Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1482

Chapter 408 strike the enemy just sharply to! Regarding the people of these big , helping great Spirit Race and gang hundred treasure yes , helping the great clan, they can obtain any advantage not necessarily, person but who also will offend hundred treasure, but actually a little, that can let hundred treasure and great Spirit Race maintains one type of to be balanced, this regarding them, is the one type of advantage. // «» . com «» novel network // If helps hundred treasure cope with great Spirit Race, they definitely will obtain many advantage, hundred treasure have tidied up great Spirit Race, that great Spirit Race domain has become the place of ownerless, hundred treasure appetites in big, impossible to swallow great Spirit Race domain one, they will also obtain some advantage, to be honest, these advantage also are really very appealing. Therefore facing this situation, these big Interface people is really not good to choose! When they are in a dilemma, Mu Yu actually already at the matter that the preparation next time attacked, target that their these time attacked was imperial Spirit Realm encampment. However Mu Yu also received in letter, making them late several days attack, will send to wield to come at the appointed time, but the quantity that this help wields is no less than fifty thousand, this is also a batch reinforcement, following reinforcement also meets arrival of one after the other. Mu Yu very clear, in wants at the here expansion victory, regarding in such decision, Mu Yu will not oppose that their here morale surges upward now, everybody requests a combat assignment, is the quantity good opportunity of expanded victory, if capture this opportunity, that may not really help that does a disservice to the heaven. Mu Yu knows in reinforcement that these time comes, is impossible is hundred treasure people, hundred treasure impossible one time to put out that many latter strength to come, in fifty thousand reinforcement that these time comes, feared that will be hundred treasure people will only account for few part, the person who majority of will be hundred treasure will govern these small Interface that sends. As the matter stands the matter somewhat will be complex, these small Interface people are many, is not better to manage, do not look has gotten down fifty thousand reinforcement, looked like their strengths increased probably much, that many that the quantity that in fact their strength increased, has not imagined. Thinks of here, Mu Yu cannot help but sighs, then looked at one in the Zhao Hai Cave Mansion direction, Zhao Hai entered his Cave Mansion already two days, had not actually come out, this let some Mu Yu worries. He did not worry that Zhao Hai will have an accident, he worried that Zhao Hai cannot give to fix that three Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, if cannot fix that three Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, then can have very tremendous influence regarding their next step motions. Is thinking in him these times, Tang Jie arrived at the Mu Yu side, to Mu Yu said : Big Brother Mu, in a batch helps the jade.” Mu Yu nodded said : to walk, has a look, making Xu Wuzun they arrange, the present is very special period, the octopus island here place is not big, the people who lets push, did not take a person to divide Cave Mansion, that definitely was does not stay.” Tang Jie nodded said :feel relieved Big Brother Mu, Xu Wuzun has arranged, I just had looked, will not have any issue. Mu Yu nodded, leading Tang Jie to fly toward Transmission Formation there, this hundred treasure although sent many reinforcement, but did not have to send the command(er) person, in other words, these people turn over to Mu Yu command(er), this also let Xu Wuzun and Kong Miao they relaxed. But Mu Yu they in the outside busy situation, Zhao Hai look clear in Space, not only the Mu Yu there situation, is Balick their there situation Zhao Hai also has been paying attention. // «» . com «» novel network // These small Interface people delivered the matter of signalling jade sword him also to see toward their Interface, but Balick also knew this matter obviously, but he was actually to be incapable to prevent now.

