Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1487

Chapter 413 Immortal Stage Expert make a move Bathu although with the Mu Yu war, but he has actually been paying attention to Yama Ship, his very clear, Yama Ship and Zhao Hai were too big regarding the threat of great Spirit Race. &\;*. «» . com quickest renewal ** From the situation of Balick there understanding, lets Bathu very clear awareness, on twice Balick's person confrontation with hundred treasure, miserable that reason that can defeat, a very important reason is the body of appears Zhao Hai. Balick when spoke of Zhao Hai with Bathu, among his expressions however was having an admiration! Such expression is Bathu has not thought that his understand Balick was an arrogant person, although his these time has defeated, arrogance information, was not proud to before, but made the person who he admired not many truly, but he actually somewhat admired Zhao Hai, this was Bathu pays attention to the Zhao Hai reason. Do not look at Bathu now with Mu Yu fight of happy of such, actually he has not tried, if, he must exceed Mu Yu one layer in the strength, but Mu Yu is not easy to deal with, his strength is also very strong, Bathu wants to defeat Mu Yu in a short time is impossible, therefore Bathu in is fighting with him, while is paying attention to the Zhao Hai situation. One presently Zhao Hai vanishes, Bathu does not know well, he also knows that before Zhao Hai is Space Divergent Warlock , but he has not cared, he thinks that Zhao Hai this Space Divergent Warlock is also travels quickly, no big deal, but looks at Zhao Hai to vanish now, Bathu does not know well, if Zhao Hai comes Charging Formation with Yama Ship, they troubled. Thought of here, Bathu immediately has attacked Mu Yu several tightly, thinks that was separated to fight the circle, ran to prevent Zhao Hai. However his underestimated Mu Yu , Mu Yu already knows that Zhao Hai is doing, his there to Bathu opportunity, Mu Yu knows that own strength must also miss steps into to Immortal Stage Bathu compared with a foot on, therefore he just had not tried, he must keep a strength, to essential time, ties down Bathu. Bathu one such attacks, Mu Yu knows that he must do, he also left to try, has withstood these attack, has not made Bathu be separated to fight the circle. Bathu looked one cannot get away unexpectedly, cannot help but one anxious, attacks stepped up, but he was underestimated Zhao Hai, in great Spirit Race behind the about 5li(2.5km) place, Zhao Hai managed the personal appearance, met to begin to wield, Yama Ship, pagoda, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship appears side him, then he, as soon as wielded, three Great Magical Artifact flushed away toward the great Spirit Race Great Formation latter team. // «» . com «» novel network // Stands after great Spirit Race the team, has plenty is great Spirit Race, what naturally are more is the people of other clans, the cultivator battle does not make the war compared with the average person, Magical Artifact run all over the place, moreover cultivator spiritual force formidable, even if not use the eye, same can feel you with spiritual force in there, therefore did not mean , the team is safe, stands in front certainly is unsafe. Naturally, stands after the great Spirit Race person, has some meanings of supervising combat, if there are other small people to escape for no reason, they will kill people. Also because of this, therefore after remaining, team here, may be some Elite. Zhao Hai there moves, these people all felt, they turned head, saw these three Great Magical Artifact aggressive flushed.

This time to enhance impact area, Zhao Hai has separated the pagoda and Yama Ship, is adding on Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, three Great Magical Artifact direct impacts in the past. Actually Zhao Hai can cause many Great Magical Artifact, his Liquid Silver can change infinitely, but Zhao Hai such has not done, he must their one type of feel to Mu Yu , Liquid Silver only then fused Great Magical Artifact, can change that Great Magical Artifact appearance, moreover can only change, cannot change are too many. Handles any matter to keep previous, even if has exposed the strength, do not expose completely, best is makes them think that they have completely understood you, actually you also hold back one trick, only then this is good. These great Spirit Race people looked that these three Great Magical Artifact kill, immediately is complexion changes, immediately greeting person turn around resists, their here may not have Great Magical Artifact, all can only resist with ordinary Magical Artifact, hopes that can block Zhao Hai, changes opportunity to Great Formation. Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many, this time he fully charges, these three Great Magical Artifact clash, that impulse is very strong, although three in Magical Artifact, one are Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, Zhao Hai the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, had been improved by Space, start extremely quick, not by Yama Ship and pagoda falling. Three Great Magical Artifact impacts, great Spirit Race Great Formation latter team although in resistance of going all out, but takes these three Great Magical Artifact means not to have, these three Great Magical Artifact have crashed directly in their Great Formation, confusion in time living. Bathu noted this situation, sees this situation, feeling that some of his also one type of must spit blood, he now was understand, the feeling of Balick initially, from fights most from the beginning now, he has led by the nose, this feeling was makes him feel really very aggrieved. But now Bathu simply does not have means Doppelganger to go to command(er), Mu Yu his entangling stubbornly in the here team, Bathu has been mad and anger, is means does not have. Three therapeutic methods Great Magical Artifact, in great Spirit Race Great Formation able to move unhindered round trip, simply nobody can resist, many small Interface people could not withstand first, these small Interface with Comprehend the world similar Interface, one, but they lose too many words, even if were this great Spirit Race won, regarding them was not the good deed. Is adding on great Spirit Race to meet hundred treasure now, the several times engagement, one time has not defeated, is adding on great Spirit Race to give up the Comprehend the world matter, in these people casts a shadow at heart, now these people are naturally impossible to spell to try for great Spirit Race. If first time were opportunistic by hundred treasure compelling to draw back, the second time is because is underprepared, don’t know hundred treasure so many Great Magical Artifact, has not thought that hundred treasure the attack strength so will be strong, this draws back, passable, is this time? But this time field operation! Two armies pitted against each other, the head confrontation, in this case, they have defeated, this lets these small Interface to the great Spirit Race last confidence, the last hope also vanished.

