Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1469

Chapter 395 leaning? In front of Balick complexion pale look at, he has not really thought that he unexpectedly by Tang Jie suspending one, he sends to deal with that 2000 people of 3 Realms allied armies, these people was being rushed to the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship advancing line by Tang Jie command(er) unexpectedly, Treasure Ship keeping off. Giant Spirit Treasure Ship impulse that was needless saying that because the build was too big, changed very difficult, must transfer can change greatly curved. But Tang Jie they also saw here, when Giant Spirit Treasure Ship just started, Tang Jie led army to fly from the octopus island, then these great Spirit Race people compelling Treasure Ship advancing on line, because this process time was very short, Treasure Ship wants to make a turn was impossible, but great Spirit Race these people, all in dealing with, Tang Jie their attacks, have not been noting themselves to be compelled on the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship front line. Balick in the great Spirit Race there status in high, must attend to the life of that 20 millions Spirit Race person, hits directly, therefore sees this situation, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship has to stop, Balick felt that this aggrieved, oneself unexpectedly compelling to stop with this method by the opposite party, this was too aggrieved. However the matter lived that did not have anything saying that Balick deep voice said : is sending out 2000 people, rescues to me that 2000 people.” His some people complied with one, immediately/on horseback have sent out 2000 people, that 2000 give to rescue personally, has drawn back returned to that before sent out on Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, then Giant Spirit Treasure Ship slowly retreat. Looks at Giant Spirit Treasure Ship retreat, Tang Wen immediately/on horseback also has more than 2000 people to forward, is maintaining with Giant Spirit Treasure Ship a not near distance. Sees Tang Wen such doing faction, Balick is mad clenches jaws, Tang Wen now looks like sticky candy same sticking on their bodies, you draw back him to follow up, but they will not leave you to be too near, lets you are thinks attack they, they have the means to fall back on a very appropriate distance, moreover in Tang Wen behind, the twenty thousand many people eyes covetously in there, Balick very clear, even if sends to exit all people, impossible under one on routing that twenty thousand many people, moreover they, if exited to cope with Tang Jie really they, Treasure Ship on can only the hit. Octopus island, but on appears an issue, Tang Jie they also has been as the matter stands able he to study. Tang Jie they can also use most people with them in the here dogfight, is sending a small number of people, bringing Great Magical Artifact with blocking Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, as the matter stands they cannot take any advantage. Thinks of here, some Balick cannot help but headaches, regarding the tactic of Tang Jie this rascal, he did not have what good means. If Tang Jie cannot be able to block Giant Spirit Treasure Ship thing, that said him fortunately, but the issue is, now Tang Jie in hand has to be able to block the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship person, but Giant Spirit Treasure Ship breaks through octopus island most important weapon, if no Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, just by they want to break through Island Guardian Great Formation of octopus island, that is very difficult.

Giant Spirit Treasure Ship also in retreat slowly, actually Giant Spirit Treasure Ship and distance between octopus islands, enough Giant Spirit Treasure Ship got up to charge, but the issue is Tang Wen they still, if Giant Spirit Treasure Ship has the charge now, when has not flushed, they will be given the blockade to stop by Tang Wen, does not have means advancing one step. Balick clenches teeth, deep voice said : draws back, falls back on a safe distance, falls back on them not, I will not believe them continuously.” Actually on the ship people also understand this truth, they also know hundred treasure these people not possibly continuously with them, but this feeling is very aggrieved. Really like Balick said that when falls back on to the octopus thousand li(500 km) about, Tang Wen they have not been following, Balick looks at this situation with, has not made Giant Spirit Treasure Ship stop, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship is still drawing back, they must fall back on the position that can charge, is having the fourth charge. But at this time, Tang Wen in command(er) people retreat of slowly, in retreat, their every other distance, will actually be leaving behind several people, these people are not hundred treasure people, but is Palpus Clansmen, after these Palpus Clansmen have been separated from Battalion, immediately stealth. Tang Wen their retreat about 500 li (0.5km) stopped, now they to the octopus island also about 500 li (0.5km), this distance, enough octopus island there Battalion rescues them, there is an enough time to make them draw back the returned to octopus island. Balick looked draws back was also similar, moreover Tang Wen they also truly drew back, his then feel relieved, he stood in the bow, clenches teeth, the big hand wielded bellows said : charge!” He wants to use this roar, comes roaring oneself at heart that aggrieved feeling. Giant Spirit Treasure Ship starts to forward slowly, his is very most from the beginning slow, then slowly changes quick, is getting quicker and quicker, is getting quicker and quicker, is starting the latter about 300 li (0.5km), Giant Spirit Treasure Ship has reached the limit, to be honest, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship such long preheating, is makes Balick feel very helpless, but he also has to recognize, if Giant Spirit Treasure Ship does not do is so big, he also lost the impulse. Quick Giant Spirit Treasure Ship entered the octopus island surrounding thousand li(500 km) range, just Tang Wen they stopped in here, after here, Balick also specially looked toward the two sides, met to touch to glance the solution to show a smiling face. When he is also away from the octopus island 800 li (0.5km), suddenly flies one group of people from their left sides, this group of people are Palpus Clansmen, the population also very few, ten people about 50 people, this crowd of person appears , immediately had revealed a hundred meters great speedboat needle, this flying needle hits toward the Treasure Ship left! On hearing bang, this flying needle was hitting slightly in the left of Treasure Ship bow, the Treasure Ship hull shook, has not reduced not excessively actually, still toward forward flight. But that crowd of Palpus Clansmen after taking back flying needle , the stealth disappears.

