Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1485

Chapter 411 encounters! Bathu stands on Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, at heart is not very good, he is attacking Immortal Stage diligently, actually adjusted here to cope with hundred treasure at this time him, this let Bathu is not very indignant. Bathu these old fogies in is not completely right, he does not have what backer in great Spirit Race there, family background very ordinary, is only practice innate skill is also very good, this gradually has arrived at today. By him the human spirit in clan, should entrust with heavy responsibility, but these old fogies in clan have actually given him an idle duty, must make regarding of his slowly fading out people present. Bathu currently has a status of elder, but this elder is also divided into various grades and ranks in Giant Spirit there, but idle duty elder who this elder most nobody attaches great importance. In great Spirit Race there, truly what said is the elder group, but these Great Elder that the elder rolls, each behind big guy supports, family background ordinary the person like him, wants to enter to the Great Elder group, that is almost impossible. A few years ago Bathu crest of wave very vigor , he when great Spirit Race with hundred treasure conflicts, has weakened hundred treasure several times power and prestige very much, the prestige in great Spirit Race was very high, if got down according to that situation show, he will enter finally certainly the Great Elder meeting, if he did not enter, these great Spirit Race people will not comply. However afterward stopped with the conflicts of hundred treasure, in the clan gives him to reward, makes him an elder directly, most from the beginning Bathu also very happy, became an elder, good thing that obtains to be many, not only later can practice, but can also take care of the family member. But afterward he knows that he was only an idle duty elder, the commodity that although divided was many, but, do not want in opportunity that having anything rendered meritorious service, he wanted to establish a dream of Clan to be also disillusioned. Bathu is not a fool, before he is only, has not contacted this level thing, therefore by these Great Elder suspending one, he knew now, actually already late. Bathu although knows one by these old fogies playing, with these old fogy proceed boldlies, he have not actually known that he put together these old fogies, therefore he starts to calm the mind to practice the person, preparation at one fell swoop suddenly Immortal Stage. So long as Immortal Stage, he has calculated, however however can enter the Great Elder meeting, the comfortableness can divide to many thing, he establishes a own influence not to be a problem. Naturally, his although is idle duty, but regarding outside matter is also some that knows, he knew in the clan to have the conflict with hundred treasure now, moreover Balick who that anything did not understand, probably also two small people compelling hundred treasure that heads. Hears this information time, Bathu also really somewhat takes pleasure in others'misfortunes, original Bathu could become Balick's such character, Balick but who by the Elder Assembly person planning, a Elder Assembly strength has recommended now left such big mistake, naturally feels ashamed. However Bathu thinks that this matter does not have too big relationship with him, reason that he has become such an idle duty elder, is the arrangement of Elder Assembly, Elder Assembly naturally cannot in letting him copes with hundred treasure, in rendering meritorious service, if Elder Assembly such has done , before them, does did not waste. Moreover Bathu Lu Ye does not want to go, he half-step strided in Immortal Stage now, goes at this critical moment with hundred treasure battles, did not have what advantage regarding him. But at this moment, transmits information that Balick has defeated, moreover Balick in several days, including is requesting reinforcements unexpectedly likely twice, these has caused the stir in great Spirit Race there. At this moment, a paper transfer order came, Balick is appointed as frontline Chief Commander, Balick was dismissed! Receives this transfer order, the Balick's first response is, he by these people of elder planning, has attacked Immortal Stage this critical moment in him, adjusts him to fight unexpectedly, these old fogies do not have the peaceful good intention obviously.

