Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1477

Chapter 403 crafting Grandmaster Balick high-spirited intends to the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship bow, most at least looks like in others he is this, but now Balick at heart thinks more actually revenges! Previous time they compelling to draw back by Tang Jie, in Balick opinion, this is the great shame in his life, this time his in hand has eighty thousand army, is only Giant Spirit Treasure Ship has three, is adding on 20 Eight Sapphires Chariot, Balick is confident, with the in hand strength, octopus island trampling flat. However Balick also was a little worried now that is hundred treasure people's responses, Balick although is haughty, but he also knows that octopus island there regarding hundred treasure how important, that equal to inserted a sword toward the great Spirit Race domain, so long as, this can be used to kill people the sword when necessary. Octopus island there is so important to hundred treasure, that hundred treasure look at he will certainly not be extinguished to be aloof, they also will possibly send reinforcement to octopus island here, now Balick only hopes reinforcement that hundred treasure send will not be many. This is also Balick has these many reinforcement reasons, he wants to bring some armies, this is hundred treasure has reinforcement to arrive, he did not need to fear, can the opposite party tidying up fully. However this time they march is not quick, because like the army motion, has matter very to process, are too many in the person who adding on their these time comes, three Giant Spirit Treasure Ship are impossible to think of under that many people, therefore the majority of people can only follow to fly in the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship side, these person uses is own flight Magical Artifact, has is flying sword, has is the shuttle, has various bizarre Magical Artifact. These flight Magical Artifact although is not slow, but Balick actually does not dare to make them fly quickly, because he must guarantee fighting strength of these people. Balick and Tang Jie they have fought, he has deep finding regarding Tang Jie their sly degree, he feared, if makes too quick, to octopus island there that these people fly, fighting strength of these people will be affected, when the time comes Tang Jie they kill in seize the opportunity, that troubled. Eats after Tang Jie their hands several times has owed, Balick finally studies intelligently, he thinks that own present deals with the enemy at the superior force . Moreover the enemy will not run, that does not need to be so anxious, gradually he fights steadily comes, does not give the enemy to leave behind any opportunity. Quick Balick's their Battalion, to octopus island only then about 10,000 li (0.5km), Balick has stood in the bow, sees with one's own eyes some to release people turn around Zhang Huang to run away, to be honest, saw the appearance that Palpus Clansmen that escapes, Balick has the sense of achievement really very much. But at this time in octopus island here, Mu Yu also received information that Balick they have killed, now Mu Yu in hand the team of quantities have not increased, does not arrive at the thirty thousand person, but Mu Yu actually attached great importance to Zhao Hai now, he announced in the presence of everyone, Zhao Hai official became hundred treasure people, and has given directly a Zhao Hai crafting Grandmaster status!

crafting Grandmaster, this although is one does not have the position of too big authority, can only be one type of auxiliary profession, however is very respected in hundred treasure there, in the entire hundred treasure millions and millions population, there is a person of crafting Grandmaster this title, less than hundred people, these people are lofty in hundred treasure there status, do not say 100 hundred treasure people, even if hundred treasure key point trained objects like Tang Jie, must be respectful to crafting Grandmaster, does not dare to have silk bold offending. It can be said that now in octopus island here, besides Mu Yu , the Zhao Hai status is highest, this is also only manifests certainly in the name, Zhao Hai comes after all in Comprehend the world, the has plenty hundred treasure people does not buy his account. However Zhao Hai also knows that own status, he proud appearance, to all people have not been that polite, still called by Tang Big Brother to Tang Jie, appeared very respectful. Different from the people of these don’t know truth, how the Tang Jie very clear Zhao Hai this crafting Grandmaster title comes, that is not hundred treasure with no reason at all gives him, because Zhao Hai has put out really thing. First did not say break the formation Spirit Snake needle that he refines, even if the technique of Water Refining, can make Zhao Hai obtain the name of this crafting Grandmaster fully. In hundred treasure there, crafting Grandmaster this name, is not who can obtain, your crafting is very good, gives you at most a name of Crafting Master, will not call you for crafting Grandmaster absolutely, wants into crafting Grandmaster, besides crafting good, you must have greatly to hundred treasure for offering is good. crafting Grandmaster this person called to put it bluntly is the one type of honor calls, does not have the too big real power, but will make his status command respect. Zhao Hai is very clear own status, do not think that a name turned into any influential figure, in fact he comes compared with Tang Jie and Mu Yu , in these hundred treasure High level eyes, anything is not, at most is the person who a little uses, the component fell far short compared with Tang Jie and Mu Yu . Zhao Hai very positive, he who own status and status suspend does not have a point arrogance, such performance is the person who lets these hundred treasure appreciates, is adding on Zhao Hai already official join hundred treasure, the people of these hundred treasure accepted Zhao Hai unexpectedly slowly, moreover to some Zhao Hai also respect. This respect not because of the Zhao Hai this crafting Grandmaster status, because Mu Yu and Tang Jie are on intimate terms with him, returns very polite to him, this is these hundred treasure people respects the Zhao Hai reason. Moreover originally has fought with Zhao Hai together these hundred treasure people, the respect to Zhao Hai actually from the innermost feelings, their very clear, this looks like the strength, only then the person of Infant Stage time, true fighting strength how fearful, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, no matter that an Interface, takes the strength as Venerable, your strength formidable, will be naturally command respect.

