Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1491
Chapter 417 ten-thousand realms battlefield five big Before Zhao Hai has thought when can Yin-Yang Pool use on ordinary Magical Artifact that in Liquid Silver changed, for example sword-shaped Magical Artifact, like his Magical Artifact attack strength can formidable. However because at that time Yin-Yang Pool, if places in these Magical Artifact, the volume will change will be small, will affect Yin-Yang Pool to output energy, therefore Zhao Hai had not done. However now Zhao Hai actually wants to do, because there is Lightning pool, Lightning pool is different from Yin-Yang Pool, Yin-Yang Pool absorbs outside energy, is understanding Yin-Yang Pool to release release. But Lightning pool is different, Lightning pool generated strength , because in Lightning pool has Yin lightning and Yang lightning , Yin lightning and Yang lightning although can put, but these two thunder are actually the circulation exist, without beginning or end, themselves can produce very formidable energy, this energy releases release to come, naturally can use. Therefore currently has existence of Lightning pool, Zhao Hai has been able his all Magical Artifact, installed Lightning pool, like his Magical Artifact attack strength will increase. Now Cai'er they are thinking the means give the fusion Lightning pool and Yin-Yang Pool in together, as the matter stands Lightning pool Might can even bigger. After Transcends Tribulation, because of the Zhao Hai Spiritual Qi congealing reality, but also has the strength of thunder and lightning attack, but strength of this attack and Intent Domain does not live the conflict, in other words, these two strength can superimpose the use. The strength of this Intent Domain is also very formidable, because knows strength of very formidable this Intent Domain, therefore Zhao Hai meets understand these Immortal Stage Expert is formidable how. However this also lets Zhao Hai tried to find out some Immortal Stage the side, his present although just Transcends Tribulation, but why he understand Immortal Stage Expert strength so was strong. Except for keeping beyond accumulation, regarding the comprehension of strength of Intent Domain. although said that the people have said that after Transcends Tribulation, practice will be problem-free, because of Transcends Tribulation Stage to Divided Spirit Stage, in arriving at Immortal Stage, among this does not have the checkpoint. Actually this saying is not right, divides the checkpoint from Transcends Tribulation Stage to Divided Spirit Stage, but this relationship is not obvious like Transcends Tribulation Stage, from Transcends Tribulation Stage to the Divided Spirit Stage checkpoint is if Divided Spirit. Divided Spirit, Divided Spirit, naturally divides into two own Divine Sense, is makes another to come out on equal to, this process bad risk, Spiritual Qi is insufficient, spiritual force is insufficient, impossible Divided Spirit to succeed, this actually is also together a checkpoint. But from Divided Spirit Stage to Immortal Stage, has the checkpoint, this checkpoint regarding the comprehension of strength of Intent Domain, Zhao Hai already present, he after Transcends Tribulation, because in the spirit institute has the strength of thunder and lightning, in adding on his strength mountain Intent Domain of to Intent Domain had some comprehensions, now Zhao Hai can affirm, even if previous time that Immortal Stage Expert in begins to him, he will not fear the opposite party, opposite party Qi Strength was impossible to enter to his within the body. although so said that but Zhao Hai regarding the Immortal Stage Expert strength, admires, on that day that great Spirit Race Immortal Stage Expert, but is conveniently two strikes to him, gave to hit him, has to think avoided with Space, it can be imagined this Immortal Stage Expert strength met formidable to any degree.

