Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1496

Chapter 422 flame swallows Such pressure ball way although very relaxed, but Zhao Hai does not favor, in his opinion, the use cartridge clip is a kingly way, he wants to know now that these Weave Fire Clan people use in the spear|gun and bullet have any secret. // «» . com «» novel network // However this is not easy to achieve, the strengths of these Weave Fire Clan people are also very strong, moreover their attack, carry on attack with the spear|gun in the distant place most from the beginning, such Zhao Hai is wants attack they, these Weave Fire Clan people can also react promptly, avoids, therefore now Zhao Hai they massacring some opposite party Magic Beast, not too many progress. Moreover now wants to massacre opposite party Magic Beast is also not that easy, these Magic Beast are not stupid, after receiving to imitate attack of break the formation Spirit Snake needle, they also imitated the break the formation Spirit Snake needle to be careful to these, these against break the formation Spirit Snake needle wanted to kill his them is also not that easy. But is this, Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race allied armies have not fought to a point small advantage, because of Zhao Hai in hand Great Magical Artifact, solid extremely was mainly flexible, in besieging of these Monster Beast, roves such as swimming fish to be ordinary, cannot surround them, between both sides however refused to compromise at once. Zhao Hai their attack win is centralized and flexible, they fifty thousand many armies, strongly on three Great Magical Artifact, as the matter stands attack get up, naturally is very formidable, but these three Great Magical Artifact do not have the unwieldy feeling, under pursuing of Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race stops up, the onset and retreat is still ordered, is not chaotic. Wish the ancient customs now also very worried, their Weave Fire Clan strongest attack method be only three types, one is this Monster Beast attack, now this Monster Beast attack does not have too many uses regarding Zhao Hai probably, second is bullet attack, but this attack actually simply cannot break the defenses of three Great Magical Artifact, this equal to they strongest two attack they are useless to Zhao Hai, that only remaining finally one type of attack, that is flame attack. Weave Fire Clan flame attack very special, their flame can Level Up, but the Level Up way of this type of flame has a point image with Space, is not the basic Weave Fire Clan strength strong and weak comes Level Up, what flame but with can find according to him but Level Up. The Weave Fire Clan people of some good luck, they will possibly find like Innate Yin Fire, or Earth Fire special flame, after finding these flame, they in Secret Technique, these flame turning into Fire Seed/Allspark, the hot advantage income to their within the body, then wait for them, when uses Fire element Divergent Technique, can use the fire that Fire Seed/Allspark of oneself within the body produces, the flame like Innate Yin Fire and Earth Fire, the attack strength is also not weak.( «», view reads the latest renewal) In thinks, wish ancient customs immediately/on horseback to receive the spear|gun, meets to begin to wield, miserable green flame throw toward Zhao Hai Yama Ship on. Zhao Hai saw that this flame has cannot help but gawked, said that the green flame he has not seen, but he added carefully. Zhao Hai careful not wrong, wish the flame of ancient customs, the name, was called the Poison Dragon flame! The Poison Dragon flame is the one type of very formidable flame, according to legend this type of flame is after a five claw Poison Dragon death turns, in the flame has toxicity of very strong play, if dyes the human, even if a Transcends Tribulation Stage strong talent, cannot block in this fire the toxin.

Moreover this Poison Dragon flame characteristics, that is he very much difficultly is also made to extinguish, he no matter moistens to any thing, immediately will burn, is very difficult to destroy completely. Zhao Hai wields, reason that directly in three Great Magical Artifact outside, in the arrangement the one layer thunder and lightning protecting wire net, Zhao Hai defended with the thunder and lightning, was because in this world had different thing, was first under ten thousand evils nemesis, same was the strength of thunder and lightning, but in addition was the same, actually on only world colored glaze fire. This world colored glaze fire, only exists in the legend only, no one has seen, according to legend this type of fire will be forever will not be put out, moreover this fire can the burnout day be just extremely evil, no matter any toxin or Darkness thing, so long as will meet this only world colored glaze fire, by this fire burninging out. Now in the battlefield, Zhao Hai although wants wishing the green flame income of ancient customs to Space, but he actually knows that now is not the time. Quick that rolled the Poison Dragon flame to hit in Great Magical Artifact protective shield is, hit Great Magical Artifact protective shield, that green flame immediately, but at this moment, Thunder light flashed before, but that green flame was still actually burning, but compared with original small a point. Zhao Hai wrinkled under the brow not to think that this type of flame so was unexpectedly difficult to circle, his hand wielded, in hand were also many a blister, this blister naturally was Bubble, Bubble came out, knows that Zhao Hai must do, a body revolution, in that protective shield outside, many one layer water cover. However what makes Zhao Hai accidental is, the water that Bubble release goes, although also made that flame change small, but wants to make him extinguish must enter, Zhao Hai cannot help but frowned. But at this time wished the ancient customs actually to see the way, looked that Zhao Hai did not have the means with his flame, he cannot help but laughed said : brothers gate, coped with them with the fire.” He knows that his these clansman, these years have gotten so far as many good Fire Seed/Allspark, if take to use these Fire Seed/Allspark, that will certainly let Zhao Hai headache. Really, this shouted that these were still dealing with the Zhao Hai Weave Fire Clan person one to respond with the spear|gun, immediately received the spear|gun, met to begin to wield, all kinds of flame flew toward three Great Magical Artifact. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, cannot help but coldly snorted, then he received Bubble, then on the Yama Ship outside towel one layer Innate Yin Fire protective shield, Zhao Hai this time has wanted to try to be hot by fire to subdue|grams. But makes situation that Zhao Hai has not thought of live, protective shield that Innate Yin Fire composes, appears in Yama Ship outside, that green flame probably met nemesis to be the same, was swallowed before long by that miserable white mister Yin Fire. Good, swallows, looks like in Zhao Hai, that mister Yin Fire, meets that green flame, probably was the fire meets the gasoline to be the same, threw directly, before long the green flame vanished, only remaining that layer pale flame.

