Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1493

Chapter 419 Weave Fire Clan army Wish the ancient customs to stand in own hot toad in the moon carries on the back, the two eyes look at front, in the eye actually reveals a excited appearance, he has no reason not happy, because they are the Vanguard armed forces that Weave Fire Clan a batch was sent. Weave Fire Clan is the same to several other big, has wanted to bribe the other places of ten-thousand realms battlefield, because their five races has the contradiction, cannot form an alliance, cannot act in unison, if a clan moves alone, cannot withstand outside clans to their attack, therefore their these years can only look at ten-thousand realms battlefield big fat be mouth-watering, actually anything did not do. However they have not actually thought that in the past great Spirit Race suddenly looked for them, and proposed that is willing with oneself this clan 50% domains, asking Weave Fire Clan to help them eradicate hundred treasure, moreover after eradicating hundred treasure, great Spirit Race hundred treasure there any thing, the domains of hundred treasure will not want, all gave Weave Fire Clan. Actually great Spirit Race simply does not need to their these many thing, because great Spirit Race looks for them the time, has given them Weave Fire Clan most important thing, that is a excuse. They want to begin to the other places of ten-thousand realms battlefield before, but hundred treasure and great Spirit Race their these strengths did not calculate weak Interface alliance, if they dispatched troops, will rally together to attack, therefore they have wanted to find an excuse, but this excuse was not good to look, these people were very strict to their protection. However they have not actually thought that matter actually in this time appears the favorable turn, great Spirit Race actually directly giving a pretext to deliver to them, moreover complied to their many advantage, like this made them have dispatching troops of reason open and aboveboard, annexed these domains. Five big besides their 5 Realms have called the place of chaotic war the domain, but manages their 5 Realms control domain to call five side Upper Realm, they have thought great Spirit Race their these races, simply not control their domain, made that these domain last successive years of fighting, but their this 5 Realms are much more peaceful than ten-thousand realms battlefield there, wants Advanced level many, therefore called own boundary to be Upper Realm. Annexes the place of chaotic war, is five big desires, but this is not easy, five big are also not that peaceful, in this period the small conflict was unceasing, but five big had not hit make a move greatly. Five big cannot in expanding the domain, that naturally did not change the place of chaotic war target, in their opinion there is best expands the domain, but great Spirit Race, hundred treasure like this big are not that affable, one, but these big relations, even if were five big also alliance, possibly was not a match, but among these big of place of chaotic war was also you hits my me to hit your, only if to life and death moment, otherwise simply impossible alliance, therefore five side Upper Realm and chaotic fighting continuously. Such peaceful. However now this peace immediately must be broken, is broken by oneself personally! Thinks that here wished the ancient customs to feel excited, within the body was warm-blooded.

His hot jade toad also felt probably his regard, has opened the big mouth, gua called one! Wish the ancient customs unable to bear show a faint smile, sat gently, traces the skin of flame jade toad, chuckle said : old partner/shop assistant, your also happy? This rare achievement, turned over to us.” Hot jade toad gua called one, probably is responding to him, wish the ancient customs cannot help but to laugh. This hot jade toad is he raises since childhood in a big way, has spent innumerable effort, the hot jade toad is one type of fire attribute Monster Beast, when is grown, the length of body may 20 meters, Pi Ruhong the jade, the eye hot jade, flight Qi. Was wishing the ancient customs laughing sound, his head has transmitted cry Hawk Cry, wish the to subdue|grams wind to look up, passed this golden feather, did the both wings launch hundred meters giant golden eagle to circle in his head, wish the ancient customs to laugh said : your this fellow to be also angry? HaHaHa, has not been angry, a while had plays.” This golden eagle is also wishes the to subdue|grams wind to raise, known as golden feather Thunder Hawk, the golden feather, defense strength is all over the body greatly strengthened, the length of body about 30 meters, the both wings have opened hundred meters, the hook same mouth, is adding on two eagle claws both are the red, looks like the overwhelming power is extraordinary. This golden feather Thunder Hawk flight extremely fast, defense strength is strong, is adding on him also to meet Lightning element Magical Artifact, the attack strength is extraordinary, golden feather Thunder Hawk that growing up, can achieve the Transcends Tribulation Stage strength, but after golden feather Thunder Hawk that Weave Fire Clan raises, almost can resist with Divided Spirit Stage Expert. Wish the appearance of ancient customs with general cultivator obvious Vermillion Bird too same, his head leads him a piece to wrap scarf, the body and clothes short clothes hit to snatch, looks like somewhat looks like warrior cloth, on the foot wears pair of leather boots, in front overlapping is carrying on the arm two rows of bullet chains, the bright yellow bullet, is dodging cold light, latter slanting at the back of a rifle, this length more than one meter are long, the wooden handle, looks like looks like that type of old style rifle is the same. In wishing ancient customs, with a troop with the person of his same appearance, these people are the foot is also stepping on Monster Beast, or head Monster Beast circles, the side with Monster Beast, looks like looks like Monster Beast army is the same, bluffs and blusters, is very imposing. at their back, with two Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, massively still individual flight Magical Artifact flight cultivator. Bathu stands on Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, Weave Fire Clan army that in front of look at that bluffs and blusters, at heart is actually the bitterness and astringency of not being able saying that he has not thought that in such will do unexpectedly, please come out Weave Fire Clan unexpectedly, his very clear, this time, but it's easier to invite the devil in than to send him away, Weave Fire Clan inviting, to want to make Weave Fire Clan go back, that not so was possibly easy. Weave Fire Clan regarding fights this place randomly the saliva, Bathu is knows that greedy of five big, Bathu Lu Ye very clear , because of this, therefore Bathu simply with having to think that will move unexpectedly such does, this equal to leads a wolf into the house.

