Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1467

Is Chapter 393 frigid?! Cultivation Method that cultivator cultivates, must air/Qi of the part of Five Elements this that comes out, transforms one type of energy, as the matter stands the human body air/Qi of Five Elements has achieved the one type of balance, then cultivator specialize was that type energy that was transformed by the air/Qi of Five Elements. But the toxin of this Five Elements, actually must break in the human body the balance of Five Elements, moreover undermines this balanced in the one type of very overbearing way, as the matter stands, cultivator within the body appears heterogeneous True Qi, this True Qi will scurry about in his within the body, light, then the meridians are damaged, heavy possessed by the Devil. Toxin of overbearing this Five Elements on overbearing in here, therefore Tang Jie this set of throwing knife, is very famous in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, dies the person under this set of throwing knife may be not infrequent. Five Elements flies on five big holes toward his Balick to puncture, Balick coldly snorted, the body transfers one revolution, simultaneously the hand wields, at the same time big shield appears in his front, kept off him in behind, but his Ghost Head Broadsword revolution of blade, has cut toward Tang Jie. Tang Jie wields, in his under foot, appears suddenly tray same Magical Artifact, rotation of this tray same Magical Artifact also whirling. Should the ghost fight Great Blade toward the time that he cuts, a that tray same Magical Artifact fierce revolution, one has evaded Balick's attack, simultaneously his Five Elements throwing knife has not been idling, such as five swimming fish same is gathering round Balick to spin, is seeking for attack opportunity. Zhao Hai looked, these two people are also probing now, their fight styles to can look, Balick is that vigorously, he uses the big shield, uses Great Blade, first attack is the strength is heavy, so long as is somebody's turn the enemy, that is one heavy. But Tang Jie is actually keen, his Body-maneuvering Technique very flexible, Magical Artifact that he uses very flexible, such as the mercury flows swiftly, seizes every opportunity. This is two very violent styles, no wonder the person disagrees, their forms of combat are two extremes, both sides are mutually reprehensible are not strange. At this time Balick and Tang Jie attack also increased, obviously they are think probe was similar, they started to act seriously. Their this acts seriously, Zhao Hai presently the places of their fearfulness, their forms of combat actually do not have what quite strangely, is also similar to Comprehend the world there, Balick release several heavy weapon, but Tang Jie in hand various hidden weapon small Magical Artifact like do not ask for money throws outward. Balick supported four sides the big shield to defend to oneself, but Tang Jie only then ring-like defense Magical Artifact, but his law plate same thing, was actually additional avoidance keen shape Magical Artifact, Balick's attack simply could not bump into him. In the field although frequents each other very lively, but Magical Artifact intersection that fights time actually very few, Balick's heavy weapon cannot project on Tang Jie, Tang Jie Little Wu will not bump into Balick's big shield generally, outside Balick's defense circle is seeking for opportunity, so long as has opportunity, immediately toward inside, if the big shield keeps off in front, these Magical Artifact immediately/on horseback like swimming fish will change, probably his Magical Artifact simply does not have the inertia to be the same. Why looked has met Zhao Hai to make his Magical Artifact on understand Tang Jie so flexible, because his each attack has not tried, has used probably only seven force components about, this was also the people often said that has not used the style old. Balick's situation also closes not much, heavy weapon that although he uses, looks like resembles fully, but if his first move that the first move uses causes to try , his several heavy weapon will not be absolutely flexible.

