Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1494

Chapter 420 settled on their spear|gun Reason that Zhao Hai wants such quickly to obtain this technology, for is his in hand Magical Artifact, so long as there is this technology, he can in oneself all Magical Artifact, make subspace to come, in cloudy Yang lightning Chi Jian in subspace, is very big, can provide even bigger energy to Magical Artifact that as the matter stands his cloudy Yang lightning pond can construct. Zhao Hai although can not immediately obtain this technology ruthlessly, is actually impossible, this Universal Analyzer has not analyzed, the reason is level is insufficient. This let Zhao Hai understand, he also falls far short now, thinks that was letting own strength promotion, he must promote Space level give priority to. But the issue is, now he wants to let Space Level Up, is not easy, what situation now is Space? thing of Heaven and Earth Spirit Root rank, can only make Space promote several levels, he wants to let Space Level Up with these ordinary some thing, was too difficult. Zhao Hai nearest/recent don’t know received many thing toward Space, these thing may be good thing that ten-thousand realms battlefield here produces, is to the present, Space does not have Level Up, this also disappoints Zhao Hai, when his don’t know following Space must arrive in Level Up. Even he once thinks that Space has reached the top, but Universal Analyzer this prompt Zhao Hai understand, he is also far from reaching the top now. although he has not obtained that to be able now with normal Space and subspace interlinked technology, but on the present cloudy Yang lightning pond, is one type of very formidable existed, even if a small cloudy Yang lightning pond of Liquid Silver flying needle upper garment, there is a Transcends Tribulation Stage strength, but energy that on Yama Ship that big cloudy Yang lightning pond, release comes, not compared with that day that Immortal Stage Expert difference. Because has existence of cloudy Yang lightning pond, Zhao Hai can such have the confidence to deal with the Weave Fire Clan person, Zhao Hai very clear, Weave Fire Clan this ridge he has needed, in does not expose in the Space situation, his some cards in a hand can illuminate. Now the bystander only knows that Zhao Hai is Space Divergent Warlock , but he has almost not used Space Divergent Technique in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, knows that his in hand has one to be able transformation Magical Artifact, this Magical Artifact can transformation, but can also swallow other Magical Artifact, can change many shapes by oneself, but also knows that his in hand has existence of Undead Creature, moreover don’t know Undead Creature has plenty. However actually nobody knows that he can Buddhist Sect Profound Technique, nobody know, after he these deceased people turn into Undead Creature, will make these Undead Creature maintain with him before death same fighting strength! Mu Yu also knows obviously some Zhao Hai cards in a hand have not shone, therefore he in said to Zhao Hai that this octopus island here must defend, that feared that is revealed his card in a hand does not matter. Regarding Weave Fire Clan these Monster Beast army. To be honest Zhao Hai has not cared, in his present Space had many winds in the upper heavens to be beastly, these astral wind beasts are Laura they arrange these Transcends Tribulation Stage Undead Creature to grasp, in Yellow Sand-Star there astral wind beast although very formidable, these Transcends Tribulation Stage and compared with Divided Spirit Stage that Undead Creature but makes newly with Zhao Hai, must miss on some, therefore Laura they let these Transcends Tribulation Stage Undead Creature, caught many high level astral wind beast to enter to Space , after these astral wind beast entered to Space , after training of Space, fighting strength was not weak, in adding on them was grows up in the astral wind, The attack strength and defense strength, compare general Monster Beast to, can say that these astral wind beasts can also become Zhao Hai in hand not be ignored fighting strength. However these live thing, Zhao Hai does not prepare to take, was only these Undead Creature enough uses. Thought of here, Zhao Hai has stood, gradually walked outward. To outside one looked that has plenty cultivator was waiting outside, these person also understand, fighting immediately must start, when at this time was not the practice, everyone/Great Clan has not carried on simple medicine communicate outside, by facilitating to coordinate to make the war.

