Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1474

Chapter 400 was getting more and more interesting! Zhao Hai enters to Space, immediately makes Universal Manufacturing Machine start to manufacture to imitate the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, he is certainly impossible to let the Universal Manufacturing Machine endless manufacture, he only made Universal Manufacturing Machine manufacture 20, this regarding Universal Manufacturing Machine was really too simple, must know that Universal Manufacturing Machine may not be one time can only manufacture one, like imitating break the formation Spirit Snake needle thing, so long as after the setting, Universal Manufacturing Machine one time even can produce 10,000, therefore Zhao Hai imitated break the formation Spirit Snake needle not any worry regarding the manufacture. He said before to Mu Yu said time is too tight, but is one drags the word, he cannot make Mu Yu know that his at any time can handle the matter of break the formation Spirit Snake needle, that will only cause the suspicion of Mu Yu even bigger. Arranged the Universal Manufacturing Machine matter, Zhao Hai on returned to in Space, these three days, he prepared the feel relieved loosen well one on, accompanied Laura they, to be honest, Laura they were very laborious, fight time they must help the Zhao Hai together fight, but did not fight time, they also big pile of matters of must be done, this made Zhao Hai feel guilty very to them. What most important is, now Laura they still live in Space, although Space is very big, because of the Space characteristics, various clansman in Space has regarded the god Zhao Hai now, before , Zhao Hai these friends are, at this time Laura they, if in finds these people to chat, will only make these people feel that crisis and is not comfortable, therefore Laura they little went to other Interface now. although now lark planet there situation good, Merine and Green they have not regarded Zhao Hai are the gods, but besides limited several people, there mostly is some workaholics, they are infatuated in various out of the ordinary research, sometimes Zhao Hai don’t know they in research anything, them the normal person like Laura, is very difficult to have any common interest with these research crazily. As the matter stands the issue came, Laura their equal to was isolated, in this case, Zhao Hai they were guiltier to Laura. This, therefore Zhao Hai wants to accompany Laura with these days they, moreover he later had opportunity, he they will bring Laura to Space outside, making all people know that Laura their existence, making all people know, his Zhao Hai has today, was because his back had these many women for his payout silently. Laura their actually also understand this point, even if no Space relationship, Laura they are also willing to be Zhao Hai make these, Zhao Hai is guiltier to them, they by Zhao Hai, because Zhao Hai has not regarded their payouts is natural, this is they most affected place. However today Zhao Hai to is somewhat accidental, each time his returned to Space, Laura they will walk to greet him from the villa, but does not have today, this makes Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled, he pushes the door to enter the room to look that Laura they are in research anything probably, the picture on screen is also not outside situation, but is between Tang Jie a few words. The Zhao Hai micro kitchen looked at one, presently Mo Sheng is eating thing in the kitchen, besides Mo Sheng, other people sits in living room here, is directing to the screen.

Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled looked at screen one, Tang Jie said that so long as they defeat great Spirit Race, will have unexpected that place that this makes Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled, why understand Laura they do not look at this. Zhao Hai looked at Laura their eyes, why arrived among them to sit has gotten down said : What happened? to look at this? That does Tang Jie have to attract gravitational force compared with me?” Laura white Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, don't you think Tang Jie this saying a little issue?” Did Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled look at Laura said : to have the issue? What issue? How don't I have presently?” Laura deep voice said : hundred treasure extinguished great Spirit Race to have the advantage, so long as this were individual knows, but you paid attention, what Tang Jie said that unexpected advantage, unexpected, hundred treasure destroyed completely great Spirit Race, advantage that obtains, was the people can think that for example the prestige beyond comparison, for example the great Spirit Race domain, submitted to for example many small Interface in them, they will obtain more commodities, will create more talented people, but these advantage, were almost individual can imagine, was this unexpected advantage? It is not, definitely is not, is the unexpected advantage that then Tang Jie said what? Moreover do you have to note, Mu Yu must say when must finish hundred treasure and hatred of great Spirit Race long time, in the expression a little does not suit, moreover he at that time also somewhat absent-minded, this regarding Divided Spirit Stage Expert is almost impossible, behind in other words their hatreds, may have other thing to exist very much.” Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that cannot help but stares, then his knitting the brows head , before to be honest him, has not thought of this point, but a Laura such saying, he also really felt that now some do not suit, his look at Laura said : „is your meaning?” Laura look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, do you remember the matter in 6 Realms battlefield?” Zhao Hai one on understand the meaning of Laura, his look at Laura said : you meant that ten-thousand realms battlefield this is like saving of 6 Realms battlefield there, will have place a like ten-thousand realms battlefield to exist on the ten-thousand realms battlefield?” Laura shook the head said : not, I said is not the 6 Realms battlefield, what I said before is enters the 6 Realms battlefield, when we ascend, you had only heard the 6 Realms battlefield? When we in the 6 Realms battlefield, you have heard the ten-thousand realms battlefield? No, in fact is when you have repelled Huang Dao however Master, you truly know that the ten-thousand realms battlefield exists, even at that time, Huang Dao however and Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called is also the language unlucky, decided to the circle with the circle looks for you, you truly knew existence of ten-thousand realms battlefield, but I believe that perhaps hundred treasure their these this strength formidable Interface back, had more formidable existence in inciting them, perhaps they do not want with great Spirit Race for the enemy, but had to for the reason of enemy, perhaps ten-thousand realms battlefield here, in some Advanced level person, However is a toy, looks like a Buddhist Sect people little goes to the 6 Realms battlefield smelting trial to be the same, because in the eyes of Buddhist Sect people, 6 Realms battlefield there is a toy, ten-thousand realms battlefield here is the key point.” said : that Zhao Hai this chapter of true understand the meaning of Laura, his look at Laura, two eyes has shone you meant that I after entering to hundred treasure, will contact more formidable existence?”

