Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1475
The strength of Chapter 401 enemy! Zhao Hai although is taking vacation, but he is not a proper business has not done, Zhao Hai suddenly thinks that he in Lower Realm, has studied the one type of very special crafting method, that is Water Refining. The technique or Zhao Hai Water Refining with Sea Race person study, but he, because has Universal Manufacturing Machine, little use, adds some merit Azure Dragon Snail with the technique of Water Refining now, but those who make Zhao Hai somewhat annoyed is, many Azure Dragon Snail in Space, one becomes very can live, so long as Zhao Hai does not go to them, they even can going on living continuously, but the spiral shell of that Azure Dragon Snail, is in Water Refining, this by the spiral shell of Azure Dragon Snail, its hard degree had been achieved one type of very astonishing degree. Besides Azure Dragon Snail, Zhao Hai in some Magic Beast for sea has also used the technique of Water Refining, operate of technique of this Fire Refining, several advantage, there are several difficulties. The difficulty one is the water, the technique of Water Refining regarding the request of water very high, if water level is insufficient, the result that the technique of that Water Refining yields will not be good. Second is the time needed is too long, the technique of Fire Refining is the way that one type of slow builds up, is impossible your Fire Refining to be so quick, compared with Fire Refining on slow several times of even dozens times, this compares the technique of Fire Refining to come, is a very big shortcoming. But merit also has plenty of technique of Water Refining, first, so long as water level is high enough, the water are also many enough, he can refine Great Magical Artifact, big good, if you have piece of ocean, you even can simultaneously refine many Giant Spirit Treasure Ship with the technique of Water Refining. In is the probability of technique of failure Water Refining is very low, because the technique of Water Refining is the one type of quite gentle crafting method, is adding on the time needed to be long, therefore success ratio greatly in the enhancement, some small Magical Artifact success ratios even can achieve 100%, but so long as some Great Magical Artifact success ratios operate was good, will not be bad. But reason that Zhao Hai starts to ponder over the technique of this Water Refining, is he thinks that this crafting method, very suitable big like hundred treasure to use, the high level water, regarding the people of these big is not the difficult matter, the capable person who the talented person who they have, controls the water will not be few . Moreover the technique of Water Refining not necessarily wants the complete controlling water, you only needed to pay attention to crucial moment same attention these Magical Artifact to be built up to attend the meeting likely degree on to be able. most important is this success ratio, Zhao Hai does not think after hundred treasure, was regarded the human-shape decomposition machine to use, therefore he prepares the technique of research Water Refining, gives Mu Yu this method. Reason that Zhao Hai feared one become a human-shape decomposer , because he saw the processes of these Crafting Master failures when Space, was too scary, these Crafting Master failure rates has achieved 1/10 unexpectedly, before Zhao Hai, hear of Tang Jie said that builds up the Great Magical Artifact success ratio, only then 1%, he did not have too many feelings, now sees abandonment the break the formation Spirit Snake needles, he was shocked. In saw that Mu Yu is very satisfied to such result, even also proposed praise time, Zhao Hai somewhat does not know whether to laugh or cry, such success ratio can also be praised unexpectedly, his real don’t know must say that any was good.

In Space stayed three days later, Zhao Hai from Space came out, simultaneously he also recorded in the technique of Water Refining a piece jade slip, must say that the technique of this Water Refining was not very difficult, but the people probably by the one type of thought fixing, them have thought probably only then the fire can refine Magical Artifact. These three days of Zhao Hai also paid attention to Balick their there situation, before is such that Mu Yu they are worried about, Balick has prepared to at one fell swoop the octopus island tidying up, but this time they found reinforcement are not fifty thousand, but has eighty thousand army, followed besides 5000 side Balick great Spirit Race person, came 3000 people of great Spirit Race people, but these 3000 great Spirit Race people's arrivals, have brought two Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, has 20 Eight Sapphires Chariot, sole good information on is, this time great Spirit Race not belt break the formation Spirit Snake needle. Zhao Hai thinks that possibly is the great Spirit Race person likes using the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, the great Spirit Race person, likes Great Magical Artifact, likes a strength falling ten meetings, but the break the formation Spirit Snake needle is one type of very skillful Magical Artifact, although his attack strength strength, but that snake equally flexible body, actually not by the great Spirit Race person happy, they of horse defend to send two ship Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, sends some Eight Sapphires Chariot, not easily takes the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, in their opinion, three Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, are adding on 20 Eight Sapphires Chariot, can tidy up the octopus island fully! But these people just met with Balick now, did not have to look toward octopus island here that Balick has thought that he also looked, Tang Jie they were impossible to retreat from octopus island there, happen, he did not need to worry, prepared to be completely safe is attacking. Zhao Hai looks at Balick their present movements, did not have to say anything, when Balick wants to attack when attacks, he did not care, he did not worry in any case. Zhao Hai noted these three days of times, although these Crafter have wasted many materials, but he also has to recognize, these fellows have real skill, three days of crafting in turn, they have refined more than 90 to imitate the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, this digit does not calculate that was short. Zhao Hai comes out from Space, went to the crafting hole directly, outside there some people was guarding, the average person did not permit, was feared that has disturbed these person of crafting, but Zhao Hai not in this row, Mu Yu explain/transfer, if Zhao Hai arrived, do not block cloudy. Zhao Hai enters to enter in the crafting hole, presently Mu Yu is sitting in a corner, there root owner nobody will note, person who obviously he does not want to disturb these to be in crafting. Saw Zhao Hai to come, Mu Yu nodded to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai also nodded to Mu Yu , Zhao Hai arrived at side Mu Yu , to Mu Yu said : Big Brother Mu, we exited saying that in a soft voice, my some situations must tell you.” Mu Yu nodded, his understand Zhao Hai said that certainly had the situation about Balick, he has stood, has flown outside with Zhao Hai together, then flew toward own Cave Mansion. Entered Mu Yu Cave Mansion, Mu Yu immediately Tang Jie, Tang Wen, Xu Wuzun and Kong Miao looked, when several people also with having in Cave Mansion, Zhao Hai say with must the feather Great Magical Artifact quantity that this time Balick in hand latter strength and he brings.

