Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1478

Chapter 404 evidence Before Zhao Hai, has said to Mu Yu , his in hand has plenty Undead Creature, these Undead Creature can the control break the formation Spirit Snake needle, Mu Yu believe that Zhao Hai will not take this matter the rumor, Zhao Hai said that can imitate the break the formation Spirit Snake needle to each, is joined to 10,000 Undead Creature, Mu Yu also believes that Zhao Hai can achieve. However he has not made Zhao Hai release 1 million Undead Creature come to see after all, therefore after and don’t know that 1 million Undead Creature release comes, can be any situation. Now Zhao Hai comes that 1 million Undead Creature release, quantity that blots out the sky, look at really lets head Pi Ma. Any thing quantity achieves a certain degree, will make people feel that very fearful, do not say that these Undead Creature, these Undead Creature are the same with the person, imagines, what appearance does the 1 million army stand in there is? The soldier over one does not have the edge absolutely not, but here 1 million soldier, 1 million that even if clearly know that is a person on one's own side, looks like is also shock. Mu Yu sees this situation, how can not attach great importance to Zhao Hai? Fierce of Mu Yu very clear Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai can decompose the material thing, even if Zhao Hai does not arrive at their hundred treasure here to come, his wanderer ten-thousand realms battlefield is not impossible. Considers, how many Zhao Hai robs, then uses their in hand thing, refines to imitate the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, is making these Undead Creature control these imitate the break the formation Spirit Snake needle to help him fight, how many people also has in ten-thousand realms battlefield here is his match? Regarding this situation, must some person preparations of clan and Comprehend the world, they before had seen the Zhao Hai release these Undead Creature situations, to does not have extremely in being startled, to instead is some people of these hundred treasure is startled. Tang Jie and Tang Wen acted appease a everyone/Great Clan mood, after waiting for all person calm to get down, Mu Yu then led the people to arrive at outside of octopus island to arrange in order outside, but these Undead Creature still stayed in the octopus island, they were surprise-attack forces, now is not presence time. Mu Yu they just came out not long after to see from the octopus island distant place dense flies one group of people, Mu Yu narrows the eyes to focus to hit bit by bit these people, what flies in the forefront is three Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, in Giant Spirit Treasure Ship behind many ordinary cultivator, you are with is the same in three tank following Infantry, slowly has pressed toward octopus island here. Now Mu Yu their positions to octopus island, be only about 300 li (0.5km), but the opposite party also saw them obviously, originally not quick, in one time slowed down, opposite party one li (0.5km) has located slowly to them in front.

Balick stands in the bow, looks to arrive in his 3 Realms allied armies front Mu Yu , saw one on the left and other on the right stands in Mu Yu nearby Tang Jie and Zhao Hai. Sees Mu Yu , Balick's two eyes cannot help but shrinks, is the great Spirit Race person, he knew certainly Mu Yu , Mu Yu was called in hundred treasure young generations first Expert, if he did not know that did not need to mix. Looked Mu Yu looked, Balick and has selected the eyebrow, the quantity of his present allied armies increased, increases, only then hundred treasure people . Moreover the population of increasing are not many, only probably increased about 5000 people, this arrives somewhat stems from Balick's anticipation, Balick thinks that hundred treasure will send some people to come, then also like him, making some small that hundred treasure govern pull out some people to support, now looks like hundred treasure such has not done unexpectedly, this to is by some Balick accidents. However sees not far away octopus island, Balick actually some cannot affirm, in the octopus island the mist is steaming, simply cannot see inside situation, in who knew is hiding also an army. In Balick sizes up Mu Yu they time, Mu Yu is also taking a look at Balick, he shows a faint smile, deep voice is said : originally Balick, what? your great Spirit Race wants to provoke the incident to be inadequate?” Zhao Hai and Tang Jie one hear of Mu Yu this saying, have not smiled to make noise, this Lin Yu in can confuse right and wrong, is they provokes the incident obviously, now he said that is the opposite party provokes the incident, how real don’t know Balick will hear this saying to think. As soon as Balick listened to Lin Yu saying that immediately/on horseback angry-looking look at forest feather said : forest feather, you were also becoming famous Expert, was short distorts the facts in there, this your hundred treasure provocation in first, received my great Spirit Race rebel, you must give me today explain/transfer, otherwise do not blame me for being rude.” All people know that this is polite speech, even if Mu Yu gives him explain/transfer, Balick also meets impolite, he is having tens of thousands people, does not come here to travel. Mu Yu deep voice said : Balick, you did not need to waste breath, the matter why convention to today's this situation, I thinks that your very clear, I heard that initially was you suggested did not request Comprehend the world and must the clan, HaHaHa, has not thought really that Giant Spirit really had your such talented person, I said Balick, were you our hundred treasure undercovers?” As soon as Balick listened to Mu Yu saying that complexion cannot help but red white, this matter in great Spirit Race absolutely was a taboo topics, the most wrong matter that Balick handled was this, therefore Balick does not want to let any mention.

