Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1468

Chapter 394 blocks Balick really somewhat remembers proud to be full now, can step on with the enemy who oneself share the honor in own under foot, any ratio this has not made his happy, the people of hundred treasure shrank to the octopus island in now, but this in Balick opinion, simply is not anything, the octopus island is a tortoiseshell, but this shell in hard, always has broken. // «» . com «» novel network // Now Giant Spirit Treasure Ship has fallen back on an appropriate distance, prepared second time to charge, to be honest, Balick regarding the characteristics of Giant Spirit Treasure Ship this slow-moving, was very unsatisfied, in his opinion, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship should quick attack, the quick response, with impact one after another, give to break through Island Guardian Great Formation of octopus island, making these dare to do right with great Spirit Race, dared to betray the great Spirit Race people dead without the burial ground. Thought of here, Balick cannot help but excited, looked that Giant Spirit Treasure Ship has fallen back on a safe distance he, immediately/on horseback said loudly: Impact, defeats that damn protective shield!” Giant Spirit Treasure Ship starts in addition slowly, on the ship all great Spirit Race people, has revealed own Magical Artifact, so long as Giant Spirit Treasure Ship breaks through opposite party protective shield, their immediately starts to kill greatly kills especially. Naturally this and leaf these people are believing unexpectedly Giant Spirit Treasure Ship one can break through opposite party Island Guardian Great Formation, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, besides the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, little has thing one to break through opposite party Great Formation, even if Giant Spirit Treasure Ship is not good. However these great Spirit Race people have such luck, in their opinion, Tang Jie was defeated, this will affect hundred treasure and must the clan have morale of Comprehend the world these three clan allied armies, so long as their morale one were affected, that this Island Guardian Great Formation was broken through is easier absolutely. When Giant Spirit Treasure Ship just added that the suddenly gang has put from the octopus island, the person who this coming out has more than 2000, three Eight Sapphires Chariot. In appears more than 2000 people, ten people had revealed great in acicular Magical Artifact, this Magical Artifact cannot incorporate into Great Magical Artifact evidently, but compares general Magical Artifact to be big, looks like somewhat nondescript. These that the mysterious nature that in order to maintain this type of imitation break the formation Spirit Snake needle, currently Tang Wen they use imitate the break the formation Spirit Snake needle to be straight, has not made them hover, therefore seems like only acicular Magical Artifact. The person of this three clan has not been divided into three Battle Formation, but has composed Battle Formation, is unified command(er) by Tang Wen, three Eight Sapphires Chariot stand in Great Formation front. Tang Wen looked at quicker and quicker Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, how don’t know must order that three Eight Sapphires Chariot attacks time, that three Eight Sapphires Chariot moved, three Eight Sapphires Chariot arranged the single column, being duty-bound not to turn back flushed away toward Giant Spirit Treasure Ship. // «» . com «» novel network //

Balick stands in the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship bow, Eight Sapphires Chariot that look at clashes, in the eye flashes through disdaining, Eight Sapphires Chariot is any appearance his very clear, great Spirit Race many Eight Sapphires Chariot, to be honest, this thing although will be Great Magical Artifact, but actually will be able be said as in Great Magical Artifact weakest one type of, even if by one pile of small Magical Artifact attack, might be struck the powder finally, do not say, with other Great Magical Artifact hedges, Eight Sapphires Chariot, if with other Great Magical Artifact hedges, the result, on possible will be Eight Sapphires Chariot washes out finally. In Balick opinion, Tang Jie they want to attack Giant Spirit Treasure Ship with Eight Sapphires Chariot, that completely is the praying mantis arm, when car(riage), Giant Spirit Treasure Ship like expelling a stinking insect Eight Sapphires Chariot expelling fragment. Tang Wen looked that three Eight Sapphires Chariot started to charge, his immediately command(er) that ten operations are also imitating hundred treasure cultivator of break the formation Spirit Snake needle, making them also be divided into the mister order, follows behind Eight Sapphires Chariot, in turn flushes away toward Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, believes that after these many impacts, the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship impulse should fall much. Bang Eight Sapphires Chariot with Giant Spirit Treasure Ship solid collision in together, but this Eight Sapphires Chariot has not thought like Balick, was cracked-up directly, but hit flew, but actually not broken. When Balick Eight Sapphires Chariot that pays attention to that to fly, second Eight Sapphires Chariot has hit on Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, does not have the accident, this Eight Sapphires Chariot in one time flew, is third, after waiting for three Eight Sapphires Chariot to be hit to fly, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship had reduces. Balick realized very much keenly this point, his knitting the brows head, did turn the head gently to person said : what's the matter? Has the hits of three Eight Sapphires Chariot, why Treasure Ship will be slow?” That person of his side is his trusted aide, the strength of this fellow has Transcends Tribulation Stage, the strength in these people are not much, but he actually will ask for Balick's favor, therefore became Balick's trusted aide, in great Spirit Race, has not been short taking advantage of Balick's reputation the fox exploits the tiger's might. However this fellow is also a smart person, one hear of Balick said that his immediately/on horseback said : my immediately asks, asking the Sir to wait a bit.” Said that turn around walks toward the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship control room. On Giant Spirit Treasure Ship has a control room, in this control room has plenty formation, about hundred Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert work in inside, they mainly operate Treasure Ship, letting Treasure Ship can smooth moving forward, simultaneously they also need to provide part of powers to Treasure Ship, but on Treasure Ship also huge formation, this formation burns Spirit Stone, can say that this formation is on Treasure Ship the genuine power system. Balick's that trusted aide arrives at control room immediately said loudly: „Did I say you what's the matter? The Sir asked you, why Treasure Ship just received three times attack, was slow, the Sir was angry very much!” Person although in control room looks down upon this person, but they actually do not dare to express that to Balick any discontented, one of them said : please pass on to the Sir, because Treasure Ship has not arrived at the topnotch, had been blocked by the opposite party, will therefore be slow, such as is the opposite party does to block in this, Treasure Ship might in one time stop very much.”

