Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1501

walked out of Mu Yu from Cave Mansion, let out a long breath, in elders has decided that has sent several elders, goes to several other big lobbies, must make several other big get up with their hundred treasure alliance, Weave Fire Clan hitting, if makes Weave Fire Clan real handle extend, their several big did not have the peaceful day with the fear... com wonderful non- ball window qi In such decision Mu Yu very agreed that Weave Fire Clan does not have round not long to hit, now he is worried is the octopus island there situation, if octopus island there rather not lives, that hundred treasure will be very passive. In this time, a suddenly signalling jade sword has been flying him, Mu Yu received the Transmission jade letter, spiritual force sweeps toward, then the facial expression shakes, the face present happy expression, turn around ran in this Cave Mansion. This Cave Mansion very enormous, is comprised of several small Cave Mansion, in Cave Mansion, is a very big discussing room hall, here is hundred treasure centers is. The centers of these hundred treasure are not magnificent, conversely, to is appears very simple, this is the custom that hundred treasure first generation Realm Master subscribe, is good, after must let, enters has remembered the thing solid truth that the center do not construct. Now in this hall, is sitting several to all white always enters, these always enter imposing manner to be extraordinary, competes however is Immortal Stage Expert. several other Realms Immortal Stage Expert, generally is few principle vulgar event, but hundred treasure here are different, hundred treasure here have regulation, Immortal Stage Expert must handle the matters in some clans, at the ten-year, ten years trades, each issue can not be less than five to enter, these Immortal Stage Expert that now in the hall sits, is the present processes entering of hundred treasure business. Except that these Immortal Stage Expert, in the room also sit cultivator that several ages look like are not small, but they are not Immortal Stage, but is Divided Spirit Stage, these practiced for a lifetime, had not arrived at entering of Immortal Stage finally, but they in the strength, in Divided Spirit Stage were also top existences, was very big in the ten-thousand realms battlefield here reputation. But Mu Yu always enters front in these, it can be said that grandchildren, his strength has arranged at there, in has Immortal Stage Expert teacher in addition, moreover must regard to take over into to train him, therefore Mu Yu , in these enter the status not to be low. Actually now these elders had met, reason that they also stay in here, lobbied several other big selected issues in the determination, the status of first this entering must suffice, not only in hundred treasure, even if in eye that in other entered, this entered must have certain prestige to be good. From this point, Mu Yu some are unqualified, his Bi Jing is one enters newly, the although strength has, but must speak of this prestige, is actually not one young two young can accumulate, therefore makes him not go appropriately, must select one to come from these old Divided Spirit Stage Expert to be good.

Because discussed this matter, in adding on some Mu Yu worry octopus island there situations, therefore he first leave, entering in room also knows that he must go to thousand anything, naturally has not entered to oppose. At this time looked that Mu Yu such quickly came back, entering in hall to is somewhat strange, in which Immortal Stage did Expert knit the brows said : small feather, what matter What happened? has?” Mu Yu entered to that hastily bows said : Master, disciple just received the octopus island there letter, Little Jie they have repelled the attack of Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race, moreover wiped out two thousand Weave Fire Clan to enter.” In room entered one hear of him saying that gawked, Mu Yu came back has told them, when he came back, entering of Weave Fire Clan arrived at imperial Spirit Realm encampment there, with entering of great Spirit Race about soldier one, prepared to cope with octopus island there, everyone/Great Clan also is very worried about the octopus island there situation. However is good because of octopus island there also tens of thousands enters, defends according to the island, to does not need too to be worried that if octopus island there defended does not defend has drawn back, they in hit entering of several other Realms to discuss that coped with the Weave Fire Clan matter, energy is also insufficient. It can be said that they do not have command(er) Zhao Hai they to defend the octopus island, they hope Zhao Hai they defeat can dignified, making entering of several other Realms see that our hundred treasure are the sincerity resists Weave Fire Clan. Has not actually thought that now competes young however receives information saying that Zhao Hai they have defeated Weave Fire Clan . Moreover the Weave Fire Clan 2000 armies wiping out, this stems from really all into unexpected. Mu Yu Master Mu Yaobo look at Mu Yu said : „is this real? Is Little Jie gives personally into letter?” Mu Yu nodded said : real, is having three by Little Hai, leaves the island and Weave Fire Clan enters to the war, the Weave Fire Clan entering spear|gun, how Little Hai, finally was killed by Little Hai, the meaning of Little Jie was, let in prepare the a batch commodity, Little Hai plans to copy the Weave Fire Clan spear|gun.” Mu Yaobo stares, then on the face happy said : „can Little Hai copy the Weave Fire Clan spear|gun?” Entering in room has almost not seen Zhao Hai, but regarding this name they absolutely is not strange, in their opinion, Zhao Hai is one enters the talent absolutely.

