Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1481

Chapter 407 responded Mu Yu look at that great Spirit Race Undead Creature, suddenly laughs, this arrives is lets Tang Jie and Tang Wen they are somewhat puzzled, how many people listened to this Undead Creature saying that Zhao Hai is all right now, they also on feel relieved, but Mu Yu why did suddenly laugh? Tang Jie puzzled look at Mu Yu said : Big Brother Mu, Why are you laughing? Mu Yu turns the head look at Tang Jie, laughs said : I to see that unexpectedly a great Spirit Race person stoops to salute to me before me, can I not happy? although this great Spirit Race person is Undead Creature, but they die in our in hand!” One hear of Mu Yu said that Tang Jie stares, then also has laughed, in fact no matter Zhao Hai or Kong Miao they, somewhat underestimated hatred between great Spirit Race and hundred treasure. Great Spirit Race with hundred treasure, was too long, has tied in the bone the long time of fights to two clans among hatreds, possibility that simply has not melted. Before because two clans both know that did not have the means one to tidy up the opposite party, therefore they can also bear, because this hatred died, any side does not want to compare the opposite party to predecease, therefore they can endure. When they see can solve this hatred, this type is carved in the bone hatred, like volcano spurts, can give the ignition their whole person fully. Mu Yu their present situations are so, although they currently did not have by the fire of hatred burn out the head, but the fire of this hatred was actually lit, therefore saw that a great Spirit Race person stands before them unexpectedly, salutes to them, this makes Mu Yu feel not in part of ones duty happy. Has smiled some little time, Mu Yu stopped, look at that great Spirit Race Undead Creature said : „does Little Hai such quickly do on the returned to octopus island in? How to come out to kill two people?” Mu Yu really has the meaning of blame, in his opinion, nothing, compared with kills several great Spirit Race more important, Zhao Hai strength formidable, he keeps one minute in here, possibly kills a great Spirit Race person, but he actually such already went back, this lets Mu Yu some not happy. That great Spirit Race Undead Creature said : returned to the words of Sir Mu, Master said that he went back to Giant Spirit Treasure Ship and these Eight Sapphires Chariot carries on to service.” One hear of this Undead Creature said that Mu Yu stares, then at heart that not quick immediately vanishes cleanly, his immediately/on horseback deep voice said : „, that also waited for anything, everyone/Great Clan removes.” Said that takes the lead to fly toward the octopus island.

Just as is such that Zhao Hai thinks, Mu Yu really attacks the great Spirit Race matter in the preparation now, therefore he, as soon as listened to that Undead Creature saying that Zhao Hai must carry on to service to Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, his immediately understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai this is to attack great Spirit Race prepares. Thinks that here Mu Yu cannot help but lived guilty of silk to Zhao Hai, guilty just actually in being mad Zhao Hai, unknowingly, his flight was quicker, he thinks that the quick point saw Zhao Hai. The quick people removed returned to octopus island there, but they have not actually seen Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai returned to in his Cave Mansion, Cave Mansion in front of the door has sent Undead Creature to defend in there, no one let. Mu Yu looked at this situation, immediately orders to think the forbidden area Zhao Hai Cave Mansion there, simultaneously let these Crafter generation of lives, if Zhao Hai had the place that anything needs to help, they wanted first appears in the Zhao Hai side. After arranging the Zhao Hai here matter, Mu Yu they start to this to fight summarize, must write in combat report returned to this war. But when Mu Yu makes these, the entire ten-thousand realms battlefield was chaotic, hundred treasure and great Spirit Race makes war, this in ten-thousand realms battlefield here is not considered as that any news, because of every other more than hundred years of time, 2 Realms will make war one time, these big Interface people had already been used. However 2 Realms makes war, these big Interface very care, they have paid attention to the situation that 2 Realms battles against, this arrives did not mean that they have care about 2 Realms, has settled any good intention, just the opposite, these big Interface people have not settled the good intention, how they were want to take a look at this 2 Realms fight the final conclusion, if this 2 Realms were finally mutually wounded, they can sort cheaply. Because of the very concerned about here tactical situation, therefore these big almost knew immediately here tactical situation how, but result that these time fights, is actually these big how, regardless of unable to think. Not only these big cannot think that these small cannot think, great Spirit Race under the hand/subordinate these small groups now are in great confusion, they from Zhao Hai their there know why Comprehend the world and must the clan surrender hundred treasure, the reason unexpectedly is because Giant Spirit gave up them. Regarding these small Interface, they give big Interface to make an offering, for has been guaranteed the treasure, but the Comprehend the world situation is actually, the protection had not obtained, but those who most make these small despise Giant Spirit is, this time copes with Comprehend the world their sworn enemies, their deaths cope to cope with their under the hand/subordinate, finally was actually they unexpectedly gave up own under the hand/subordinate, how can this not despise? How can this be a macrocosm can handle the matter? If only this that, after all great Spirit Race strength in that pendulum, even if were great Spirit Race cannot cope with hundred treasure, tidied up their these small fry not to be a problem. If this great Spirit Race copes with the octopus island, can smooth gives to trample flat the octopus island, all betrays their people to eliminate, that will not live on any matter, even does not need to eliminate, so long as gives to trample flat the octopus island, Comprehend the world, must the person of clans and hundred treasure on octopus island, gives to expel, that has also won, these small Interface will not have any idea, has the idea, what does not dare to make.

