Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1497

Chapter 423 synthesis spear|gun technique Zhao Hai will actually not go to the tube to wish the ancient customs to think anything, his command(er) three **, these small to great Spirit Race Great Formation and Great Formation of Weave Fire Clan carries on attack, great Spirit Race and Weave Fire Clan these small formation, are tired out by dealing at once, casualties sudden increase.( «», view reads the latest renewal) But Zhao Hai very pays attention to these Weave Fire Clan people actually, looks like the Weave Fire Clan person does not have what means to them probably, but this Weave Fire Clan person, can run amuck in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, certainly has their unique point, if underestimated they, after that is really very serious. Wish the ancient customs to look that Zhao Hai they so make the faction, was immediately anxious, he is not the lord who anything does not understand, in fact five big are also not that peaceful, the conflict is unavoidable, he is also has fought many battles, just by this suddenly such as other changes, shocking, Zhao Hai their such come and go freely, to is lets wish the ancient customs one calm now. Wish ancient customs look at Zhao Hai they to want, knows that wants to break Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact, just by these Magic Beast are not good, his hand wields, these Magic Beast immediately have drawn back, then wish the ancient customs to come Bathu side, to Bathu deep voice said : Bathu, is these Great Magical Artifact that Zhao Hai they depend upon, so long as you use your Giant Spirit Treasure Ship to give to destroy completely their Great Magical Artifact, other matters we manage.” Bathu looked wished ancient customs one, forced smile said : wishes mister, but we do not think, but was our great Spirit Race Great Magical Artifact, was really not their matches.” Wish ancient customs one hear of Bathu saying that cannot help but stares, then deep voice isn't said : „a match? Aren't you are doing the joke? The entire ten-thousand realms battlefield, your great Spirit Race must say that use of Great Magical Artifact second, feared that was nobody dares to say first?” Bathu look at wished the ancient customs, forced smile said : wishes mister, said words that the sentence you did not like listening, if our great Spirit Race Great Magical Artifact, really being able to block the attacks of hundred treasure, we also did serve a need to invite you? Saw that Giant Spirit Treasure Ship? That is not hundred treasure refines is, destroys to snatch after our Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, fixes.” Wish ancient customs one hear of Bathu saying that cannot help but has held breath a cold air, great Spirit Race Great Magical Artifact formidable how he is knows that has not actually thought that great Spirit Race Great Magical Artifact cannot withstand hundred treasure unexpectedly Great Magical Artifact, does that this weaponry also hit? Bathu look at wished the appearance of ancient customs, in the eye could not bear has shown a disappointed facial expression, he to wishing the ancient customs they was really very disappointed, thinks wished the ancient customs they to come, can revenge to them, tidied up next hundred treasure well, but now looks like, wishing the to subdue|grams wind they not easy-to-use. Wish ancient customs look at still come and go freely Zhao Hai, cannot bear clenches teeth, said loudly: Set.” As soon as these Weave Fire Clan people listened to wish ancient customs saying that gathered to wish the side of ancient customs, look at wishes the ancient customs, wish ancient customs look at these person of said : brothers, today is our first time fights with hundred treasure, cannot such dingy retreated, did our Weave Fire Clan face put toward there? Present to essential time, has prepared the synthesis spear|gun technique.” One hear wished the ancient customs saying that many Weave Fire Clan people gawked, then complexion changed, but was quick in their eyes to flash through cold glow, in that cold glow was having meaning of the frantic, their said loudly: Yes!” Said that these Weave Fire Clan person immediately/on horseback do not disperse. &\;*. «» . com quickest renewal ** After waiting for these only Weave Fire Clan person to disperse, immediately gathered, their immediately called the side own Monster Beast, then in a soft voice was reading Incantation, then lacerated own wrist|skill, handle according to the head of Monster Beast, quick one group of red light the Weave Fire Clan people and these Monster Beast surrounding in the base, then beast roars, spread from red light. Ten rests about, red light information, but stands in there, was not these weaves flame clansman, but was a half-human, half-monster monster. With wishing ancient customs, he is that only Blood Jade toad carries on the synthesis, but now he already complete and that only Blood Jade toad unified, his above body becomes very greatly, fully about four meters high, with Blood Jade toad same skin, but his lower part, actually already information, with toad of Blood Jade toad continually in together, but Blood Jade toad toad has not actually vanished, the eye, the mouth still, after probably is wishes the upper part of ancient customs increases, in two eyes of Blood Jade toad was long same.

