Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1504

Chapter 430 mortar flash of white light, Zhao Hai appears on Transmission Formation, this Transmission Formation was very big, the side about ten meters, around Zhao Hai one sized up, presently this Transmission Formation unexpectedly in mountain valley, Zhao Hai cannot help but has smiled, he has not thought really that hundred treasure elected in crag on-board Transmission Formation unexpectedly in such a place. But Zhao Hai just about to proceeds, actually one stopped, two eyes with amazement looks at the both sides mountains, this mountain valley both sides mountains seriously very high, moreover is rolling, does not look to the end. But reason that Zhao Hai with amazement , because this mountain not composes with the earth or Stone, but abandons by the pieces metal for the pile becomes, the entire mountain is! This was too scary, such how much waste materials can pile such high mountain, moreover is not a mountain peak is so simple, here simply is mountain range, by is the scrap heap mountain range! Is shining is sizing up all around time in Zhao Hai two eyes, calls out transmits said : youngster, why you came not to inform my Senior, making me good.” Zhao Hai goes along the prestige, one must all white old person fly in the distant place, before quick fell the body of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai presently this old person stature not very high, but was very fat, and beard was white, on face also appears old person spot, but a pair of big link eye was still the none remaining sparkles, did not see the silk bold senile. Zhao Hai goes forward to a old person ritual, just about to starts talking, old person immediately/on horseback said : „are you replace my? Young, does not have a desire to do better, runs up to here to do this to look at tattered living, snort|hum, but my Senior is wants rubbish with you, youngster, after here, hands over give you.” Said that simply to opportunity of Zhao Hai speech, on Transmission Formation, flash of white light had not vanished. Zhao Hai dull standing in there, solid don’t know must say any good, this old person also worried, simply has not given him any speech opportunity, walked directly. Zhao Hai looked at all around one, pleasant is the material that builds up to discard variously, these materials have some also to see are the appearances of metal, some actually simply could not look. Zhao Hai has not worried immediately to decompose these materials, but flew, gathers round this planet slowly is flying. He wants to have a look on this planet really nobody, this planet is very big, even if by Zhao Hai, used for several hours to transfer, but after transferring this planet, Zhao Hai only remaining shocked at heart. Entire planet, above all was all kinds of waste materials, entire planet overspreading, on this planet also Cave Mansion, this Cave Mansion is beforehand that old person remains, that old person thinks that was Old Jiang in Mu Yu mouth. Cave Mansion of this Old Jiang head also constructs on a waste material mountain, to is not small, the here surface is not the person to be comfortable absolutely.

Zhao Hai simply has not gone to that Cave Mansion, the crag on-board inspected for one week later, the flashes body entered in Space, Laura they are busy now, Zhao Hai deep voice said : how?” Zhao Hai asked how, how did not mean this crag on-board, but another matter, Zhao Hai, when went to Transmission square there with Mu Yu , has left behind many Liquid Silver flying needle in there, in adding on him also kept Yama Ship three Great Magical Artifact, there can also produce the innumerable Liquid Silver flying needle, Zhao Hai must use these Liquid Silver flying needles, received in more places the Space map. Laura smiles said : feel relieved, all smooth.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, the layout design of artillery how?” Cai'er nodded said : to design, is divided into two types of artillery, one type of designs by the appearance of mortar, another one type is Cannon, Elder Brother Hai do you look?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „the blueprint of mortar to Mu Yu Big Brother they, the blueprint of Cannon we stay behind, was right, thinks the means unifies this type of Cannon and Yama Ship that several Great Magical Artifact.” Cai'er complied with one, Zhao Hai has smiled said : now we to arrive at such a treasure trove, naturally must collect some good thing, these time did not use politely, first received 1/10 to say.” Cai'er understand Zhao Hai this saying is any meaning, crag star here for them absolutely is a treasure trove, they will be certainly impolite. Cai'er has complied with one, he smiles said : I to leave behind a Universal Machine system spear|gun, produces the artillery, produces the bullet, produces the shell, remaining all was used to decompose these materials to be good, this was too relaxed regarding Universal Manufacturing Machine.” Zhao Hai smiles said : well, such manages, I exit now, entering quantity receives, after receiving, you some necessary materials leave behind, other outside puts according to groups.” Cai'er complied with one, in Zhao Hai flashes body audiences Space came out, meets to begin to wield, Space rift appears , toward that waste material mountain upper hood. One pile waste was immediately vanished, Universal Manufacturing Machine immediately in Space started to work, these waste material immediately decomposed various materials, has stored up. Now the entire crag on-board on a Zhao Hai person, how Zhao Hai naturally wants how, before long mountain top by Zhao Hai evacuating.