They also are really the chess seam matches, will meet good, what this war hits is murky sky over a dark earth, each move frightening, they have all concentrated all attention, now their in the eye has the match, will not note others, because of them cannot diverting attention a little, one, but they have diverted attention, that waits for their consequences, only then dies! Two who not only fought very anxious, people who is observed also very anxious, because the status of these two people were really too important, any person appears anything accident, was not they can withstand. All people are staring at fight in field, if necessary, they can the earliest possible time rescue, therefore both sides are staring at the two in field, two who its anxious degree, does not compete with miss. Zhao Hai is also staring at them, not only he prepares to rescue, simultaneously he also observes their forms of combat, they are young Expert that in hundred treasure great Spirit Race knows how things stand, their fights, has plenty thing that is worth him studying. Unconscious one hour passed by, in field their attack is still swift and fierce, on their faces actually appears sweat, although their strength formidable, but supports such outstanding fight of long time, is very strenuous, although their Spiritual Qi still very sufficient, but the spiritual pressure, makes them feel exhaustedly. Zhao Hai also started the attention of concentrate all attention they, he believes that their will decide the victory and defeat quickly, he had this feeling. Zhao Hai just thought of here, in the suddenly field the change, Mace same Magical Artifact that Balick uses, when strikes to look like Tang Jie, avoidance of Tang Jie slightly slow a point, that Mace Magical Artifact, scratched the Tang Jie left arm to fly, has carried off one group of flesh and blood on Tang Jie left arm while convenient, the Tang Jie left arm was instantaneously bloody. Looked at this situation, Tang Wen was also being unable to continue watching, got the servant, these hundred treasure people, immediately own Magical Artifact shoot out, but the great Spirit Race person who already noted this situation naturally has not been idling, they also let out Magical Artifact, simultaneously the 2 Realms people supported toward the field, prepare rescuing a person of oneself side. Zhao Hai has not actually moved, because he is somewhat strange, he can look, just Tang Jie was not because the strength completely did not have avoid, that looked like probably is intentional was the same. This makes Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled, his do not understand, if Tang Jie such does intentionally, why he is. However saw the happy expression on great Spirit Race these faces, Zhao Hai one on understand, Tang Jie such was to drag the great Spirit Race person in here. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback to Kong Miao said : Grandmaster, immediately/on horseback orders the everyone/Great Clan attack great Spirit Race person, when the people of hundred treasure draw back into to the octopus island, our also immediately draws back.” Kong Miao stares, puzzled look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has not been saying anything, but nodded, Kong Miao naturally will not be asking that immediately/on horseback nodded, command(er) everyone/Great Clan release Magical Artifact toward great Spirit Race person attack. Zhao Hai after explain/transfer ends Kong Miao, immediately/on horseback voice transmission gives Xu Wuzun, Xu Wuzun although has gawked, but had not asked that he thinks this is Tang Jie lets Zhao Hai such explain/transfer he, because Tang Jie appreciates Zhao Hai, prepares to make Zhao Hai go to hundred treasure with his together the matters, all people knew, therefore Xu Wuzun now to Zhao Hai is very polite. Their two side join arrive at attack, to has not let great Spirit Race extremely in the anxiety, great Spirit Race person now teacher centralized on Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, but Giant Spirit Treasure Ship defense strength is very astonishing, depends on Magical Artifact that Comprehend the world and Palpus Clansmen currently use, simply cannot break through Giant Spirit Treasure Ship. On Balick returned to Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, immediately command(er) Giant Spirit Treasure Ship is proceeding to flush away, sees this situation, a person cannot help but flurry of hundred treasure, goes toward retreat.

At this moment, Yama Ship in appears , not awfully same flushes away toward Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, listens to with a bang sound, after Yama Ship to be hit is direct, to turn, but Giant Spirit Treasure Ship has probably not actually received any influence same person, still proceeds to flush away, at this time was a pagoda flushed, the pagoda also hit toward Giant Spirit Treasure Ship on, finally was still hit to draw back, then was also appears 20 [gold/metal] beast giant beast, these [gold/metal] beast giant beast although normally looked like very big, but was the same with huge Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, on was a puppy stands by an automobile probably is the same. These metal giant beast also toward collision that on Giant Spirit Treasure Ship goes all out, achieving that plays is actually not very big, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship still proceeds to press. These thing are Zhao Hai release comes certainly, sees, when Yama Ship was hit flies, started to spit blood, when 12 metal beasts were all hit flies, not only Zhao Hai spits blood, his seven orifices started outward the oozing of blood . Moreover the mask is fierce, frigid. At this time, a about hundred meters big needle, shot from Battle Formation of hundred treasure people, straight collision on Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, heard bang, that big needle also hit in the future will fly, but Giant Spirit Treasure Ship was also hit to stop. Actually before several hit, has let Giant Spirit Treasure