However the present situation is actually, great Spirit Race has defeated, defeat strange incomparable, three Giant Spirit Treasure Ship were destroyed, 20 Eight Sapphires Chariot were destroyed, eighty thousand army, casualty twenty thousand are many, near twenty thousand person is wounded, such victory no matter who has not thought that even if hundred treasure people is also same. High level of hundred treasure, sends the meaning of octopus island here Mu Yu , to let Mu Yu constrains great Spirit Race, the time that so long as Mu Yu they delay is long, regarding great Spirit Race is disadvantageous, moreover they can seize the opportunity get so far as their in hand great Spirit Race under the hand/subordinate small Interface, is wielding army and great Spirit Race fights a decisive battle. They have not thought that Mu Yu they can win, in their opinion, that is almost not duty that is possible to complete, after all the octopus is there, is too near to the great Spirit Race domain, great Spirit Race momentarily can struggle to adjust the massive armies to come, but they now and octopus island there although has Transmission Formation to be connected, but wants to move in the armed forces, that is very troublesome. army moves, needs a rest the place, octopus island there area is limited, wish makes army carry on the recuperation in octopus island there, is not impossible, but the population cannot be too many, for this reason, therefore hundred treasure have not sent out too many reinforcement, they to defend octopus island. However now the situation changed, Mu Yu among them however has defeated the great Spirit Race person, this change is all people are unexpected, therefore hundred treasure there immediately preparations change the beforehand arrangement, adjusted army to go to reinforcement octopus island there. Before battle, hundred treasure already with the contact that great clan under the hand/subordinate some small influences have, why surrendered their matters to say Comprehend the world, and hopes that these small Interface can also transfer throws to their. However at that time these small Interface people, somewhat hesitated, after all the matter badly has not arrived at a certain degree, they are also hesitant normal. But hundred treasure were not worried that these small Interface people, will tell great Spirit Race this information, after all Comprehend the world matter real, these small Interface want to leave a leeway to oneself. Moreover these small Interface people have also feared, they feared that told great Spirit Race this matter accidentally, but hundred treasure also presently they consider the words of secret, immediately/on horseback will cope with them, if by that time great Spirit Race like giving up Comprehend the world gives up them, they may really be finished. It looks like in these Small World people, this is absolutely possible, do not forget, at that time Comprehend the world made war with hundred treasure, and has killed hundred treasure people, in this case, great Spirit Race Comprehend the world giving up, they are just trivial has considered secret, great Spirit Race must give up their not any issues. Before these small Interface people, from hundred treasure and outside world rumors, know why Comprehend the world will betray great Spirit Race, their some have not believed that thinks this is trap that hundred treasure supposed, but their these small Interface survival Law, rather have believed its has, incredible its did not have, the multi- incident was inferior to few incident, in all circumstances, cannot handle Law certainly the matter, therefore they have not related their matters to tell great Spirit Race hundred treasure. However is present Comprehend the world, because was given up betraying this matter to be confirmed that moreover Balick personally recognize is they give up Comprehend the world, this made these small Interface thoughts one live. Is adding on the great Spirit Race rout, has been not as before to their frightening, these small Interface small thoughts were also naturally many.

But these big Interface thoughts were more, they have not really thought that hundred treasure and great Spirit Race this pair of old enemy, fought these many years unable to divide a victory and defeat to come, actually at this time, among suddenly decided the victory and defeat to come. Although great hundred treasure beat now, but this meaning but is extraordinary, these big Interface people some preparations are inferior to at once, immediately starts research, how must deal with the present situation. Regarding these big Interface people, lets great Spirit Race and hundred treasure coexists, that naturally is best, if made a side swallow another side, that may make a side of victory the strength obtain qualitative to leap in a short time, this regarding them was not the good deed. Before they had not thought of this result, when this result was placed in front of them, they actually have to find out the means to deal, but most made them feel uncomfortable was he, they could not have thought of better way in a short time. Now these big Interface people, headache, their don’t know are should help great Spirit Race, should help hundred treasure. ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;