Mu Yu nodded said : is, Little Jie said that Little Hai started the research Weave Fire Clan spear|gun now, can look imitate, but I look mostly yes, he including Giant Spirit Treasure Ship such can manufacture, can imitate including the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, I thought that we now are best are start to prepare the a batch commodity, so long as Little Jie their there determines that our immediately sends to them.” Mu Yaobo did nod, turns the head to look at several other Immortal Stage elder said : everyone/Great Clan to think?” A stature thin and small Immortal Stage elder, traces the beard, nodded said : Zhao Hai surface although I not to see, but he actually repeatedly contributes to the great merit for our hundred treasure, wants to come is not entering of talking irresponsibly, he said that can copy the spear|gun, that certainly, if there is a spear|gun, the strengths of our hundred treasure will increase, when the time comes is our positive did not need to fear them with Weave Fire Clan to, I think that can be prepared by the small feather, when the time comes they do not need the commodity time, we in presently prepare, that may on delaying the matter..” Several other elders also agreed that Mu Yu procedure, Mu Yaobo then turns the head to Mu Yu said : good, small feather, you prepare, if octopus island there in the letter, must tell us.” Mu Yu complied with one, turn around has drawn back. The commodities of hundred treasure have are, these many years, big like hundred treasure, family property the Zhao Hai imagination must be more, must say that beforehand these thing use, the Mu Yu somewhat grieved words, that present are not grieved. Various Magical Artifact that hundred treasure here these years obtain were too many, in adding on builds up waste Magical Artifact, before these thing, in hundred treasure is some useless waste, has not entered to care, lost one not to have into on housing planet, now on that planet how much waste materials, hundred treasure entering don’t know. Before these waste material that naturally were a point with does not have, but now is different, now Zhao Hai can decompose the become a useful person material these waste materials, then regarding hundred treasure, these waste materials may turn into the treasure, but material that these waste materials can change, even are more than hundred treasure present stocks. Because of this, therefore Mu Yu uses these materials now, that is not grieved, but Mu Yu now and don’t know must make the Weave Fire Clan spear|gun, needs any material, therefore he can only prepare some. The materials of hundred treasure are too many, Mu Yu must assemble these materials, requires certain time, the unconscious several hours passed by, in Mu Yu also when are busy the material assembling, a signalling jade sword has flown him nearby. Mu Yu received the jade sword, spiritual force sweeps toward , a immediately/on horseback face likes runs outward, was quick he to arrive at center hall there, now entering of center hall there has been short much, it seems like other had entering of duty to walk, but five Immortal Stage elders also.

That five entered looks at Mu Yu to come, also Mu Yu , Mu Yu to several was entering a ritual, this to Mu Yaobo said loudly: Master, the great happiness, Little Hai can manufacture the spear|gun, moreover after the improvement, is better than the Weave Fire Clan spear|gun, he is organizing into the method of research system artillery now.” Said that has given Mu Yaobo the signalling jade sword. After Mu Yaobo received the jade sword, spiritual force searches toward, immediately knew the sequence of events of this matter, on Mu Yaobo the face has also revealed a happy expression, afterward has given nearby Immortal Stage long Old Daoist the jade sword: Everybody, this is great happiness matter, our hundred treasure were also many one type of efficient instrument.” After several Immortal Stage elders have looked at the content in jade sword, is liking of face, build thin long Old Daoist: I look, or Little Hai calling returned to encampment here, letting him in the encampment here manufacture spear|gun, always compared in the octopus island there security.” Mu Yaobo stares, he has not thought of this point, has hesitated, he also nodded said : I look, if possible, I thought that we should remove now entering of octopus island there? The octopus island hangs the overseas orphaned, throughout is an issue, but this Little Hai they have repelled Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race army, destroyed completely Weave Fire Clan 2000 to enter, this sufficiently indicated we manner to Weave Fire Clan, with several other Realms negotiated the time , has the chip in the hand, making them come back, was OK.” Several elders nodded, Mu Yu gently knit the brows said : Master, I looked good that octopus island there temporarily do not remove, has the octopus island, so long as we send into to defend in there, can attract the attention of great Spirit Race and Weave Fire Clan, they possibly will not come to our white bucket domain to disturb, like this we can calmly deal, if we removed octopus island there, Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race will directly attack our white bucket domain, such fight has started in our white bucket domain on equal to, was Weave Fire Clan these enters does not want. Destroys anything, but our here receives to destroy that is certain, moreover in our white bucket domain encampment of these small will also be destroyed, the assemble forces instead to might as well look like now are so convenient, therefore I looked that octopus island there was unable to remove, Little Hai cannot come back, I know, ten-thousand realms battlefield here, can block Weave Fire Clan Magical Artifact of spear|gun directly is not many, if Little Hai comes back, that octopus island there does not need to defend.” &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;