Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1486

Can Chapter 412 dare to fight?! The break the formation Spirit Snake needle such as the meteor is common, strikes toward Yama Ship, Bathu this movement, not only Mu Yu and Zhao Hai noted, many people noted, the vision of almost all people along with the break the formation Spirit Snake needle in advancing. &\;*. «» . com quickest renewal ** break the formation Spirit Snake needle when attack Island Guardian Great Formation and so on formation, is very useful, but besides this point, if with the general Great Magical Artifact hedge, although can also defeat the opposite party, but is not small regarding the break the formation Spirit Snake needle's injury, can say that the break the formation Spirit Snake needle is one type of use limitation very big Magical Artifact, the general aspect has not hated to take with Great Magical Artifact to spelling him. But Bathu will actually not manage that many, he knows from Balick there that Zhao Hai Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, is not that simple, that ship front battering ram can fly attack, moreover attack strength two points of formidable, Balick even suspected that Yama Ship battering ram, possibly is hundred treasure camouflages with a break the formation Spirit Snake needle. Because heard this situation from Balick there, therefore Bathu will put out the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, is to defeat Yama Ship at one fell swoop, went to this biggest threat. break the formation Spirit Snake needle is quick, in adding on Bathu and Yama Ship gauge to is not very far, is almost blinks, the break the formation Spirit Snake needle arrived at Yama Ship, then had jabbed into Yama Ship. Under the gazes of all people, the break the formation Spirit Snake needle one jabbed into Yama Ship, Yama Ship turned into the water to do in that moment probably, but break the formation Spirit Snake needle, but was one throws the needle in water, has not turned including spray on vanish from sight. All person dull look at Yama Ship, don’t know this what's the matter, is this Yama Ship bottom to What happened? this Yama Ship is fake is inadequate? When their let the imagination run wild, hears with a bang sound, Yama Ship one hit in Bathu sitting on the ship, Zhao Hai will be naturally impolite, follows one time, battering ram flew first, comes to Giant Spirit Treasure Ship that Bathu rode ruthlessly, then Yama Ship afterward has hit. This time Bathu travelling by boat Balick's travelling by boat situation, after is away from fairly good is too near, even if Yama Ship does not have the means to mention quickly, is adding on one to draw back, pursues, therefore this hits ruthlessly not. although not very ruthless, actually also one hitting distorted Bathu travelling by boat in front, this Giant Spirit Treasure Ship was abandons. However is good because of Bathu early is prepared, when Yama Ship hits, flew, has not been injured, but Bathu complexion actually still very difficult looked, because he felt that he is attached to spiritual force on that break the formation Spirit Snake needle, already complete information, in other words, he to that break the formation Spirit Snake needle, completely lost control ability, that break the formation Spirit Snake needle was given to take away by others.( «», view reads the latest renewal)

Any one type of Magical Artifact, wants to be appropriate in control, needs above the spiritual force attachment, but this spiritual force exists in Magical Artifact nucleus Mental Technique generally, wants to rob others' Magical Artifact, only then means that keep spiritual force on Magical Artifact the opposite party, to cancelling. However wants to achieve this point to be easy, wants to keep spiritual force on Magical Artifact to give the opposite party to cancel, first you must arriving at nucleus Mental Technique on Magical Artifact, then search into with your spiritual force to nucleus Mental Technique, with own spiritual force, opposite party spiritual force erasing. As the matter stands had two spiritual force to live a war on equal to in nucleus Mental Technique there, a lane does not think that may be injured by oneself, even if were not injured by oneself, the situation good not to go to that because that nucleus Mental Technique was also not impregnable existence, two spiritual force battled in formation, possibly had under one on to give to destroy nucleus Mental Technique very much, if Magical Artifact gave to destroy nucleus Mental Technique, that on equal to was waste. Besides cancelling opposite party spiritual force this method, the one type of method kills the opposite party, so long as has killed the opposite party, he keeps spiritual force in Magical Artifact naturally also to disappear, that this Magical Artifact naturally was also your. spiritual force that in Magical Artifact nucleus Mental Technique has, on that energetic seal with jade slip is different, energetic seal that in jade slip has, is the one type of permanency energetic seal, looks like lock, except for the hand with the person of key, others wants to open, is not easy. But spiritual force in nucleus Mental Technique, looks like the hand of person, so long as hacks to death the opposite party, his hand naturally has not used, this is two completely different concepts. Bathu now is a foot steps into Immortal Stage character, such character, spiritual force naturally is extremely powerful, his spiritual force keeps in the big break the formation Spirit Snake needle, probably is his hand firmly grabs the break the formation Spirit Snake needle to be the same, thinks that is taking the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, must give to cancel his spiritual force, this looks like must breaks off from Magical Artifact his hand, Bathu Lu self-examined, the person who can achieve this point are not many, is Expert of these elder time, is also very difficult to achieve, but Zhao Hai they actually have achieved now. Bathu don’t know Zhao Hai has Space this Ultimate Weapon, his spiritual force, to Space, also by Space is thought is one to the Space disadvantageous procedure, looks like in Space that is the virus, is the virus naturally must massacre, Space make a move, nature on easily Bathu spiritual force erasing. As this Giant Spirit Treasure Ship was destroyed, Mu Yu they have also dispersed attack to other great Spirit Race Great Magical Artifact, this is also the plan of Zhao Hai. Now hundred treasure although obtained many Great Magical Artifact, but the people of hundred treasure are not very good at operate these Great Magical Artifact, if uses the Great Formation confrontation, that hundred treasure possible people to suffer a loss finally, therefore Zhao Hai said to Mu Yu , with it with Giant Spirit with Great Magical Artifact to spelling, might as well by own Great Magical Artifact with the opposite party ** the placard in together, having made opposite party Great Magical Artifact not have the means to use, is letting hundred treasure person array attack. This means look like although are simple, but actually equal to gave great Spirit Race biggest taking advantage, great Spirit Race with hundred treasure to the war, most was good at using Great Magical Artifact to come attack hundred treasure the lineups, but if their Great Magical Artifact cannot with, then on equal to their hand binding, has hit like this, naturally was hundred treasure profits.

