Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1483

Chapter 409 is farsighted Did Mu Yu mutter said : ambition?” Zhao Hai look at Mu Yu said : right, the ambition, Big Brother Mu, regarding big, the ambition is very important, these small Interface also want to expand, but ten-thousand realms battlefield can here be expanded by own small Interface? That naturally protects their big Interface to be formidable, even if they cannot expand itself, thinks that were not bullied, our twice and great Spirit Race make the war, makes great Spirit Race suffer a loss, second time repels great Spirit Race, this sufficiently demonstrated our strength, if we were competent, with the strength an ambition, these small Interface will not actually have liked with our, if we attacked great Spirit Race on own initiative, was almost was saying to these small Interface that we wanted to receive the great Spirit Race domain, these small Interface person, feared that was on. Must think own way out well, if we do not attack, they believe that we do not want the great Spirit Race domain, they instead to do not dare to hire oneself we.” Mu Yu two eyes one bright, but he does not have immediately/on horseback to comply, but keeps on the ground is transferring, after transferring two, Mu Yu deep voice said : good, such manages, should let these people know our hundred treasure the ambitions the time.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, so long as we have repelled the great Spirit Race person directly, how that later must do, has facilitated, moreover Big Brother Mu, our here makes such big sound, the people of other ten-thousand realms battlefield here big did not have the sound, this also has strange, these fellows are not easy to deal with, they naturally hope that we put together a mutual wounds with great Spirit Race, such they can profit, so long as we have defeated great Spirit Race directly, these fellows will see clearly, in them some people will possibly help us, after hoping us to win, can obtain some advantage, but may also be able. Helps the great Spirit Race person, they hope that our two clans still such rip to kill, moreover great Spirit Race, if to life and death moment, looks like these big that also will certainly send for seek help, so long as they give up, asking some reinforcement to come not to be a problem, therefore we were more careful, this time matter, did not do well is the agitation entire ten-thousand realms battlefield big matter.” Mu Yu look at Zhao Hai, laughing suddenly, effort has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : well, good youngster, Little Hai, our hundred treasure to obtain you, is really the luck of hundred treasure, these matters that you said that the above these old fogies have thought that these matters give these old fogies to process, so long as we completed our matter on the line.” Zhao Hai stares, then arrived is somewhat embarrassed, these analyzed him not to monitor others to come, but was analyzes, has not actually thought that ten-thousand realms battlefield here, these old fogies of major, were the generations of some wily old foxes, these old fogies who he thought of naturally also want to obtain. Zhao Hai embarrassed to calling Big Brother Mu was laughed at to Mu Yu said :, was I too worries idly.” Mu Yu actually sternly say: No, Little Hai, this is not you idly worries, but was you saw this point, Little Jie, Little Wen they have not seen this point, therefore they also needed the case to practice, your possibly don’t know, to cope with great Spirit Race, our hundred treasure have prepared too long time actually, including the former several times war, for these time prepared, in the former several times war, we, so long as presently great Spirit Race has the capable person in overall plan, full striking will kill, no matter paid the big price, must strike to kill, our target on were massacres these smart person in great Spirit Race., So long as when the time comes saves some fools to rule great Spirit Race, we in coping with great Spirit Race is also naturally more relaxed, such does after several times, now had the effect, great Spirit Race Elder Assembly these elders, are some crudely do not have the generation of wisdom now, will otherwise not leave these many confusing maneuver, besides coping with great Spirit Race, our hundred treasure already already with several big limits that we were near the agreement, after great Spirit Race destroyed completely, their domains, several were blown the minute by us, our person will not monopolize, for that situation to prevent you saying. appears , because of this, therefore I so relieved copes with great Spirit Race.” Zhao Hai one hear of Mu Shu said that was actually startled, he has not thought, hundred treasure to cope with great Spirit Race, suddenly will find out such means that has to recognize, such means although very stupid, but is very effective, massacres these intelligent great Spirit Race rulers, remaining is existences that some cannot withstand uses greatly, as the matter stands, was makes great Spirit Race weaken on equal to actually slowly, but now the phenomenon of great Spirit Race appears this temporary shortage, feared that also had big relationship with their beforehand movements. Zhao Hai has to admire hundred treasure now, to cope with great Spirit Race, they formulated a such long-range planning unexpectedly, this really called farsightedly.