In Space various materials also pile up, simultaneously the mortar and Cannon also produce left much, naturally also has the shell of mortar. Received mountain top, Zhao Hai stopped, met to begin to wield, has put out a piece jade slip, mortars and several shells, have then arrived at Transmission Formation there, placed in thing Transmission Formation, then started Transmission Formation, flash of white light, thing information, Zhao Hai also on no longer pay attention to. But at this time, hundred treasure encampment Transmission Formation square there was actually some extremely busy, often people passes and out, person who these came, was hundred treasure various small people, but person who exited, mostly was hundred treasure people. However formation has actually stopped in there nobody has moved, even all around some people are also guarding, this made these enter hundred treasure Lao Lao small people very curious, a small people to hundred treasure people quietly said : that getting them was coming in Thunder Peng, that did formation go to that? How also some people of look at? I remember before , I come time, probably doesn't have this situation?” Thunder Peng looked at that not big formation one, shows a faint smile said : „that to Mr. Zhao Hai special-purpose, mister nearest/recent not in encampment here, but Mu Yu Big Brother has told, that formation everyone is unusable, said that is Mr. Zhao Hai is useful.” As soon as that small people listened to Thunder Peng saying that to was startled, his look at Thunder Peng said : this Zhao Hai wasn't just join hundred treasure didn't have long time? I to have heard him, is this person very strong? Mu Yu does mister actually so take seriously him?” Thunder Peng smiles said : Mr. Zhao Hai to be possible , is not only strong, I was also just came back from octopus island there, these days they have handed over several times with Big Brother Mu and Mr. Zhao Hai with great Spirit Race these bastards, finally this time, followed the Weave Fire Clan person, HaHaHa, must say that did to fight with Mr. Zhao Hai is happy, others could not hit us, we may the vigor punched these fellows, that called energetically.” Was saying on that small Magical Artifact flash of white light, then a shiny black iron pipe, several iron lumps, a piece jade slip appears in law in the formation. These guard formation people looked to have thing appears , does not dare to neglect, immediately took thing, turn around flew away, these people of movements, looked by the person and Thunder of Peng that small in the eye, that small person not understand to Thunder Peng said : Thunder Peng, what's all this about? Isn't a broken iron pipe? How do I think they probably very tense appearance?” Thunder Peng looked at that person of one, shows a faint smile said : that looks like truly is a broken iron pipe, but that is actually Mr. Zhao Hai sends, do not say that he sends an iron pipe, even if an iron rod, feared that has not dared underestimated, was good, walks, do not delay too long time in here, these Transmission Formation now are very busy.” The person of that small has complied with one, a face doubt followed Thunder Peng. Mu Yu is very really busy, he with Tang Jie, a Tang Wen person Great Magical Artifact that brings Zhao Hai to leave behind, to these quite far small, received encampment here to come, to have these three Great Magical Artifact the people of these small, this met the person was naturally quicker, but he cannot keep encampment here. However is good, when he walks has explain/transfer, making people that Transmission Formation remaining, moreover kept the person to guard, he also told the person of guarding, so long as in Transmission Formation appears thing, no matter anything, immediately delivered to elder there to go. Mu Yu is very high in the status of hundred treasure, naturally nobody dares to say anything, immediately complied. Therefore saw that the mortar also has jade slip, these looked that a person does not dare to neglect, immediately brought these thing to go in pivot shaft hall there.

Mu Tianbo they are listening to various reports in center hall there now, often written comment a few words, looked at this time a person came, has given Mu Tianbo thing. Mu Tianbo looked at mortar one first curiously, this took up jade slip, spiritual force searched, in this jade slip naturally was refinement method of mortar, very detailed that wrote. Must know that Zhao Hai the mortar does not have the punmetals mounting, because has no need, this mortar in shooting, will have some recoil force, but this recoil force regarding these cultivator, cannot really be regarded anything, therefore Zhao Hai this design, does not have the punmetals mounting, but in the cannon barrel upper garment handle, the convenient user was taking this rod iron tube. However the style of this shell to with similar of mortar, this Zhao Hai to does not need to make the modification, the appearance of that big bullet or bullet that the originally Weave Fire Clan person uses, needs to strike, but the shell of this mortar, touches, these two have in a big way different. Mu Tianbo nodded, face belt happy expression gave Tang Tian graciousness said : you also to have a look jade slip, this Zhao Hai, seriously was a talented person.” Said that Mu Tianbo wields, cannon barrel of mortar arrived at in his hand. This artillery officer is not an iron pipe so is certainly simple, inside has many Magic Formation, these Magic Formation look like in addition of stealths, will play doing of boost to use, to let the artillery ejection is farther, is more powerful. But the shell of mortar is a high explosive shell, but in the shell of Zhao Hai design has to strike thick, inside has installed very my small Magical Artifact, these small Magical Artifact, after the shell blasts out, can form two injuries, very overbearing. ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;