Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1489

Chapter 415 Transcends Tribulation Zhao Hai diligently is teaching the vigor with these Qi Strength of own within the body, this Immortal Stage Expert Qi Strength is really outstanding, Zhao Hai had not paid attention at that time, was stormed into own within the body by good Immortal Stage Expert Qi Strength, the Zhao Hai book has thought that can melt with ease, has not actually thought that simply is not that a matter, this Immortal Stage Expert Qi Strength, is not easy to melt. This Immortal Stage Expert Qi Strength, before Zhao Hai Qi Strength that meets does not believe that Qi Strength of average person, is a whole, looks like an iron rod, so long as your grinding slowly, this iron rod sooner or later will be rubbed to vanish. But Immortal Stage Expert Qi Strength is not same, their Qi Strength look like the cabbages, is one layer one layer, each one layer very formidable, you have abrasioned one layer, inside also has one layer. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai wants to melt this Qi Strength, then on very difficult, he must bit by bit digests these Qi Strength. However quick Zhao Hai on present issue, in these Qi Strength, really has other thing, these thing are one type of Law is the same, is carrying on the protection to that air/Qi. Zhao Hai felt to this Immortal Stage Expert Qi Strength more and more curiously, finally simply assigned out own Strength of Faith, the Spiritual Qi coordination with own within the body, compelling to surround that Immortal Stage Expert Qi Strength, then annihilating bit by bit. However uses Strength of Faith to surround these Qi Strength, Zhao Hai presently, that Qi Strength worn down was quicker, was not only quick, before Zhao Hai wore down these Qi Strength, that was makes that Qi Strength vanish, but vanished every time Qi Strength, Spiritual Qi also corresponding information of oneself within the body, in other words, Zhao Hai was using own Spiritual Qi, counter-balanced that Immortal Stage Expert the Qi Strength. But now is different, now after having Strength of Faith, Zhao Hai present, that Immortal Stage Expert Qi Strength after disappearance, own Spiritual Qi not only does not have corresponding information, instead to increased, this makes Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled. He carefully observes these Spiritual Qi that increased, presently these Spiritual Qi unprecedented congealing realities, although is only Spiritual Qi, actually gives people one type of steadily such as the mountain general feeling. Zhao Hai has gawked, but his immediately has thought that that Immortal Stage Expert comes out said Sword Qi, but that Sword Qi golden, that attribute should be Earth element, but on this Qi Strength this type stable such as the feeling of mountain, should be earth attribute one type of Law. Now what Zhao Hai contacts to these thing is too few, don’t know this is any Law, but this does not interrupt his comprehend this Law, this Law is actually not very difficult, he is one type of earth attribute Law, Zhao Hai is in itself Five Elements attribute, this earth attribute Magical Artifact also eats in one of the Five Elements, naturally does not have what conflict. Zhao Hai controls into own spiritual force to that Spiritual Qi , the richness of that Spiritual Qi, compared with Zhao Hai Spiritual Qi don’t know rich many, moreover Spiritual Qi sincere like mountain, Zhao Hai spiritual force searches into to that Spiritual Qi, felt one changed into a mountain probably, since permanent, standing erect continuously in there, the wind has blown motionless, the thunder hits does not swing, Heaven and Earth turning upside down, stands one's ground steadfastly.

Zhao Hai immerses during this feeling, he was changed into that mountain probably, he stood in there, all of indifferent look at this in society, the millions and millions year were so. As Zhao Hai this sensibility deepens, that Immortal Stage Expert kept Qi Strength also information of Zhao Hai within the body slowly, but Zhao Hai still has not actually stopped, he was still feeling Law of this mountain. But has defended in Yama Ship outside Mu Yu somewhat worries now, Zhao Hai has stood in the there motionless two days, over the two days they have defended in here, one step does not have advancing. Mu Yu because of not having advancing worries, he is feared that Zhao Hai has any matter. At this moment, Mu Yu suddenly presently the body of Zhao Hai emits one group of yellow light, afterward yellow light is getting more and more bright, finally Zhao Hai entire turns into yellow probably. This yellow light although is very bright, but is not dazzling, conversely, to the person the one type of very serious feeling, Mu Yu has tried with spiritual force, he presently now could not feel Zhao Hai with spiritual force, he can feel, was only a mountain, Zhao Hai turns into a mountain to be the same probably! This feeling made Mu Yu stare, but his immediately understand, Zhao Hai this had feared that must break through, his immediately/on horseback said loudly: Expands the encirclement ring, leaves Yama Ship!” Reason that Mu Yu must such do, because of his very clear, Zhao Hai, if in the breakthrough, that were official entry to Transcends Tribulation Stage, when entered Transcends Tribulation Stage, all cultivator, are after Tribulation Lightning. This Tribulation Lightning Might is very big, if these people also stand around Yama Ship, may be affected by Tribulation Lightning, strength Expert of although these people, have not necessarily feared Tribulation Lightning, if they, when resists Tribulation Lightning, if causes a Tribulation Lightning fiercer counter-attack, that Zhao Hai was dangerous. This matter also has to live, before a ten-thousand realms battlefield here small Interface Divided Spirit Stage Expert sub- nephew wanted Transcends Tribulation, that Divided Spirit Stage Expert assumed personal command to protect personally, but has not actually thought that that time Tribulation Lightning came very fierce, was wanting Transcends Tribulation that person in addition, was pampered since childhood since childhood, simply has not experienced any magnificent scene, looked at this Tribulation Lightning so fierce, had flustered at that time, even don’t know has resisted. That Divided Spirit Stage Expert affection this nephew, personally make a move, thinks that is helping his nephew keep off this Tribulation Lightning! However at this time, the accident actually lived, that Tribulation Lightning is felt probably this Divided Spirit Stage Expert meddled, gets down together Tribulation Lightning violently, not only one wanted the Transcends Tribulation person deducting the flying ash that Divided Spirit Stage Expert was injured. Because had this lesson, therefore the people know that in Transcends Tribulation moment, cannot to help, can only. Therefore Mu Yu makes these people be far away from Yama Ship, feared meets the time that Tribulation Lightning chops, will affect these people, these people one was affected, will also resist stemming from the cultivator instinct, their this resistance, that will only bring in Tribulation Lightning fiercer attack, what when the time comes is bad luck is Zhao Hai.