Laura nodded said : perhaps the meeting, this must wait till you to enter to hundred treasure, further understood after hundred treasure, can know.” Zhao Hai nodded, let out a long breath said : I thought very senseless, now did not look like, perhaps will become very interesting also perhaps.” Laura shows a faint smile said : well, Elder Brother Hai, you may probably be mentally prepared, do you remember, we when just ascend, but also thinks that the Cultivator big world managed is higher Interface, entered the 6 Realms battlefield to know to us that some people can manufacture 6 Realms battlefield such Space unexpectedly, but at that time we also in dominated in machine, now? We join to hundred treasure, here perhaps is another.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : is reasonable, really very much has this possibility, um, will look like the matter becomes more and more interesting, you said that I can meet another to use the Strength of Faith person in there? But a little, even if were I have run into another meeting Strength of Faith person, my also don’t know.” Laura shows a faint smile said : you definitely to meet, meets Strength of Faith practice method like some Comprehend the world there people, do not say that big Interface like hundred treasure, Elder Brother Hai, I thought you have the opportunity words, should ask that Tang Jie this matter, I want by you with Tang Jie present relationship, he certainly to tell the person.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, I want, if I asked that the matter of Tang Jie about Strength of Faith, he will certainly tell me, he he, this arrives will let I better understanding Strength of Faith, ok, does not want I, this several days I to relax well, the ladies, you also need to rest well, we take a bath.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Laura they somewhat are shy, several people unconscious looked at one toward kitchen there, because just Mo Sheng still ate thing in there, they do not think that these words make Mo Sheng hear, but sees the situation in kitchen, Laura they have smiled, because Mo Sheng has fallen asleep. Zhao Hai waved, Mo Sheng arrived at in the room that Zhao Hai has given him to arrange, Zhao Hai knows that Mo Sheng also likes staying in Space, so long as stays in Space, Zhao Hai gets up is not, he will not look for Zhao Hai everywhere, but is meets to go to practice, or looks to eat, instead is in Space he comfortable. After Mo Sheng sends off, Zhao Hai gets one group of shy women to kill to look like the Hot Spring pond, although by the Zhao Hai present strength, is a law does not dye, his body simply will not be dirty, but this does not interrupt him to take a good bath, in his happy difficult Hot Spring that feeling, very comfortable. Different from the Zhao Hai taking vacation time, now Mu Yu they have increased workload, these Crafting Master are starting fully, prepares to manufacture many break the formation Spirit Snake needle, very detailed that because Zhao Hai writes the producuction process, therefore regarding these Crafting Master, the manufacture imitates the break the formation Spirit Snake needle is not the difficult matter, this also raised their success ratio unexpectedly, before this arrives is Mu Yu them, has not thought.

Because Zhao Hai returned to his Cave Mansion went to crafting, therefore these build up the fee the break the formation Spirit Snake needle not to be processed the become a useful person material, in fact this is the result that Mu Yu wants to see, what now they need is can the break the formation Spirit Snake needle that is used to fight, but is not piles of materials. Mu Yu has stayed in Craft Room does not have leave, because he is too clear, these imitated break the formation Spirit Snake in view of the importance of Yu Baibao, can say that these against break the formation Spirit Snake needle can become hundred treasure copes with great Spirit Race Ultimate Weapon, he has no alternative but to attach great importance. From these break the formation Spirit Snake needles, Mu Yu saw the hope, defeats the hope of great Spirit Race, before is him such that said that these many years grievances, should time finally! ...... &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;