Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1488

Chapter 414 hard fierce Immortal Stage! Zhao Hai to not enrage elder time Expert said that this turns the words, he said that this turns the words most important point, removes that elder time Expert Spiritual Attack for the understanding. That elder time Expert the Spiritual Attack is not very formidable, he takes advantage of somebody's authority to oppress others, taking advantage of his Immortal Stage Expert reputation and imposing manner, secretly makes Mu Yu they lose the heart of resistance with the Spiritual Attack method. However such attack is actually very good to break, because Mu Yu they no matter what are Divided Spirit Stage and Transcends Tribulation Expert, their spiritual force very formidable, just just for a while did not look up, this that elder time Expert [say / way], if nobody reminded them, they really will possibly lose the strength of resistance, after all the elder time Expert strength did not blow. But Zhao Hai must do, but reminded their, such Mu Yu they can definitely wake, get rid of that Immortal Stage Expert Spiritual Attack. Zhao Hai procedure very useful, his words make noise, Mu Yu they are one smart, body fierce trembles, then they present, idea that oneself just that type did not resist how laughable. Only then Mu Yu and minority Divided Spirit Stage Expert understand, they were just that Immortal Stage Expert said that this cannot help but made Mu Yu indignant, his coldly snorted said : „the great Spirit Race person was really mean, Immortal Stage Expert used the so mean method unexpectedly!” His words just fell, that Immortal Stage Expert sound in one time conveys said : houseboy, courts death!” Along with his sound, huge cyan fist shape Qi Strength flies from the distant place, but this fist does not look to Mu Yu , but attacks directly to Zhao Hai. Sees this fist shape Qi Strength, Mu Yu complexion changes, this fist shape Qi Strength although is ordinary, but do not forget, this is fist shape Qi Strength that elder time Expert comes out, Might of this fist, even if he does not dare to meet hardly. But this fist actually hits to Zhao Hai, if Zhao Hai has any accident, then regarding hundred treasure, the loss was too big. If before has not contacted Zhao Hai, Mu Yu will not have such idea, in contacts after Zhao Hai, Mu Yu understood that the Zhao Hai skill, his deep awareness, Zhao Hai had formidable how, if makes Zhao Hai such be killed, that hundred treasure won great Spirit Race, is the gain does not equal the loss. If others know that Mu Yu has such idea, certainly will be very startled, now attaching great importance to of Mu Yu Zhao Hai, has pressed his hatred to the great Spirit Race unexpectedly. Actually Mu Yu wants also to have truth, they have defeated great Spirit Race, what can obtain? Obtains is the great Spirit Race domain, but these domains have not been able to give them, but must apportion other big some, besides the domain, they can also obtain giving loyalty to of some Small World, this regarding hundred treasure is very important, but Zhao Hai regarding hundred treasure important. Other did not say that is only Zhao Hai that type can decompose Magical Artifact, Magical Artifact skill, sufficiently was making hundred treasure enjoy infinitely. The materials of hundred treasure every year crafting consumptions, are astronomical figures, but in these materials, majority was wasted, turned into some useless waste materials.

