Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1472

Chapter 398 Mu Yu ------------ Chapter 398 Mu Yu white light flashing on Transmission Formation, then about hundred person's shadow appears on Transmission Formation, waited for white light complete information, Tang Jie they also to see clearly the person on Transmission Formation. These 100 wear the black cultivator clothing/taking, a person of lead, looks like about 30 years old, elegant long, but has gripped ponytail very at will, his two eyes is very bright, on the face the belt closes very Wen He the smiling face, is adding on some Bai Xi skins, to person one type of mild-mannered and cultivated feeling. His long is not very handsome, but his temperament actually very appealing, he looks like likely is not experienced cultivator, is more like heats about Scholar of Trile, entire must stand in there, to person feeling of one type of warm peaceful. although on him also wears a black cultivator clothing/taking, but your first sees him, will not regard a threat him absolutely. However Zhao Hai sees this person, two eyes actually cannot help but narrows the eyes, to be honest, this person with his temperament looks like, but Zhao Hai actually actually believes that this person absolutely is a very dangerous fellow, because he is hidden weapon Expert, what meaning is hidden weapon? hidden weapon is one type of assassination weapon, when you are unexpected to use, that can demonstrate that this weapon Might comes. Uses the hidden weapon people are not the person of that making a great show of one's talents, you more do not pay attention to him, more has the superiority to him, but Tang Jie imposing manner extremely in revealing, this uses the hidden weapon person regarding one, is not the good deed, is very good, such person who Mu Yu actually does is a truly threatening person. although said that currently Tang Jie also with having to look like him to introduce, but Zhao Hai had concluded that this person was Mu Yu , but Zhao Hai also not stubbornly stared at Mu Yu not to put, he looked at Mu Yu one, sized up had others. Tang Jie welcomed at this time, hides said : to see Mu Yu Senior Brother to Mu Yu .” Zhao Hai follows to salute to Mu Yu in the Tang Jie side, he does not have to guess wrong, that person who he notes is Mu Yu . Mu Yu he he chuckle said : Little Jie, what your youngster is polite with me, when started to call me Mu Yu Senior Brother? Thinks that I do hit you?” Tang Jie one hear of Mu Yu said that cannot help but smiles said : Big Brother Mu, doesn't this have the bystander in? Must to have a look is not, come, I give you to introduce, this is Zhao Hai, told clan, after this time matter ended, I have in the Little Hai returned to clan, in the clan also agreed that later Little Hai may be our people on one's own side.” Zhao Hai goes forward one step, bows said : to see Mu Yu Senior Brother to Mu Yu .”

Mu Yu sized up Zhao Hai to smile, this held Zhao Hai, smiles said : not to use that politely, later was the same with Little Jie, asking me Big Brother Mu to be OK, Little Hai, your this reputation must make a sound compared with me in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, HaHaHa, I wanted, although envied you very much.” Zhao Hai smiles said : little brother to be terrified, after Big Brother Mu, not, because this feels embarrassed the little brother.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Mu Yu cannot help but laughs said : not to think must feel embarrassed you, your saying, I to be awkward really you.” Tang Jie also shows a faint smile, then to Mu Yu said : Big Brother Mu, this is Kong Miao Grandmaster, this Xu Wuzun mister.” Kong Miao and Xu Wuzun go forward to hide said : to see Mu Yu mister to Mu Yu !” Mu Yu nodded, smiles said : two to be able join to my hundred treasure, is really the luck of my hundred treasure, Mu Yu represents hundred treasure in here, thanked two.” Kong Miao and Xu Wuzun said : does not dare hastily with one voice, did not dare, washes mister to fold the ghost we.” Mu Yu showed a faint smile said : to be good, the polite words are not no need saying that Little Jie, did the rest place arrange? If arranged, made the person lead them to rest, your several came with me, I want to listen to you to say detailed situation that this fought.” Tang Jie immediately/on horseback has complied with one, making the person have these people to rest, he brought Mu Yu to prepare in good Cave Mansion to one to Mu Yu , this Cave Mansion was very big, compared with Tang Jie that Cave Mansion also in big, inside decoration also very good, it seems like must clan best Cave Mansion this. After Cave Mansion quiet room has sat down, Tang Jie very detailed said the situation of this war to Mu Yu , said Zhao Hai their performance. Mu Yu careful is listening, waited for Tang Jie saying that hand, Mu Yu let out a long breath said : good, you did was very good, this great Spirit Race retreated, was not real leave, but was the attack of preparation large-scale, it seems like they in the words, the population will not be few, we must be careful that a point was good.” Tang Jie nodded said : we also already to think regarding this point, now great Spirit Race to we threaten in a big way is Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, so long as limits Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, great Spirit Race wanted to attack the octopus island on very difficult.” Mu Yu nodded said : truly is, but must prepare two hands, great Spirit Race also has the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, if they adjust a break the formation Spirit Snake needle, is not impossible, we are more careful to well, wants to cope with Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, everyone/Great Clan has confidence?” Tang Jie smiles said : Senior Brother feel relieved to be good, absolutely does not have the issue, I give that in sends back to imitate the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, in saw? So long as we can make several that types to imitate the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, copes with Giant Spirit Treasure Ship absolutely is not the issue.”

