Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1500
«» Zhao Hai saw here also understand, Weave Fire Clan these people in the fight, each and every one so are why smooth, when the use fire attack that the spear|gun played, actually appeared misses. Now in this book fire attack method although are many, these Weave Fire Clan people have also studied, but studies has been has studied, has not actually used several times, they fight, mainly uses the spear|gun. First, this uses the spear|gun to be convenient, so long as this spear|gun has the bullet to kill people, two were this can little use with the spear|gun even not with their Spiritual Qi and spiritual force, insurance must bring to suffice the bullet, that this spear|gun can hit, was because of this, therefore Weave Fire Clan now is truly relieved the study to control the hot person to be short, to were many with the person of spear|gun. Zhao Hai to does not oppose to use spear|gun, but he does not want to use, this spear|gun is very strong, but extremely in relying on the spear|gun was is not meddlesome, here was not Earth, on Earth, your skill in high, a spear|gun has also taken down, however in here, your skill was high, the spear|gun in your eyes, burns the fire rake. However he to is not worried about anything, the spear|gun that he manufactures, mainly uses to these Undead Creature, these Undead Creature normally do not use the spear|gun, can not practice the spear|gun, Zhao Hai makes them practice, they obedient practice, will be different from these Weave Fire Clan people. Zhao Hai carefully looked at this Weave Fire Clan regarding the control method of fire, but also let alone, has alone [say / way] really very much, they found one type of to compare the Advanced level fire first, then this fire inspiration within the body, becomes Fire Seed/Allspark, in slowly nourishes this fire with Spiritual Qi, when fights time, can adjust the fire to use, when this use fire, their methods to are compress Magic with that type some, compresses the flame, was turned into the entity by the flame, then on can turn into the appearances of various types of weapons, carried on to attack the enemy. Must say that this method is not too brilliant method, but this wants very strong, to the control ability of flame, moreover after the flame was reduced the entity, can in this entity flame, in recording some formation, this really be able to regard Magical Artifact to make to use. Because this flame equal to is their Spiritual Qi, therefore in the use, this flame is flexible, eternally changing, the attack strength is extraordinary. However can also look from this, this side magic studies practices not to be easy, must first find the flame that one type of comes in handy is very difficult, then in the compression flame, for needs to achieve one type of very high degree to be good to flame control, general cultivator can also use some Fire element Magical Artifact, but said that makes them compress the flame, they cannot achieve. In recorded Magical Artifact toward this flame, this flame although was compressed, but he after all was thing after compression, the forest had the genuine steel and iron to fall far short, wants in wanting this compression flame engraves Magical Artifact, that was also a technology lives. Moreover this quarter formation, if has been short, simply is insufficient, if were many, the difficulty of that recording will increase, therefore this side magic studies gets up very difficult. However this method regarding Zhao Hai, some weaks, his in hand has Liquid Silver, simply non- in this way, but Zhao Hai changes mind thinks that this method to has an advantage, that can in Yama Ship such * outside, causes one to congeal solid protective shield to come, this may want much better compared with that pure flame protective shield, because has thought of this use, therefore Zhao Hai earnest research an under this method. research, Zhao Hai while causes a small fire flame to experiment, he will also control the fire, uses before adding on has compressed Magic, therefore this compression flame is not very difficult, how difficult on difficult to carry on to record Magical Artifact in the flame, the clarity that on although that paper writes, but uses, also somewhat is difficult, how Zhao Hai studies compresses the flame, has only used for about one hour, but study how recorded formation actually to use in the flame for five hours. When Zhao Hai puts down that book time, Laura they started research Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, they prepare also to install to Giant Spirit Treasure Ship to come up the flame. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, cannot help but show a faint smile, at this time Cai'er took a spear|gun was arriving at Zhao Hai, gave Zhao Hai said : the spear|gun Elder Brother Hai, you had a look, this was the spear|gun that our equipment installed surely.” Zhao Hai received this spear|gun to look that actually somewhat stares, because he presently this spear|gun probably very much looks familiar, this spear|gun be shorter than the spear|gun that Weave Fire Clan uses, but also is bringing a big cartridge clip, Zhao Hai more looked that more thought study the spear|gun has seen in there probably.