These cultivator that have not been fools, therefore the simply personnel organization, oneself have not completed this point, but Tang Jie and Tang Wen are also handling this matter now, they must know that these cultivator attack characteristics, good to arrange to come up to the appropriate position to them. Zhao Hai comes out, some quick people noted him, must say that Zhao Hai was hundred treasure here men of the hour, just entered to ten-thousand realms battlefield not long after, directly jumped from Comprehend the world to hundred treasure, moreover became in hundred treasure status lofty crafting Grandmaster, regarding a such character, these small Interface people, was the envy, while actually admired. These small Interface person very clear, Zhao Hai has the real skill, if no real skill, why hundred treasure overtake from Comprehend the world there him hardly. Was adding on this several times to fight, making them have to Zhao Hai has certainly understood, therefore they and respected regarding Zhao Hai admiring. This after is takes Expert as Venerable the world. Many people looked at Zhao Hai to come out, saluted to Zhao Hai, returning salute of Zhao Hai also very politeness, at this time Xu Wuzun and Kong Miao they arrived at the Zhao Hai side, Zhao Hai hastily to their gave a salute said : Grandmaster, mister, did you come? What matter but has?” Kong Miao and Xu Wuzun actually hastily to Zhao Hai returned the salute, then Kong Miao said : Little Hai, we want to ask you to discuss, a meeting must fight, can you our Comprehend the world and must the clan, arrange to go to on the ship that you are at?” Kong Miao and Xu Wuzun really regarded with a special fondness to Zhao Hai now, because of the Zhao Hai status, Zhao Hai now the status in hundred treasure is very high, but Comprehend the world and must the clan, not have any foundation in hundred treasure there, will possibly have been pushed aside to hundred treasure there. However Zhao Hai is different, Kong Miao they presently, no matter Tang Jie or Mu Yu , settling on Zhao Hai , after especially passed through this several times war, the Zhao Hai present status is faint above Tang Jie, such change has let Kong Miao and Xu Wuzun somewhat cannot respond at once, but also happy is unusual. The Zhao Hai status was high, they can ask the person of Zhao Hai to 2 Realms to look after much, no matter what, they with Zhao Hai relationship, be nearer than with relationship of hundred treasure other people. Zhao Hai one hear of Kong Miao said that shows a faint smile said : line, this did not have issue feel relieved to be good, was actually same in that on the ship, the on the ship person only needed the hear of order attacks to be OK, believes that will not have any matter, don't worry.” Kong Miao and Xu Wuzun one hear of Zhao Hai complied, this relaxed, reason that to be honest they proposed that this request, and was said that they want to obtain many attendances, was mainly because they had the confidence to Zhao Hai, they believe that will not suffer a loss with Zhao Hai. What is so confident as for two people? Ha, Zhao Hai can with Immortal Stage existences of Expert to putting together two ideas, moreover turns misfortune into a blessing, exceeded, with such person, that can suffer a loss? This Kong Miao and Xu Wuzun looked, this their enemy was not certainly simple, otherwise Zhao Hai they will not make them stay on that three Great Magical Artifact do not permit, before was to confront great Spirit Race time, they did not have such order. Because present this point, felt that is not quite at heart dependable, they feared that their Interface eats too big owing, therefore wants with Zhao Hai in on the ship. This entered Tang Jie and Tang Wen also walked, Kong Miao and Xu Wuzun saluted to them hastily, Tang Jie also returned to ritual said : Kong Miao Grandmaster and Xu Wuzun mister, looked for Little Hai to have the matter?” Kong Miao busy said : also nothing, but is held responsible Little Hai, we and must the clan probably be assigned to that Great Magical Artifact on.”