Moreover no one can guarantee that Immortal Stage Expert is only then this one type of method, if Immortal Stage Expert also has other method, even if by Zhao Hai now the Transcends Tribulation later strength, is still not the Immortal Stage Expert match. Because of understand this point, therefore Zhao Hai will say that this Immortal Stage Expert strength, is really extremely powerful. Mu Yu one hear of Zhao Hai said that also cannot help but laughs said : Little Hai, you Transcends Tribulation has succeeded now, by your aptitude, believes that will enter to Divided Spirit Stage is not the difficult matter, sooner or later will also enter Immortal Stage, you will not need to worry.” Zhao Hai smiles said : I to not to worry, but currently great Spirit Race had Immortal Stage Expert make a move, that other Immortal Stage can Expert also make a move, if other great Spirit Race Immortal Stage Expert to our make a move, that in person, but can also save us with enough time?” Mu Yu stares, he has not thought now really Zhao Hai is worried unexpectedly is this, speaks the truth, he had not considered before really this issue, a Zhao Hai saying, he to was well thinks now. Has hesitated, Mu Yu deep voice said : feel relieved, will certainly have the arrangement, in knows that world Spirit Race Immortal Stage Expert make a move, they will not have been putting, no matter, will certainly find the way to deal with great Spirit Race Immortal Stage Expert attack.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to be so best, but has Immortal Stage Expert to come attack I not to fear, before not having Transcends Tribulation, I can block that Immortal Stage Expert two to strike, after this Transcends Tribulation, I want to keep off him several to strike.” Mu Yu one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but laughed, has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : your youngster, but also really acted recklessly, you wanted to know that on the same day that Immortal Stage Expert conveniently two struck, you thought that Immortal Stage Expert, if fully make a move, you can block really?” Zhao Hai also smiled, in this time, suddenly sword ray is flying together, stopped to Mu Yu , Mu Yu extended catches that to say sword ray, one subpoenaed flying sword. Caught signalling flying sword, Mu Yu searched toward flying sword in spiritual force, then was actually complexion changes, deep voice to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, stopped.” Zhao Hai stares, immediately stopped, then puzzled look at Mu Yu said : how Big Brother Mu?” Mu Yu complexion ugly said : imperial Spirit Realm there we cannot go temporarily, there has Immortal Stage to assume personal command, moreover these Immortal Stage Expert were under the order, if we attack there, these Immortal Stage Expert can make a move.” Zhao Hai and Tang Jie they stare, then is actually complexion changes, Zhao Hai look at Mu Yu said : Big Brother Mu, what you said is real? These Immortal Stage can Expert make a move? Is this possible? Do they want to let the entire ten-thousand realms battlefield chaos?”

information that Mu Yu deep voice said : in clan just entered, great Spirit Race these bastards, asking Weave Fire Clan to help, to have the Weave Fire Clan help, they think that can cope with us, therefore ordered to relieve Immortal Stage Expert not the order that permitted to meddle, now in the clan is trying to find the solution.” Did Zhao Hai knit the brows said : Weave Fire Clan? What race is this? Are they very strong?” Mu Yu complexion ugly said : is very strong, Weave Fire Clan is one of the ten-thousand realms battlefield here strongest big, Little Hai, you just came ten-thousand realms battlefield here not long after, you too had not understood the ten-thousand realms battlefield here situation that although Comprehend the world there possibly has the material about ten-thousand realms battlefield, but Comprehend the world after is only in one, has plenty material they and don’t know.” Speaking of here Mu Yu , let out a long breath. Tang Jie and Tang Wen complexion also ten male is unattractive, but they have not made noise, Mu Yu then said : in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, Upper Realm following Interface, what sees is only on the Upper Realm power and prestige, actually on this Upper Realm is also classifies, our hundred treasure and great Spirit Race, can only be on the medium grade influence in Upper Realm, these influences in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, strongest on Upper Realm, only then five, one is Primal Chaos, one is Weave Fire Clan, one is the Divergent Technique pledge, sword and Buddha.” Mu Yu in time sighing said : these five big influences, is the ten-thousand realms battlefield strongest five big influences, their domain nobody has dared to bribe, domain very enormous of these five big influences, their in hand control innumerable small Interface, but these small Interface will not come out to contact with us generally, they only live in the domains of five big, therefore except for on Lower Realm above Interface, few people knows existences of these five big.” In these five big, mixes pure there complex also most mysterious, they almost do not contact with outside world, their people, your eyes can look, the man in confusion, will have generally a place to produce variation, for example some people hands can turn into a tentacle, this tentacle not only may be possible to be short steadily, but also very flexible, the attack strength is also very strong slowly, but their only hands on will use in addition weapon, had the person is actually is the foot, but the other spot of body, so long as in any case is. The man of Primal Chaos, on them will certainly have spot variation, but the woman of Primal Chaos, they are not quite same, the woman of Primal Chaos, generally is Mage, they will use one type of Magic Staff, this Magic Staff will not join a pipe with Magical Artifact different this Magic Staff that on we will use generally, but this pipe can relate to their Space equipment, when they will use Spell