Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1498

Chapter 424 all extinguishes! These Weave Fire Clan people die under the Liquid Silver flying needle, Zhao Hai when changes three Great Magical Artifact is small, already release secretly Liquid Silver flying needle, because he saw, the enemy will unable to be firing several spear|guns certainly to have Monster Beast dead, these Monster Beast died, feared that will be the conditions of their this type of synthesis will relieve. Really wants to that he thinks, these Monster Beast die, the condition of that type of synthesis has really relieved, not only has relieved, but also these Weave Fire Clan people probably also very weak, this regarding Zhao Hai absolutely is good opportunity. Zhao Hai that will let off this opportunity, Liquid Silver flying needle immediately/on horseback begins, this Zhao Hai has not punctured the throat of these people, punctures the throat time, the Liquid Silver flying needle must contact with that their skins, may be given by these Weave Fire Clan people very much presently, Zhao Hai does not want presently, therefore this choice will puncture the hearts of these Weave Fire Clan people. These Weave Fire Clan people die, their in hand spear|gun also changed the original type, these big bullets have not actually changed, but then the corpses and their spear|guns of their Weave Fire Clan person on all vanish from sight. Wish the ancient customs also to note this point, since this has been makes war, first time has the Weave Fire Clan person dead in battle, wishing the ancient customs indignant desire crazy, loudly shouts said : you to dare to kill my clansman!” although they with were very just ominous, but Weave Fire Clan person that Zhao Hai back and forth hit has not actually died, dying was these Monster Beast, but this dying may be these Weave Fire Clan people, moreover one died several hundred, how this let wish the ancient customs to accept. By anger to wishing ancient customs opening fire of fainted brains one after another, but now Yama Ship and other Great Magical Artifact changed small, flexible, wish the ancient customs they to want with the in hand spear|gun to project on these three incredibly fast Great Magical Artifact, that is almost impossible, after waiting to connect several spear|guns , more than 100 Weave Fire Clan people turned into the appearance of normal person because of the death of Monster Beast, was killed. Wished ancient customs to feel that to this time the situation is not right, but they want to regret now also late, their in hand Monster Beast also left refuses stubbornly far. At this moment, Zhao Hai three Great Magical Artifact, turned into the normal size, then has rushed ahead toward their here, wish the ancient customs to look at this situation, clenches teeth to meet to bump into opens fire, but has not arrived at the fifth spear|gun, his Blood Jade toad fell dead. Wish the ancient customs just to turn into the appearance of normal person, felt that his ominous chest pain, he lowers the head looks, own front appears a wound, the wound was not big, but he actually could feel that his heart was crushed completely.