Bathu also presently the great Spirit Race intention, he somewhat regretted now, just he let great Spirit Race Great Formation retreat, he thinks that hundred treasure also meet retreat, has not actually thought that hundred treasure seize the opportunity have pressed, this drew back enters them to suffer a loss. However Bathu Lu Ye was a veteran of having fought many battles, after his present issue, immediately made the adjustment, Battalion stopped retreat, Great Magical Artifact has not used, met the enemy on the array directly. Mu Yu they naturally cannot let off this opportunity, seize the opportunity have pressed, both sides immediately started the war, temporary Magical Artifact all over the sky randomly flies, scene very magnificent. But Zhao Hai and Mu Yu still stand on Yama Ship, although also has many Magical Artifact to meet the approaching enemy Yama Ship, however Yama Ship defense that is not blows, these Magical Artifact hit on Yama Ship, gives Yama Ship to scratch itchy does not match. But at this time Bathu arrived on another Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, he is putting up that Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, slowly compels toward Yama Ship, but he did not prepare to fighting with Yama Ship with that Giant Spirit Treasure Ship evidently, he was prepares to meet the side to fight. Zhao Hai and Mu Yu also saw Bathu meaning, Zhao Hai turned the head to smile said : to Mu Yu Big Brother Mu, it seems like that this Bathu looked really your, did you look?” Mu Yu shows a faint smile said : I also to look for him, Little Hai, I block him, you are bringing Yama Ship Charging Formation, must be as soon as possible chaotic to me great Spirit Race Great Formation, such we won.” Zhao Hai nodded, in this time, Bathu Lu Tu flew from Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, then calls out said : where Mu Yu , but dares to fight with me?” Mu Yu laughs, the personal appearance moved also flies to get up said : to have what does not dare, I was already waiting for your words.” The hand wields, rain fell ten thousand to spend his unique Magical Artifact to fly, attacked to Bathu. Bathu hand wields, two broad-ax appears in his side, flushes away toward Mu Yu , Mu Yu this rain falls Magical Artifact that ten thousand spend, at first looks like looks like a giant flower, after departing, the flower petal trembles lightly, the stamen and pistil jogging, looks like such as spends unexpectedly really general. After this flower departs, immediately changes into two, two change into four, the Four Modernizations are eight, before long all over the sky is the flowered shades, did not want underestimated this flowered shade, the first colored shade had the attack strength, colored shade that this blotted out the sky, the attack strength was also extraordinary.

But Bathu attack was simpler much, two broad-ax high and low fluttered, flushed toward Mu Yu , these two attack style, completely were two extremes, extremely numerous, an extremely Jane. Mu Yu attack that was needless saying that the flowers that all over the sky danced in the air flew attractively, but this operate got up is actually extreme Fan Suo, moreover attack was similar to the mercury flows swiftly, seized every opportunity. But Bathu attack actually extremely simple, every gesture and motions, go straight there and come straight back, understands simply, they at once were really everyone how anyone. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, does not have to manage here, but turns the head to Tang Jie and Tang Wen said : Tang Jie Big Brother, you go to the command(er) person to make the war first, I must fly the surrounding, attacks great Spirit Race Magical Artifact, otherwise these Great Magical Artifact, push in this cannot disperse.” Just Bathu put up Giant Spirit Treasure Ship to come, must the Yama Ship advancing path dying of suffocation, making Zhao Hai not have the means to use Yama Ship to carry on Charging Formation, then he tied down Mu Yu , must make Yama Ship not have the opportunity, However his don’t know, Zhao Hai Yama Ship is different from Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, a Giant Spirit Treasure Ship person almost does not have means control, Bathu can receive in Space equipment to carry off Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, but in that case, his side must with about hundred people, when his release Giant Spirit Treasure Ship time, these people good to be able operate Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, like this went into action on inconveniencing of has plenty. But Zhao Hai Yama Ship is different, so long as Zhao Hai Yama Ship a Zhao Hai person can operate freely . Moreover the distance that Yama Ship adds comes compared with Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, but wanted short much, therefore Zhao Hai must use Yama Ship Charging Formation, that with ease were many. The meanings of Tang Jie several people of understand Zhao Hai, a several people of nod, from Yama Ship, command(er) Great Formation of hundred treasure, has also been fighting with the great Spirit Race person in one, but since Zhao Hai was actually receives wields, receives Yama Ship, then the personal appearance disappeared, vanishes before the people hundred. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;