When Zhao Hai stares, in suddenly Space transmits prompt speaking sounds: Innate Yin Fire swallows the heterogeneous flame to be successful, own ability is strengthened, in the flame includes toxicity, is not easy to extinguish, adhesive power.” Zhao Hai stayed, he has not thought really that this Innate Yin Fire really has such ability, in him is wanting completely a research time, in one time transmits prompt intent said : Innate Yin Fire to swallow the heterogeneous flame to be successful suddenly, increases the ability merit!” Zhao Hai stayed, he has not thought that really this situation, then the same prompt sound also appears several junctions, are said Innate Yin Fire swallowed other flame, energy obtained the matter of enhancement. Hears here, Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled to Cai'er said : Cai'er, what's all this about? I remember that Innate Yin Fire doesn't have such ability probably?” Cai'er smiles said : Innate Yin Fire naturally not to have such ability, after this ability is Space Level Up, forms, in Space repeatedly Level Up, in adding on the Level Up process has join of spirit root and big heart, therefore this mister Yin Fire also obtained the ability of one type of difference, that swallows, he can swallow other fires to burn, strengthens own ability.” Zhao Hai nodded, but he to is very happy, the Innate Yin Fire ability is strengthened, regarding him, but good deed, what most important is, had this swallowing ability, he does not need to fear that Weave Fire Clan various were hot. Wish the ancient customs also present this point, he presently fires on Zhao Hai that three Great Magical Artifact probably information slowly, but conversely, on that Great Magical Artifact the one type of miserable white fire, is the fever is more prosperous, but that flame their release does not come obviously. Lets wish the to subdue|grams wind to feel what is fearful, these three are bringing miserable white flame protective shield Great Magical Artifact, so long as meets Monster Beast, that Monster Beast immediately will only catch fire, these Monster Beast were burnt calls out pitifully, then soon will die. This presently lets wish ancient customs heart cold, these Monster Beast are their important fighting strength, if such died, then the effect on their Weave Fire Clan was also too big. His immediately ordered to stop in use fire attack, but some late, Zhao Hai will not actually have let off this opportunity, his hand wielded, 12 metal beast and Eight Sapphires Chariot immediately appears in his surroundings, then these metal beasts and Eight Sapphires Chariot, immediately threw toward Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race Battalion, but on these metal beasts and Eight Sapphires Chariot , was catching fire, this fire was also the miserable white, person or Monster Beast who all bumped into this fire, almost, moreover this flame also had certain destruction to do to use regarding these Magical Artifact, they to are will not destroy Magical Artifact Surface, but by this flame fever, cultivator was kept spiritual force in Magical Artifact to be damaged, control of Magical Artifact before the imagination is so free, was not too possible. This presently lets Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race under the hand/subordinate these small Interface person greatly surprised, their immediately has taken back Magical Artifact, trades Magical Artifact in attack.

spiritual force of these flame in regarding Magical Artifact, the damage is not very strict is fortunately heavy, only in must supplement that some spiritual force can use, this makes these people relax. However these 12 metal beasts regarding these Monster Beast lethality were actually too big, these Monster Beast simply does not dare to touch these metal beasts and these Eight Sapphires Chariot now, so long as they have bumped, that will be surely given to stain by that fire, was stained by that fire, then died on the real right and wrong already injures. Therefore these Monster Beast can only use Spell to cope with 12 metal beasts and Eight Sapphires Chariot, these Magical Artifact although are very strong, but copes with 12 metal beasts and Eight Sapphires Chariot is actually not effective, at once that 12 metal beasts and Eight Sapphires Chariot in Magic Beast army, able to move unhindered round trip, actually does not have a beast to dare to keep off. But at this time Zhao Hai command(er) three Great Magical Artifact had been killing, in three Great Magical Artifact, but also often has to imitate the break the formation snake needle to project, these imitate the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, changed most attack style from the beginning, but turned into large net to be the same, they will not subscribe target many, one time several people or several target, so long as stared by them, little can have Magic Beast to run opens. Wish the ancient customs to look in three Great Magical Artifact that in bluffs and blusters, the metal beast and Eight Sapphires Chariot, a complexion paleness, he suddenly cannot find out to cope with Zhao Hai now their means that he presently, the Weave Fire Clan attack method, is almost useless to Zhao Hai, this lets feel sad the wishing ancient customs that Upper Realm poses as! &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;