Wish the ancient customs mirthless smile, in the mouth a blood has spurted, he looked up one Zhao Hai that killed they, the mouth muttered said : to dare to kill my Weave Fire Clan person, you and others were decided not to be buried in......” words not to wait saying that body one crooked, downward then but actually. However afterward his corpse was actually vanish from sight. Wish ancient customs originally is in these people the strength is strongest, he died, do not say that other people, just returned aggressive, the sound of gunfire rumbling the Weave Fire Clan person, among in the blink of an eye died a cleanness. Weave Fire Clan these people die, Zhao Hai their immediately/on horseback overran to great Spirit Race Great Formation and Weave Fire Clan small, at this moment, the person of Weave Fire Clan small is one shouted that turn around ran cleanly, but the great Spirit Race person also dares to seize, ran, Bathu knows one cannot draw in the army , can only bring Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, turn around ran away. Zhao Hai these time has not chased down, because he obtained many good thing today, digestion well, if possible, he to wants to be joined to this type of flintlock to more people. Moreover Zhao Hai has thought best person of this flintlock coordination, that is Undead Creature, naturally is not these strength very strong Undead Creature, but is these strength very ordinary Undead Creature, these strengths only in Foundation Establishment Stage or Foundation Establishment Stage following Undead Creature, certainly match with this flintlock. What most important is, besides this flintlock, Zhao Hai has also thought another one type of thing, that is an artillery, before his on the ship Magic Cannon, the strength was really not much, before to can also use in Lower Realm, after Upper Realm, these Magic Cannon Might made the person not dare to think highly, must use the numerous artillery salvos to injure to some people of Core Formation time to arrive at the opposite party, do not say that dealt with these Transcends Tribulation Stage person. But Weave Fire Clan appears , was makes Zhao Hai see a hope, Weave Fire Clan spear|gun although seemed like the old style rifle, but the firing distance of this spear|gun was very far, but after changing the body, this spear|gun the firing distance and lethality on even bigger, Zhao Hai have certainly not been able to make these Undead Creature use the Weave Fire Clan turning technique, but he can manufacture the one type of spear|gun even is the artillery comes out, so long as his in hand had these thing, in adding on his Undead Creature that enormous quantity, in this ten-thousand realms battlefield, had who to be his match? Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai these time has not pursued, but pursued section of road, then led the person to draw back toward the octopus island. Their here just drew back, Tang Jie and Tang Wen arrived on Yama Ship, Tang Jie and Tang Wen embark laugh, welcomed toward Zhao Hai there, Zhao Hai also moved forward to meet somebody, Tang Jie and Tang Wen grasps Zhao Hai, in the mouth Ha Ha keeping laughing. Some little time their mood calm, Tang Jie look at Zhao Hai said : good, Little Hai, you are really great, has not thought that unexpectedly the Weave Fire Clan person extinguishing, why just us didn't pursue? These Weave Fire Clan people die, Weave Fire Clan small, with great Spirit Race small, already the thoughts of not having fighting, we called win the pursuit, can perhaps snatch encampment of imperial spirit sect.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, shook the head said : do not worry, holds encampment of imperial spirit sect to be useful, now we already octopus island here to management was so good, snatches encampment of imperial spirit sect, but must arrange again, moreover there thorough great Spirit Race domain, if had an accident, has me not to be very convenient, Weave Fire Clan this time one died 2000 people, definitely will not give up, we on , etc. they were good because of here.” Tang Jie they to cannot pursue, they also know that now their primary opponent, turned into Weave Fire Clan from great Spirit Race, but Weave Fire Clan is known as one of the five side Upper Realm, impossible, only then this strength, just Tang Jie was also such saying, now thinks, but also was really somewhat crude. Tang Jie nodded said : also well, we first return to octopus island there, then gives Big Brother Mu to send a letter, avoid Big Brother Mu worry.” Zhao Hai nodded, the hand wields, three Great Magical Artifact transformed the direction to fly toward octopus island there. Tang Jie stands on Yama Ship, sighed that said : must say, does not have these three Great Magical Artifact, we feared today lost, that Weave Fire Clan spear|gun was not good to suffer, special changed body later large spear, formidabe.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : my these three Great Magical Artifact, besides are Liquid Silver changes, I still obtained Complete Set Magical Artifact in Lower Realm, finally this Magical Artifact was decomposed by me, integrates in Liquid Silver, this Magical Artifact is that 12 metal beasts changes, besides this set of Magical Artifact, I also obtained one set of Cultivation Method, before this set of Cultivation Method is me, has used Sword Formation, can say that I before ascend, practice is Cultivation World Cultivation Method, but formidable of that 12 metal beasts, Tang Big Brother you should also see, integrated that metal beast. In Liquid Silver, this Liquid Silver naturally may firmly like Vajra, supple, if the mountain stream, I want to take a look today, the Weave Fire Clan spear|gun, can hit breaks my Liquid Silver, they cannot very much obviously.” After Tang Jie smiles said : no wonder your ascend comes up, advances triumphantly, originally in Lower Realm, started to contact this Cultivator Cultivation Method, HaHaHa, good, so long as the Weave Fire Clan person he, cannot break through your Great Magical Artifact, they take us not to have the means.” Zhao Hai shook the head, sighs said : matter not to be simple, ran Monk unable to be inescapable the temple, our methods, regarding defending octopus island here can also use, if Weave Fire Clan coped with hundred treasure, this method was not quite suitable, hundred treasure had their domain, if Weave Fire Clan did not pester with us, but was directly toward the words that in our domains flushed, at that time can only with their face-to-face has spelled hardly, how many people my three can Great Magical Artifact think of? By that time feared is the use is not big.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Tang Jie mood also heavy, he knows what Zhao Hai said is right, such as is these Weave Fire Clan people, makes war with them, attacks toward the domains of hundred treasure, they can only spell hardly, if after all the domain lost, will be too big regarding the prestigious attack of hundred treasure, does not do well like great Spirit Race, control did not live in these communities. Reason that they today can with be so good \; first, because the Weave Fire Clan person who Weave Fire Clan these people hit somewhat has a low opinion of the enemy, second is because, they do not need to spell with the Weave Fire Clan person hardly, can the relying on Great Magical Artifact spirit words cope to weave the person of flame clan, but if Weave Fire Clan captures to hundred treasure domains, that was the fight of fight for each bit of land, in wants, not quite to be in this way appropriate, both sides exhibited the Great Formation attack, only depends on these three Great Magical Artifact, what did not go against matter, said it, Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact although was very strong, but Weave Fire Clan, if Wan Qiangqi. The words, Great Magical Artifact wants Charging Formation to be also difficult, has not seen just by the spear|gun of Weave Fire Clan that increasing, striking retreat more than ten thousand meters. Zhao Hai looked at Tang Jie said : Tang Big Brother, you best to tell clan, I need a large quantities of commodity now, I obtained many Weave Fire Clan spear|guns today, I want to copy the Weave Fire Clan spear|gun, if can imitate, we had with Weave Fire Clan same weapon, everyone/Great Clan fighting strength can promote one layer.”

Tang Jie two eyes one bright, capture Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, can you copy the Weave Fire Clan spear|gun really?” Zhao Hai smiles said : almost, my break the formation Spirit Snake needle can imitate, do not say several spear|guns, therefore I want to give a try, if can imitate, that naturally was it would be the best.” Tang Jie laughs, effort has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : well, this matter gives me, your feel relieved research was good, I think that in the clan will certainly comply.” Before Tang Jie, that takes seriously Zhao Hai to be somewhat puzzled Mu Yu , now his entire understand, had Zhao Hai such one type of decomposition to synthesize the Divergent Technique person, regarding hundred treasure how important! ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;