Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1490

Chapter 416 Lightning pool Mu Yu looked at Zhao Hai said : your youngster to think that what thing ill-humoredly this Strength of Faith was? Is who can get so far as? Strength of Faith practice method I to am know, but I had not obtained Strength of Faith.” Zhao Hai said : how that Big Brother Mu you know that I have studied Strength of Faith, moreover obtained Strength of Faith?” Mu Yu shows a faint smile said : when just your Transcends Tribulation situation, Strength of Faith biggest doing used, is makes the person not have the checkpoint in the practice, just you in undergoing cultivator practice process most important a checkpoint, Transcends Tribulation! However in Tribulation Lightning when projects on you, actually by Strength of Faith blocking, the entire tribulation cloud vanished finally, besides Strength of Faith, my don’t know also has any strength to be able silent achieving this point.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, he has not thought really because of this, but spoke of his also very helpless, when Tribulation Lightning divided, he has made the preparation of resisting, but also waited for his make a move, Strength of Faith oneself flew, then tribulation the cloud to vanish, this was not his control. Mu Yu look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you Strength of Faith that obtains from there?” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: Must say that this matter is very accidental, I in Comprehend the world there, am a machine person, before has been doing with the person of Cultivator big right, afterward also had some enmity with Demon Realm, some I go to the Cultivation World there management, actually by a Demon Realm people staring, this person in Demon Realm is also the small famous institute, called the Yin Wind ghost emperor, I killed some Demon Realm people before, Demon Realm there have gotten down enjoying to me, this Yin Wind ghost emperor on wants to kill me to receive an award, the result he has not killed me., I actually gave to butcher him, that fellow was not good thing, was killed me to obtain several types of thing by me from his there, but this its, only then had a piece Iron Token, this Iron Token was a piece can collect Strength of Faith thing in Lower Realm actually, later I turned into Undead Creature him, asked Strength of Faith practice method, this learn simple use Strength of Faith, but that Iron Token was not multipurpose, wants to collect Strength of Faith also very difficult from Lower Realm, I collected some time, only collected to a little bit Strength of Faith, moreover I presently, that Iron Token control Lower Realm, is getting rid of this control unexpectedly slowly, I angrily, lost returned to that Iron Token in Lower Realm, has not actually thought that I lost Iron Token, instead to obtained many Strength of Faith, but also only obtained that many, I have saved these Strength of Faith, has been useless, has not actually thought that today to was uses.” Zhao Hai this saying is the genuine and fake, is really, he truly obtained Underworld control Iron Token from Yin Wind ghost emperor there, he also truly lost returned to Underworld to go that control Iron Token, but Underworld unified with Space now, moreover his Strength of Faith, not only considered in Underworld there obtains. Mu Yu to had not suspected that Zhao Hai words, he is hundred treasure people, but hundred treasure Upper Realm, the Comprehend the world there fresh matter, hundred treasure there same have also lived, like that type can control Lower Realm, and collects Strength of Faith Iron Token in Lower Realm, hundred treasure there also appears more than one, but hundred treasure there regarding this Iron Token manner are very calm, who obtained this Iron Token to turn over to anyone, some people will not rob. Therefore Mu Yu to does not have too many suspicions regarding the Zhao Hai words, he shook the head forced smile said : your youngster also is really the good luck, had that Strength of Faith, you later practiced were smoother, this was the good deed, but Little Hai you must remember, that Strength of Faith were most is also becomes auxiliary thing uses, you must practice give priority to by yourself, cannot count on Strength of Faith, what your Strength of Faith practice method had?” Zhao Hai Strength of Faith practice method that obtained from Yin Wind ghost emperor there saying, Mu Yu shook the head said : your Strength of Faith practice method to be extremely shallow, waited after a period of time, I will send the letter to Master, making Master help you look for the one type of better Strength of Faith practice to practice the method, this can better use these Strength of Faith.”