Balick this time is really injury, moreover heavy of wound, but in this wound common situation does not live in cultivator, cultivator all kinds of medicine pill has plenty, have the advantage to wound treatment very much, so long as ate several wound treatment medicine pill to be OK. The wound of however unusually strange, Balick this receiving, no matter eats many medicine pill to be useless, his injury still does not see to change for the better. But great Spirit Race person loss many of, also the has plenty person is injured, therefore great Spirit Race these people really do not have the mood tube these small Interface people to make anything now. However Balick most at least also handles right a matter, that was likely great Spirit Race the letter, requested reinforcement, Balick also knows very much obviously, hundred treasure such easily will not let off their. Balick also wants to be quickly good, he almost medicine pill, when the food eats, his body is not good, although the strength restored now, but actually still once for a while spitting blood, this is Balick does not think the understand place. However the great Spirit Race there degree of reaction to is quicker than hundred treasure, in previous the day that reinforcement of hundred treasure arrives, great Spirit Race there reinforcement also arrived, arrives along with reinforcement, in great Spirit Race, established Divided Spirit Stage Expert, is an elder in great Spirit Race. After this elder came, the first matter is announced that the position of Balick this team position was exempted, he now was only in great Spirit Race ordinary one, but all people must turn over to this named Bathu elder command(er). Not only Bathu this time has brought 3000 great Spirit Race people as reinforcement, he also has brought simultaneously two Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, 30 Eight Sapphires Chariot, two break the formation Spirit Snake needles. This great Spirit Race has gotten down the initial capital, it seems like they also think that staying of Mu Yu meeting little darling waits for them to attack in octopus island there, has not actually thought that Mu Yu already prepared attack they. The do not blame great Spirit Race person will have such idea, the person of this although hundred treasure has defeated them, but the population of hundred treasure actually do not fight superiorly, looks like in great Spirit Race, hundred treasure present is to defend the island has, the attack is insufficient, their simply with has thought hundred treasure can attack them. Simultaneously these great Spirit Race people also fell into an erroneous concept, they think hundred treasure recently had not increased another many reinforcement, these time will not certainly increase too many reinforcement, therefore they are also thinking must attack the octopus island, simply has not thought Mu Yu will come attack they. This cannot say that great Spirit Race is too stupid, actually has not thought that hundred treasure will increase reinforcement, can only say that great Spirit Race is too close to the problem, they have not thought of this point. Now hundred treasure reinforcement also one after the other arrived, Zhao Hai also knows one are should exit, he not only need take to give Mu Yu to have a look Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, but must say to Mu Yu the great Spirit Race there situation. To be honest Zhao Hai was not worried that these time could not deal with the great Spirit Race person, he presently great Spirit Race now truly does not have the who talent, their under the hand/subordinate these small Interface people, have made become that appearance, they governed all small Interface are the undercurrent surge, is not thinking at this time must stabilize own rear area first, was making the war with hundred treasure, is actually thinking driving attack, this was really a stupid decision. Zhao Hai also almost can guess correctly the idea of great Spirit Race, great Spirit Race wants to win to stabilize the morale of troops with one, stands firm morale, but this tactic like gambling, simply not suitable present great Spirit Race.

Now great Spirit Race because of the fight of this twice, morale is low, these small Interface are the disunity, at this time, the matter that they must handle first stabilizes own rear area, but is not this gambling same attack. However these do not turn over to Zhao Hai to worry, how great Spirit Race wanted to toss about was good along with them, confusing maneuver that great Spirit Race left was many, to him was advantageous. Zhao Hai also thought one almost should exit, he must always exit to meet with Mu Yu , making Mu Yu know that he now many Great Magical Artifact are possibly good. Zhao Hai just came out from own Cave Mansion, a person of hundred treasure walked, he bows to Zhao Hai said : Grandmaster, Sir Mu invites you, as soon as comes out immediately to see him.” Did Zhao Hai nod, smiles said : your to name be Mu Ping? Doesn't need to shout me Grandmaster politely, Big Brother Mu now in that?” Reason that Zhao Hai remembers that this Mu Ping , because this Mu Ping is one of the Mu Yu trusted aide, he is Mu Yu Junior Brother, Mu Yu Master long before not Steward, teaching disciple duty lost to Mu Yu , can wash in a peaceful Mu Yu although intent is fellow Martial Brothers, in fact was actually Master and Disciple relationship. Zhao Hai continuously to these surnames of hundred treasure very puzzled, Tang Jie with Tang Wen is fellow Martial Brothers, but they are not the blood brother, is actually surnamed the same surname, Mu Yu and Mu Ping are also this, this lets Zhao Hai do not understand. Afterward had asked Tang Jie knows, had regulation in hundred treasure there, you followed that Master, you must be surnamed that Master surname, Tang Jie Master was surnamed Tang, they also surnamed Tang, the Mu Yu Master surname washed, they also washed on the surname. Regarding hundred treasure