Ship somewhat slowed down, this big needle carried on has struck finally. Giant Spirit Treasure Ship one was hit to stop, in wants to start, hits toward Great Formation of hundred treasure is not that easy, this looks like the car(riage) is the same, the car is impossible to hit the oversized car(riage), but after the large cart wants to start, achieves car that type is impossible, the large cart needs a process, only then slowly raises, that impulse can come up. Saw that Giant Spirit Treasure Ship stopped, hundred treasure, must the clan and Comprehend the world person, immediately has encircled, was divided into three directions to surround Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, started to carry on attack to the on the ship person, but Treasure Ship although stopped, defended actually still exists, moreover now Treasure Ship retreat person slowly, no matter hundred treasure, must the clan or Comprehend the world, does not have the means to prevent Treasure Ship retreat. All people know that Giant Spirit Treasure Ship this is gathering the strength, so long as they fall back on certain distance, they will have two charges. After Giant Spirit Treasure Ship has drawn back a distance, hundred treasure people also slowly retreats toward the octopus island, looked the person who hundred treasure has drawn back, Palpus Clansmen and Comprehend the world person also slowly retreats toward the octopus island, three teams of people have fallen before long back on the octopus island. Falls back on the octopus island, three teams of people to were peaceful, a point could not look that came outside that flurried appearance, at this time did the Tang Jie sound convey said : Little Hai, Little Hai? Who saw Little Hai.” Tang Jie is standing in front of hundred treasure teams to all around loud was shouting, on his arm has stopped the blood, but seemed like flesh and blood is still fuzzy, was somewhat distressed. Zhao Hai flew from the Comprehend the world team, a face is the blood has flown nearby Tang Jie said : Tang Big Brother, do I here, what matter have?” Tang Jie look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, are you all right? Just did I think you to resemble heavy of wound?” A Zhao Hai knowledge, the hand wields one group of water appears slightly on his face he, among in the blink of an eye his face washing cleanly, his complexion looks like very ruddy, simply like having wound appearance. Zhao Hai smiles said :to be all right, feel relieved was good, just that was installs to fool these fellows. Tang Jie one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but laughs, effort has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : good youngster, has really your, said how you were presently I just intentionally were injured.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Tang Big Brother, I trouble your, your next time injured, chooses similar point weapon, Mace is heavy weapon in heavy weapon, his movement is almost nearest/recent, you do not evade including Mace attack unexpectedly, must really be such words, you already died under other Magical Artifact.” Tang Jie one hear of Zhao Hai said that a point does not have the meaning of blame Zhao Hai, instead to is laughs said : good youngster, you observe enough careful, I intentionally defeat, such Balick that fellow has stared in here, he wants to kill me, wants to kill you, as the matter stands they leave easily, our duty will not complete.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to look at the world Spirit Race appearance, feared that was immediately must hit, Tang Big Brother, arranged a servant, making everyone/Great Clan take is imitating the break the formation Spirit Snake needle to cope with Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, but do not try, I do not exit, but I will send Eight Sapphires Chariot, like this in the full situation, should make Giant Spirit Treasure Ship not have the means to hit in Island Guardian Great Formation of octopus island, left behind one type of to capture the hope of octopus island to great Spirit Race, like this they on will not run.” Tang Jie nodded, deep voice said : „the fear of several days was will be difficult to hit, Balick was not a fool, looked at our appears in here, their certain meeting wants to mobilize soldiers from great Spirit Race region, when person arrivals of other small, we when the time comes are want to hide the strength not to be good.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : when the time comes we not to use in the hideaway strength, the great Spirit Race person the people of these small to the words that making to help, if cannot trample flat the octopus island, after them, did not use the person who thought command(er) these small.” Tang Jie laughs said : right, right that you said that Little Wen, immediately/on horseback arranges several people, brings to imitate the break the formation Spirit Snake needle to exit, other people also with, your time exit, mainly constrains Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, so long as makes Giant Spirit Treasure Ship not attack Island Guardian Great Formation of octopus island on the line.” Tang Wen complied with one, immediately/on horseback has gotten the person to exit, brought to imitate the user of break the formation Spirit Snake needle besides ten, the people of 500 hundred treasure, Kong Miao and Xu Wuzun naturally cannot fall behind, has separately sent out two Thousand-Man Team, but Zhao Hai has not exited, however his three Eight Sapphires Chariot had actually been sent. Balick expression very much calm on face, however in his look is bringing proud now, does not have the means that since great Spirit Race and hundred treasure have been hostile relationship, young Expert also mutual competition in their 2 Realms, but did not have to fight, has not branched out high, today finally exchange hands, moreover comes to an end by him successfully, how he can not happy, but was a pity that cannot kill Tang Jie! ...... &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;