lengthens. Very obviously, just Balick that blade was the Zhao Hai person collapsed, Zhao Hai complexion now looks like somewhat pale, probably received the heavy wound. The vision of all people centralized on the body of Zhao Hai, must know that Balick is Divided Spirit Stage Expert, but Zhao Hai, he is only cultivator of Infant Stage time, this level disparity in that pendulum, but he can catch Balick to contain ones anger unexpectedly to strike, this really stems from the anticipation of all people. Before Tang Jie they to the Zhao Hai strength, had a very high estimate, but now Tang Jie present, oneself have underestimated probably Zhao Hai, the Zhao Hai strength unexpectedly already formidable to this degree. Zhao Hai look at Balick, coldly snorted said : „the great Spirit Race people such as are you so shameless? Unexpectedly make a move sneak attack.” Actually Balick these does not locate to delimit sneak attack, but Zhao Hai must say that convenience does not have the means that reason that just Kong Miao has not moved, is acted to keep off this by Zhao Hai , before is them, has reached an agreement, they must make Kong Miao enrage Balick, is being acted to keep off this by Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looks from the semblance, he only then Infant Stage time, but Balick contains ones anger to strike, unexpectedly by Expert of Infant Stage time blocking, if this passes on exits, Balick's face puts toward that when the time comes Balick wants Zhao Hai certainly quickly except then. What matter can lose reason? The answer hates, Zhao Hai they such do to let Balick hate him, making Balick lose the reason, this must want the hopes, Balick will not go back, has attacked octopus island here, but as the matter stands hundreds Realms had enough time to carry on the next step plan. Really, Zhao Hai one said Balick, Balick's complexion one was blue, his look at does Zhao Hai, clench teeth said : „you are Zhao Hai?” Zhao Hai snort|hum said : good, is the young master.” Balick snort|hum said : has courted death!” Said that his hand wields, Ghost Head Broadsword in one time cuts, although this Ghost Head Broadsword is looking like unwieldy incomparable, but Balick each blade wields, blade will excel at lightly, all draws back the match runs the seal, letting the match only to meet hardly. Naturally, this is also on the other hand, if looks like Tang Jie, naturally is the has plenty method, can avoid Balick's attack. Zhao Hai can also certainly avoid, but he actually cannot hide, because he must let on hate of Balick entering quantity, therefore Zhao Hai these time chose has met hardly. Zhao Hai wields, Yama Ship appears in his side, he has not embarked, but is command(er) Yama Ship is hitting toward Balick's Executioner Blade on.

By the Zhao Hai present strength, naturally does not need to use Yama Ship to cope with Balick, Zhao Hai does not want to make Balick know his true strength, therefore such will do. Yama Ship just ran out, has hit with Balick's Ghost Head Broadsword in together, Ghost Head Broadsword although is very big, but compares actually to fall far short with Yama Ship, listens to bang, Ghost Head Broadsword dividing on the Yama Ship bow, Yama Ship giant hull, fierce will draw in the future back, but Ghost Head Broadsword also kept off. Zhao Hai stands behind Yama Ship, in Executioner Blade chops in Yama Ship, his complexion one red, then probably is spitting to swallow anything, then complexion becomes pale like the paper. This in bystander opinion, Zhao Hai naturally by a Balick blade dividing spitting blood, but Zhao Hai does not want to spit the blood, swallowed down. Actually Zhao Hai simply has not been injured, he just swallowed two saliva, then changed by own complexion, the strength to this level, like changing complexion this matter, naturally can achieve with ease, but strength to this degree, nobody bored handles this matter. Balick looks own continuously twice attack, unexpectedly by Zhao Hai keeping off, cannot help but felt to feel ashamed, when is preparing to Zhao Hai attack, a keenly blowing suddenly transmits, Balick felt that his left arm has the one type of acupuncture same feeling. Balick knows that this is not because in him has incurred, because some people have locked his left arm . Moreover the opposite party this has the meaning of warning obviously. The strength to Balick this degree, the feeling is very keen, if their body some spot were given to lock, they easily will feel, thus avoids. But this is also on the other hand, compared with his strength low person, they can feel that the opposite party has locked there, if with them the person with level, they may not feel that the opposite party has locked there, if meets to be good at sneak attack, they could not feel. But locks of his left arm to say Qi, is equally matched with his strength, Balick turns the head to look, is being Tang Jie, Tang Jie is good at sneak attack, to cope with him , is impossible to violate this Inferior level to be wrong, therefore Tang Jie these is the warning is more than attack. Balick has taken back Ghost Head Broadsword, stands in there look at Tang Jie said : Tang Jie, what do you mean? Now wants to gesticulate inadequate with me?” Tang Jie looked at Balick one eyes, coldly snorted said : Balick, a later generation of defeated/carrying Infant Stage time is any skill, had the skill to compete with me.”