But at this time wished in hand of ancient customs still to take that the spear|gun, but that spear|gun now in in his hand, actually appeared very small, wish the ancient customs to bellow, the hand moves, on his in hand spear|gun's body flashed through red light, then his instantaneously increased the spear|gun, moreover put in order also turned the spear|gun with his skin same color, because that spear|gun increased, therefore looked like his in hand was taking probably is not one spear|gun, but was a gate small artillery is the same. Other Weave Fire Clan people are also similar, then these every turn, in hand left a giant bullet, these bullet each have almost the shell size of mortar, they sub- repressed in one large spear bore of gun, then the muzzle has aimed at Zhao Hai their Great Magical Artifact. However they have not actually opened fire, but Zhao Hai also present here situation, his immediately stopped attack, three Great Magical Artifact turned into "品" character shape stopped in in midair, to the direction of Weave Fire Clan person. At this time changed the body later wishing ancient customs, said loudly: Hits!” As he issues an order, more than 2000 large spear also open fire, hears with a bang sound, fire light spouts from that large spear muzzle, the fiery-red giant bullets hit toward Zhao Hai three Great Magical Artifact. These bullets incredibly fast, but Zhao Hai also already guarded, he felt, if he still kept off these bullets with protective shield, feared cannot block, therefore Zhao Hai, when wished the ancient customs to shout hits, immediately/on horseback waved, his three Great Magical Artifact one changed the appearance. Under the gazes of all people, on Zhao Hai three Great Magical Artifact raised the one layer metal plate, put in order to give to wrap entire Great Magical Artifact, outside Great Magical Artifact were also simultaneously many almost protective shield, one layer earth yellow in the outermost, inside was the water blue color, was pale flame protective shield, inside was actually one layer Thunder light protective shield. Zhao Hai here just the prepare, these big bullets had hit on protective shield, earth yellow protective shield one penetrated, was water blue protective shield is also penetrated, flame protective shield was also same, the thunder and lightning protective shield although lightning twinkle, has not actually blocked these bullets, these bullets one shot on that metal plate. Under the gazes of all people, the bullet was striking on the metal plate, left ‚, when working as sound, but these bullets without any exception was blocked. Wish complexion of ancient customs changes, but he has not stopped, but meets said loudly: Presses the ball, in!” Said that have pressed first a bullet toward the bore of gun, then in one time has lifted the spear|gun, but other Weave Fire Clan people are also same. After all people raise the spear|gun, wish ancient customs then said loudly: Hits!” The sound of gunfire in one time has made a sound, but the result follows one time is also same, wish complexion of ancient customs is changing, but loudly shouted said : in!” Then has pressed a bullet toward the spear|gun, in one time has opened fire, but the result is the same. These three spear|gun although cannot hit thoroughly Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact, actually retreat that Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact hit about ten thousand meters, but no matter what, that three Great Magical Artifact, still have actually blocked the attack of Weave Fire Clan. After three spear|guns, wish complexion of ancient customs finally changed, must know that this synthesis spear|gun technique, was Weave Fire Clan strongest attack, even if were a Divided Spirit Stage person, has come in handy the synthesis spear|gun technique, can compare with Immortal Stage Expert fully. However this synthesis spear|gun technique has a shortcoming, that cannot the use of long time. This synthesis spear|gun technique is to overdraw Monster Beast Life Force uses, Might very enormous, but after the use, will have the damage of very enormous regarding Monster Beast, the number of times of if using are too much, Monster Beast will directly possibly die. Moreover this synthesis spear|gun technique, regarding user, there is a certain damage, after having come in handy this synthesis spear|gun technique, the strength of user, will drop 1st level within seven days, seven days later can restore, therefore does not arrive at the life and death time, the Weave Fire Clan person will not use the synthesis spear|gun technique.

