Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1492

Chapter 418 shows your card in a hand Hundred treasure and hatred of great Spirit Race was too deep, for these time copes with great Spirit Race, hundred treasure equipment of millennium, such long time, even if will be Immortal Stage Expert will unable to withstand passing of years to pass away, such long time, hundred treasure have paid were too many, now with great difficulty great Spirit Race compelling in dead end, can they return are Weave Fire Clan give up? Weave Fire Clan was very strong, comes compared with hundred treasure, but regarding great Spirit Race hatred even bigger, person sometimes to revenge, is much less scruples. Yama Ship on returned to octopus island there, to octopus island there, Mu Yu has made Xu Wuzun arrange the people to rest quickly, he was leading Tang Jie, Tang Wen, Zhao Hai and Mu Ping arrived at his Cave Mansion. After several people sit down, Mu Yu gloomy face said : our hundred treasure do not have a Weave Fire Clan such backer, has not thought of these time forestalling one step by the great Spirit Race person, what to do also in don’t know prepares.” Zhao Hai frowns said : Big Brother Mu, or you return, inquired that the situation, here has several of us to stare, will not have the issue.” Mu Yu one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then nodded said : well, I should return, how have a look to prepare to deal with this matter, if we such inexplicable has drawn back, will have certain influence to these small, moreover all that before made wasted.” Zhao Hai deep voice said : Big Brother Mu you go freely, I guaranteed, before you come back, no matter who comes, octopus island certainly in our in hand, even if were I the octopus island secretly, these person of I also certainly looked.” Mu Yu one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but said : Little Hai, what you were present?” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, he has not thought that Mu Yu actually listened, he must nod said : to have the institute presently, several probably were the Weave Fire Clan people, arrived at imperial Spirit Realm encampment.” Mu Yu one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then does complexion change said : really? So looks like, the great Spirit Race person feared that will come also attack, these time feared the person who participation will have Weave Fire Clan, the matter somewhat troubled.” Zhao Hai deep voice said : Big Brother Mu, you go back by all means that the here matter gave us to be good, no matter what, octopus island here also about 60,000 people, should be able to support now some time, now most important solves the Weave Fire Clan problem, did not solve Weave Fire Clan, we back will always move.”

Mu Yu nodded, sighs said : issue is our simply has not known that now great Spirit Race gave the Weave Fire Clan anything advantage, wish has made Weave Fire Clan in participating in this matter, very difficult, I looked at the meaning in clan, looked for one in five big to work as the ally mostly, but as the matter stands, did not do well these time among the matter with great Spirit Race, will let it go.” Mu Yu is very sad, he now already calm, he knows that Weave Fire Clan join, making the matter more complex. Weave Fire Clan is not kindhearted person, they participate in this matter, certainly obtained any advantage, not having the advantage they not to do, these large clans greedily will become second nature. Mu Yu is the people of hundred treasure key trained, knows regarding these large clans, reason that five big do not reveal in the ten-thousand realms battlefield here reputation, the most important reason is because and great Spirit Race Interface like hundred treasure gave to sphere to them. Before hundred treasure, great Spirit Race although was a bitter enemy, wished one could to be then quick except it the opposite party, however in treating five big issues, was actually one, that was certainly cannot make five big in participating in this matter, otherwise sooner or later some day their domains will be given the annexation by five big. Therefore among various Realm achieved an association intent, so long as the people of five big dare to participate among them for no reason in the matter, they will rally together to attack. However this time situation is somewhat different, these time is great Spirit Race asks certainly Weave Fire Clan to come, otherwise Weave Fire Clan does not dare to come out, that will annoy the popular anger. So long as Weave Fire Clan takes great Spirit Race to ask them to come out this matter, when gave a pretext, can the participation of open and aboveboard in the major battles, this regarding major not be the good deed, great Spirit Race this was equal to leads a wolf into the house, stupid to family. Remembers this matter, Mu Yu cannot help but hates the root to be itchy, great Spirit Race these idiots, how real don’t know they think that they weaving the flame clan please come out, sooner or later also by Weave Fire Clan swallowing. Mu Yu has not been hiding the truth from Zhao Hai they, they said to Zhao Hai this matter, Zhao Hai one hear of Mu Yu said that to is two eyes one bright, attaches to Mu Yu said : Big Brother Mu, if has this matter, that arrived is easy to do, the person who we can not look for five big helped, wasn't such equal to leads a wolf into the house? We can look for other to participate in the people in that association intent helping, this not only can advance all Interface opposites great Spirit Race, but can also teach Weave Fire Clan maliciously, lets them honestly, do not extend the claw randomly.” Mu Yu one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but slightly stares, then actually cannot bear two eyes one brightly, he really had also neglected this matter before, he nodded said : well, that here matter on give you, Little Jie, Little Wen, their although was good, but must speak of the command(er) ability, missed a point compared with Little Hai, the octopus island here matter has given Little Hai to come command(er), you must help him fully, has remembered, but this time relationship to our hundred treasure life and death important matters.” Tang Jie and Tang Wen to do not have what opinion, they are very ripe with Zhao Hai, is riper than with Zhao Hai Mu Yu , naturally knows the Zhao Hai skill, therefore one hear of Mu Yu said now that Tang Jie to is shows a faint smile said : Big Brother Mu feel relieved, I may be riper than you with Little Hai with Little Hai, feel relieved, here gives us and ensure cannot make a mistake, but Big Brother Mu was best is makes in the quick point solve the matter, I think that Weave Fire Clan they will quickly certainly attack us, so long as we withstood the attack of Weave Fire Clan, in discussed with Weave Fire Clan that or discussed with other's big, Talked about, did you look?”