such regulation, Zhao Hai also feels very curious, but he has not asked anything, first has the strange custom, this does not have quite strangely what. However regarding washing to put down Zhao Hai actually to remember, because Mu Ping was Mu Yu trusted aide. Mu Ping listened to Zhao Hai saying that on the face has also shown a smiling face, Mu Ping since childhood with Mu Yu studying, his very intelligent, moreover innate skill was extremely good, therefore progress very fast, now he is Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, moreover he since childhood to Mu Yu worship, in his mind, Mu Yu was also existence of master also father. But now he besides Mu Yu , regarding Zhao Hai also admiring, in his opinion, Zhao Hai is next to existence of Mu Yu , but now Zhao Hai is actually called his name, this makes him really very good to be popular, lets the feeling that he has one type of respect. Washes to put down immediately/on horseback said : to return to Zhao Big Brother words, Sir Mu is receiving a newly arrived reinforcement people in own Cave Mansion, please come along with me.” Zhao Hai nodded, immediately arrived at Mu Yu Cave Mansion with Mu Ping. Mu Ping introduced Cave Mansion Zhao Hai, but has not actually gone to quiet room, but went to another restroom, Zhao Hai has not cared, in reinforcement that these time comes, person who has plenty hundred treasure govern small, Mu Yu naturally must be clear with their explain/transfer. Before long a sound of footsteps transmits, Mu Yu from external walked, saw that Zhao Hai laughs said : Little Hai, your youngster may be came out, what kind of? What kind of that the matter manages?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Big Brother Mu feel relieved, has handled, because Giant Spirit Treasure Ship damaged was really too fierce, I can only integrate in my Liquid Silver only to fix two him, 20 Eight Sapphires Chariot to fixed, can use at any time.” Said that Zhao Hai put out a piece jade slip to lose to „the material that Mu Yu said : here surface record Giant Spirit Treasure Ship has been using, refinement method and on the ship formation, believes that will not be wrong.” Mu Yu received jade slip, said : that two eyes shines well, fantastic, had this thing, I looked that later great Spirit Race can also go to there rampantly, fantastic that Little Hai, you do, can fix two Giant Spirit Treasure Ship and these Eight Sapphires Chariot within such short time unexpectedly, like this I had the confidence to deal with these great Spirit Race people.”

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : this great Spirit Race person to send 3000 reinforcement also to bring two Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, two break the formation Spirit Snake needles, 30 Eight Sapphires Chariot, Balick also had been removed from office probably, now is responsible for command(er), was one asks Bathu elder, Big Brother Mu to know this person?” Mu Yu one hear of Zhao Hai said that Bathu this name, his complexion cannot help but changes said : Bathu, was he came unexpectedly, it seems like great Spirit Race these time was really anxious.” Zhao Hai look at Mu Yu said : this Bathu is very famous?” Mu Yu nodded said : to be very famous, Bathu is the brave warrior who in great Spirit Race became famous, he is different from the general great Spirit Race person, the general great Spirit Race person will use several Magical Artifact, even dozens Magical Artifact, but Bathu only uses two Magical Artifact his entire life, is two axes.” Mu Yu look at Zhao Hai said : although looks like has used two Magical Artifact is very probably silly, but these two Magical Artifact are actually Bathu Life Source Magical Artifact, attack strength very formidable, his although is only Divided Spirit Stage, but can actually run away life from Immortal Stage Expert in hand, in makes the wartime in addition, fierce does not fear, dares to hit to dare to spell, is in great Spirit Race a quite hard to deal with character, but he has promoted for long old, therefore little took a walk outside now, heard that he is attacking Immortal Stage now, now actually sending here came by great Spirit Race, it seems like great Spirit Race also knows. The matter was urgent, but will they send to bring the break the formation Spirit Snake needle? Do they also want to attack us to be inadequate?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : Big Brother Mu also really to guess right, he wants to attack us, now they are drawing in the defeated troops, adjusted reinforcement from various small, brought three thousand reinforcement from great Spirit Race, prepared to attack the octopus island.” Mu Yu stares, then laughing said : suddenly „do they unexpectedly also want to attack? HaHaHa, good, fantastic, good very much, making them come, I , etc. they were good because of here.” Does the Zhao Hai look at Mu Yu appearance, show a faint smile said : Big Brother Mu to really in here , etc.?” Mu Yu stares, then his look at Zhao Hai said : that Little Hai your meaning? Don't we wait at ease for an exhausted enemy in here well?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : we to be good because of the here waiting at ease for an exhausted enemy nature, but that defends after all, I just also had asked Little Ping, he said this time we must come tens of thousands reinforcement, Mu Yu Big Brother, these tens of thousands reinforcement defend in such a small place, didn't have the meaning? Doesn't Big Brother Mu want to strike enemy just sharply to? So long as we defeat great Spirit Race directly, when the time comes these small people have not acted as lookout to fall, even if these small people does not fall, they later with us to war, will only be present at work does not strive, after all they must keep an escape route to themselves, we attack, is not only looking like them to disperse presently our strength, our ambitions.” &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;