Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1495

Chapter 421 bullet! Zhao Hai in sizing up to wish the ancient customs, wish the ancient customs also in sizing up Zhao Hai, wish in the eye of ancient customs to bring a curiosity, same was also bringing a disappointment, because Zhao Hai long was really too ordinary. &\;*. «» . com quickest renewal ** however Zhao Hai also in curious sizes up is wishing the ancient customs...... His back spear|gun. Zhao Hai on Earth is half armed forces fan, at that time what he was infatuated with is only the cold weapons, regarding spear|gun not very ripe, but for sometime his liking very reads the novel of Sino-Japanese War, therefore he checked the material specially, afterward presently, had the length of one type of rifle spear|gun unexpectedly with 38 big lids almost, but this type of rifle is Mo Xin Buqiang. This length of rifle is very long, does not bring the bayonet to have attire near 1.4m, is adding on the butt shape of this type of spear|gun to be somewhat special, therefore Zhao Hai has remembered this type of spear|gun. This Mo Xin Buqiang, is almost the one type of tiger balm -type rifle, he by multiple modified, can be used, when Cavalry spear|gun, can, when the sniper's rifle , because of these modified, making this falsely assuming somebody's identity raise the world. But wish spear|gun that the ancient customs behind carry, with Zhao Hai has looked at that Mo Xin Buqiang style , the spear|gun is very long, naturally, above does not have the bayonet, the butt wooden, puts in order looks like the spear|gun, style very ancient, is adding on front that two rows of bright yellow bullet, this makes Zhao Hai have one type of to look at the feeling of old movie. Wish the ancient customs also to size up Zhao Hai, an ordinary black cultivator clothing/taking, the ordinary appearance, ordinary temperament, the whole person does not have the place that anything loses face probably. Wish ancient customs some not understand, like a person, why Bathu can remind him to pay attention? Wish the ancient customs to look that Zhao Hai has not spoken, his then open the mouth and said: „Are you Zhao Hai?” Zhao Hai face calm said : good, is below, is your excellency Weave Fire Clan who? Weave Fire Clan and others early had agreement with me, will not participate in me and others the battle, at the present why in breaking faith and abandoning righteousness?” Wish ancient customs look at Zhao Hai, laughing said : suddenly we may not have breaking faith and abandoning righteousness, is great Spirit Race asks us to come, since you know that we are the Weave Fire Clan people, you also do dare rebel? So long as the people obedient surrender, I can guarantee that you can also keep here, beforehand day.” Zhao Hai look at wished the ancient customs, laughs fool who said : we did not let a wolf into the fold, moreover in various Realm of our hundred treasure had, worked as the person, when the dog did not have the interest.” The sound of Zhao Hai this saying is not low, has spread over the entire battlefield by far, this saying cannot help but makes in great Spirit Race behind these small have a tumult.

Wish ancient customs complexion to sink, two eyes flash of cold light, the lethality of his very clear Zhao Hai these words big, a Zhao Hai this saying exit / to speak, these small of great Spirit Race , if no what idea that to call strangely. &\;*. «» . com quickest renewal ** Wish the ancient customs present to somewhat to take seriously Zhao Hai, a few words can stir up these cultivator mood, such person is not the simple character. Wish ancient customs coldly snorted said : to compare courageous spirit to come, lives is not being more important?” Zhao Hai laughs said : wrong, regarding the average person, lives is being possibly more important than courageous spirit, but are we who? We are cultivator, cultivator must have courageous spirit, did not have courageous spirit, cultivation level is difficult the little advance, said it, your Weave Fire Clan, is the ten-thousand realms battlefield one, not necessarily is strongest one, you have any qualifications to break my hundred treasure the life and death!” Wish complexion of ancient customs is unattractive, his coldly snorted said : looked like our Weave Fire Clan too long time does not arrive at the places of your this chaotic war to come, some people have dared to jump to challenge us unexpectedly, good, good, good, today I take you to set up the prestige!” Does Zhao Hai have a good laugh said : to set up the prestige? Also matches depending on you, depends on great Spirit Race to let a wolf into the fold this, he became the enemy of place of entire chaotic war, you think with great Spirit Race, when gave a pretext, can smoothly enter the place of chaotic war? Do not have a dream, I told you, our hundred treasure kept off in your front a piece Stone, you wanted to enter the place of chaotic war, must first give to kick out of the way our Stone, but you may probably pay attention, have not kicked out of the way Stone, but also kicking to fold own toe.” Wish the ancient customs also to laugh said : well, youngster, you are extremely arrogant enough, these many years, nobody has dared such to speak to our Weave Fire Clan, you are first, today I help you.” Said that his hand wields, shouted: Kills!” Behind him these Weave Fire Clan people already could not wait, gives a loud shout, they overran toward Zhao Hai. Weave Fire Clan use is Monster Beast, these Monster Beast not like Great Magical Artifact that Zhao Hai they use, time of start, these Monster Beast can be said as static like the virgin, moves, if fast, wish the ancient customs just to order, these Magic Beast throw toward Zhao Hai three Great Magical Artifact, the movement is quickly incomparable. Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : when really my hundred treasure were the soft persimmons, everyone dares to pinch.” Said that his hand wields, but this impact is actually not on the ship these cultivator, after seeing Zhao Hai has wielded the hand, in three Great Magical Artifact, suddenly shoots more than 200 huge acicular Magical Artifact, shoots toward these Monster Beast. These Monster Beast originally are strange, they have not thought that Zhao Hai such will quickly react . Moreover the Weave Fire Clan person, regarding the defense of Monster Beast is really too confident, sometimes has the confidence is the good deed, but had the confidence not to be meddlesome. This more than 200 break the formation Spirit Snake needles, the impulse is not small, although this thing is Zhao Hai does to deceive Mu Yu , but has saying that thing that Space makes, even if the mountain stronghold goods, that is the fighter aircraft in mountain stronghold, the attack strength is not bad. More than 200 imitate break the formation Spirit Snake needle one, has killed at the scene more than 100 Monster Beast, but Zhao Hai three Great Magical Artifact, are actually the spirit law incomparable goes toward retreat, probably this Magical Artifact originally should retreat is the same.