Can say the material that hundred treasure every year wastes, these small enter for are more, but if there is Zhao Hai, these materials can be decomposed, use again, regarding hundred treasure, this equal to changed to increased the income. In adding on them can also obtain other Interface unique Magical Artifact, then makes Zhao Hai decompose, like this they can know that what other Interface Magical Artifact are, how must deal with, this regarding hundred treasure important, so long as knows how other Interface Magical Artifact make, they later were having confidence to the wartime with other Interface. Because has such idea, therefore Mu Yu to Zhao Hai such attaching great importance, but he was too far from Zhao Hai now, his Space Divergent Technique, impossible one not to fly the Zhao Hai side, therefore can only look at helplessly. Actually reason that just Mu Yu said that Immortal Stage Expert is mean, for that Immortal Stage attention attracting, making that Immortal Stage Expert come attack he, but does not go to attack Zhao Hai. It looks like in Mu Yu , that Immortal Stage Expert should to his make a move, although be Zhao Hai destroyed that Immortal Stage Expert attack first, but compares Zhao Hai to come, his Mu Yu fame even bigger, the strength is stronger, is hundred treasure this Battalion lead the army character, superficially, kills him compared with killing Zhao Hai reckons up me, therefore he thinks that Immortal Stage Expert wants attack, meets attack he, cannot attack Zhao Hai. He has not actually thought that Immortal Stage Expert has not pressed the sign principle to play a card, puts him not to hit, actually coped with Zhao Hai, when saw that fist shape Qi Strength hit to Zhao Hai, the heart of Mu Yu mentioned the throat. Zhao Hai also saw that fist shape Qi Strength, that fist shape Qi Strength seems like is not probably quick, but Zhao Hai actually knows that at this time he cannot hide \; first, because of this Qi Strength continuously by that Immortal Stage Expert control , he if not use the strength of Space, simply cannot shunt, before two are, his cursed that Immortal Stage Expert, if he had hidden at this time, will have very tremendous influence regarding morale of hundred treasure allied armies, therefore he cannot hide. Zhao Hai has not thought must hide, his coldly snorted, the hand wields, huge acicular Magical Artifact appears in in his hand, then his hand proceeded a finger, on this huge acicular Magical Artifact fierce sticks out suddenly one group of Dark mist, then flushes away toward that fist shape Qi Strength. A fist from the sky meets, hears with a bang sound, fist shape Qi Strength to be broken, but Zhao Hai and his Yama Ship, was actually fierce retreat more than thousand, this stopped. Zhao Hai still stands on Yama Ship, his complexion is somewhat pale, but wainscot still very straight, then he sneers said : Immortal Stage, mediocre!” This saying exit / to speak, entire battlefield vision by Zhao Hai attracting. Many years, no person has dared to disrespect to Immortal Stage Expert, that feared that a foot like Bathu stepped on into the Immortal Stage person, does not dare to disrespect to true Immortal Stage Expert, the Immortal Stage strength, were too more than Divided Spirit Stage, offends the Immortal Stage consequence, only then dies. However now Zhao Hai actually offended, not only offended, but also dares to say Immortal Stage to be mediocre, this saying is in front, hits the face of that great Spirit Race Immortal Stage Expert, these Immortal Stage Expert that will let off him. Really, a Zhao Hai this saying exit / to speak, hears one to shout angrily to transmit said : houseboy, extremely arrogant, dies!” The voice just fell, huge Sword Qi, cuts sky, direct Zhao Hai cuts. This Sword Qi ten segragation realities, are dispersing golden light, understood at a glance that said fist force just that but formidable were more, it seems like that Immortal Stage Expert moved has gotten angry, must at one fell swoop striking to kill Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai coldly look at this Sword Qi, the hand extends, that giant long needle, in appears in his front, this Zhao Hai does not have immediately to lengthen the needle to exit attack, this long needle stops in his front, getting darker and darker of needle, finally already black has shone, the entire long needle was similar to gets up the one layer black baking varnish to be common.

To this time, Zhao Hai in time waving, that long needle howled to welcome toward Sword Qi, imposing manner that at this time on that long needle brought, unexpectedly so astonishing, caused four directions Yun Dong. That cuts Sword Qi that the expansive sky comes, with this caused that the four directions Yun Dong long needle, collision maliciously in together, Boom! unprecedented loud noise has transmitted finally, is centered on the place that the long needle and Sword Qi bump into, such as ripples general Qi Strength toward in all directions flies to shoot to go. These receive various Realm cultivator that Qi Strength affects, if the fallen leaf in that wind is common, simply does not have the means to stand firm own personal appearance, was blown by this Qi Strength scatters in all directions to fly. But Zhao Hai I, along with his Yama Ship, have withdrawn from about ten thousand meters by attack, this will stopped, his complexion was whiter, but actually still back straight standing in there. Mu Yu they see the Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but two eyes one bright, felt that blood one has burnt, all people are shouted as if by prior agreement: Good!” Then Mu Yu they in impolite, attack toward the great Spirit Race person. Just Great Formation of these great Spirit Race people, had been defeated, they