He took the spear|gun to gesticulate two, suddenly has thought that this spear|gun a little looked like the domestic-made 81 bars! More looks more looks like, he gains ground look at Cai'er said : Cai'er, how does this spear|gun look like a little looks like 81 bars?” Cai'er smiles said : this not according to the appearance manufactures of 81 bars, naturally looks like.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, gives Cai'er said : the spear|gun „, with do not look, you experiment, if available uses him, makes as you like, you give me to draw a kitty cat to come on the spear|gun, I do not manage.” Cai'er they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that also has smiled, Zhao Hai turned the head look at Cai'er said : to be right, prepared to Tang Jie their spear|guns?” Cai'er nodded said : to prepare, feel relieved.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that I to have a look, to wait to look for appropriate opportunity, I meet you.” Several people nodded, the walked out of Zhao Hai flashes body from Space, that think of it he just walked, hears Cai'er said : Elder Brother Hai, comes back quickly, Mo Sheng awoke.” Zhao Hai stares, turn around entered Space. Enters Space Villa, sees Mo Sheng stupidly from in the room walked out, probably was rested was too evidently long, appearance that some have not recovered. Naturally this was not the reason of Zhao Hai attention, Zhao Hai presently the Mo Sheng strength probably one has promoted, he carefully looked that truly has promoted, from the original Infant Stage time, has promoted to Transcends Tribulation Stage. But Mo Sheng promotes in Space, therefore has not brought in Lightning Tribulation, Zhao Hai often smiles, the hand wields, Thunder light divided together on the body of Mo Sheng, Mo Sheng one smartly, finally woke completely, but that said that Thunder light was also directed to receive by him, he was also official entry to Transcends Tribulation Stage. However Mo Sheng has not actually managed that many, but is look at Zhao Hai said : Big Brother, I was hungry.” Zhao Hai one hear of he said that cannot help but head black line, ill-humored white his said : line, hungry has eaten, remembers that takes thing to come out with me.” Mo Sheng complied with one, turn around went into the kitchen, has taken up a fat chicken, ran up to the Zhao Hai side, the flipping eye of Zhao Hai not bore, beckoned with the hand, says goodbye has been smiling the belly pain several females, walked out from Space. For those gnawing the in hand fat chicken that outside Mo Sheng has kept, in does not make noise, Zhao Hai was also understand, this silly person had the silly luck, Mo Sheng this youngster eating thing regards to practice, eating thing that no wonder he went all out, later on Level Up, went along with him, in his Space things to eat had in any case is, if can eat Immortal Stage Expert to come, that steadily has not been an amusing matter. Zhao Hai presently came from own Cave Mansion, presently outside his Cave Mansion, cultivator of 200 treasure are standing guard, these two people he also knew that is the strength is quite strong, they looked at Zhao Hai to come out, hid to Zhao Hai, said : mister, Tang Jie Captain asked you to come out later immediately to see him.” Zhao Hai nodded, smiles said : to thank two, but also troubles two for my guard Cave Mansion, was really laborious.”

The two actually think little, one of them smiles said : this is anything, can be mister you defends Cave Mansion, that is our motivation.” Zhao Hai laughs, the hand turns, left two altar|jar liquor, gives their said : I not to have what good thing to two altar|jar liquor give two, these two altar|jar Spirit Wine give two to taste.” That two received Spirit Wine hastily, thanked to Zhao Hai but actually, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, turn around flies toward Tang Jie Cave Mansion, before long Zhao Hai arrived at Tang Jie Cave Mansion, he just arrived at Tang Jie Cave Mansion, sees Tang Jie to stand in Cave Mansion in front of the door, probably is waiting for someone. Who does Zhao Hai fall puzzled said : Tang Big Brother in? Did Big Brother Mu soon come back?” Tang Jie ill-humored white his said : I’ll wait for you, comes in me quickly, the matter makes how?” Zhao Hai heard that Tang Jie in he, he smiles said : originally because of this, feel relieved was good, has done well, you look.” Said that a hand revolution, in hand left a spear|gun, Zhao Hai saw in hand this spear|gun, the corners of the mouth has cannot help but pulled out, he just asked Cai'er, the spear|gun of imitation prepared not to have, what has not actually seen this spear|gun is, now takes this spear|gun to look that Zhao Hai has cannot help but smiled bitterly, because this spear|gun unexpectedly was 56 type semi-automatic rifles, he felt that he ran up to different realm to sell weapon of country. although knows that this is Cai'er is deliberately creating trouble, he has not said anything, has given Tang Jie the in hand spear|gun, Tang Jie looked at Zhao Hai in hand spear|gun one to feel probably a some not too spear|gun, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : this spear|gun to reform I to