Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1484

Chapter 410 attacks Now says strictly that Zhao Hai is hundred treasure people, but he in hundred treasure there is also a bystander, does not let his join hundred treasure, he was hundred treasure people, he must obtain the approvals of hundred treasure these people good. Has the person who what means can let hundred treasure to approve him? That naturally has not compared to tidy up a great Spirit Race quicker method, great Spirit Race with hundred treasure is a bitter enemy, he tidies up is ruthless, the people of hundred treasure great Spirit Race tidies up more will regard the person on one's own side him. But Zhao Hai wants such quick join to hundred treasure, a most important reason, is he wants to know that Laura and his analysis are divide, in hundred treasure is also some people about he, is compelling him and great Spirit Race for the enemy. Now Zhao Hai is only hundred treasure people of enrolling, is naturally impossible to know too secret about hundred treasure, therefore he must do is the person who lets hundred treasure, accepts him as soon as possible, only then he can know that like this many secret, can make many plans for the later matter. These many reasons pile in together, made Zhao Hai have to cope with great Spirit Race, although said that great Spirit Race in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, has plenty Immortal Stage Expert assumed personal command, but Zhao Hai did not fear them, great Spirit Race had Expert of elder time, hundred treasure same also had, moreover hundred treasure here to cope with great Spirit Race, the arrangement don’t know had many generations, wants to come certainly also to plan great Spirit Race Expert of these elder times, will otherwise not elect to carry on attack at this time to great Spirit Race. To destroy completely big, must think to cope first, is not these big average people, does not attach in that big small, but is that big elder time Expert, so long as you have not grasped cope with that big elder time Expert, that will be a regional conflict, sooner or later will stop finally, after all elder time Expert will be a big ultimate strength. Immortal Stage Expert normally will not begin, but does not have anybody to dare to neglect their strengths, elder time Expert is an Interface Pacifying Oceans Pillar, so long as there are them, that Interface will not be extinguished. Comprehend the world also has Immortal Stage Expert, but Comprehend the world Immortal Stage Expert no matter in the quantity in the strength, fell far short compared with great elder time Expert of Spirit Race and hundred treasure. If Zhao Hai does not have join to hundred treasure, great Spirit Race Zhao Hai cannot cope now, at that time Comprehend the world really can only draw back the returned to ten-thousand realms battlefield. The present to did not need to fear. Next morning, Zhao Hai comes out from own Cave Mansion, but this Mo Sheng with him, how before Zhao Hai don’t know has not actually returned, couple of days ago Mo Sheng shouted daily hungrily, is almost eating thing not to stop, continually has eaten for two days, thing that he eats, feared that is a whale cannot eat up, but he actually eats is very fragrant, finally finally said one eat hungrily, then to the end greatly rests, has not awaked to the present. Zhao Hai although don’t know Mo Sheng now is any situation, has not actually gone to disturb him, Zhao Hai has taught him great Spirit Race that Body Cultivator Cultivation Method, must say that Mo Sheng studies this Body Cultivator Cultivation Method also is really very appropriate, one study on seat of honor, because has studied this Body Cultivator Cultivation Method, eating thing that he can go all out, is still resting to the present. Zhao Hai also made Space conduct some inspections to Mo Sheng, finally presently he has fallen asleep, has not gotten sick, Zhao Hai then feel relieved, so long as Mo Sheng were all right on the line, he liked resting or liking eating, Zhao Hai was not worried.

Zhao Hai comes out from own Cave Mansion, sees the people of outside hundred treasure various clans, has gathered, Mu Yu is saying anything in there to the team leaders of various clans. Zhao Hai has flown Mu Yu side directly, hundred treasure various clan Steward people also know Zhao Hai, each and every one somewhat curious look at Zhao Hai, they know that ordinary Infant Stage time cultivator of Zhao Hai from Comprehend the world, now became hundred treasure crafting Grandmaster, the status is lofty, regarding this kind of some characters of legend, these people is very curious, but they do not dare to neglect, to Zhao Hai gave a salute. Zhao Hai returns a courtesy hastily, then stands in Mu Yu does not make noise, Mu Yu nodded to Zhao Hai, turns the head Zhao Hai everyone/Great Clan to various Realm team leader said : also to know that this time we attack, most people must sit Little Hai provision Great Magical Artifact, at the appointed time must listen to the instruction of Little Hai, cannot act unreasonably.” People simultaneously has complied with one. Mu Yu turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, prepared?” Zhao Hai nodded, the hand wields, Yama Ship appears in his side, but left outside two Giant Spirit Treasure Ship not to have appears in his side, Zhao Hai to give Mu Yu that two Treasure Ship, naturally cannot put own side. Mu Yu does not have now on release Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, but turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, on all person can Yama Ship, sit under?” Zhao Hai stares, his immediately understand the meaning of Mu Yu , knows that now he is not many, it seems like Mu Yu that Giant Spirit Treasure Ship and Eight Sapphires Chariot fix was prepares keep secret, he showed a faint smile said : „, Big Brother Mu arranged freely is.” Mu Yu nodded, turns the head to call Tang Jie them, making them arrange on the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship person, Tang Jie naturally cannot be polite, immediately arranged the people to get up Giant Spirit Treasure Ship. Giant Spirit Treasure Ship looks like not big, but these many people came up, actually does not appear pushes, moreover this Zhao Hai has also put out really candidly, in the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship cabin, separated independent compartmented, tens of thousands people, everybody had compartmented, this was the extraordinary matter. After waiting for all people to embark, Mu Yu and Zhao Hai then embarked, to on the ship, Mu Yu arrived in the cabin to look first, presently among cabin there however is the independent rooms, being startled, but he had not asked that but nodded, then with Zhao Hai together on on the ship pagoda most top layer. Pagoda most top layer also has internal space, this internal space can be either big or small, now the internal space of pagoda most top layer is very big, in has several rooms, a big top, moreover above the pagoda also has the flat roof, can on the standing flat roof see all around situation. Mu Yu satisfied looked at all around one, this led Zhao Hai, Tang Jie, Tang Wen also to wash the draw four people to arrive above the flat roof, looked far into the distance.

