Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1476

Chapter 402 Tang Jie ambition! Mu Yu looks at people said : now we to do, rubs Blade and Sword, waited for these fellows to bring death, I to look, after Great Magical Artifact that these great Spirit Race people they took advantage was given by us broke, they can be the expression that anything wanted, HaHaHa, believed the expression splendidly certainly.” The people have laughed, in these time carves, they relaxed truly, imitates the break the formation Spirit Snake needle to them the courage, lets them, since when facing the great Spirit Race formidable strength, still will not flinch. The appearance of Mu Yu look at people, smiles said : to be good, everyone/Great Clan rests, this several days outside look-out station must careful, if present enemy's arrival, the immediately/on horseback repayment, this time I think the great Spirit Race person comes will not be quick, after all their were too many, so long as the present enemy, making look-out station immediately retreat, does not want to look at the opposite party to have multi- military strength anything, we were clear.” Xu Wuzun and Kong Miao have complied with one, has stood, turn around walks outward, Tang Jie, Tang Wen and Zhao Hai have not actually moved, just Mu Yu signaled with the eyes to three people, making three people remain. After Xu Wuzun and Kong Miao their leave, Mu Yu let out a long breath said : has not thought that great Spirit Race these time adjusts these many people to come unexpectedly, Little Jie, you said that we should request reinforcement to? Our under the hand/subordinate small Interface are also many, cannot only comes to cope with great Spirit Race with probably the clan and Cultivator big world, such words are unfair to this 2 Realms.” Tang Jie one hear of Mu Yu such spoke has gawked, in his impression, Mu Yu , no matter, very had self-confidently, today this is What happened? Tang Jie deep voice said : Big Brother Mu, aren't your What happened? how some self-confident?” Mu Yu stared Tang Jie said : my this is not self-confident, I do not want bring the too big casualties to probably the clan and Comprehend the world, must the clan and Comprehend the world these time hires oneself we, regarding us was really too essential, they had the great merit to our hundred treasure, we cannot make them lose are too big \; first, to be unfair to them \; second, will make these Small World have some not good idea.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Big Brother Mu, you looked that you have considered somewhat thoroughly, Big Brother Mu is feared that we like beforehand great Spirit Race, suffers a loss in the population? If Big Brother Mu is worried about this, that arrives does not need completely, but our in hand population are many.” Mu Yu stares, puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : what meaning? Does our that have the manpower?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : we naturally to have the manpower, Big Brother Mu do do not forget me are do, I am Dark Magician, to be honest, even if great Spirit Race and person in his under the hand/subordinate small Interface all sends out not to have my in hand Undead Creature to be many, although my these Undead Creature attack strength are not good, the strength is also very bad, but do not forget, our in hand break the formation Spirit Snake needle has volume of spirit formation, I can make these 10,000 Undead Creature centralized to imitating in the break the formation Spirit Snake needle energy, like this does not use these Undead Creature direct fight, moreover can wield to imitate break the formation Spirit Snake Needle biggest Might comes, we did not need to be worried short-handed.” Mu Yu and Tang Jie they stare, several people have not thought that really this way, one hear of Zhao Hai said that Mu Yu look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, that is more than 100 imitates the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, imitates the break the formation Spirit Snake needle with 10,000 Undead Creature, that may be more than 1 million Undead Creature, your does Undead Creature have that many really?” The Zhao Hai look at Mu Yu appearance, shows a faint smile, deep voice said : „, if not imitate collection spirit formation of break the formation Spirit Snake needle to be left over too energy, I can imitate the break the formation Spirit Snake needle to match hundred thousand Undead Creature to each.” look at Zhao Hai that dodged Thunder Bai the tooth of cold light, Tang Jie they cannot be bearing have a shiver, to be honest, Tang Jie they had to see the person of blood, the blood that in fact they saw were not absolutely less than anybody, but one hear of Zhao Hai this saying, they felt that the back was cool, at heart wool.

