Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1470

The Chapter 396 ten thousand colored rain fall Actually this matter said that simply anything is not good to understand, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship entire travel time, looked like drives fully the horse carriage automobile, you wanted hitting this automobile in the frontage, that was very difficult, but you , to give to knock this automobile in the side, that is easier. // «» . com «» novel network // Must the clan bring imitates the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, break the formation Spirit Snake needle that this imitation, without obtaining enough support force, cannot cause anything to injure to Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, but his attack is the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship bow, moreover his each five hits, have concentrated Palpus Clansmen Divided Spirit Stage Expert fully, these also heavy, therefore in unknowingly, on gave to hit Giant Spirit Treasure Ship deviated the route. Besides the Palpus Clansmen use imitates the break the formation Spirit Snake needle hit, in Zhao Hai three Eight Sapphires Chariot, the hits of these three Eight Sapphires Chariot, having made Giant Spirit Treasure Ship thorough deviate the route. But the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship sheer is not one is completed, completes after the multiple hit, this made these Giant Spirit Treasure Ship manipulator prompt present Treasure Ship not deviate the route, waited for their present times, already late. In fact first was hit from Treasure Ship, they did not have the means in the control Treasure Ship direction, a such big ship, the direction is not that good control, moreover they receive is almost the continuous hit, in this case, they were think control direction also control not. look at Giant Spirit Treasure Ship and octopus island brushed past, Tang Jie cannot help but laughed, pats the racket that turned the head to make an effort to follow in his Zhao Hai shoulder said : Little Hai, great, this idea was good, HaHaHa, Balick's complexion certainly very splendid.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : after this several times, I think that Balick presently their understrength faults, I thinks certainly they should request reinforcement, the genuine war, feared that must come.” Tang Jie facial expression also calm, he nodded said : „, the genuine war feared that must come, but other helps wield the arrival, feared that on the several days time, these days in enough carried on next step to plan, moreover Little Hai I must tell you good information, will be sending 5000 reinforcement to come to us, moreover there are large quantities of commodities, following you must do on was, many refinements imitated the break the formation Spirit Snake needle.” Zhao Hai stares, then has smiled bitterly next step: Tang Big Brother, you are not think that I do give each of you to match a against break the formation Spirit Snake needle? To be honest, I may be unbearably busy, moreover does not need to manufacture that many break the formation Spirit Snake needles, the break the formation Spirit Snake needle true break the formation Spirit Snake needle that this imitation is not flexible, many of Might also difference, can only locate is one type of Great Magical Artifact, if not use the Divided Spirit Stage Expert operation, its Might also compared with Eight Sapphires Chariot in some, even if wields he biggest Might, is can by ten Divided Spirit Stage Expert also operates, Might although is big, but actually cannot break Island Guardian Great Formation Formation like this, if were manipulated him to clash with opposite party Great Magical Artifact by ten person Divided Spirit Stage Expert, fears is. In less than several, this must ruin, is too not worth.” Tang Jie sighed these I who said : you said to know, but Little Hai, you must know that our matches were great Spirit Race, the great Spirit Race Great Magical Artifact quantity, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here big was to rank among the best, before our hundred treasure with great Spirit Race to the war, suffered a loss suffers a loss on this Great Magical Artifact, both sides confronted, doing of this Great Magical Artifact with was much bigger than small Magical Artifact, this time wants one to hit the clothing/taking great Spirit Race, this imitation break the formation Spirit Snake needle that therefore attach great importance to you made, you on joyful painstakingly one under. &\;*. «» . com quickest renewal ** One hear of Tang Jie said that Zhao Hai must nod said : well, your feel relieved, I completely maximum effort.” Tang Jie nodded in reinforcement that said : these time comes, will also have some we in Crafting Master, when the time comes Little Hai you do not want stingy, imitating the method of manufacturing of break the formation Spirit Snake needle gives in person.” Zhao Hai smiles said : this is not the great method, feel relieved, they came, I want the allocated proportions of various materials, was adding on some formation recording orders to tell them to be good.”