Balick two eyes narrows the eyes, has sized up Tang Jie one carefully, then sneered said : already to listen to the person saying that your Tang Jie in hundred treasure there reputations, was equally matched with me, I already want to gesticulate with you, but the people of your hundred treasure looked like Old Mouse are the same, daily nest did not come out in your encampment, I want to look for opportunity to gesticulate with you not to be good, since today you drilled from your Rat hole, that gesticulated with me.” Did Tang Jie look at Balick, laughing said : suddenly Balick, you speak the words instead? In recent years, our hundred treasure were short in the ten-thousand realms battlefield takes a walk? For those your great Spirit Race, I hear your great Spirit Race now some temporary shortages, how? Is for this reason, therefore before , rather gives up Comprehend the world, doesn't want to make war with us? Feels sorry for that in Upper Realm, mixes this situation unexpectedly, was too pitiful!” Balick coldly snorted said : little wasted breath, Tang Jie, did you open mouth fiercely? Compare, do you delimit next step to come?” Tang Jie sneers said : not to compare with you, you to are think that the young master I feared you, come.” Said that Tang Jie waved, his behind these hundred treasure people, toward retreat a distance, the Comprehend the world person and Palpus Clansmen also withdrew a distance. Balick also waved, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship toward retreat a distance, has also given them vacated a Eldest Child place, they face each other across a great distance, two eyes stubbornly is staring at the opposite party, is seeking for the opposite party weakness. Their very clear, opposite party rushing out, if the big reputation, that method with does not certainly think that they do not dare to treat it lightly. Original Tang Jie does not want such mutually to fight with Balick, to attract here Balick, naturally needs to fight one fight with Balick, but this time fights to not defeat Balick, conversely, he wants in himself by too heavy wound situation, not to be lost to Balick, this will make Balick feel that his is strong, like this Balick has kept here, copes with them. Because has thought of this point, therefore with agreeing with Balick, they come one to fight alone. However arrives really must begin, Tang Jie actually does not dare to treat it lightly, hundred treasure fought for many years with great Spirit Race, had not taken any advantage, this was bright the certificate great Spirit Race method, he has no alternative but to be careful. Balick actually does not want to be too many, he has been paying attention to Tang Jie very carefully, Tang Jie although stands in there look at he, but Balick is clear, Tang Jie has prepared, no matter he attacks from there, impossible to strike to kill Tang Jie, in other words, the body of Tang Jie may not have the flaw now. Cannot attack without flaw equal to, such stands general cultivator little to expose weaknesses, do not say like Tang Jie Divided Spirit Stage big Expert, so long as begins, that naturally will expose weaknesses. Thinks of here, Balick cannot help but cold sound, meets to begin to proceed to wield, the Ghost Head Broadsword overhead toward the Tang Jie detachment, this blade with dividing to Zhao Hai that blade very similar, blade excels at lightly, has locked Tang Jie all escape routes. Tang Jie coldly snorted, personal appearance toward left in a flash, under Qi attraction, Ghost Head Broadsword knife point cannot help but toward left avertence one, at this moment, Tang Jie personal appearance fierce flashes toward right, one has actually been separated from Qi locking of Ghost Head Broadsword, simultaneously the hand raises, five only then the palm of the hand long throwing knife departs from in his hand, shoots toward Balick.

Tang Jie these five throwing knives are divided into five colors, separately is the golden color, the green, the blue color, the red and yellow, these five throwing knives in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, is known Magical Artifact, known as Five Elements throwing knife. This Five Elements throwing knife above color is not suspending attractively, in five throwing knives when hits the system, material that each throwing knife uses, is one type of in Five Elements material, and has the material of toxin of Five Elements. The Five Elements material, is some includes the attribute material actually, for example the metal attribute material, or the material of Wood element nature, these materials are called the Five Elements materials. But has the material of toxin of Five Elements, is actually quite rare, Five Elements this toxin is the one type of very special toxin, this type of toxin and material attribute has big relationship, for example has the material of toxin of wood attribute, after his stabbing person, in the body of that person will produce toxin of the wood attribute, this type of toxin will transfer wood attribute of your within the body, then produces wood attribute energy, in your body, harms your body, can say that this is one type of is similar to others infiltrates True Qi to your within the body, carries on poisonous of destruction to your body., This type of toxin is very overbearing. In the body of average person has the air/Qi of Five Elements, the air/Qi of Five Elements in the body of person, is maintains certain balanced, if one, but the air/Qi of this Five Elements is not balanced, that person possibly fell ill. However cultivator is different, the practice of cultivator must have spirit root first, but this so-called spirit root, is actually air/Qi of Five Elements one type of, general cultivator, is the body air/Qi of not balanced person in Five Elements, for example a [gold/metal] spirit root person, is in his within the body the air/Qi of Five Elements, Metal Qi proportion even bigger some, likewise, other spirit root people are also the same truth. If such person does not practice, he also meets grown up, however such person will have this and that flaw inborn, will get sick frequently, moreover could not live the too long time. ...... &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;