Balick looks at the direction that these Palpus Clansmen vanished, wrinkled under the brow gently, but he has not said anything, Treasure Ship still advancing. Now Giant Spirit Treasure Ship is quick, suddenly has compared to start more than ten li (0.5km), at this moment, another team of Palpus Clansmen appears , their procedures followed one team of Palpus Clansmen to be the same, they are also a release flying needle, one hits on Treasure Ship, meets the stealth to disappear, Balick's brow wrinkles was tighter, he did not fear that Treasure Ship will be destroyed, in fact Balick has the absolute confidence regarding Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, reason that he knits the brows, is not because was worried, but is impatient, he felt that passed bothersomely, these Palpus Clansmen looks like the fly is the same, flies round in his side, This is he bothersomest place. However if he sends for coping with these Palpus Clansmen is also impossible, because Treasure Ship present complete got up, this is too quick, at this time the on the ship person cannot leave Treasure Ship easily, because Treasure Ship in the advancing process, meets very enormous air current, if at this time leave Treasure Ship, that were very dangerous. To send for coping with these Palpus Clansmen, must make Treasure Ship slow, then regarding Balick is impossible, now some people the tool rest on his neck, he will not let Treasure Ship are slow, if Zhao Hai knows that Balick present idea, he will be certainly surprised, because Balick really probably turned into on Earth now the person of entire organization, person command(er) aircraft of that organization toward on large building hits, the idea feared that is with Balick almost. Balick has not made the ship reduce, this point on the ship person is not accidental, but Palpus Clansmen does not have, therefore stops, Palpus Clansmen of squad squad has braved one after another, that big needle collision one by one on the Treasure Ship bow, Palpus Clansmen of first successive ten squads after the flying needle has hit Treasure Ship, Palpus Clansmen in appears , in Balick lightly had not shouted the tone time, three Eight Sapphires Chariot appears , collision in turn on the Treasure Ship bow, Balick air/Qi the top of the head has belched smoke, is good because of the Treasure Ship degree is not slow, still they overran to Tang Wen of their dead ahead. Did standing of Tang Wen face calm in there, look at to their getting closer and closer Treasure Ship, turn the head to determine to person said :?” That person selected nodded said : to determine, feel relieved was good.” Tang Wen nodded, beckoned with the hand said : to remove!” After he said removes, his person suddenly scatters in all directions to run off, looks like like retreating, probably was frightened is defeated and dispersed. Balick looks at Tang Wen their appearance, cannot help but laughs, to Barre said : Barre, you sees? I said that these fellows are the cowards, they frightened unexpectedly have been defeated and dispersed, HaHaHa, was too laughable.” Barre hastily saliva face said : they naturally are being the cowards, sees Huwei of Sir, naturally must act as lookout to escape.” although clearly know is not this, but Balick still laughs has patted the shoulder of Barre, lets on Barre Bone light 22. The place that however quick Balick presently does not suit, they presently probably somewhat deviated the route, according to such flies, they are impossible to hit the octopus island, will only fly from side of octopus island! Saw this situation, Balick just also remembered the proud full expression, one gloomy, did he roar said : „? Won't these idiots in control room, grasp the direction? Why sheer?”

Nobody replied him, Balick turned the head „the control room not to ask these idiots to Barre roar said :, why can appears this situation?” Barre complied with one, turn around walked, actually Barre to the present, has thought understand what's the matter, saying that but his non- balls thought of oneself, such words Balick will possibly regard an undeserved target of anger him, therefore running up to control room there fast, he had not asked why the route leaning, but was said : can transfer the direction?” The person in control room smiled bitterly was shaking the head said : without enough time, the opposite party has calculated the distance, after hit one finally next, we think that was transferring the route, has missed the opportunity.” Barre smiled bitterly, turn around flew toward the bow, look at Giant Spirit Treasure Ship of Balick two eyes torching in side of octopus island, brushed with the octopus island, means did not have, he almost knows that now why Giant Spirit Treasure Ship sheer, was hit that because the beforehand these Palpus Clansmen squads kept. ...... &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;