Wish beginning the ancient customs has not cared, but looks at Zhao Hai this round attack, one has shot unexpectedly dead their more than 100 Monster Beast, wish complexion of ancient customs one changes. These Monster Beast are the Weave Fire Clan person since childhood raises in a big way, and between them the sentiment, kisses compared with the brothers, now one was shot dead more than hundred unexpectedly, how this let wish the ancient customs to accept. Wish ancient customs complexion pale one piece, shouted: Has killed them, rips the fragment them, I want entire hundred treasure, dies without the burial ground!” Wish the ancient customs to get angry, in his opinion, copes with hundred treasure, they appears , hundred treasure will only retreat, actually there thinks, Zhao Hai not only ridiculed to him in every possible way, but also this begin the exchange, has killed unexpectedly their more than 100 Monster Beast, wish the ancient customs to feel that own air/Qi upward welled up, soon had been given the air/Qi violent by Zhao Hai. After next ends the order, wish ancient customs to extend, took long spear that behind him carries, to Zhao Hai is being a spear|gun. Waits to wish the ancient customs to take the spear|gun, Zhao Hai then sees, wish ancient customs spear|gun, is different from Earth on spear|gun some, Mo Xin Buqiang on Earth, there is a bolt, moreover is hitting a sharpshooter pull bolt, but this wished the spear|gun of ancient customs not to have that thing, with then hit, although was also cancels the trigger to make a bullet, has actually facilitated many. Moreover Zhao Hai present, wish ancient customs spear|gun also to have the sound . Moreover the sound is not small, hears Bang one, bright yellow bullets from wishing the bore of gun of to subdue|grams wind have shot, that bullet extremely fast, that successive just a muzzle, among this companies however arrived at the Zhao Hai front. However when that bullet must project on Zhao Hai, probably one has actually run upon one layer invisible protective shield, stopped directly in in midair. Zhao Hai then looks that this bullet is brass builds probably, not head bullet, but is the round head, the round head is not big, but has also seen compared with Zhao Hai on Earth the bullets of these spear|guns want on big some. Zhao Hai extended, has grasped that bullet, has sized up carefully. Wish the ancient customs not to think that an own spear|gun such was blocked unexpectedly, must know that this bullet may have the armor piercing function, paper of general protective shield such as in front of this bullet is ordinary, but this bullet actually easily has gotten down to keeping off by Zhao Hai protective shield now, this lets wish the ancient customs somewhat to stare. Now looks at Zhao Hai in sizing up his bullet, wishing two eyes of ancient customs cannot help but one bright, in the eye flashes through cold glow, the intention moves, that bullet such as lived generally, has struck toward Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai has not actually cared, shows a faint smile, that bullet immediately was broken the bird of wing to be ordinary probably, fell returned to in the hand of Zhao Hai. Wish ancient customs complexion changes, he knows certainly why this is, in these bullets, nucleus Mental Technique of small shape, when the bullet had just shot, because bullet was too quick, wish the to subdue|grams wind they are impossible control to result in the bullet, after the bullet has hit the person, they can actually control, these not hit the bullet of person, after was slow, they can also control, the has plenty person, and the Weave Fire Clan person fought, was is not killed by their spear|gun, but was by their this control. The bullet killing, wishing ancient customs wants to cope with Zhao Hai with this move, has not actually thought that oneself spiritual force in bullet nucleus Mental Technique, by Zhao Hai easily cancelling, him naturally did not have the law in control that bullet. The bystanders only know that Weave Fire Clan bullet very fierce, actually don’t know this bullet is also one type of very complex small shape Magical Artifact, builds very difficult, therefore after the first fight, if there is if possible, the Weave Fire Clan people will be will take back the warheads of these bullets, person who if there is dying in battle, that will also receive their spear|guns, but every so often, this nucleus Mental Technique doing used, to take back the bullet convenience, in the true fight, they dealt with the enemy on is very anxious after all, that also had the energy the control these bullet to carry on two times wound enemies, except. Beside some spiritual force formidable people, other people cannot achieve this point. Fight because of wishing ancient customs stops, conversely, fight still in carrying on, moreover very intense, now Zhao Hai three Great Magical Artifact, already not in retreat, but is get together is coordinating killing, these people on Great Magical Artifact, started to use own Magical Artifact to carry on attack. On the side of Zhao Hai command(er) the fight, first successive in paying attention to these spear|guns of Weave Fire Clan person, their spear|guns is also needing to change the bullet, every time after making five spear|guns, their bullets will replace, their bullets in replacement, actually not with hand, but with spiritual force, five bullets one is pressing in the bore of gun with spiritual force control, is fighting then. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;