But now Zhao Hai stands in the left hand of Mu Yu , in the right hand of Mu Yu is standing Tang Jie, they one on the left and other on the right stand in Mu Yu both sides, making the person understand at a glance that these two are right-hand of Mu Yu . Mu Yu is standing in protective shield of octopus island now looks, look at outside situation, this octopus island Island Guardian Great Formation design the ingenuity of, can see outside from inside, that protective shield does not exist to be the same probably, but wants to see actually very difficult from outside, looks at the octopus island from outside, probably entire octopus island covers in dense fog. Mu Yu just listened to one to the report of clan, knows that Balick they are not far from octopus island here, Mu Yu cannot help but hesitated, deep voice said : you said that Balick can disregard met the attack really?” Tang Jie thinks that said : I think meeting, previous time Balick was given to be mad heavily by us, he wishes one could immediately to kill us now, he can disregard carries on attack to us.” Mu Yu turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, do you think?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : this I could not have reached an agreement, but I think that Balick attack the probability will not be directly big, because their present military strength occupy superiorly, moreover there is an absolute strength, he will possibly come our here to have a look at the situation, Balick also very clear, our hundred treasure will also send reinforcement toward here, therefore I think that he will come to see many reinforcement that our hundred treasure come first, to achieve to know in heart.” Mu Yu and Tang Jie nodded, Tang Jie patted started said : well, Balick that fellow previous time ate several times to owe in our in hand, should study intelligently, moreover this their military strength occupied superiorly, the strength occupied superiorly, in his opinion, the sole accident is our hundred treasure will possibly send many reinforcement, so long as knows reinforcement quantity that our hundred treasure sent, what method he can choose with copes with us.” Mu Yu nodded said : this Balick my although not to fight with him, however his name I have heard, a great Spirit Race new talent character, wants to come not to be stupid, so looked like they will not come up to fiercely attack, I to can exit to be able he.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to be able he to be also good, but don’t know he in presently is Mu Yu Big Brother personally brings reinforcement to come, what expression can be? We hope that he will not fight to run away.” Mu Yu one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but slightly stares, then laughs said : your youngster, will say that he will not run away, in great Spirit Race has clan regulations, the person who meets hundred treasure, cannot absolutely retreat.” Tang Jie also smiles said : on to hand over Balick not to have the means that he actually at attacking a side, can only say that is draws back to find the way to tidy up us, if he does not fight the words that draws back, even if he is the great Spirit Race talent, is impossible to escape great Spirit Race the punishment of clan regulations.”

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : that we to exit to be able they, but must make a preparation to be good.” Said that Zhao Hai wields, large quantities of Undead Creature, blotting out the sky appears on the octopus island, these Undead Creature has arranged each and every one Rubik's Cube Great Formation, each Rubik's Cube Great Formation has ten thousand people fully, but like Rubik's Cube Great Formation, fully hundred, but these hundred Rubik's Cube Great Formation, has composed huger Rubik's Cube Great Formation, stands in the sky of octopus island, to person one type of very strong constriction. After release these Undead Creature, Zhao Hai wields, 100 imitated break the formation Spirit Snake needle appears in front of this huge Rubik's Cube Great Formation, then these imitated the break the formation Spirit Snake needle taking over by these Undead Creature, these 100 imitated the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, suspended one Rubik's Cube Great Formation that imitating the break the formation Spirit Snake needle comprised in front of Rubik's Cube Great Formation, prepared the attack appearance at any time. Such arrangement is the Mu Yu authorization, Zhao Hai initially said that must make Undead Creature come control these to imitate the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, this not only can wield these to imitate Might of break the formation Spirit Snake needle, meanwhile can other to leap make a move to fight. here person worst is also Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, but Zhao Hai Undead Creature, present strength has plenty has not arrived at Foundation Establishment Stage, is pulling out single Lian, that brings death, now makes their ten thousand people centralized to imitating on the break the formation Spirit Snake needle the strength, will let imitate the break the formation Spirit Snake needle to wield biggest Might, but these Undead Creature will not have anything to damage, this is the place that Zhao Hai most settles on. Mu Yu looked at an arrangement of Zhao Hai, nodded, he has not said anything, but Zhao Hai in his component, heavy a point. This not because of the arrangement of Zhao Hai, because of these Undead Creature! ...... &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;