Naturally Might of this synthesis spear|gun technique is very big, the Weave Fire Clan person in many times, was the relying on synthesis spear|gun technique has defeated the enemy. However wish the ancient customs not to think, the synthesis spear|gun technique that has gone smoothly everywhere, has not used today unexpectedly, his complexion one becomes very difficult looks. This synthesis spear|gun technique uses one time to should better unable three, otherwise is too big regarding the damage of Monster Beast, Monster Beast will be very difficult to restore. Now three passed, Zhao Hai three Great Magical Artifact had still not been defeated, if they at cause some words, after that these Monster Beast , was very difficult to restore to the condition of their summit. Actually their these time hits the third son ball, has exempted, because Monster Beast when they fights with Zhao Hai, somewhat received a wound, currently they have used the synthesis spear|gun technique, these Monster Beast are in the wound adds the wound now, wants to restore to the optimum condition, is almost is impossible. Wish the ancient customs because also noted this situation, therefore his complexion so ugly, he looked at behind these clansman one, presently these clansman complexion also with them almost. Wish a ancient customs at heart pain, then turned the head to look at that three packages such as iron egg same Great Magical Artifact, at heart ruthless, shouted: Brothers, the energy lose our Weave Fire Clan prestige, all people do not obey orders today in any event, quick firing!” One hear wished the ancient customs saying that complexion of these Weave Fire Clan people changed, look at that cannot believe wished the ancient customs, wish the ancient customs not to have any expression, but was the hand wields, these huge red bullets flew, arranged one row, likely was by a sub- ammunition belt link common his spear|gun, then wish the ancient customs to press a bullet with spiritual force toward the spear|gun, has aimed at Zhao Hai three Great Magical Artifact. Other people look to wish the appearance of ancient customs, knows that wished ancient customs this is must go all out, this quick firing was the fire that kept, to not having bullet, but what now they come in handy was the synthesis spear|gun technique, that was not shoots not to have the bullet, but, these Monster Beast died, when stopped. However they have not said anything, must know in Weave Fire Clan, this military discipline is very strict, if Commander lets your advancing, if you dare retreat, that was your returned to in the clan, will be punished. These Weave Fire Clan people have also lifted spear|gun, wish the ancient customs to look that the people prepared, immediately/on horseback said loudly: Hits!” Was saying has deducted the trigger! Spear|Guns listen to resound, huge red bullets hit toward three Great Magical Artifact, that three Great Magical Artifact probably are been same by cannon attack fortress, by swaying that the bullet hits, but that bullet did not have means attack that Magical Artifact. But now wished the ancient customs they not to go to think that many, opening fire that they must make, opened fire, was opening fire! In their eyes only then that three Great Magical Artifact, they do not go to think that the Monster Beast life, does not go to think can also fire several spear|guns, does not go to think, if after not being able to break through that three Great Magical Artifact, can be any situation, deducting trigger that they keep. Standing of Zhao Hai face calm on Yama Ship, although Weave Fire Clan attack, becomes some influences to other party, but wants to injure him, is actually impossible, therefore his calm. He put down shows, on the ship these cultivator calm, these cultivator will not have spiritual force, they searched spiritual force, knows that outboard has looked unfamiliar anything, after they presently Weave Fire Clan such attack, was complexion changes, because Weave Fire Clan such attack was really too formidable, they confessed that feared was a spear|gun cannot receive, but Zhao Hai these three Great Magical Artifact, can actually keep off these many spear|guns, this made them to Zhao Hai more curious.

Zhao Hai is not has not done, he has paid attention to the Weave Fire Clan person, has a look at these half-human, half-beast fellows, does the body have anything to change, Zhao Hai does not believe that these Weave Fire Clan people can maintain this attack. Quick Zhao Hai noted a point, these Monster Beast under Weave Fire Clan person, the facial expression more and more dispirited, some are the air vent enter the air/Qi to be short. Sees this situation, why Zhao Hai immediately understand these Weave Fire Clan people became such fierce, he sneers, the hand wields, deep voice said : changes!” His voice falls, these three Great Magical Artifact whiz, turned into three long about one meter small Magical Artifact. Such change is everyone does not have to think that these stand the person in Magical Artifact, but also thinks one felt to make a mistake, because they have not felt Space change in this Magical Artifact a little, quickly but they presently, oneself feel did not have the mistake, because he visited one's parents to see that giant bullets flew from their heads the past. These Weave Fire Clan people also present this change, they have also gawked, however in their hands has not actually stopped, still one after another is hitting, this cannot blame them, was really this change too suddenly, but they because of the quick firing, this opened fire to press the ball have become for the type custom movement, therefore in their moment, they was still opening fire, pressed the ball, was opening fire! Finally wish the ancient customs one to respond, his horse said loudly: Stops, stops quickly!” But he called some late, 2000 Weave Fire Clan people, currently had several hundred people of Monster Beast because of unable to bear the loss of this synthesis spear|gun technique dead. But these died the Monster Beast Weave Fire Clan people to turn into the appearance of normal person . Moreover the facial expression appears very exhausted, but this has not ended, they just turned into normal human-shape, is actually a suddenly pitiful yell, saw their front appears a bloodstain, then bloodstain getting bigger and bigger! &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;