Tang Jie one hear of Kong Miao said that also almost understand his meaning, meaning of his also doesn't blame Kong Miao, but shows a faint smile said : originally because of this, does not have relationship, the people want to go to that Great Magical Artifact, these three Great Magical Artifact defense strength are in any case same, moreover does not permit the people to leave Magical Artifact, don't worry.” They have complied with one, walked to three people of gave a salute turn around, Tang Jie look at them to walk. Then turns the head to Zhao Hai said : evidently they to you quite confident, wants to divide with you on Great Magical Artifact?” Zhao Hai smiles said : is, I promised them, actually follows not to divide with me on Great Magical Artifact is the same, ok, did not say this, what kind of? Did everyone/Great Clan prepare?” Tang Jie nodded said : to prepare, what to do do you plan?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : you, I, Tang Wen, our command(er) Great Magical Artifact, Great Magical Artifact you have not needed to manage, you only needed the person on command(er) Magical Artifact to be OK, Weave Fire Clan they were not simple . Moreover the person who this time they came were more, in addition the Weave Fire Clan these Monster Beast words, their population crossed hundred thousand, therefore this attack in cannot like former such, along with their intent, probably command(er) be good, unified attack, only then can wield the maximum attack strength.” Tang Jie nodded said : well, this I have arranged, just I with Little Wen, general understanding one attack characteristics of these people, attack characteristics same person, group to one group, this more convenient command(er).” Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be good, these fellows approached fast, we also walked.” The hand wields, three Great Magical Artifact his side, now Yama Ship restored the true body now, the pagoda also alone existed, has been adding on Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, these three Great Magical Artifact stop in there, but also is really very scary. Tang Jie their immediately command(er) person got up three Great Magical Artifact, they naturally can not the attack same person, place on Magical Artifact, they must achieve balanced, some people are good at frontage attack, some people are good at sneak attack, this must coordinate was good, that can wield biggest Might. These people were not strange regarding on Great Magical Artifact, before long all people got up Magical Artifact, Zhao Hai and Tang Jie have Tang Wen , a person got up Great Magical Artifact. Yama Ship on Zhao Hai, what Tang Jie goes is Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, what on Tang Wen was the pagoda, Zhao Hai has given back to their wrist computer, can facilitate them to carry on communicate. Zhao Hai gives their wrist computer is not that simple, is the Space product, if general computer, one dozen, receives the disturbances of various energy, cannot use, but Space product naturally will not live this matter. After three people Magical Artifact, three Magical Artifact also left the octopus island, under Zhao Hai command(er), welcomed toward Weave Fire Clan and direction of great Spirit Race allied armies. Proceeds, Zhao Hai while in the head their said : Laura to Laura, these three Great Magical Artifact command(er) depended on you, was right, first a kill Weave Fire Clan person was saying that I settled on their spear|gun, snatched their in hand spear|gun and bullet, after we imitated, used to these Undead Creature, believes that as the matter stands our strength will enhance many.” Laura smiles said : feel relieved Elder Brother Hai, gave us, actually this a batch enemy, simply did not need to care, has repelled them, the fight was the true start, these Weave Fire Clan people presently their clansman were repelled, certainly will not let off our, by that time was the true fight.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, by that time is the true fight, therefore we must quicker gets so far as these Weave Fire Clan person in hand spear|guns, their these Monster Beast, get so far as in these Monster Beast Space, enhances the Space Magic Beast strength.” Laura smiles said : feel relieved to be good, this matter we will arrange, right Elder Brother Hai, a matter I want to tell you, we want to send some Undead Creature to go to Fabbio star there to grasp some higher level Insect Race, do you look?” Zhao Hai stares, to be honest, nearest/recent these days, he also really this matter forgetting, to go to Yellow Sand-Star there to grasp the matters of these astral wind beasts, is Laura they thinks, now Laura they did not say that grasps the insect matter, he has not thought really that his immediately/on horseback said : „, grasps, nearest/recent is busy at these matters, gave to forget this matter, these Insect Race that quick evolution abilities, will possibly have the advantage to us.” Laura has complied with one, was not saying anything, Zhao Hai also present, distant place piece of black spots increasing slowly, their immediately must encounter with the enemy. Zhao Hai to let these use different attack style cultivator, can smoother attack, Yama Ship and Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, turned into that huge ship of good several layers deck, one type of different attack style people, centralized in the one layer deck, like this orders their attack time, their attack centralism, will not make a mistake. But pagoda there to does not need to be worried about this, pagoda originally has nine layers, now does not use the taking time lamination. Zhao Hai also told Tang Jie and Tang Wen this situation, they naturally are also glad with ease, but now on three people of faces is a dignity of face, because in front of them these are representing black spots of enemy, were getting more and more. Before long, both sides have met together directly, was distanced the kilometer to stop, Zhao Hai their here, only then three Great Magical Artifact, compared with leading a troop Monster Beast Weave Fire Clan person were naturally bad on imposing manner much, but Zhao Hai did not have an appearance of load people, Yama Ship of team in the middle, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship and pagoda was placed the two sides, Zhao Hai stands in the Yama Ship bow, a face average look at opposite that Weave Fire Clan person. Stands naturally wishes the ancient customs in the Zhao Hai opposite Weave Fire Clan person, his although saw Zhao Hai three Great Magical Artifact, does not have an appearance of worry, instead to is look at Zhao Hai that a face interestings. ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;