Zhao Hai just said that Tang Jie they arrived, when several people arrived, Mu Yu also told several people information that Zhao Hai obtained. One hear of Balick in hand military strength, Xu Wuzun and Kong Miao could not bear hold breath a cold air, that was eighty thousand person that was not 8000, moreover considered the great Spirit Race person to have 8000, it seems like great Spirit Race these time did not trample flat the octopus island vows not to rest. Mu Yu looked at several people of said : everyone/Great Clan to say to look how we can cope with this aspect?” Tang Jie their several people frowned, to be honest, how they also real don’t know must cope with this aspect, the reinforcement quantity that this time Balick looks, really left their imagination, is adding on that many Great Magical Artifact, is makes them have the pressure really very much. Zhao Hai has not spoken, but he does not have what tense facial expression, conversely, has such thinking otherwise in his facial expression, obviously he has not cared the quantities of Balick their person. Mu Yu although also noted the Zhao Hai expression, but he actually knows, words that at this time Zhao Hai said that was inferior the words component that he said was weighty, therefore he has not waited for Zhao Hai to speak, on open the mouth and said: everyone/Great Clan does not need to be worried that actually completely Balick they came many him, now in the second plan has launched, we need to do is, they hits the pain Buckley in here, making ten-thousand realms battlefield here all people see our hundred treasure strengths, this was OK.” Tang Jie their heart are very heavy, because of them to present also don’t know, these Crafter these days altogether refined many to imitate the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, if these imitated the quantity of break the formation Spirit Snake needle to be insufficient, they wanted to deal with these Great Magical Artifact troubled. Mu Yu sees their appearances, knows that they in thinking anything, his deep voice said : these days, Crafter have refined 94 to imitate the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, but Balick they have not come, before Balick they arrive, I can affirm that we can also refine some break the formation Spirit Snake needles, the sufficiency of break the formation Spirit Snake needle can certainly achieve 100, our materials were somewhat insufficient, can only refine about 100 probably.” Zhao Hai coughed lightly, to Mu Yu said : Big Brother Mu, these three days I also refined 20 to imitate the break the formation Spirit Snake needle in fact, in fact we presently the in hand break the formation Spirit Snake needle quantity, broke through 100 . Moreover the material was not a problem if, if Balick to us several days time, our in hand break the formation Spirit Snake needle quantity will be more, feared that possibly achieved about 200.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Mu Yu excited got up said : Little Hai, is this real?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I not to dare with this matter to deceive you.” Said that Zhao Hai put out Space Bag to throw to Mu Yu , Mu Yu near Space Bag, swept toward Space Bag, 20 imitated break the formation Spirit Snake needle peaceful lying down in inside.

Mu Yu laughs said : well, fantastic, so long as there are these break the formation Spirit Snake needles, we dealt with these great Spirit Race people to have confidence.” Tang Jie their several people are also the facial expression shake, can say that these imitate appears of break the formation Spirit Snake needle, finally made them have energy. Tang Jie they did not fear that Balick and their these under the hand/subordinate, they fear is these Great Magical Artifact, these Great Magical Artifact no matter are used for Charging Formation to be used to Island Guardian Great Formation, will bring the threat of very enormous to them. If no these Great Formation to break through Island Guardian Great Formation, they can use Island Guardian Great Formation, relaxed blocks these tens of thousands people of attacks, after all any an Interface protects encampment Great Formation is not that simple, moreover this several days time, Xu Wuzun they have not been idling, under Tang Jie their help, has carried on further enhancement to Island Guardian Great Formation, if not use Great Magical Artifact or the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, wants Island Guardian Great Formation of attack octopus island, is almost impossible. Before Tang Jie they were being worried about these Great Magical Artifact, feared that their in hand the quantity of break the formation Spirit Snake needle was not enough to meeting these Great Magical Artifact, now they are not worried! ...... &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;