The meaning of people also understand Mu Yu , they after all are Transcends Tribulation the person, sees the Zhao Hai situation, how on understand was the situation, therefore their also immediately drew back, under their gazes, the head of Zhao Hai, suddenly appears one group of dark clouds, then the dark clouds were getting more and more, were getting more and more, finally that dark clouds became sincere incomparable, was seething, probably inside hid meeting mount the clouds and ride the mist Black Dragon to be ordinary. In that dark clouds, lightning often flashing of silvery brights, such as Spirit Snake is ordinary. Mu Yu sees this situation, cannot help but frowned, when because of him presently, Zhao Hai head Tribulation Lightning, Transcends Tribulation formidable compared with his Transcends Tribulation were probably many. At this time Tang Jie also arrived at the Mu Yu side, whispered: Big Brother Mu, this situation a little does not suit probably, this Tribulation Lightning probably compared with my Transcends Tribulation time stronger on many, this won't Little Hai have the matter?” Mu Yu shook the head said : „should not, this Tribulation Lightning probably also with grasping cultivation level of various people came, Zhao Hai although is the Infant Stage time, however his strength can actually block Immortal Stage Expert two to strike, such strength already passed the Infant Stage time to be too many, therefore he in Transcends Tribulation, will cross the thunder so to be strong, but I believe that Little Hai can certainly deal with.” Was saying, in that dark clouds, a lightning toward the Zhao Hai detachment, eye look at that lightning must chop Zhao Hai, actually departs one group of yellow light from Zhao Hai within the body, welcomed toward that lightning, mentioned also strangely, that yellow light met the lightning, that lightning probably met nemesis to be the same, a drill entered in yellow light to vanish. When Mu Yu they don’t know lived any matter, sees that rolls yellow light fiercely upward flies, directly entered in the dark clouds, then dark clouds tuck dive was fiercer, in not having the thunder and lightning divided toward Zhao Hai on. Some little time, Mu Yu suddenly present, that Tribulation Lightning dark clouds shrink slowly, when Mu Yu thinks one misread, he presently that dark clouds shrink one sped up, hundred mu big or medium dark clouds, only have saved before long less than ten mu size. Should under all person dumbfounded gazes , the dark clouds vanish finally, but in the position of original dark clouds, is stopping one group of yellow light. That yellow light looked like eats to the full was the same, from the sky shook two, then one submerged in the body of Zhao Hai vanish from sight, but Zhao Hai had also opened the eye at this time. Mu Yu sees this, in two eyes flashed with brilliant rays, then actually immediately/on horseback has flown on Yama Ship, this Zhao Hai opened moves trick/hand and foot, saw Mu Yu to come, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback to Mu Yu gave a salute said : Big Brother Mu, making you be worried, I slightly made the breakthrough, has not thought that has actually used such long time.” Mu Yu shows a faint smile said : to be all right, are you all right well, what kind of? Is the feeling that these time breaks through good?” Zhao Hai smiles said : fortunately, I should be now Transcends Tribulation Stage, before has been melting that Immortal Stage Expert to keep Qi Strength of my within the body, now finally melts remove.”

Mu Yu Ha Ha the big knowledge, has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : well, is all right well, our recuperation, is also leaving toward imperial Spirit Realm encampment.” Zhao Hai nodded, then makes Mu Yu arrange in that person Yama Ship. Waited for all people to get up Yama Ship, Zhao Hai and Mu Yu they arrived at the top layer of pagoda, a top layer of pagoda, Mu Yu has not arrived at the flat roof to come up, but led Zhao Hai to enter own room, Tang Jie and Tang Wen gave Mu Yu to keep off outside. look at Zhao Hai said : that Zhao Hai some look at Mu Yu of being perplexed, Mu Yu also decides Little Hai, you speak the truth with me, does your body have Strength of Faith?” A Zhao Hai Mu Yu this saying, cannot help but the personal appearance shakes, face look at Mu Yu with amazement, Mu Yu looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, sighed said : really to have, your youngster this luck also fantastic, how many people unexpectedly made you find Strength of Faith this has a dream wants to obtain, good thing that had not obtained, your this Strength of Faith to make from there?” Zhao Hai has not replied the Mu Yu words, but is face startled color look at Mu Yu said : Big Brother Mu, you presently on me have Strength of Faith? Have you also studied Strength of Faith?” ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;