Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1480

Chapter 406 wins Sees the miserable attires of these great Spirit Race people, did not have completely Balick of control body, was a blood has spurted, this time he was really actually stirred up. do not blame he so excited, on these three Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, can sit the thirty thousand person, but Balick has not made on the ship sit that many people, but made on the ship only sit his 8000 clansman, with the Lower Realm some Steward people, three on the ship person total added also more than 10,000, mostly great Spirit Race. This Giant Spirit Treasure Ship originally defends strongly in attack Magical Artifact, although Giant Spirit Treasure Ship impulse very strong, that because of his defense, the volume is big, the component is weighty, like this opens was quick, impulse naturally also on very formidable, but must speak of Giant Spirit Treasure Ship to be strongest, actually his defense capability. Giant Spirit Treasure Ship the imitates the imperial ability, not only said that makes the person unable to break through this Treasure Ship, in this Treasure Ship also added many defense Magic Formation, in person who in this Treasure Ship sits, no matter Treasure Ship is under the how big impact, will not have the too big feeling in Treasure Ship, naturally, this premise is Treasure Ship is defeated. However the present situation is actually, Treasure Ship one by Yama Ship battering ram dashing, that equal to was the defensive system of Giant Spirit Treasure Ship one is destroyed, if were in the normal situation, with Treasure Ship that giant hull, by like this attack, extremely will not move in the influence, after all Giant Spirit Treasure Ship was really too big, destroyed 1 or 2 formation, will not be influential regarding the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship motion people. However these time destroys Giant Spirit Treasure Ship is actually Zhao Hai Liquid Silver, after Liquid Silver has defeated Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, starts to destroy in the hull, this made the Treasure Ship defense system almost expire. But at this time, Yama Ship actually has hit, by the Yama Ship present strength, this hits, even if Giant Spirit Treasure Ship complete time, feared that is also anti-, do not say now, therefore the deep number directly hitting crushes the first half of Giant Spirit Treasure Ship. on the ship great Spirit Race person simply has not responded what's the matter, had been killed, but reason that Balick the non- bone dies , because he saw in front of Giant Spirit Treasure Ship that crack. Giant Spirit Treasure Ship was destroyed, Balick first saw, he although was shocked at that time, but a warrior instinct, was makes him alert, therefore that hit, his body instinct one responded, has carried on certain defense, this made him only injure undead. But other great Spirit Race people do not have these, these great Spirit Race people had also seen great Spirit Race and Yama Ship clash, they also know that previous Yama Ship was hit to fly, this thinks that these time is also same, has not actually thought that these time actually really met has troubled greatly. With the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship situation that Balick sits similar also has another two Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, another two Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, Zhao Hai gave two Eight Sapphires Chariot to cope, naturally, coordinated his also to have the break the formation Spirit Snake needle of Liquid Silver version. But another although only then Eight Sapphires Chariot copes, but was actually joined to 20 to imitate the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, was adding on the break the formation Spirit Snake needle of Liquid Silver version, at one fell swoop another Giant Spirit Treasure Ship ruining. Three Giant Spirit Treasure Ship were destroyed, but that 20 car(riage) Eight Sapphires Chariot do not have to go to there well, was imitated the break the formation Spirit Snake needle ruining directly, to this time, great Spirit Race allied armies all Great Magical Artifact all destroyed . Moreover the great Spirit Race person also caused heavy losses, 8000 great Spirit Race people, were reached 2000 people by killing directly, about 3000 people are wounded, intactness, only remained 3000 people.

Enters in this, Mu Yu wields the armed forces to kill, at this time Balick just stood firm the personal appearance, has not organized the person with enough time, but Yama Ship, Eight Sapphires Chariot and imitated the break the formation Spirit Snake needle to kill in army of great Spirit Race allied armies. The great Spirit Race allied armies also some ignorant, their real don’t know lived any matter now, must know that some brain characters of various clan allied armies, stay on Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, moreover in Balick's side, Balick leads these people in the side \; first, to let these people thought that they have the face, two are convenient for command(er), how Balick wants to attack, ordered to these people on the line directly. However has not actually thought that Yama Ship crashes Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, these person of casualties very miserable are also heavy, these these small Interface people, on equal to were nobody command(er), in adding on Yama Ship they broke to Great Formation, great Spirit Race united the battle formation corner/horn chaos at once. But at this time Mu Yu they killed, at once, the great Spirit Race allied armies were on chaotic add chaotically, simply did not have the means to organize the effective resistance. This could not be a war, starting from Giant Spirit Treasure Ship destroyed that moment, this could not be has defeated, but is one-sided slaughter. Mu Yu is getting three clan allied armies look at Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, Eight Sapphires Chariot are destroyed one after another, a person morale big quake, cruel general kills toward the great Spirit Race allied armies. The great Spirit Race allied armies were actually destroyed because of Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, is having Yama Ship Charging Formation in addition, lost command(er), by however chaos, in this time Mu Yu they, as soon as clashes, that this person naturally was defeated and dispersed. The great Spirit Race allied armies very big hidden dangers, that is a various Realm people relative **, various Realm cultivator, can command(er) their, only then they in person, Balick they want direct command(er) these people are incorrect, since this also has been the ten-thousand realms battlefield here continuously custom. However a Balick wound, various Realm brain people casualty most, these has destroyed the command(er) system of great Spirit Race allied armies on equal to, the great Spirit Race allied armies do not think randomly also difficultly. Balick has stood firm the personal appearance now, but on him also received the heavy wound, was adding on now entire Great Formation to be chaotic, he wants not to be impossible in the stability aspect. Sees this situation, Balick knows one lost, he has not thought that he brings eighty thousand army, aggressive to come, unexpectedly such rapidness of defeat, he cannot be bearing unexpectedly, was a blood has spurted, in the wound added the wound. At this time had the great Spirit Race person to arrive at Balick's side, what great Spirit Race has seen the magnificent scene, nature compared with these small Interface people quicker has stabilized the mind, but is this, gathered the great Spirit Race person side Balick also less than 1000, but what was more awful, Yama Ship flushed toward their here.