As soon as that person listened saying that must come out from the control room, runs up to Balick's said : Sir, the person in control room said that Treasure Ship has not mentioned quickly, had been blocked by the opposite party, if the opposite party such were preventing to strike, Treasure Ship may in one time stop very much.” As soon as Balick listened to him saying that complexion cannot help but sank, he turned the head look at that person of said : Barre, you told the person in control room, if Treasure Ship were stopping, makes them in draw back a distance in the future, I do not hope that Treasure Ship three times will also be blocked.” Reason that Balick the person in doesn't blame control room, because of him presently, hundred treasure that huge acicular Magical Artifact rushed to Treasure Ship. Heard one rumbling loud noise, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship really to stop, later slowly has drawn back, but at this time, Barre in one time to the control room, has transmitted Balick's order. Treasure Ship in time retreat, this time they have drawn back was farther. But Tang Wen also noted this situation, his complexion cannot help but changed, his very clear enemy was having any idea, therefore his immediately/on horseback led Battalion to run in forward. Balick looked the person who hundred treasure followed unexpectedly, complexion somewhat cannot help but ugly, his immediately/on horseback deep voice said : branches out 2000 people, blocks them.” Balick's order, immediately branched out 2000 people from Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, they moved forward to meet somebody toward Tang Wen, Tang Wen looks at this situation, cannot help but knitting the brows head, if they were given to constrain by the opposite party, did not have the means to tail Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, such will make Giant Spirit Treasure Ship mention quickly, if Giant Spirit Treasure Ship complete raised, they in want to block on very difficult. When Tang Wen don’t know does not know what to do, the suddenly Tang Jie sound conveys said : Little Wen, do not follow up, draws back, do not leave the octopus island to be too far.” although do not understand meaning of his Tang Wen, but Tang Wen led Battalion to draw back in the direction of octopus island , before returned to them, position that was, here to octopus island also distance, but the distance was not very far, octopus island there must rescue their also very convenient. But these great Spirit Race people looked that Tang Wen they have drawn back, thinks that Tang Wen they have feared, immediately called flushed, looked at this situation, the Tang Wen cannot help but knitting the brows head, but his also immediately/on horseback organization people defended, must know in their this team of people, only then 500 hundred treasure people, remaining the allied armies that but 2000 Palpus Clansmen and Comprehend the world person composed, in this case, they wanted positive defeated these 2000 great Spirit Race people, was almost impossible, therefore he can only take the defensive now. But at this time Tang Wen saw that Giant Spirit Treasure Ship must stop, this also represented the three times charge of Giant Spirit Treasure Ship to start, but at this time they had actually tied down, wants to block Giant Spirit Treasure Ship not to be impossible. Tang Wen cannot help but secretly worries at heart, but he worries to be also useless, now they with great Spirit Race person exchange hands, both sides wrapped around in together, his simply could not do several things at the same time to keep off Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, if makes Giant Spirit Treasure Ship such run upon Island Guardian Great Formation of octopus island, will then cause very big destruction to Island Guardian Great Formation of octopus island.

At this moment, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship stopped, then slowly adds forward, the three times charge started! When the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship three times charge starts, in the octopus island suddenly kills one large quantities of person to come, by Tang Jie command(er), these human form large net is the same, kills toward great Spirit Race these people, these time with the person who Tang Jie kills, no less than twenty thousand, the people of 1000 hundred treasure, these these great Spirit Race people somewhat could not have withstood. Moreover great Spirit Race these people also presently, now their above, below, the left side, attack of right all enemies, they can only toward a retreat road. These person of great Spirit Race people have not thought that starts to organize retreat slowly, when their retreat, their lineups not chaotic, this has saying that the fight accomplishment of great Spirit Race person is very high, draws back, but is not chaotic, will not have very huge damage, if real being defeated and dispersed, their losses were big. However these are dealing with the great Spirit Race people of three clan allied armies attacks fully, does not have presently, at their back, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship reducing slowly, but on the bow is standing a face pale Balick! &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;