improve, you looked that here has put the cartridge clip, but used almost, such spear|gun I have manufactured 50, my in hand did not have the material, the bullet of this spear|gun, with the bullet that Weave Fire Clan used is the same, this time we obtained many Weave Fire Clan bullets, can bring to use.” Tang Jie some look at this spear|guns of being unable to put down, this actually has some to be not quite same as 56 types, most at least bolt design on this spear|gun does not have, suits the ten-thousand realms battlefield here situation. The Zhao Hai look at Tang Jie appearance, shows a faint smile said : to fire a spear|gun to try, inside has the bullet, was right, do not hit to the person.” Tang Jie one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but laughs, then is also studying the appearance of Weave Fire Clan person, looked, opened fire, this bullet naturally was hits . Moreover the distance of flying going returned very far, Zhao Hai has calculated, the effective range of this spear|gun can be about the twenty thousand meter, in 15,000 kilometers distance, if Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert did not use Magical Artifact, only depended on protective shield and ensure a spear|gun wanted his life, in 10,000 meters, can defeat opposite party Magical Artifact, the end was overbearing. After having fired a spear|gun, before long a bullet returned from the distant place, fell Tang Jie in hand, Tang Jie looked at that bright yellow bullet, satisfied nod said : good, had this spear|gun, we in did not need to fear Weave Fire Clan these fellows.” Zhao Hai smiles said : besides these 50 new spear|guns, we also obtained Weave Fire Clan that 2000 old spear|gun, is good, wants the use, but this bullet appeared has a little.” Said that Zhao Hai turns, put out a book to Tang Jie said : this is the refinement method of spear|gun and bullet, Tang Big Brother can arrange to refine.” Tang Jie received that book, nodded said : to Zhao Hai Little Hai, I, this time you have contributed to the great merit for our hundred treasure thank you.”

Zhao Hai forced smile said : do not say that this spear|gun and bullet although is easy-to-use, but refines not to be easy, some components in this spear|gun are really too small, therefore refines somewhat difficultly, you may probably have the psychology to prepare to be good.” Tang Jie one hear of Zhao Hai said that face strange look at Zhao Hai, then laughs said : Little Hai, you may really be wise, silly for a while, what you forgot weapon of our hundred treasure uses are? Regarding other various Realm, manufactures small Magical Artifact somewhat to be difficult, but regarding our hundred treasure, manufactures small Magical Artifact, that was at the relaxed matter, HaHaHa, your feel relieved was good, will not have any difficulty.” Zhao Hai one hear of he said that cannot help but has tapped the head, to be honest, he also really this forgetting, hundred treasure originally by using small Magical Artifact became famous, they regarding refining small Magical Artifact naturally very much had the attainment, oneself actually were still worrying about this, was really a little unnecessary, but he was deep voice said : Tang Big Brother, I may probably talk clearly with you, this spear|gun can only regard one type of auxiliary weapon to make to use, cannot too be serious this thing, I had asked these Weave Fire Clan Undead Creature, they were the main study controlled the fire, That controls the fire, if has learned, Might is possibly bigger than this spear|gun, because afterward this spear|gun was easy to operate, their starts slowly caused the spear|gun, that controlled the fire instead to put down, our hundred treasure practice method had their one set, if all placed on the energy this spear|gun, has forgotten own basis, that may on the gain does not equal the loss.” Tang Jie is gawked, then he who Zhao Hai said that has hesitated, face was getting more and more dignified, some little time, he gained ground, look at Zhao Hai said : good, good that Little Hai, you said that this spear|gun truly was convenient, but actually cannot forget the basis, my immediately told these situations, but I want to receive these thing, Big Brother Mu feared that was immediately must come back, HaHaHa.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : actually I to want research now, how is to enlarge these spear|guns, turns into the appearance of cannon, makes that type of big bullet, like this to us advantageous.” Tang Jie one hear of Zhao Hai said that two eyes bright said : this method cannot help but good, fantastic, how don't you have research?” Zhao Hai look at Tang Jie, forced smile said : my Tang Big Brother, I currently have this idea, moreover this research wants for a long time, now that has that long time research, moreover research this thing needs the material, I presently a in hand material did not have, comes research with anything.” Tang Jie smiles said : feel relieved, material I gives you to prepare, was right, you look for some these crafting fellows, must as soon as possible comes out artillery research.” Zhao Hai nodded, has complied with one.!. «» &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;