At this time great Spirit Race person look at Balick said : „does Sir, now how deserve?” Yama Ship that Balick his look at comes, fierce clenches teeth said : dispersing, separates, imperial spirit sect at that time set.” Said that turn around flew away, as soon as other great Spirit Race people listened to Balick saying that was also one dull, but Yama Ship to their getting closer and closer, they have not thought at this time anxiously that turn around walked. It can be said that dispersing of these great Spirit Race people, was representing the conclusion of most entire fight, these great Spirit Race people have not been resisting, do not say other people. although said that three clan allied armies have now occupied the absolute winning side, but Mu Yu does not have the trade rashly makes them separate to pursue, he these person of minutes present more than 20 Thousand-Man Team, then starts to carry on to chase down, but Zhao Hai also received all Great Magical Artifact now, great Spirit Race allied armies there, could not form anything to have the resistance of scale, has been using Great Magical Artifact to chase down has not needed. However Zhao Hai has not been idling, but he is not chasing down the enemy, but is collecting the corpse of these killed enemy, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship and Eight Sapphires Chariot fragment, these by Great Magical Artifact that he crushes, he must collect. To be honest Zhao Hai very likes Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, that ship is big enough, the impulse also suffices, he must get so far as in Space Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, then all materials in Giant Spirit Treasure Ship turns into the mineral lode, in Giant Spirit Treasure Ship refinement method also join to Liquid Silver. However these three Giant Spirit Treasure Ship Zhao Hai do not want in wanting, after him has wanted these three Giant Spirit Treasure Ship to fixing, gives Mu Yu them, after all this cultivates the behavior cannot be too greedy. However Zhao Hai has not prepared to give Mu Yu three Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, after all damaged is too fierce, half hull was cracked-up, that naturally is Balick's travelling by boat, but leaves two on the other hand, damaged is light, after the Zhao Hai preparation damaged light that two fix, gives Mu Yu , too fierce that breaks, directly integrates in Liquid Silver to consider as finished. The matter that now chases down naturally does not need Zhao Hai to worry, therefore Zhao Hai simply has not chased down, making some Undead Creature receive the corpse, but his actually returned to in octopus island. Zhao Hai knows that Mu Yu will not chase down imperial spirit sect there, Mu Yu does not have the brains to faint that degree, was quick they to come back, when they came back, feared that was Mu Yu must the matter that considered to attack. A Zhao Hai returned to octopus island, immediately entered own Cave Mansion, then sneaked in Space, passes in screen look at outside situation, just as is such that he thinks, Xu Wuzun they stopped chasing down basically, is drawing in the team. The people of three clans is a happy expression of face, after the casualties unify/unified idea comes out, the people of three clans were happier, this fights them actually not to have the casualties, only then several are injured, dying does not have, moreover light dies in their in hand great Spirit Race allied armies people, has achieved about ten thousand people, before adding on by Great Formation killing, the casualties of this time great Spirit Race allied armies, has achieved the twenty thousand person probably.

one-fourth casualties, one's own side does not damage, enemy actually one-fourth casualties, moreover 3000 people of left person great Spirit Race people, this may be one wins absolutely, even if hundred treasure battles these many times with great Spirit Race, this is also one wins! After the team draws, Mu Yu looked at all around one, does not have presently Zhao Hai, his cannot help but does complexion change said : Little Hai? Haven't I seen Little Hai? Did anyone of you see?” Nobody makes noise, Tang Jie they are also complexion change, they do not hope Zhao Hai to have an accident, in this time, a great Spirit Race person was flying from the distant place, the people stare, will kill, Mu Yu actually beckons with the hand said : to be slow, was blind? Cannot look at that is Undead Creature.” One said after Mu Yu that people then responded, that great Spirit Race person who came was really three Undead Creature. That great Spirit Race Undead Creature flies nearby Mu Yu , bows said : to present the command of Master to Mu Yu , came to report Sir Mu, Master returned to the octopus island to go, asking Sir Mu not to need to be worried.” ...... &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;