In Bathu Lu Ye understand team such will do why, by hundred treasure compelling, the great Spirit Race person, some faint control did not live in these small now, if goes in such Your Highness, these small meet makes great Spirit Race instead, in the attacks of additional over a hundred treasure, great Spirit Race feared that was really ends. These old fogies in clan, were look certainly at understand this point, therefore they please come out Weave Fire Clan, Weave Fire Clan that to put it bluntly they held everyone/Great Clan together to be dying the idea of invite. Regarding great Spirit Race, please come out Weave Fire Clan, and also cedes territory to recompense, this is courting destruction, Weave Fire Clan also needs great Spirit Race to give them now, when gave a pretext, will therefore not begin to great Spirit Race now, but one but they tidied up hundred treasure, obtained the domain, that great Spirit Race day will not feel better. However regarding great Spirit Race, can before dying see that hundred treasure predecease, they have satisfied! The hatred can much less scruples, similarly, the hatred be able to lose the reason, lets person frantic, but now great Spirit Race already frantic. Sitting of Zhao Hai face calm in Cave Mansion, they have talked clearly with these small Interface people, what thing although small Interface person don’t know Weave Fire Clan is, but they also know that Weave Fire Clan is not good to cope, can let the race that hundred treasure so have scruples, will be simple? It is not definitely simple. Now octopus island here has arranged completely, in the octopus island all people, at any time prepare, they later very long section time, were living in Yama Ship, in Giant Spirit Treasure Ship and pagoda, but these three Magical Artifact were Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai and Tang Jie to these people's orders are, when the opposite party came, they will still exit to meet head-on, but all people must stay in these three Magical Artifact meet the enemy, does not permit the go it alone. Why these person of although understand Zhao Hai such do not do, but they had not actually opposed that opposite their also very much happy, stays in Yama Ship and other on three Magical Artifact meets the enemy, as the matter stands they did not use in themselves carry on to defend, the defense of Great Magical Artifact, defended them is are too more. Zhao Hai although has stayed in Cave Mansion, actually, now Cai'er they immediately must actually has merged into one organic whole Yin-Yang Pool and Lightning pool, forms a new cloudy Yang lightning pond, this cloudy Yang lightning pond not only can absorb energy from outside world, but can also produce energy, energy that but can also attract outside, carries on the merit, turns into the thunder energy, then releases release to go, compared with former formidable. Now also the poor time, this Yin-Yang Pool can make, so long as Yin-Yang Pool makes, Zhao Hai immediately will let on all person these three Great Magical Artifact, then prepares to attack, because of Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race allied armies, was not far from octopus island here.

After one hour, Zhao Hai has opened the eye finally, on the face appears a happy expression, now he can place the cloudy Yang lightning pond to all Magical Artifact in finally, not only this can sharpen various Magical Artifact attack abilities, can sharpen various Magical Artifact Defense Item abilities. Moreover this cloudy Yang lightning pond , not only can use on these large-scale Magical Artifact, on small Magical Artifact can also use, even if on the Liquid Silver needle, now can have the cloudy Yang lightning pond, had this cloudy Yang lightning pond, the attack strength of Liquid Silver needle will be stronger, but the Magical Artifact build is bigger, the cloudy Yang lightning pond is bigger, the cloudy Yang lightning pond is bigger, produces life energy to be bigger, that Magical Artifact attack strength on is stronger. Zhao Hai really wants to go to Primal Chaos there to have a look now, because Primal Chaos there has same thing to attract him, such thing, can actually be said as the one type of Space technology. Zhao Hai clear remembering, Mu Yu when introducing the Primal Chaos person, can say, the woman of Primal Chaos, majority is Mage, but on Magic Staff that they use, the pipe, can be directly connected with their Space equipment stratagem type thing, then they can pass in Magic Staff release one type of Potion, helping them use Spell, but according to the speculation, in their Space Equipment, is certainly putting a very enormous reservoir, inside has stored up massive Potion, otherwise is not enough to support them to fight, but Zhao Hai wants, on is this type can Space and Space outside direct connected. Technology! This technology looks like probably does not have anything for the first time specially, but you careful one want actually not to be that a matter, Space Equipment inside Space is very big, but this Space and outside world Space is actually not a body, if you want to let with a pipe, links directly Space and Space outside, will receive the Space fault the dislocation to twist to strike, making the pipe be cut off directly, but Primal Chaos can actually make the pipe not be cut off, but technology that this type was not cut off by the pipe, on is Zhao Hai most wants to obtain. ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;