a short time did not have the means to organize the effective resistance. Was adding on Zhao Hai to block that elder time Expert twice attack, this made the mind of great Spirit Race person shake, morale came under very serious influence, at once comprehensively has been at leeward. At this time, that Immortal Stage Expert sound in one time conveyed said : houseboy! The old men kill you today surely!” Said that is several Sword Qi cuts one after another toward Zhao Hai, it seems like that Immortal Stage Expert has gotten angry, must govern Zhao Hai in the deathtrap. But the Zhao Hai present situation is not quite good, he had underestimated the Immortal Stage Expert strength, just that two struck although he to receive, but actually received some wounds, what most important is, that Immortal Stage Expert Qi Strength, such as the needle sneaked in his body generally, is harming his body, his present although is also standing, is actually melting these Qi Strength in oneself body in the heart, did not have the means in blocking Immortal Stage Expert one has struck, now he has prepared to hide in Space. At this moment, coldly snorted transmits said : Sba, you are also becoming famous Expert, actually runs to bully a younger generation, you did not think that blushes? Do you bully my hundred treasure uninhabited really?” Along with this sound, Qi Strength of several aciculars hit directly above that several Sword Qi, these time bumped into actually not to have a point voice, several Qi Strength unexpectedly silent information. Then that afterward sound conveyed said : in three times Sba, if you want to play, the old man I accompanied you to play to play, began in here, will only make child exhaust oneself, came along with me, we found a good place.” Sba hears sound of the coldly snorted, then two sound vanish from sight, but the person in battlefield, although heard these two's dialog, however in their hands has not actually stopped, great Spirit Race now pressing has been hitting by hundred treasure, the small Interface people of these great Spirit Race, started to retreat. Bathu watches the matter not to be, cannot, probably order to retreat, but Bathu truly wants in Balick some, he most at least can also draw in some great Spirit Race people now, then slowly draws back, but has not retreated directly, as the matter stands his loss will be fallen to lowly. Mu Yu although also wants to get person to pursue, but he actually noted an issue, that was Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai in fought twice after that Immortal Stage Expert, has stood in there has moved, this absolutely was not normal, if in the past, Zhao Hai already flushed, attacked Bathu with Yama Ship their Great Formation he, now he does not have, obviously was he has problems. Thought of here, Mu Yu cannot attend to pursues these great Spirit Race people, but was turn around flies toward Yama Ship on, the non- little while arrived on Yama Ship, he looked that Zhao Hai still stood in there, his eye was actually shutting.

Mu Yu jumps at heart, being flustered, but he felt quickly, Zhao Hai aura, Zhao Hai did not have the matter, but he was injured probably, was in healing. One presently this situation, Mu Yu cannot help but relaxed, but was actually then worried, his very clear, if only the general small wound, Zhao Hai not in this place healing, the wound that this time he will receive, will be very certainly heavy. The strength has achieved Zhao Hai their this degree, will not be injured easily, but one but was injured, is actually not that easy good, even if there is medicine pill recuperation, not good is so quick, Mu Yu is really worried about Zhao Hai this time injury now, if this Zhao Hai injury is critical, affected his later practice, he may on be unfair to Zhao Hai. Tang Jie they still in chasing down these great Spirit Race people, but Mu Yu did not have that thoughts, he stood in there anxiously, look at Zhao Hai, around vigilant look at. His very clear, the Zhao Hai situation, is absolutely cannot be disturbed now, if has alarmed Zhao Hai , may have a worse influence to the Zhao Hai injury. One hour passed by, two hours passed, three hours passed by, Zhao Hai has still not awaked, but at this time Tang Jie they came back, they have chased down these great Spirit Race person several thousand li (0.5km) roads, this returns, they have not waited till deeply area with, Mu Yu welcomed, deep voice said : Little Jie, the row a team, has enclosed to me Yama Ship, anybody can not disturb Little Hai, otherwise, Military Law is engaged in!” Tang Jie stares, then did complexion change said : Big Brother Mu, how Little Hai? Is he all right?” Mu Yu sighed said : „injured, now in wound treatment, cannot make anybody disturb him, arranges.” Tang Jie complied with one, immediately has arranged. Before long entire Yama Ship was encircled, moreover encircles watertight, feared that is a mosquito cannot fly. Looked at Tang Jie to arrange, Mu Yu let out a long breath, then has then counted this time victory, this time they dispatched troops to near eighty thousand, great Spirit Race was also similar, this service they altogether eliminated a great Spirit Race allied armies various Realm people, thirty thousand are altogether many, was only the great Spirit Race person has about 2000. But their also casualties more than 10,000 people, hundred treasure died in battle other about thousand people of small also respectively to have the damage, but generally speaking is actually one wins. This fights although not to eliminate great Spirit Race too many people, but the significance is great, they have routed great Spirit Race directly, this regarding morale of hundred treasure, was a huge promotion. ...... &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;