To be honest, some Balick regrets, he really has not thought that he does not let support, actually suddenly not Comprehend the world and must the clan compelling counter-, to get so far as today this aspect. Balick originally is the supercilious person, this matter is became he biggest stain, but now Mu Yu takes this matter to ridicule him, his can not be mad, that can not get angry! Balick coldly snorted said : Mu Yu , you were also become famous by the long character, said that many wasted breath to do, all these were your hundred treasure plot, Comprehend the world and must clan simply not be your hundred treasure place our great Spirit Race undercover!” Reason that Balick said that is because he notes, his behind these small people, when hears this matter, appears a slight disturbance, Balick at heart cannot help but one startled, his immediately understand Mu Yu said this saying meaning at this time, this, not only ridiculed him simply, what was more important, Mu Yu must tell these small people this matter, person who created a disturbance these small. Balick knows now own initially gives up Comprehend the world and must clan that decision be how was wrong, Comprehend the world and must the clan truly be nothing, but they represent is a social stratum, they possibly cannot in the representative Upper Realm, manage them actually to be able in the representative and following flinging have small Interface. Great Spirit Race to generation Comprehend the world and must the manner of clan, let other and below small Interface shall be grateful as a personal favor, Balick gives up Comprehend the world and must the clan, will let in other and below small Interface produces restlessly, all people can think that they can give up Comprehend the world today and must the clan, tomorrow on be able to give up me, one had idea like this, in wants by these person relieved submitting to in great Spirit Race, almost to be was impossible. Because knows this point, therefore Balick will say that he must mislead the public, making these small Interface people think, Comprehend the world and must the clan be hundred treasure sends the great Spirit Race undercover, this is these small Interface people suspected that great Spirit Race can also have an excuse mask in the past. A Balick saying ended, has not waited for Mu Yu to speak, Zhao Hai on coldly snorted one, look at Balick deep voice said : Balick, I have seen the shameless person, has not seen one to look like your such Ping Chi, all people on the scene know that what's the matter, our Comprehend the world person, from appears in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, became your great Spirit Race subordinate race, we entered to supply year after year, medicinal herbs that we obtained laboriously, with ore that the life traded to you great Spirit Race, for was at crucial moment is protected us by your great Spirit Race, but how did you do? When we make war with hundred treasure, you only sent 50 people to come to see unexpectedly, moreover was giving up us, at that time our Comprehend the world and must the clan, kill more than 1000 hundred treasure people, your this was must compel us, if were not hundred treasure did not count the past animosity accepted us, was our 2 Realms withdrew from the ten-thousand realms battlefield now, you also felt all right to say this to come unexpectedly.” Balick by complexion that Zhao Hai said pitch-black, this matter originally was they are in the wrong, Zhao Hai said and was well-founded, how Bari Kerley also real don’t know must refute at once, but he behind these small Interface people, tumult even bigger. These small Interface people are not the fools, in them the has plenty person before and don’t know Comprehend the world they lived any matter, now actually knew, to be honest, such result stems from unexpected of these small Interface, they have not thought that Comprehend the world actually for this reason betrays great Spirit Race.

Balick somewhat worries, he knows the person, if lets these small has believed Zhao Hai, after that has troubled, thinks of here, Balick immediately/on horseback to Zhao Hai deep voice said : youngster, do not say in the there talk nonsense Palestine that what evidence you have to prove you did say real?” Zhao Hai looked at Balick one eyes, coldly snorted said : Balick, you think really I don't have the evidence? I put together the person who is offending hundred treasure today, must see through your great Spirit Race shameless true colors.” Said that Zhao Hai wields, in his side one on appears Undead Creature of troop, these Undead Creature each and every one is a black cultivator clothing/taking, with exactly the same that the people of hundred treasure dress up. Besides the appearance, the person also specialness of hundred treasure, that is their hands, uses the hidden weapon person, their hands generally very flexible, slender, but general cultivator is different, general cultivator when the Body Refining time, must carry on all kinds of trainings, therefore their hand will have each one to study the Cultivation Method characteristics, for example the great Spirit Race person, their palm general very wide are likely big, thick, has been full of the strength, but this judges cultivator is that important way. Therefore Zhao Hai after release these hundred treasure Undead Creature, great Spirit Race behind these small Interface people, after looking at these Undead Creature clothes, vision centralized to the hands of these Undead Creature , the hands of these Undead Creature, really compare the hand of general Undead Creature to be slender, stands these living the hands of hundred treasure people with side is almost being same, they cannot help but believed the Zhao Hai words. ...... &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;