These small Interface will of the people powder, the great Spirit Race person thinks that is restraining them not to be impossible, these great Spirit Race supervising combat armed forces also want to kill several people to deter them, has not actually thought that these small Interface people, take up weapon unexpectedly on rebel, unexpected has killed many great Spirit Race people unexpectedly, this scene confusion. It looks like in these small Interface people, great Spirit Race had been finished, wants to compel them to bring death at this time, they naturally are not dry, because great Spirit Race several times defeats, making hearts of these small Interface to the great Spirit Race that fear also vanish, in this case, the great Spirit Race person in wants to kill these small Interface people to frighten them, was naturally impossible, ten-thousand realms battlefield here, any an Interface was not that simple, that Interface was not fights with all might to come out from the blood and fire, compelling them, their nature on to be able anxiously rebel. At this moment, a suddenly anger snort|hum the sound transmits, this sound very big, such as the great thunder resounds in the ear of people generally, shakes the person people mind to jump crazily! This sound let the entire battlefield instantaneous peaceful, the people who fought stopped the hand, the people stopped, heard a sound to transmit said : hundred treasure evildoer, dares to be impolite regarding great Spirit Race, the old man makes you come but not return today!” This sound probably is not very big, but in the entire battlefield, all people hear clearly, moreover in this sound resembles imposing manner, this imposing manner very astonishing, making the people hidden have one to give up the meaning of resistance! In people heart panic-stricken, they weakest may be some Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, can on imposing manner such has pressed them, that has the one type of person, Immortal Stage Expert! Only then Immortal Stage Expert can have such imposing manner! Thinks that this result, the heart of people cannot help but downward sinks! That is Immortal Stage Expert, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here topest existence, existence that various clans do not dare to move lightly, such person unexpectedly make a move! How this makes them resist! In the will of the people of these hundred treasure cannot help but discouraged, some people directly gave up the resistance! Did not say others, Mu Yu this Divided Spirit Stage Peak big Expert, came under the influence of this sound, discouraged, do not say other people. In this time, sound is suddenly resounding said : what? great Spirit Race Immortal Stage Expert to want make a move? HaHaHa, it seems like great Spirit Race was really given the moment that projects on the life and death by us, it seems like initially my Comprehend the world is separated from great Spirit Race, was really too correct, so waste big, with him, had what hope!” This sound resounds, the entire battlefield was becomes falls the needle to hear, all people free looks in the direction that the sound conveyed that actually saw Zhao Hai to stand on Yama Ship, pagoda returned to on Yama Ship, but that Giant Spirit Treasure Ship has disappeared. Zhao Hai straight standing on Yama Ship, look at these great Spirit Race people who a face despises, all see this person, felt that own brain generation a little short-circuits.

Zhao Hai now although is look at these great Spirit Race people, words that but he said actually obviously before that Immortal Stage Expert that spoke, that was Immortal Stage Expert, will Zhao Hai really have such courage? Was this too also extremely arrogant? Zhao Hai already present, not only that Immortal Stage Expert in using imposing manner oppresses others, in his just those words, but also has Spiritual Attack, this attack by that elder time Expert utilizing superbly, only depends on the sound to achieve the attack effect. However such attack is a point with does not have to him, he is skilled in Spiritual Attack, Enlightenment Profound Technique is the unsurpassed Spiritual Attack method, therefore that sound, Zhao Hai detect to the idea of that elder time Expert, sought attached elder time Expert not to want directly to participate during this attack, the person who he wants in this way, to let hundred treasure in resisting, was won one by great Spirit Race, like this he on can say afterward, my not make a move. Regarding this type not only wants to work as whore, and wants to set up the person in memorial arch, Zhao Hai most cannot get used to seeing, therefore he will open the mouth saying that to turn the words! &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;