Zhao Hai sighed said : „the senior person of high skill, farsighted, I was inferior, hundred treasure can some and other people of high skill, this and great Spirit Race to the war, does not worry!” Mu Yu one hear of Zhao Hai this a few words entrain the article, cannot help but laughs said : your youngster, was good, do not sigh, we according to our beforehand plans, but these time a little troublesome is great Spirit Race that two break the formation Spirit Snake needles, Bathu is ruthless character, he will cope with our in hand Giant Spirit Treasure Ship with the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, if were used the break the formation Spirit Snake needle to cope with our Treasure Ship by him, we can suffer a loss.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to be all right, that two break the formation Spirit Snake needles gave me to deal with were good, Big Brother Mu, do not forget, my Yama Ship and Eight Sapphires Chariot were my Liquid Silver, but my Liquid Silver, even if were struck a hole, can instantaneously heal/fuse, but also there is anything to be good to be worried.” Mu Yu has patted own head, then laughs said : „, I to this matter forgetting, good, such manages, HaHaHa, what complexion I to have a look at this Bathu when the time comes to be.” Zhao Hai one hear of Mu Yu this saying some are not right, in his expression is having very profound hatred probably, Zhao Hai cannot help but in a soft voice said : Big Brother Mu, do you have a grudge with that Bathu?” Mu Yu snort|hum said : past years is this Bathu, has killed my teacher's wife, I altogether do not treat the day with his enmity, was only a pity that Master entered Immortal Stage now, will decide make a move to strike to kill this liao personally, now Master cannot make a move, naturally probably make disciple make a move by my this.” Zhao Hai nod said : so that's how it is, that naturally cannot let off them, Big Brother Mu, Bathu over the two days will send out, you looked when we do leave?” Mu Yu thinks said : present reinforcement come was similar, tomorrow, tomorrow we leave, is only these many people, this motion.” Zhao Hai laughs said : Big Brother Mu, how you have forgotten, my Yama Ship has internal space, two Giant Spirit Treasure Ship can think of the twenty thousand person, the remaining people enter to my Giant Spirit Treasure Ship come up and that's the end.” Mu Yu said : Giant Spirit can Treasure Ship think of that many people?”

Zhao Hai smiles said : feel relieved, in the multi- double person also installs, Big Brother Mu does not need to be worried.” Mu Yu nodded said : so well, I arrange now, tomorrow we leave.” Said that does not wait for Zhao Hai to speak, turn around walks. The Zhao Hai look at Mu Yu appearance, actually shows a faint smile, if lets his person on one's own side personally with entire great Spirit Race to the war, he from the possibility of not having won, but if adds on Mu Yu they, in addition entire hundred treasure, that great Spirit Race really died. Zhao Hai does not fear Divided Spirit Stage Expert now, even if were Bathu this type half has treadonned Immortal Stage Expert he not to fear that what he feared was only these elder time Old Monster thing, that ties the Old Monster thing the strength is not he can be a worthy opponent now. Other did not say, Zhao Hai has seen that several Comprehend the world Immortal Stage Old Monster, its strength is not he can cope, do not say that big Interface like great Spirit Race and hundred treasure, in their Interface, that Elder time Old Monster, formidable, by his present strength, will only meet the best result is runs away the life. However these Immortal Stage Old Monster want to strike to kill him, actually is also impossible, Zhao Hai does not enter to Space in avoids, Old Monster of these elder times could not kill him, before Zhao Hai possibly was also not these Old Monster matches, even if had Strength of Faith blessing/additional support not to be good, but now is different, now he had collection spirit formation. This volume of spirit formation in others opinion, does not have what to use greatly, can only be used for the group war, the everyone/Great Clan together strength, but regarding Zhao Hai, this volume of spirit formation use is actually very, because he has Space, as long as necessary, he can let in Space all people, the concentration of efforts in his Liquid Silver, can think that will be a how tremendous strength, such strength will be Immortal Stage Expert meets, has to evade its front temporarily. However Zhao Hai does not want these to know that his strength, these thing are used to maintain life to use, does not arrive unable to take to use when necessary, he in this ten-thousand realms battlefield, always the senses of insecurity, he feared that ten-thousand realms battlefield here looks like in Space is the same, anything that in Space lives he knows, the matter that if the manufacturer of ten-thousand realms battlefield, lives regarding ten-thousand realms battlefield here knows, he exposes too many cards in a hand, without doubt is in courting death, therefore he has borne patiently, can borrow others the matter of hand, he cannot absolutely. Own make a move. Reason that these time copes with great Spirit Race Zhao Hai such in strength, because of his very clear, Comprehend the world great Spirit Race offending has suppressed, making great Spirit Race hate the Comprehend the world bone to inter the body, if cannot these time tidy up great Spirit Race, they such as will attach the maggot of bone to be common, has been entangling Comprehend the world. Giant Spirit does not have the means with hundred treasure, but this did not represent them unable to tidy up Comprehend the world, hundred treasure were protecting Comprehend the world very much, but great Spirit Race, if coped with Comprehend the world, actually the has plenty means that when the time comes were hundred treasure act, the loss of Comprehend the world also met very miserable to be heavy, suffering a loss finally Comprehend the world.

Comprehend the world is the Zhao Hai foundation, Comprehend the world there cannot have an accident, therefore Zhao Hai these time must tidy up great Spirit Race. Moreover he goes all out tidies up great Spirit Race, the person who an advantage, that can let hundred treasure, regards the person on one's own side him! ...... &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;