Zhao Hai nodded, said to Mu Yu thanked, to be honest, he has not thought, Mu Yu after hearing Strength of Faith, the manner can unexpectedly such calm, moreover said that Strength of Faith can only regard auxiliary thing to use, the practice was a kingly way. It looks like in Zhao Hai, this Strength of Faith regarding the practice, the wondrous use is infinite, takes his these Buddhist Cultivation Method, without Strength of Faith, the simply study, how this Strength of Faith to the mouth of Mu Yu , has become dispensable thing? What's all this about? Actually Zhao Hai and don’t know, even if in hundred treasure there, obtains Lower Realm Iron Token these people, very difficult to collect many in Lower Realm Strength of Faith, looks like Lu Wei is the same with the Yin Wind ghost emperor, they do not have the means to go to Lower Realm, does not have means to do missionary work, but the Lower Realm person also does not have the ability of Space this influencing subtly, therefore Faith of Lower Realm person is not such Lao Kao, Faith Lao Kao, on producing not how many Strength of Faith, Strength of Faith are too few, that his wondrous use nature also on manifesting does not come out, therefore Mu Yu they to this Strength of Faith are not attach great importance to. Zhao Hai although understand what's the matter, had not asked that he knew at this time, asked were more, made more, therefore he who people knew simply did not have to ask. Mu Yu was leading Zhao Hai to outside the pagoda flat roof on, looked at Tang Jie several people also, Mu Yu nodded said : present Little Hai also Transcends Tribulation to succeed, we should also carry on the next step plan, entered to imperial Spirit Realm encampment.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, control Yama Ship has been expunging toward imperial Spirit Realm encampment, after Yama Ship start, did Zhao Hai turn the head to Mu Yu said : Big Brother Mu, how attack my great Spirit Race Immortal Stage Expert?” Mu Yu smiles said : when that Immortal Stage Expert moves to you third strikes, by my Immortal Stage Expert blocking, later they meet elsewhere, these Immortal Stage Expert went to there to battle, our don’t know, we by all means complete our matter now on the line.” Actually these matter Zhao Hai also know, but Zhao Hai pretends don’t know, therefore he, as soon as listened to Mu Yu saying that appearance said : that pretended to have a lingering fear that Immortal Stage Expert make a move, feared that was I had been finished, I used in Space all Undead Creature strengths to return to hold in that against break the formation Spirit Snake needle, this blocked the opposite party two to strike, has not thought, this Immortal Stage Expert strength unexpectedly such formidable.” Finally this to is the Zhao Hai innermost thoughts, he has not thought really this Immortal Stage Expert such formidable, in this attack really also will have strength of the Intent Domain. Before Zhao Hai, continuously before , that is Strength of Law, afterward after comprehending Intent Domain of mountain, present, that is not Strength of Law, but is the strength of one type of Intent Domain, at that time he had regarded himself a mountain, this is not Law, is only one type of Intent Domain, the strength of this deciding boundary, will increase the add people attack strength.

Before not having Transcends Tribulation, Zhao Hai does not think that this Transcends Tribulation will be useful to oneself, because of his local strength, sufficiently hardly has spelled with Divided Spirit Stage Expert, crossed Transcends Tribulation not to matter. After Zhao Hai real Transcends Tribulation, he understand, this Transcends Tribulation is not that simple, Transcends Tribulation looks like in the one type of temperance of Spiritual Qi to your body, tempers some impurity in your Spiritual Qi, lets your Spiritual Qi congealing reality. Before because Zhao Hai has practiced the Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Secret Art unsurpassed Cultivation Method reason, Spiritual Qi congealing solid degree of his within the body, in the person of same step , because of this, he can, when the Infant Stage time, compared with Divided Spirit Stage Expert. The Zhao Hai book thinks when this must be Transcends Tribulation is tempering his Spiritual Qi, will not have any effect, has not actually thought that was actually he wants to miss, he in Transcends Tribulation, that Tribulation Lightning although has not divided, but the strength of that tribulation strength completely had actually been absorbed by the service of his Faith, moreover led into his within the body, the strength of that Tribulation Lightning one entered to his within the body, Spiritual Qi of immediately to his body and within the body has carried on the temperance, his body was needless saying that extremely in formidable, simply has not needed to temper. But his Spiritual Qi well was actually tempered, now Spiritual Qi congealing of his within the body, compared with before Transcends Tribulation must congealing reality about 20 times, this is Zhao Hai has not thought. Reason that Spiritual Qi of his within the body will congeal solid these many, the main reason is because Strength of Faith absorbed his within the body the strength of Tribulation Lightning. Average person Transcends Tribulation, the strength of that Tribulation Lightning to person tempers in Spiritual Qi in outside the body, this type tempers very formidable, pain, therefore the temperance of has plenty person Tribulation Lightning, finally was very divided. But the Zhao Hai situation is different, Strength of Faith Tribulation Lightning absorbing, then had Zhao Hai within the body the strength of Tribulation Lightning, directly has carried on the temperance in Zhao Hai within the body to his spirit, but the strength of these Tribulation Lightning, by Strength of Faith subduing, entered Zhao Hai the strength in within the body, although have still been able to play doing of temperance to use, was not wild, moreover does not carry on to temper such waste in within the body likely, therefore Spiritual Qi of Zhao Hai within the body can under one concentrate really about 20 times. Except that Spiritual Qi really concentrates beside, now in Spiritual Qi of Zhao Hai within the body, had the strength of Tribulation Lightning, attack strength formidable. The strength of Tribulation Lightning is different from the strength of Intent Domain, the strength of Tribulation Lightning is one type of Thunder Li, this thunder strength can attach to any one type of attack style, because Strength of Faith the strength of Tribulation Lightning absorbing Zhao Hai within the body, Space can also the strength of Tribulation Lightning withdrawing, the strength of this Tribulation Lightning belongs to one type of masculine Thunder Li, is just right with the profound Yin lightning that Yin Attribute thunder strength.

Space withdraws the strength of Tribulation Lightning, immediately tries to unify this cloudy positive two Thunder Li in together, but also let alone, the success, in Zhao Hai Space unexpectedly has produced Lightning pool really now, this Lightning pool looks like looks like the appearance of Yin-Yang fish, inside cloudy Yang lightning strength often flashes before Might very enormous. After this Lightning pool produces, Space immediately depending on estimating, this is one type of use many strengths, can use in the strength of fight, can regard a power system, therefore now Zhao Hai Yin-Yang Pool in Yama Ship, by Lightning pool substituting, strength that because Lightning pool can provide formidable, moreover in which the strength of thunder and lightning must to be used for attack, Space naturally must use this better Lightning pool. ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;