However this paper transfer order he also has to meet, now person look at in clan is staring at this matter, if he does not meet this transfer order, that in the person by clan will be thought his timid war, later he to elder time, was impossible to enter to Great Elder meets. Bathu knows that these are these old fogies arrange, this arrangement really enough ruthless, he met this transfer order to suffer a loss, did not meet suffers a loss, finally Bathu clenched teeth to meet the transfer order, bringing reinforcement to arrive at imperial Spirit Realm encampment. although Bathu is angry, but he after is a great Spirit Race person, hates regarding hundred treasure, after imperial Spirit Realm encampment, immediately starts to find out the situation, he wants to know that what the process of fight is, even he also asked Balick who he has looked down upon. However sees Balick time, Bathu Lu Tu's feeling one have not hated Balick, because present Balick looks like is not quite really good. complexion very thin and pale, moreover coughs again and again, even also coughs up blood, the appearance that sees Balick, Bathu knows that Balick ended, this in does not want the little advance for a lifetime, this regarding cultivator, is cruelest. Balick also knows that his situation, he also took easy now, oneself are not good, that in completely last strength for clan, therefore he entire combat process, does not fall told Bathu, these also added some of their speculations. After Bathu has listened to Balick's words, frowned, he quickly in key point that capture Balick on the words said that that was Zhao Hai! Zhao Hai this name he had also heard in the past, but he has not cared, in his opinion Lower Realm Ascenders, even if , can also strong go to that. However now one hear of Balick's words, Zhao Hai is not obviously good to deal with, Bathu in hand Great Magical Artifact for Zhao Hai and Zhao Hai, that acicular Magical Artifact that hundred treasure people use, paid attention. What what a pity is, his present time is too tight, not having the means to carry on the investigation of long time, otherwise he will have confidence to cope with Zhao Hai they. Bathu now is not the initially youth, his very clear now great Spirit Race situation, because of the unfavorable situation of this twice, in adding on the betrayal of Comprehend the world, these small Interface are the undercurrent surges now, these he knows, because he knows, therefore he such anxious attack, he will be thinks, when hundred treasure have not sent out too reinforcement, has trampled flat the octopus island level, with one will win the stable situation. Because has such idea, therefore Bathu such anxiously must come out to attack, Bathu Lu Ye feared that hundred treasure will send out large quantities of reinforcement to come, by that time has troubled, this matter drags is longer, to great Spirit Race is disadvantageous. Now Bathu brought in his hand the complete strength to come out, he wants to destroy completely the octopus island within the shortest time, but he is angry, always felt one [say / way] of that several old fogy, therefore meets a face not happy. He to has not thought that hundred treasure person will take the initiative comes attack they, in his opinion, hundred treasure do not want to start with them in octopus island here obviously, otherwise after Balick first attack, will not have sent that reinforcement, therefore he believes that by hundred treasure in the octopus island there strength, will not come out attack they, will only cling to tenaciously the octopus island, lets their great Spirit Race humiliation. Is thinking in him these times, suddenly his nearby person light well, Bathu one has recovered, he looked at side that person of one, then actually one by in addition same thing attracting mind. Bathu recovers to note, in their Battalion front, appears black spots, was very far, but Bathu spiritual force that although left told him clearly, that was very big flight Magical Artifact, although looked like Giant Spirit Treasure Ship is smaller , was not too small.

What most important is, that flight Magical Artifact looked that appearance is the same with Zhao Hai Yama Ship, Yama Ship this name, his nearest/recent inquired, to be honest, he did not like this name. Notes Yama Ship Bathu cannot help but two eyes to congeal, his very clear Yama Ship appears in here is any meaning, hundred treasure came out to attack unexpectedly on own initiative. Thinks that here Bathu immediately/on horseback said : transmitted orders, the array goes slowly!” Some immediately people passed around Bathu order, on the ship great Spirit Race person on the ship has gotten down majority, only then Bathu and manipulates the Treasure Ship person also in on the ship. Meanwhile their behind these small people , the peaceful order dispelled Great Formation. Bathu trained troops wants Balick Yan Duo, just arrived at imperial Spirit Realm encampment time, killed several small people to set up the prestige, therefore the people of these small do not dare to defy his orders. Zhao Hai they also saw Bathu they, is different they have a ship from Zhao Hai, Bathu they are two Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, is adding on 30 Eight Sapphires Chariot, tens of thousands people, such battle formation is not small, therefore leaves far away can see. Mu Yu shows a faint smile said : not to think really that such quickly has