Tang Jie nodded, two eyes scalding hot looked at one in shallowturn Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, deep voice said : „, if our time can defeat great Spirit Race, our hundred treasure will obtain the unexpected advantage, but Little Hai you are our hundred treasure biggest heroes, in the clan will not treat unjustly your.” Reason that Tang Jie said to Zhao Hai that is because his been clear has said to Zhao Hai, after waiting for this matter to end, Zhao Hai must go with his returned to hundred treasure, Zhao Hai was official join to hundred treasure. Zhao Hai hear of Tang Jie said that but shows a faint smile, does not have what to indicate that to be honest, he to did not have what interest regarding present join to hundred treasure, hundred treasure all Cultivator methods he knows that now he also knew including practice method of Giant Spirit, now he must do took practice method of other big, was arriving at various Realm to look that look can find any clue. The 6 Realms battlefield and ten-thousand realms battlefield that here Zhao Hai most cares about now how forms, was who manufactures them, these were Zhao Hai care. Tang Jie looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, shows a faint smile, to be honest, he is appreciates Zhao Hai this point, the honor or disgrace not startled, this is the person of important matter. Tang Jie somewhat understands Kong Miao now, before he saw Kong Miao, no matter does, will discuss with Zhao Hai, but also is somewhat strange, knew until afterward him the Zhao Hai magical thing, Tang Jie then understand why Kong Miao does, in fact, he now is also similar to Kong Miao, no matter does, will discuss the person with Zhao Hai. Under the gaze of people, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship flings greatly curved, in a time changing to distant place, moreover puts slow, evidently Balick presently their weakness. Balick's their weakness are every few, if they have enough manpower, can the personnel defend Palpus Clansmen suddenly attack, but can also constrain the 3 Realms allied armies, on will not spend these many matters, because of not having manpower, therefore they idle work, but instead, this irritates Balick. However while annoyed, Balick also knows that in this way is not the means that therefore he after transferring, lets Giant Spirit Treasure Ship slowed down, he is sizing up octopus island there Tang Jie they, then deep voice said : retreat, withdraws from the range of octopus island, letter of immediately/on horseback to the clan, lets in the clan sending out reinforcement as soon as possible.” His naturally some people have taken down his order, but Giant Spirit Treasure Ship retreat outward slowly, withdrew from the range of octopus island before long, the disappearing trace. Saw that Giant Spirit Treasure Ship has drawn back, the people are cheering, they know certainly that great Spirit Race will not give up in light of this, but no matter what, this First Stage confrontation was they wins. Must know this time they win is not easy, they must maintain part of strengths, cannot one repel the great Spirit Race person, must great Spirit Race to think that they are not invincible, from the present situation, they do is very good. Moreover person who this great Spirit Race sends, the strength is not weak, not only Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, but also 5000 people of great Spirit Race people accompany, 5000 great Spirit Race person that this is not a small number.

Actually what is most excited is Palpus Clansmen and Comprehend the world person, since, the people of Giant Spirit likely have been the King of keeping aloof, was seeing that their one eyes are the gracious gift, so long as Giant Spirit casual sends out three and 4000 people, almost can expel the ten-thousand realms battlefield them. However now? They actually defeated the great Spirit Race person, although said that this they had big relationship with Tang Jie, but no matter what, have they also striven not? Moreover gave very big strength, this sufficiently made them feel proud. People eyes that Tang Jie looked at all around cheered, showed a faint smile, turn the head to be good to Zhao Hai said :, we went back, Little Wen, arranged individual hand stand guard, great Spirit Race to put on the opening.” Tang Wen has complied with one, went to contact with Xu Wuzun with Kong Miao, arranging the stand guard matter. Zhao Hai and Tang Jie their returned to in the octopus island, Tang Jie has made the people rest, he was leading Kong Miao, Xu Wuzun, Tang Wen and Zhao Hai entered his Cave Mansion. To Cave Mansion quiet room, after several people sat down, Tang Jie smiles said : really not to think that such quickly compelling to have drawn back Balick, I think that Balick certainly was angry, has been deploying troops now, prepares the second time to attack.” The people he he the chuckle, their were very happy, repelling the powerful enemy, although has not killed the great Spirit Race person, but their very much happy, Tang Jie looked at people one eyes, smiles said : „the help in clan to wield, soon arrived, in two hours about, a batch reinforcement must enter to the octopus island, when the time comes must trouble Xu Wuzun mister to arrange.” Xu Wuzun immediately/on horseback nod said : invited Tang Captain feel relieved, I will certainly arrange, but does not know reinforcement that hundred treasure these time sent, who