At this time Yama Ship already leave octopus island, Yama Ship is actually not quick, Mu Yu looked at all around scenery, has not made noise, Zhao Hai they were also same. To be honest, besides Zhao Hai and Mu Yu , several other people somewhat is anxious, they have no alternative but to be anxious, but this time both sides have both used tens of thousands people of wars, they may not have to experience before. Mu Yu also noted Tang Jie their mood, but he they have not said anything to Tang Jie, Mu Yu knows that this matter, must they adapt. However Mu Yu to looked at one regarding the Zhao Hai such calm manner high, turned the head to look to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, did you experience the magnificent scene that tens of thousands people fought before?” Zhao Hai one hear of Mu Yu said that cannot help but has smiled said : Big Brother Mu, you have forgotten, I come up from Lower Realm ascend, a Upper Realm people, the practice is inferior to Upper Realm, many people cannot fly, therefore the Lower Realm battlefield, is more frigid than Upper Realm, tens of thousands people of fights, in Lower Realm are very common, I when Lower Realm, has participated in the biggest fight, both sides altogether put in the military strength over 3 million.” Mu Yu said : 3 million? You determined that is 3 million?” Zhao Hai smiles said : natural determination is 3 million, otherwise Big Brother Mu thinks that my in hand these Undead Creature are there comes? The Lower Realm war is very brutal.” Tang Jie they also by the Zhao Hai words attracting, one hear of Zhao Hai said that Tang Jie also curious said : Little Hai, you presently some in hand how many Undead Creature?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „many, I have not counted, but I can affirm that ten-thousand realms battlefield here all people added that did not have my in hand Undead Creature to be many.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Tang Jie they cannot help but were shocked, then several people have held breath a cold air, Mu Yu is look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you may know how many people this ten-thousand realms battlefield here does have?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : how many people some my also really don’t know, the situation of but from at present me knowing infers, feared that is minimum has the more than a billion person?” Mu Yu one hear of Zhao Hai said that has smiled bitterly next step: Also really made the person say right, some ten-thousand realms battlefield here how many population, but also nobody knows, but the more than a billion person always has, you were said that your in hand did have more than a billion Undead Creature?” Mu Yu obvious some do not believe.

Zhao Hai smiles said : almost, when my Lower Realm, increases to decline Noble, afterward the mark, became the an Interface ruler, why afterward did not know, that Interface that we are, was interlinked with another two Interface, another two Interface want Advanced level compared with our Interface, I am leading our Interface person, fights with other 2 Realms person, finally has subdued one, double with another war, that person cannot submit, therefore I then kill, has killed that person almost perishing clan genocide, that person, Feared that has billions, all by the person who I kill, in the person who in the war died, I turned into Undead Creature them, therefore now some of my many Undead Creature, my real don’t know.” Mu Yu they is a face facial expression, their real don’t know should believe the Zhao Hai words, should not believe the Zhao Hai words, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, like hundred treasure, one can the collection tens of thousands military strength, non- Upper Realm not be possible, but in the Zhao Hai mouth, this population is to discuss hundred million calculates that their heads are really some cannot make a turn. Zhao Hai look at how many person of appearances, show a faint smile said : Big Brother Mu not to be startled, you may know how many Lower Realm Ascenders number does have? I told you, feared that was in 10 billion people, not necessarily had one, in the ten-thousand realms battlefield here person, was casual, can destroy in Lower Realm extinguishes the country, this simply did not have what commeasurability.” Mu Yu nodded, like their people of this level, simply cannot contact Ascender, did not understand the Lower Realm situation, only then Zhao Hai is an exception, from Ascender, has arrived at today unexpectedly gradually, can know that these are also nothing unusual. After a Zhao Hai such saying, Tang Jie their attention to were attracted the past, could not be seeing the tense appearance, Mu Yu they also asked some Zhao Hai Lower Realm matters, Zhao Hai has not concealed the truth too, but can say told them, chatted chats, unknowingly, was far from the octopus island. ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;