Mu Yu nodded, one has stood, deep voice said : favors here, Little Hai, octopus island here does not lose, I don't care your youngster has any card in a hand, these time illuminates to me, if octopus island here lost, looked how I tidy up you.” Zhao Hai stares, then shows a faint smile said : „, it seems like that this time a blood is not good, Big Brother Mu feel relieved, before you come back, the octopus island certainly is our.” Mu Yu nodded, turn around outward walks. The Zhao Hai three people have delivered to Transmission Formation then returned to Mu Yu Tang Jie Cave Mansion. After entering Cave Mansion, Tang Jie turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, what to do do you look at us then to?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Tang Big Brother, first these small Steward people welcome to Cave Mansion, we them tell situation, makes certain arrangement, I think that the Weave Fire Clan person feared arrived in less than two days.” Tang Jie stares, then did complexion change said : comes?” Zhao Hai nodded said : to come, two thousand Weave Fire Clan people, Weave Fire Clan subordinate small people thirty thousand, great Spirit Race and in subordinate small has 60,000, total number of people has achieved more than 90,000.” Tang Jie complexion one becomes very difficult looked that his deep voice said : our here also how many people can fight now?” Previous time after the great Spirit Race war, they have certain damage, except for dying in battle, injured person, wound also heavy, did not have fighting strength, therefore Tang Jie such will ask. Zhao Hai deep voice said : also has the fifty thousand about 8000 people, in base our this Realm person, more than 5000, remaining is other small.” The brow of Tang Jie wrinkles was tighter, he presently now their situation, with initially great Spirit Race a little, although they now has not defeated by the enemy, but one but defeated one time by the enemy, they were dangerous. Thinks that here Tang Jie cannot help but turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, now what to do do you say should?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : defends, full defense, so long as defends octopus island here, we have won, we must other to have a look, the Weave Fire Clan person is also not that fearful, they can also defeat.”

Tang Jie nodded said : well, Little Wen, the immediately/on horseback arrangement person, invited all small the people of Steward, was quick.” Tang Wen has complied with one, then washes to put down turn around to run. Tang Jie after Zhao Hai they sit down, before Tang Jie sighs said : „, after not with the Weave Fire Clan person hands over, but the person of this clan I knows that their main attack methods have three types, controlling beast, the bullet and control the fire, reason that they called Weave Fire Clan, was because they will control the fire inborn, they can fire control to one type of very scary degree, they be able to become the fire the incomparable congealing reality, such as a red weaving line was the same, then in bit by bit wove the line to form large net these, this on was the origin of Weave Fire Clan name, besides controlling fire, Their bullet also very fierce, their spear|gun semblances look like very ordinary, but in the spear|gun has actually carved innumerable Magic Formation, on the bullet is also bringing Magic Formation, Might very enormous of this seed ball, general Magical Artifact, can be shot to wreck by this seed, defends Magical Artifact also to meet to be defeated, so long as on fight, immediately will burn, no matter impossible to put off the fire with any method, even if the Divided Spirit Stage Expert not line, on is Monster Beast, their Monster Beast very fierce, are since childhood starts to train, moreover Weave Fire Clan gives back to these Monster Beast to eat one type of medicine pill probably, This medicine pill can make Monster Beast stronger, but will not make Monster Beast turn into human-shape, changes inadequate Monster Race, these three attack methods, any one type of will let person headache, three types centralized in together, that say nothing.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : this Weave Fire Clan has not brought Great Magical Artifact to come, but their under the hand/subordinate Monster Beast, the build is actually very enormous, almost can regard Great Magical Artifact to use, wants to cope with them not to be easy, it seems like that the use imitates the break the formation Spirit Snake needle to be good.” Tang Jie said : you said that copes with them with these against break the formation Spirit Snake needle? However this imitated the quantity of break the formation Spirit Snake needle to be too few, what can play to do to use?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : this time I not to prepare to make everyone/Great Clan move alone, but must them strongly in Yama Ship, the pagoda and on Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, all people in the go it alone, we have not used these three Great Magical Artifact defense strength, protected the person on one's own side, with their deal with slowly.” ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;