Mu Yu nodded, turns the head look at Zhao Hai, smiles said : Little Hai is really heavenly aptitude, that type imitates the break the formation Spirit Snake needle really to have that big Might, this is everyone has not thought that we used that to imitate the break the formation Spirit Snake needle to perform some experiments, that Might was very big, believes that was used to cope with the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship non- issue.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : Big Brother Mu to overpraise, the shortcoming that this type of imitation break the formation Spirit Snake needle were many, but also the has plenty deficiency, compared with the real thing, differed is too far.” Mu Yu laughed said : you not to need to be so polite, the break the formation Spirit Snake needle of quality goods was not easy to manufacture, you can make this counterfeit to come, was very fierce, these time coped with great Spirit Race, feared must with this imitation break the formation Spirit Snake needle taking responsibility corner/horn.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Magical Artifact, also wants some people with be good, Big Brother Mu favored me.” Mu Yu beckoned with the hand, was not discussing this topic, but turned the head what sound great Spirit Race there to Tang Jie said :?” Tang Jie shook the head said : „the present not to have what sound, can affirm that in octopus island radius of ten thousand li(5,000 km), does not have existence of great Spirit Race, don’t know they now in there, Little Hai, do you know don’t know?” Zhao Hai nodded said : to know that they encampment of imperial spirit sect, in the there recuperation, are waiting for reinforcement in there now.” Mu Yu nodded said : this person of imperial spirit sect I to know that they imperial do cause ghost an Interface probably specially? Is Upper Realm.” At the same time was saying first successive puts out mirror same Magical Artifact, meets to begin to pinch Magic Secret Art, infiltrated in this mirror, mirror flash, map appears on the mirror, then the map changed becomes more and more three-dimensional, finally turned into a tridimensional map. Afterward map transfer fast, then slowly stopped, Zhao Hai they look toward the map on, here appears the map of entire Giant Spirit domain, encampment there of Giant Spirit, the regulation appears red, the finger of Mu Yu toward the map on, the map fiercely enlarged, appears the appearance near octopus island. Mu Yu then referred to place said : here is encampment of imperial spirit sect, from encampment of imperial spirit sect to octopus island here, distance that so long as three days did not arrive, they can also use Transmission Formation to come Transmission reinforcement, I think after several days, should arrive.” Mu Yu said that is also is correct, although said great Spirit Race goes to imperial spirit sect there is quick, that is because they sit Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship runs not to be slow truly, if the person flies normally, that was not quick, minimum takes about three days. Mu Yu shift look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, can you determine them in imperial spirit sect there?” Zhao Hai nodded said : truly, my several small undead small thing ran up to Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, will not be definitely wrong.” Mu Yu nodded said : „to see that had reinforcement of these clans to?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „to know, but the great Spirit Race person also just arrived at there now, but also does not have reinforcement to arrive, but I want soon they to arrive.”

Mu Yu nodded said : to monitor them, if there are from the person arrival of great Spirit Race, your immediately told me, calculated the reinforcement total that they came.” Zhao Hai nod said : is, invited Big Brother Mu feel relieved.” Zhao Hai knows that Mu Yu was worried great Spirit Race will bring break the formation spirit Yi Shezhen, if great Spirit Race really breaking the Spirit Snake needle has brought, that really somewhat troubled. Mu Yu looked at people said : everybody, I must tell everyone/Great Clan good information, when you remove the returned to octopus island from Comprehend the world encampment, the second plan in our clan has been conducted, now we must do withstands the attack of great Spirit Race in here, we block the great Spirit Race time longer, to our hundred treasure is advantageous, best is the great Spirit Race native place has reinforcement to arrive, so long as we have gone against in here, the great Spirit Race prestige on will come under the attack, so long as we by the great Spirit Race attention centralized in here, that. In our clan will come a huge pleasant surprise to great Spirit Race, therefore Mu Yu in here, asked everyone/Great Clan!” People said : is willing to devote life to for Sir with one voice!” Mu Yu nodded said : well, I know that must some the clans and Comprehend the world also worries, you had fought with the people of our hundred treasure before, but also has killed our some hearts, you feared that our hundred treasure bide one's time for punishment, I in tell you who here can be clear, our hundred treasure this measuring have, will not make to bide one's time for punishment such matter to come absolutely, I in here can my Heart's Demon present pledge, if hundred treasure bide one's time for punishment, the person who lets my hundred treasure achieves to cross the moving time the difficulty, compared with before increases ten times, please feel relieved.” One hear of Mu Yu said that Xu Wuzun and Kong Miao complete reassurance, must know this Heart's Demon great oath is not chaotic, especially regarding cultivator, therefore Xu Wuzun and Kong Miao their simultaneously has stood, is willing to be to Mu Yu said : hundred treasure is ready to give one's life!” ...... &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;