Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1506

Chapter 431 metal plants Zhao Hai is decomposing the material, now the crag on-board has vacated very big a piece place, naturally the ground has also put the metallic material that various types wanted completely respectively. These metallic materials were made the pieces ingot metal, places the ground very conspicuously, naturally places the ground these materials is some common materials, some special metallic materials, Zhao Hai has not put here to put, but received in Space. Naturally Zhao Hai had not received in Space, outside remained, but in Space the present is manufacturing the spear|gun and artillery, but now the spear|gun of Zhao Hai manufacture, is some to the spear|gun that the people of hundred treasure use, but that Universal Machine of manufacture artillery has been used to decompose the material, only leaves behind a machine, is used for the produce shell. Zhao Hai calm, his present moving does looks like some mechanization, advancing, lives in pile of piles the waste material income to Space . In advancing that Zhao Hai keeps, suddenly hears din-dong one, out of the ordinary meeting shows the sound to transmit said : presently special metal plants, this plants absorbs the metal to live, tenacious, increases in Space all metal stubborn and unyielding people.” Zhao Hai stayed, then his immediately/on horseback made Cai'er propose that metal plants looked at one, that metal plants to was very ordinary, not the high adult plant, pale cyan, was dodging the metallic luster leaf, looked like seems like same as made of metal plants, like one not living plants. Zhao Hai curious look at this plants, he presently this plants looks like some likely is the bone plants, the bone plants looks like seems like made by Bone, but this plants looks like by made of metal. Zhao Hai immediately makes Cai'er analyze this plants to do anything, the result of however obtaining is actually, this plants can increase the Magical Artifact material, but also is useful, actually cannot analyze, did not mean that does not have other use, but said this plants, other use, but now Zhao Hai level is too low, cannot analyze. Zhao Hai hears this result somewhat not to know whether to laugh or cry, but he has not cared, since this plants has the use, he does not need to stare is not putting, looked for the place planter and that's the end, he now main any decomposes the become a useful person material these waste materials. To be honest in these waste materials also really has some good materials, some materials little could even find in ten-thousand realms battlefield there, but can actually find in these scrap heaps, naturally, that had also found in the lower level of scrap heap, when loses in scrap heap here, feared that is hundred treasure people does not talk clearly. Now in Zhao Hai Space increases various materials newly, no less than thousand have planted, this is Zhao Hai has not thought that but now Zhao Hai turned into the material about 1/1000 scrap heaps. But in encampment there of hundred treasure, these Crafter in produce diligently the spear|gun, the artillery, the bullet, shell these thing, they cannot be giving a thought to the careful refinement now, completely is the refinement way of one type of extensive type, admits in a material of stack furnace, then starts to refine, then appears pile of waste materials, originally regarding the refinements of some small Magical Artifact, these Crafter can also be dozens 1 success ratios, but now their success ratio is only 1%.

Naturally, low of success ratio, with speeding up, originally refines time, now can refine five times fully, if beforehand hundred treasure absolutely will not be luxurious, they cannot waste, but they actually cannot attend to now that many \; first, because there is Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai can decompose these waste materials, will not waste, two are because they did not have the too much time, they need many weapon. Zhao Hai although is decomposing the material in crag star there, however the outside world situation he is clear, he has not used the produce Cannon actually, the time that the Cannon his produce several, have only saved he in the shell of produce Cannon, these Cannon that produce comes out, is gives Mu Yu them to look when necessary, is not he must use, because Liquid Silver can very good changes the Cannon, simply does not need him to come produce. Now Zhao Hai produce is spear|gun and bullet, produce very smooth of spear|gun, the bullet smooth, now his in Space had spear|gun near hundred thousand only, the bullet cannot count, Zhao Hai planned that in some produce bullet, then stops, full produce bullet and shell. First successive about, Zhao Hai will turn into various materials the crag on-board one-fifth waste materials in seven days, such feared that is Mu Yu they do not believe that but Zhao Hai was not having the time to make these, because of Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race army to hundred treasure domains. Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race army although to hundred treasure domains, but did not mean that they to arrived at hundred treasure encampment, conversely, these army to hundred treasure these small domains, but by people of hundred treasure surveillance present, army wants to arrive at hundred treasure encampment, but also needs several days time. although also has the several days time, but hundred treasure here were actually started to alert fully, the spear|gun that all manufactured has only gotten down, making the people release the spear|gun only use ripe, in hundred treasure also started the general mobilization, large quantities of hundred treasure people arrived at ten-thousand realms battlefield here. But hundred treasure encampment surrounding, was arranged camp one after another, these camp are not very big, inside besides defending Magic Formation, had Transmission Magic Formation. These camp mainly for do not let great Spirit Race and Weave Fire Clan army has the direct attack to encampment quickly, in each camp, has put 1000 soldiers, ten mortars, but is protecting encampment camp like, altogether has 20. Zhao Hai also knows that great Spirit Race and Weave Fire Clan entered hundred treasure domains, but he has not cared, still decomposed the material in crag star there, Mu Yu has not been coming to look for Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai these days besides the decomposition material, gave back to Mu Yu to send to about thousand spear|guns, near hundred thousand bullet, this regarding hundred treasure, absolutely was a big supplement. Time past bit by bit, Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race army to hundred treasure encampment getting closer and closer, but at this time hundred treasure sent to lobby these big people, did not have the too big progress, the people of these big were waiting for anything probably, has not complied with immediately/on horseback to dispatch troops.