was Commander?” Xu Wuzun one such asked that Kong Miao also paid attention, to be honest they are some worries, Tang Jie to them is very polite, that is because of present Palpus Clansmen and Comprehend the world person, in addition the strength be bigger than the Tang Jie in hand strength, but reinforcement of hundred treasure arrives, the strength of that hundred treasure has increased, when the time comes hundred treasure can their manner this, that really some not say. But these most are worried was Xu Wuzun, the Comprehend the world there person to did not have extremely in the worry, because of Zhao Hai join to hundred treasure, the people of hundred treasure did not look that the monk surface looked at the Buddha surface, will not feel embarrassed Comprehend the world, moreover Comprehend the world betrayed from great Spirit Race there, regarding hundred treasure useful. But must the clan not be different, before must the clan, simply does not have the qualifications to become hundred treasure under the hand/subordinate, is adding on the Palpus Clansmen beforehand reputation not to be good, if hundred treasure feel embarrassed them, they are also the mute eat the Chinese goldthread rhizome, has bitter not being able to say. If hundred treasure are calculations that Tang Jie said that that Xu Wuzun extremely in the worry, after all Tang Jie to them will not be very polite, moreover they were also the common process fight with Tang Jie, Tang Jie should not dismantle the bridge after crossing. But if hundred treasure trade calculation that a person said that that matter may not say, can who knew newly arrived hundred treasure people look that they are not pleasing to the eyes, after all the Palpus Clansmen reputation in that pendulum, they not too has been treated sees. Tang Jie is also a smart person, his immediately understand the meaning of Xu Wuzun, he has smiled „the person who said : these time leads a group, is my Senior Brother Mu Yu , he is my big Senior Master disciple, but with me and Little Wen relationship to is very good, looks after to us very much, he is in our hundred treasure, becomes famous compared with me also wants early Expert, in great Spirit Race with young Expert that he shares the honor, almost does not have, comes by his lead the army, we also on not what good worry.”

Heard Mu Yu this name, Xu Wuzun has cannot help but gawked, then his face joyful said : „, but did the person deliver Mu Yu mister that the nickname ten thousand flower rain fell?” Tang Jie shows a faint smile said : „, washes the Senior Brother name is first Expert in my hundred treasure young generations, his rain falls ten thousand flowers to open, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here is also very famous.” One hear of Tang Jie said that Zhao Hai and Kong Miao also know this Mu Yu was who, Mu Yu was known as that was first Expert in hundred treasure young generations, but he handled affairs is very low key, therefore had heard in ten-thousand realms battlefield here person who his was not many, but he was actually managed the record by the Cultivator big world, in that has crossed the threshold on jade slip, because of Mu Yu Magical Artifact. The Mu Yu Magical Artifact known as rain falls ten thousand flowers to open, this is his Magical Artifact name, is he uses the Magical Artifact technique, hears this Magical Artifact is his research and manufactures, in the use, you will feel that oneself entered in piece of Flower Garden probably, fair and honest of Flower Garden in misty was having the drizzle, in this drizzle, ten thousand flowers was open, the tender and beautiful desire dropped, attractive extraordinary. However almost all had seen this scenery person died, nobody knows how he uses this Magical Artifact, nobody sees this Magical Artifact has been any appearance , because of this, therefore in Comprehend the world crossing the threshold jade slip, lists as the ranks that Mu Yu was unable to offend absolutely. Ten thousand flowered rain fall are only a Mu Yu nickname, in fact Mu Yu also the nickname of ten thousand flower sovereigns, but in Comprehend the world crossing the threshold jade slip, Mu Yu nickname this, therefore Zhao Hai and Kong Miao have not remembered at once are Mu Yu are what kind of person, afterward heard that the rain falls the Magical Artifact name that ten thousand spend, who they remember Mu Yu are. Tang Jie has not spoken incorrectly, this Mu Yu rain falls Magical Artifact that ten thousand spend, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here is big famous, especially in these big people, famous, but reason that in the person of small, Mu Yu does not have the too big fame , because he little outside takes a walk, moreover he will not begin to the person of small generally, he will look for the trouble of these big person general. One hear is Mu Yu lead the army helps, Zhao Hai and Kong Miao also very happy, Mu Yu wins great reputation Expert, is famous compared with Tang Jie, has such Expert to support, is adding on 5100 treasure completely reinforcement, the octopus island here self-preservation is not a problem, they naturally also safety. Tang Jie looked at several people of one, shows a faint smile said : Xu Wuzun mister, please is the place that reinforcement arranges to rest, Kong Miao Grandmaster also please first rest, I and Little Wen and Little Hai had the words to say.” &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;