Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1479

Chapter 405 hedge Balick looked that this situation does not know well, his cannot help but coldly snorted, then deep voice said : „haven't I rescued you to be what kind of? You do not have a look at your who in together, Palpus Clansmen, snort|hum, the entire ten-thousand realms battlefield knows that must the clan be a robber race, you are willing to collaborate with this robber, our great Spirit Race does not want, starts with Palpus Clansmen in together moment from you, you are not my great Spirit Race people.” Zhao Hai one hear of Balick said that cannot help but laughs said : good Balick, good great Spirit Race, you also really oneself, when become a Saint person? In my opinion, even if Palpus Clansmen, be greater than Spirit Race to be much better you, most minimum Palpus Clansmen did has dared recognize, but your great Spirit Race, was really ashamed is Upper Realm!” Said that Zhao Hai waved to receive these hundred treasure Undead Creature. But as soon as these great Spirit Race people listened to Zhao Hai saying that on the face cannot help but appears is ashamed, was the angry facial expression, the shame because of their very clear, Balick this saying said that was really too amateur, asked that in this ten-thousand realms battlefield, that had the person who did not work as the robber, can the honest person be able to go on living? Balick actually must find such a broken excuse, didn't this clarify recognize they not to rescue Comprehend the world? Angry is because Zhao Hai said that Palpus Clansmen is much better than them, this lets the great Spirit Race person very annoyed, although said before Balick , the words that spoke are very amateur, the brain is very remnant, but Zhao Hai said that was actually somewhat excessive. Balick also knows one spoke incorrectly words, his complexion cannot help but blacker, his look at Zhao Hai, coldly snorted said : little wasted breath, under the hand sees the true facts, Comprehend the world betrays my great Spirit Race first, kills my great Spirit Race person, today does not kill you, is difficult to solve hate of my heart, Mu Yu , your hundred treasure can drip really this turbid water?” Mu Yu look at Balick, shows a faint smile said : „, since we entered to this turbid water, stirring mixes, who that does right by, said it, must the clan and Comprehend the world, be our hundred treasure vassal races now, we have not given up the custom of oneself under the hand/subordinate.” As soon as Balick listened to Mu Yu saying that complexion was blacker, coldly snorted said : that rubbish, take this.” The hand wields, entire Battalion slowly goes toward retreat. Balick had not actually seen that these follow in his behind small Interface person, has an item of light year that one type of despises very he. To be honest, these small Interface people cannot have a liking for Balick, because not only Balick gave up Comprehend the world and must the clan, main was just performance, just Balick's performance was disappoints them very, not only in the process that in Zhao Hai confronted, was somewhat in a dilemma, finally said these not to have the words of brain, but the person who a such person, great Spirit Race now call highest young Expert, this lets these small unexpectedly has to again ponder Interface way out. In fact in Mu Yu selects not to strive for Comprehend the world and must the clan be Balick's idea, these small Interface people to Balick somewhat are disappointed. Small Interface hiring oneself big Interface, nothing but wants to be protected, therefore small Interface also very pays attention regarding some changes of big Interface, this big Interface is also capable of protecting itself, these small Interface very pay attention. But before Giant Spirit, is very strong, now appearance that but sees Balick, they somewhat are disappointed, if great Spirit Race will hand over in Balick's hand in the future really the words, that great Spirit Race can also maintain now such powerful, but also did not say. If Balick knows that these small Interface are thinking anything, meets one to kill, he does not have to think one want these not to pay attention to his beforehand mistake, was actually made a even bigger mistake by oneself. These small Interface person although are having such thoughts, but they have not actually displayed, still their together is moving with Balick, their very clear, what no matter great Spirit Race will turn into the future, by the great Spirit Race present strength, must tidy up them to be enough. Mu Yu looks at Balick their slowly toward retreat, knew Balick they to want at the general attack, he also beckoning with the hand of gently, Battalion troops drawing back of slowly in octopus island.