will carry on attack, their Magic Staff will spray one type of Potion to help them carry on attack, their attack strength very formidable, all will not be the Primal Chaos person, so long as entered. In Primal Chaos, little has to live.” However Weave Fire Clan, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, was called to hunt for the clan, on them will have a spear|gun generally, minimum has two since childhood by their tame Monster Beast, you must know that this spear|gun may not be long spear that we use, but is that type can shoot the spear|gun of juniors, their spear|gun Might very big, but their tame Monster Beast, not only can help them make the war, but can also trace, they even can also borrow the Monster Beast strength, fighting strength extremely powerful.” „The Divergent Technique pledge is also big, the person in this big, everybody can Divergent Technique, their also specialize Divergent Technique, this Divergent Technique what has, looks like Little Hai your Space Divergent Technique and decomposition synthesizes Divergent Technique is also Divergent Technique one type of, the Divergent Technique pledge person, gives various Divergent Technique with the reach a high degree of proficiency situation, these people are also not most affable one group of people.” Sword that was needless saying that that person was sword cultivator, some rumors said that ten-thousand realms battlefield here all sword cultivator Cultivation Method, stems from sword most from the beginning actually, but Cultivation Method that now these sword cultivator study, but was sword there some Inferior level Cultivation Method, sword there true Advanced level Cultivation Method, the bystander cannot learn, even if some people have studied, will be chased down by the person of sword.” Buddha with sword almost, there all people are practice Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method, what most important is, in Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method that a there Buddhist Sect people practices, has plenty is Strength of Faith Cultivation Method, so-called Strength of Faith Cultivation Method must have Cultivation Method that Strength of Faith can practice, this Cultivation Method must Strength of Faith extremely numerous, but Might also same hugeness of this Cultivation Method.” Zhao Hai heard Mu Yu saying that two eyes cannot help but shrank, this was his first time hears Strength of Faith Cultivation Method this name from others' mouth, but that Buddha unexpectedly also all was Buddhism Cultivator, but Cultivation Method actually also Strength of Faith Cultivation Method that they studied, Zhao Hai cannot help but has thought of own 18 Arhat Profound Technique. At this time the Mu Yu sound in one time transmitted said : what relationship between these five big is, bystander almost don’t know, but before these five big, little participated in outside battles among the major, this great Spirit Race unexpectedly welcome to Weave Fire Clan, this regarding us, is really not good information, had meddling of Weave Fire Clan, we may hard to deal with, walk, first returned to octopus island there, the order in waiting.” Zhao Hai has not asked anything, nodded, then a revolution of bow, flies in the direction of octopus island, but Mu Yu and Tang Jie several people also went to the Yama Ship cabin, will tell the people of hundred treasure under the hand/subordinate various small clans the newest situation, Mu Yu will certainly not say that wove fire to meddle anything, the people in these small, few know that existence of Weave Fire Clan, told them also spoke in vain, therefore Mu Yu was only said that the situation had changes, must the returned to octopus island.

Person although of these small feel Qi Dao, but has not said anything, regarding them, returned to octopus island there enjoys happiness, good past imperial Spirit Realm there to go all out with the great Spirit Race person, therefore this decided that has not caused any mighty waves, but some people of having a mind, felt that the matter was not so simple, but they have not said anything. Waits for the Lower Realm matter to arrange, Mu Yu in returned to the top of pagoda, his complexion was still gloomy, Zhao Hai look at Mu Yu appearance, deep voice said : Big Brother Mu, our hundred treasure not in that a little friendship with that five big?” Zhao Hai such asked that is actually is probing, he guessed before hundred treasure do right with great Spirit Race, possibly is because behind some people are pushing them to do, he such asked that wants to know, pushes person who they are doing, is five big people. He was what a pity disappointed, Mu Yu shook the head said : not to have, our hundred treasure do not have what friendship with five big, has almost not contacted , because of this, therefore makes us draw back, must know that Weave Fire Clan is not general big, any Immortal Stage Expert does not get the make a move custom, simply regarding them does not exist, therefore great Spirit Race dares to let their Immortal Stage Expert make a move, just in the corundum sword added that previous time to your make a move that Immortal Stage Expert, to be given to strike to kill by Expert of my clan, because that Immortal Stage Expert was struck to kill, therefore. These Weave Fire Clan people meet appears , now in the clan is finding the way to solve this matter, this is our hundred treasure best opportunity, cannot give up this opportunity absolutely.” Zhao Hai knows certainly opportunity that Mu Yu said is anything, these time truly is hundred treasure defeats best opportunity of great Spirit Race this old enemy, if has missed this opportunity, making great Spirit Race get strength back, that later hundred treasure and great Spirit Race will restore to the condition of former that confrontation, this is not hundred treasure wants to see, hundred treasure for and other opportunity, have arranged too long time, they did not have opportunity in carrying on arrangement like this, great Spirit Race will not tumble in a place twice! ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;