Regarding this situation, hundred treasure here clearly have some preparations, they intensified the effort of lobby at the same time, 100 are fully is actually preparing to meet head-on. Besides ordinary cultivator, hundred treasure here have concentrated in various Realm now thousand Immortal Stage Expert, was only hundred treasure Immortal Stage Expert 100, was on Upper Realm, the inside story is really worthily deep. But the people of these small, from most in disorder from the beginning, started full coordinate hundred treasure to move to the present, regarding the people of these small, this was also opportunity, so long as hundred treasure won, has defeated great Spirit Race and Weave Fire Clan army, their Interface can obtain the even bigger domain, obtained the even bigger domain, means that more commodities, had these commodities, they can train many Expert on the intent leaf, so long as Expert were many, on the intent leaf their Interface can bring it up a level. Finally entered in Zhao Hai to crag star half a month later, great Spirit Race and Weave Fire Clan person arrived at hundred treasure encampment surrounding, in person exchange hands that these of hundred treasure with small camp constructed. Now gathers round hundred treasure encampment, has established about 50 small camp, first small camp is thousand people, ten mortars. After great Spirit Race and Weave Fire Clan enter to these small camp attack scopes, these small camp people started the person to Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race have carried on attack. But what Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race these people are obvious is underprepared to this attack, they have not thought the person who hundred treasure will use the spear|gun to carry on attack for them, they have not really thought why the Weave Fire Clan unique spear|gun, meets appears in the hands of hundred treasure these people, moreover quantity also such enormous. Quick Weave Fire Clan increased to these small camp attack efforts, in their opinion, hundred treasure had the spear|gun, is to they biggest threat, Weave Fire Clan can have today's status, the spear|gun may not be light regarding their importances, now hundred treasure actually appears these many spear|guns, this regarding the Weave Fire Clan status is a very stern threat, therefore Weave Fire Clan does not hesitate at all costs certainly surely, must annihilate hundred treasure. Smooth that however matter they have not imagined, Weave Fire Clan these spear|gun not to be trifled with, attack strength very formidable, do not think that Zhao Hai can block the bullet with Great Magical Artifact protective shield, others are also same, the fact is not this, Zhao Hai can block these bullets with Great Magical Artifact protective shield, be more than general protective shield formidable because of these Great Magical Artifact protective shield, even also wants formidable compared with general Magical Artifact, can Zhao Hai enter fully, may not be different from general protective shield. Now person in hand of hundred treasure is taking the spear|gun, is also better than the Weave Fire Clan spear|gun, the firing distance is farther, lethality even bigger, meets such resisting, the Weave Fire Clan person wants advancing one step also is really very difficult. although said that great Spirit Race also moves with their together, but great Spirit Race in hand does not have the spear|gun after all, some Transcends Tribulation Stage, wants to rush the person offensive combat with hundred treasure, often will die in hundred treasure person in hand. Even if these defends the Magical Artifact very formidable great Spirit Race person, may, in flying Magical Artifact has to compare in the attack range, using can Magical Artifact attack, very difficult to cause anything to injure to camp of hundred treasure.

The Weave Fire Clan person presently, hundred treasure besides the spear|gun, the artillery, the attack range of this type of artillery were very big, attack strength also very formidable, their really not understand, oneself, even if has used about this spear|gun technique, that shoot out bullet, the lethality feared that does not have this artillery to be so big, hundred treasure these weapon that obtains from there. appears of hundred treasure in hand these spear|gun and artillery, almost changed the ten-thousand realms battlefield here fight form, before the ten-thousand realms battlefield here fight form, was use ordinary Magical Artifact, both sides suspended the lineup, then mutually attack, a side could not withstand, naturally retreat or the rout, another side can carry on to chase down. But appears of these spear|guns are actually not this, appears of these spear|guns, regarding these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, the threat were too big, Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, almost cannot approach the opposite party to carry on attack, that can only come under attack, this regarding the morale attack of these cultivator is very critical. ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;