met, good, transmitted orders, prepares the approach.” Said that Mu Yu wields, two Giant Spirit Treasure Ship now Yama Ship behind, is these Eight Sapphires Chariot. Zhao Hai also gives let out his in hand three Eight Sapphires Chariot. Giant Spirit Treasure Ship and Eight Sapphires Chariot that however Mu Yu release comes, follow after Yama Ship and Zhao Hai three Eight Sapphires Chariot, Mu Yu knows that Bathu in hand also has two break the formation Spirit Snake needles. But along with the order of Mu Yu , the person on Yama Ship from Yama Ship, has also arranged the lineup behind Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, two teams of troops are slowly close. Some Bathu e look at opposite however, opposite originally only then Yama Ship Great Magical Artifact, but caused that many Great Magical Artifact instantaneously, moreover release tens of thousands people, the population were not unexpectedly less than them, this is Bathu never expected. Those who make Bathu not think, the enemy has discharged two Giant Spirit Treasure Ship unexpectedly, but also 20 Eight Sapphires Chariot, when sees these thing, Bathu eyeball almost stares from the eye socket. Giant Spirit Treasure Ship is Magical Artifact that great Spirit Race is in sole possession, material that his refinement method, uses, formation, is great Spirit Race secret certainly, bystander simply is impossible to know that do not say was not good at to refine Great Magical Artifact hundred treasure. Can present hundred treasure actually reveal these many Great Magical Artifact, really also has unique Magical Artifact of their Giant Spirit clan, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, how this result Bathu can accept. Should his Bathu also in is Mu Yu shines Giant Spirit Treasure Ship that is startled, two teams of troops have been distanced, Bathu one recovers, he looked at Yama Ship, one saw Mu Yu , Mu Yu stands in the Yama Ship pagoda, very good recognizes. Bathu does not wait for Mu Yu to speak, first coldly snorted said : Mu Yu , has not thought really that continuously hundred treasure of timid as a rabbit, unexpectedly suddenly in brave, finally dares to come out from your Rat hole, rare, rare!” Mu Yu look at Bathu, suddenly smiles said : I not to think before great Spirit Race person unexpectedly looks like, is so stupid, has defeated twice, but also constantly is thinking the attack, HaHaHa, matter that this arrived has saved me, Bathu, has not thought that your this can also leave the mountain by the fellow who the person shone, it seems like great Spirit Race was really uninhabited available.”

Bathu coldly snorted said : few idle talk, Mu Yu , I let you today with a teacher's wife fate that your died.” Mu Yu one hear of Bathu said that complexion sinks, coldly snorted said : depends on you also to match, I to must great Spirit Race, give us hundred treasure to send Giant Spirit Treasure Ship also so many Eight Sapphires Chariot thank you unexpectedly, Bathu, I told you good information, after Giant Spirit Treasure Ship , was not your great Spirit Race was in sole possession, our hundred treasure have been able to refine Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, what kind of? This is information very good, HaHaHa!” As soon as Bathu listened to Mu Yu saying that cannot help but complexion changed, but was quick his calm, coldly snorted said : bluff, if my Giant Spirit Treasure Ship so were really easy to imitate, feared that was not one's turn your hundred treasure to imitate, Mu Yu , your shame my great Spirit Race, killed my clansman, today I must make you come but not return.” Mu Yu laughs said : Bathu, depends on you, matches? I thought that your idle talk are more, a while you know that these two Giant Spirit Treasure Ship were your great Spirit Race Giant Spirit Treasure Ship.” Bathu coldly snorted, hand wields, the Battalion troops draw back slowly, obviously he wants to spread out certain, is charging. What a pity, Zhao Hai has not actually given him this opportunity, Bathu they just drew back, Zhao Hai Yama Ship proceeds to clash, to Bathu. Bathu Lu Ye was startled, he thinks that Zhao Hai their in hand also has Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, that will be also same as them, first draws back slowly, is charging, but has not actually thought that Zhao Hai flushed on such command(er) Yama Ship unexpectedly. Sees this situation, Bathu two eyes flash of grim light, the hand wields, break the formation Spirit Snake needle appears in in his hand, then he lightly eats delicacies, break the formation Spirit Snake needle fierce sending out of in hand, punctures toward Yama Ship. He just that lightly ate delicacies, may to not increase own imposing manner, but must remind him behind clansman in Great Formation, wants these great Spirit Race people their Spiritual Qi as centralized as the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, such break the formation Spirit Snake needle can wield he maximum attack strength. This is Bathu before leaving on the prepare, he branched out two Thousand-Man Team from the great Spirit Race person specially, these two Thousand-Man Team do not need to do other, so long as after he leaves eats delicacies lowly, Spiritual Qi as centralized as the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, is used to strike the enemy or broken goes to chapter of Yu Dao Island Guardian Great Formation. ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;