More than 100 imitate the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, each is joined to 10,000 Undead Creature, that is more than 1 million Undead Creature, if each is joined to hundred thousand Undead Creature, that may be more than ten millions Undead Creature. more than ten millions Undead Creature equal to what? equal to more than ten millions person! If these Undead Creature are Zhao Hai makes, that Zhao Hai could handle psycho killer this word absolutely. Tang Jie probes was asking that said : Little Hai, how your Undead Creature do come?” Zhao Hai looked at Tang Jie one, understand this saying is any meaning, he shows a faint smile, reveals white tooth said : my enemy!” Tang Jie and Tang Wen person Mu Yu their hearts have also been startled, Zhao Hai these four characters in their are reverberating at heart for a very long time, these four character although are ordinary, but disclosed from that character the smell of blood that actually could not cover. Mu Yu deep breath several tones, this calm, his look complex looked at Zhao Hai one, deep voice said : well, let's do it according to your advice, when the time comes these imitate the break the formation Spirit Snake needle to turn over to you, is adding on your Great Magical Artifact, Little Hai, this time we trump card give you of in hand most advantage.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : Big Brother Mu feel relieved to be good, right Big Brother Mu, this was I gives your gift, no, gives in gift, hoped a little to use, this thing was I comes back in Lower Realm, been able to be useful has don’t know to Upper Realm.” Was saying put out a piece jade slip to throw to Mu Yu . In Zhao Hai this jade slip, record was the technique of Fire Refining, Zhao Hai already present, the technique of this Water Refining to the Cultivator big world has managed this level the time, some were not quite suitable, thinks that was carrying on Water Refining, needs to the technique of original Water Refining to make some improvements, but Zhao Hai this jade slip the technique of Water Refining has not undergone the modification. Zhao Hai has certainly the ability to change to suitable Comprehend the world this level use the technique of Water Refining the technique of crafting, but in that case, will make Mu Yu they have the suspicion, therefore he has not changed, in fact the technique of this Water Refining is catalyst/introduction, a leafed door, he only needs to tell Mu Yu them, that leafed door in there, Mu Yu they will walk doorkeeper to shove open. Zhao Hai always does not suspect intelligent degree of this level person, therefore he has not made any modification, but has given Mu Yu first edition the technique of Water Refining. Mu Yu received jade slip, somewhat puzzled looked at Zhao Hai one, then searched into spiritual force jade slip, he was somewhat careless, to be honest, he does not think that Zhao Hai can put out any good thing to come, he knows that Zhao Hai was ascend comes up, do not say that Zhao Hai was ascend comes up, even if were Cultivation Method or the crafting that method the Comprehend the world there earth long earth long person studied they looks does not glance, on do not say thing that Zhao Hai this Ascenders took coming out. However looked at the content a while on jade slip, the Mu Yu facial expression slowly has enforced, then his slowly excited . Moreover the facial expression is getting more and more excited. Mu Yu specially often is not crafting, in fact he regarding crafting is only know one but understand half, however his vision, his very clear, technique of the Water Refining Zhao Hai takes is still very likely , after waiting to look at Water Refining technique, Mu Yu facial expression excited look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, was this real?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : naturally real, I in Lower Realm, have contacted a race, this race is Sea Race, they take the sea as the family, is the ocean ruler, I have helped their busy, therefore they have given me the technique of this Water Refining, what kind of? A little uses?”

Mu Yu laughs said : usefully, was too useful, Little Hai, you may raise our hundred treasure really the lucky stars, was right, how hadn't you taken before this thing?” Before Zhao Hai flipped eye said : „, my simply has not used this method, I have Divergent Technique, has a need for this method? Looks at their crafting success ratio too low words, I already forgot also to have existence of this thing.” At this time Tang Jie puzzled said : Big Brother Mu, Little Hai, what were you saying? The technique of what Water Refining, is that what thing?” Mu Yu shows a faint smile, lost jade slip to Tang Jie, deep voice said : this thing regarding our hundred treasure was really too important, cannot reveal in ten-thousand realms battlefield here absolutely comes tiny bit, must as soon as possible delivered in this thing returned to, all crafting processes, must in carry on.” At this time Tang Jie also saw the content in jade slip, look at Zhao Hai said : that his some cannot believe Little Hai, this really useful? My is look at a little how mysterious?” Zhao Hai smiles said : naturally to be easy-to-use, I am helping Sea Race with another race fight time, weapon that Sea Race uses, refines through this method, that weapon not compared with the weapon difference that the Lower Realm crafting method manufactures, naturally, the technique of this Water Refining was not quite possibly suitable we to use, but can let their research research.” Mu Yu nodded said : naturally