Enters to the octopus island, Mu Yu on effort has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : great, Little Hai, your today's performance is really fantastic, makes in a dilemma that Balick, HaHaHa, fantastic.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: „Before Big Brother Mu do not blame me, has killed in that many people on the line.” What Mu Yu shook the head said : this to be quite strange, when you our hundred treasure every year do die in the ten-thousand realms battlefield here person are few? After they died, can be hundred treasure does supplies to offer, was the value, said how to oppose the enemy, Little Hai, our these time altogether made 200 to imitate the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, can all use?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : „does Big Brother Mu want the great Spirit Race person, one to rout? Ok, can all use, I can also send out my Great Magical Artifact to help, I believe that these can give to defeat great Spirit Race all Great Magical Artifact, making everyone/Great Clan prepare, when their Great Magical Artifact defeat, our immediately attack, when the time comes we have the help of Great Magical Artifact, copes with them to come, certainly relaxed.” Mu Yu nodded, look at Zhao Hai smiles said : your not sub- understand, good, today we must with quickest routs them, these words that today we speak, the second plan in additional Upper Realm, so long as we use quickly defeats the great Spirit Race person, these small Interface people can have the disloyalty, when the time comes our seize the opportunity acts, that great Spirit Race leaves suffers a defeat and flees is not far.” Zhao Hai nodded, the hand wields, in time release 1 million Undead Creature, has put out 100 to imitate the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, his also release own Great Magical Artifact, Yama Ship, three Eight Sapphires Chariot, the pagoda still has stood simultaneously on Yama Ship, but Zhao Hai with the break the formation Spirit Snake needle that Liquid Silver turns into does not have appears to that Mu Yu they look. However Mu Yu regarding these very satisfied, he nodded, static standing in there, look at has drawn back a black spots Balick they, then deep voice said : all people pay attention, so long as Little Hai destroys opposite party Great Magical Artifact, immediately starts fully attack, pays attention maintains the formation, do not disperse!” His saying shouted with Spiritual Qi, the sound was very loud, all people heard clear. The atmosphere before war also anxious, people in abundance has shone own Magical Artifact, but Zhao Hai actually partly closes one's eyes now, actually he has been paying attention to Balick their situation. But lineup that Balick suspends now wants to clash hardly, but he has drawn the previous lesson, he sets up in an array three Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, but 20 Eight Sapphires Chariot, are divided into two garrisons to arrange by Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, for is protects the good Giant Spirit Treasure Ship both sides not by attack, other people after Great Magical Artifact. Now Balick they have drawn back have almost about the thousand li(500 km) to the octopus island, such distance, enough Giant Spirit Treasure Ship has charged, Balick then beckons with the hand, said loudly: Charge! Along with his issuing an order, three Giant Spirit Treasure Ship started to add slowly, but 20 Eight Sapphires Chariot actually full proceeded to flush away, suddenly Giant Spirit Treasure Ship. Balick has not been angry, Eight Sapphires Chariot such charge, passes through him to agree that the reason is Giant Spirit Treasure Ship is different from Eight Sapphires Chariot quickest, because Giant Spirit Treasure Ship the volume is big, therefore start is very slow, but this did not express that his quickest will be slow, conversely, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship quickest is quick. But Eight Sapphires Chariot and Giant Spirit Treasure Ship compares, the volume wants to be smaller, start is naturally quicker, however Eight Sapphires Chariot quickest compares with Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, actually fell far short. Giant Spirit Treasure Ship when just started, does not need any treasure to protect, after all at this time they spend very to slowly, even if Zhao Hai they want from one side the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship route striking, they can also adjust promptly, when Giant Spirit Treasure Ship has achieved quickly, almost can overtake Eight Sapphires Chariot, has wanted among that distance, when the time comes Zhao Hai they want to strike the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship route were also late.