the not suitable use, but here surface cardinal principle direction is right, so long as internal in part made the improvement to be good, HaHaHa, had this method, our hundred treasure want to build up anything to build up anything.” At this time Tang Wen also looked at the content in jade slip, thing in his also very clear this jade slip, means anything regarding hundred treasure, now Tang Wen somewhat worships Zhao Hai , after he presently since Zhao Hai became their hundred treasure people, he offered regarding supplying of hundred treasure, was older than this locally born hundred treasure people. Mu Yu has stood, this jade slip and inside content to three people of deep voice said :, no one must say that I on personally returned to encampment, give above jade slip now.” Zhao Hai one hear of Mu Yu said that cannot help but said : Big Brother Mu, doesn't use this? However is the one type of crafting method, has a need for such heavy ritual?” Mu Yu hid the truth from Zhao Hai said : you to know anything, our hundred treasure regarding the refinement of small Magical Artifact were the sect divisional levels, but actually must miss regarding the refinement of Great Magical Artifact on many, but if the technique of this Water Refining improved the success, our hundred treasure can refine Great Magical Artifact, even if were the refinement compares Giant Spirit Treasure Ship even more larger Great Magical Artifact.” Zhao Hai look at facial expression more and more excited Mu Yu , quickly said: Good, good, Big Brother Mu, should not be excited, method of although this Water Refining is very strong, but this must have the high level water to be good first, not only need have the high level water, this water also wants extremely numerous, hundred treasure do have such water?” Mu Yu stared Zhao Hai one, coldly snorted said : underestimated hundred treasure are not, I told you, in hundred treasure good thing to be many, the high level water was anything, you did not need to worry, your three stared to tighten here to me these days, after I went back, met the immediately back-spacing to come.” Three people complied with one, Mu Yu have not been managing them, turn around walked, sighing said : that the Zhao Hai look at Mu Yu back, not bore Big Brother Mu also was really, served a need such anxiously.”

Tang Jie makes an effort patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : little to speak the idle talk, if Big Brother Mu has not come here, you gave me this thing, I can immediately/on horseback 500 to escort my returned to encampment to go, although clearly know will not have the danger with Transmission Formation, but I such will do, that thing regarding our hundred treasure, was really too important.” Tang Wen also nodded said : „, had this thing, the strengths of our hundred treasure most at least can enhance several generations, thinks that at that time, ten-thousand realms battlefield here, that meets our matches?” Tang Jie also excited, Zhao Hai looks at their appearances, actually cannot help but frowned, now he also real don’t know gives hundred treasure the method of this Water Refining, was the good deed or the misdemeanor, if hundred treasure want in the control entire ten-thousand realms battlefield, that to be is really certainly impossible to succeed, if when the time comes hundred treasure, their Comprehend the world have been possible to trouble but actually. Thinks that here Zhao Hai cannot bear said : Tang Big Brother, won't you want to unify the entire ten-thousand realms battlefield really? Such words ten-thousand realms battlefield there all big Interface alliance will possibly cope our.” Tang Jie shook the head to smile said : not, we will not unify the ten-thousand realms battlefield, the ten-thousand realms battlefield here situation in complex, various influences are too extremely many, we are impossible to unify here, but makes our hundred treasure maintain a status at ten-thousand realms battlefield here however, making any influence not dare to provoke us easily, this yes, as the matter stands, will actually hire oneself our under the hand/subordinate small Interface to be getting more and more, good thing that our influence getting bigger and bigger, will obtain on to be also more, on will be also getting quicker and quicker, in the future we who will wield will become the ten-thousand realms battlefield . The first influence, is not impossible.” Zhao Hai one hear of Tang Jie said that to was feel relieved, must know that this unified the ten-thousand realms battlefield and becomes the ten-thousand realms battlefield first influence that is completely different two concept people, the former has the absolute sovereignty regarding ten-thousand realms battlefield here, but the latter did not have, the former was the absolute King, but the latter can only be Expert. However this was enough, if hundred treasure become the ten-thousand realms battlefield here first strong influence, very much has the advantage regarding Zhao Hai later wielding. although Mu Yu leave, but octopus island here to does not have what change, because octopus island here this preparation already prepared, now their in hand was only imitates the break the formation Spirit Snake needle to have more than 100, was not having what good preparation, only then a person was a little busy, that was Zhao Hai, he must build up the waste break the formation Spirit Snake needle to decompose these Crafter, changed the become a useful person material, making these Crafter then refine. ...... &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;