Because of some such considerations, therefore that 20 Eight Sapphires Chariot will run Giant Spirit Treasure Ship is quicker, before long Giant Spirit Treasure Ship slowly has also raised, they with Eight Sapphires Chariot distance also getting closer and closer, quick, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship already with Eight Sapphires Chariot parallel advancing, but at this time, to octopus island also only then less than 500 li (0.5km) distance. Then Giant Spirit Treasure Ship slowly scarlet Eight Sapphires Chariot, at this time Giant Spirit Treasure Ship left the distance of octopus island already less than 300 li (0.5km), 300 li (0.5km), regarding Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, in a flash. Balick stands on Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, the clenching jaws look at getting closer and closer octopus island, he too wants to see really that he is harnessing Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, continuously after Island Guardian Great Formation of octopus island to dashing, what Mu Yu their complexion can be, but a little also makes him feel that very strange, person any method of his understand why this hundred treasure has not blocked them, this may some strange. When Balick feels odd, in his suddenly present octopus island appears several Great Magical Artifact, these Great Magical Artifact appears , Balick cannot help but has also sneered, because before these Great Magical Artifact, with that warship and Eight Sapphires Chariot that he has fought, he has not cared. Previous Zhao Hai resists with Yama Ship and Eight Sapphires Chariot, but actually by Giant Spirit Treasure Ship collision easily, therefore Balick has not cared Yama Ship. However Balick quickly on the landlord who the minute presently does not suit, his present warship and Eight Sapphires Chariot side, but also with big pile of acicular Magical Artifact. This acicular Magical Artifact was too deep to the impression that he made, previous fighting time, was this acicular Magical Artifact, hitting deviated the route Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, making him have to retreat low-spirited. Previous hundred treasure have only shone ten this acicular Magical Artifact, Balick is very clear, this acicular Magical Artifact attack strength is also not weak, but this time he has counted, this acicular Magical Artifact quantity crossed 100 unexpectedly, this cannot help but makes Balick have the one type of not wonderful feeling. However currently he has other any idea also late, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship to octopus island, only then less than hundred li (0.5km), he no matter wants to return wants to make a turn without enough time. But at this time Zhao Hai control Yama Ship, Eight Sapphires Chariot was also also having these to imitate the break the formation Spirit Snake needle to overrun. Mu Yu they stand on octopus island, outside face anxious look at, Yama Ship, three Eight Sapphires Chariot are adding on these to imitate the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, the volume looks like does not have Giant Spirit Treasure Ship to be big, both sides hedge, looks like looks like Zhao Hai they are carrying on suicide attack to be the same. Distance getting closer and closer of eye look at both sides, getting closer and closer, both sides have hit together finally inevitably! On hearing bang bang bang bang makes a sound continually, Yama Ship positive collision on middle that Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, but Balick on that Giant Spirit Treasure Ship. Mu Yu they have not seen process of hit, but Balick actually saw, his originally too has not cared Yama Ship, but he presently has actually made a mistake, when Yama Ship to Giant Spirit Treasure Ship also one li (0.5km) many, Yama Ship front battering ram flew suddenly, then this hits the solution like Spirit Snake same from the sky is hovering, not only this makes Balick stare. When Balick stares, that is flowing battering ram, one has hit on Balick Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, Balick sinks to think that his Giant Spirit Treasure Ship shakes slightly, then did not have anything to respond. He thinks that was Giant Spirit Treasure Ship hitting to fly that battering ram, but afterward he present incorrect place, he presently Giant Spirit Treasure Ship probably lived some changes.

He lowers the head looked that was actually startled has opened the mouth, because he presently on the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship bow, unexpectedly appears large hole, just that Giant Spirit Treasure Ship unexpectedly is made that hit the solution striking large hole! Balick thought that in own brain piece of Space, his really understand, what matter did not live, why looks like ordinary battering ram, can actually give the puncture Giant Spirit Treasure Ship? When Balick has not recovered, Yama Ship has hit on Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, this Zhao Hai has put out fully, moreover he also installs on collection spirit formation on break the formation Spirit Snake needle Yama Ship now, now on Yama Ship not energy that energy that only then Yin-Yang Pool provides, in Zhao Hai Space the people of various innumerable Undead Creature and clans provide, can say that present Yama Ship, on is a ship-shape break the formation Spirit Snake needle . Moreover the break the formation Spirit Snake needle strength that they use Tang Jie is bigger, Tang Jie they use the break the formation Spirit Snake needle time, on was centralized not. 3000 Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert strengths, but on Zhao Hai Yama Ship, although not that many Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert strengths, but cannot support the person to be many, now provided energy Undead Creature to Zhao Hai Yama Ship 1 billion, in the face of such strength, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship simply insufficiently looked. Bang after a loud sound, Balick felt one flew, moreover gang of tremendous strength he wells up directly, from his body, direct impact his internal organs, he could not bear a blood spurt, then a face shocking look at following situation. That Giant Spirit Treasure Ship that he sits already thorough had been finished, one hitting crushes the first half of Giant Spirit Treasure Ship by Yama Ship, the tremendous strength lets the on the ship great Spirit Race person like the toy was thrown to fly, but such person is quite lucky, the has plenty person was killed directly! ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;