Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1507

Does Chapter 432 request a combat assignment on own initiative? flash of white light, signalling jade sword appears in Transmission Formation, then the signalling jade sword flew in a direction, after leaping several metal mountains, jade sword appears in the Zhao Hai front. Zhao Hai received the jade sword, showed a faint smile said : I also to sink should almost arrive.” spiritual force searches toward the jade sword, really lets his returned to hundred treasure encampment information. To great Spirit Race and Weave Fire Clan allied armies' army exchanging fire with hundred treasure, already past five days, these five days of times, these armies of although hundred treasure continuously in resistance diligently, moreover their in hand also has the spear|gun, but more than 50 small camp, wiped out about 30 people, great Spirit Race and Weave Fire Clan army, already soon soldier near hundred treasure encampment nearby. Zhao Hai although knows this situation, but he has not gone back, but has been decomposing these waste materials in crag star here, now the crag star here waste material, was decomposed about one third by him, this digit compared with few that he imagines, mainly because of the crag star here waste material quantity, compared with many that he imagines. Crag star here is canyon, but these natural creation canyons, had been levelled, but material that in these canyons decomposes, some were ten-thousand realms battlefield here vanished. Now a ten-thousand realms battlefield here various Realm people, learn has protected here thing, not continuously inferior picks cleanly, but enters to a ten-thousand realms battlefield various Realm people most from the beginning does not have such idea, they are only going all out is robbing various types of commodities, wished one could to give the lane to be without heirs some good materials. But they have also achieved, many ten-thousand realms battlefield here commodities, have been without heirs finally, afterward ten-thousand realms battlefield here for various type commodities lived a big root, known as the ten-thousand realms war, that time war, ten-thousand realms battlefield there almost all Interface participated. Because that time war, has plenty medicinal herbs and ore vanished, had found them in nobody in ten-thousand realms battlefield there, but thing that these vanish, is ten-thousand realms battlefield there most precious thing. Now in Zhao Hai Space had many ores, these ores are vanished in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, besides these ores, in Space also obtained some medicinal herbs and takes the crafting material plants. These plants must come very has dramatic, these medicinal herbs and plants, are called the material and Alchemy of refinement material cause with, some medicinal herbs are the entire uses, some medicinal herbs only have actually used seed, as the matter stands these medicinal herbs were decomposed one, will obtain some fresh entire plants or seed, but these seed and fresh plants, are actually can plant. Such accident present, making Zhao Hai annoy joyfully crazily, he has not thought that this has such matter, but those who let Zhao Hai happy is, Space Level Up, is not 1st level, but rose Level 10. Zhao Hai also present, in waste material star here, not, only then various crafting build up the waste material, some are refining pills build up the waste material, this refining pills builds up the waste probability, does not build up the waste probability to be lower than crafting, but has plenty refining pills builds up the waste material, turned into the soil completely, cannot use, even if uses Universal Manufacturing Machine impossible these thing reconstruct. However because these refining pills build up the waste material, therefore Zhao Hai obtained massive plantable medicinal herbs, now these medicinal herbs and plants have settled down in Space. Zhao Hai is very satisfied to such harvest, naturally now spear|gun in his Space, has achieved 200,000, besides has only apportioned Undead Creature ten five ten-thousand realms about spear|guns, remaining had been stored up by Zhao Hai. Besides the spear|gun, cannon spear|gun Zhao Hai also has only manufactured more than 50, has given Mu Yu , accompanies to send to also has refinement method of refinement method and shell of Cannon. Might of Cannon be much bigger than the mortar, but refines is not easy, Zhao Hai also after crag star here obtained some materials, refines. Yama Ship, above Giant Spirit Treasure Ship and pagoda, Zhao Hai has not installed the Cannon, is not he does not want to install, but is the present installs is really inappropriate, other people in crag on-board, three Great Magical Artifact actually in encampment there, if he gives three Great Magical Artifact to install the Cannon, if only suspicion.

But Might Zhao Hai of this Cannon also calculated, cannon gun one time, on equivalent to Divided Spirit Stage Expert struck fully, such result was very great. But the quantity of shell and bullet in Zhao Hai Space, could not count him, Zhao Hai first time sees that row of digit, will feel that the dizziness brain rises, he nature was not asking. although said that Mu Yu they obtained these 50 Cannon, but they until now, only refined ten \; first, because the material was rare, two were the failure rate is really too high. Now camp of hundred treasure encampment surrounding, almost by great Spirit Race and Weave Fire Clan to flattening out, below is protects the fights of hundred treasure encampment, at this time Mu Yu called Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai immediately has flown Transmission Formation there, through Transmission Formation returned to encampment of hundred treasure, one to hundred treasure encampment Transmission square here, Zhao Hai saw Mu Yu . Mu Yu that appearance, could not look that has anything to change, but his nearby Tang Jie and Tang Wen, are actually a grief and indignation of face, why Zhao Hai understand they are such expression, because the losses of these days hundred treasure are very big. Hundred treasure this Realm people several days died about ten thousand people, but their population of various small losses have also achieved about fifty thousand, since such loss has been hundred treasure enters the ten-thousand realms battlefield, heaviest one time. Zhao Hai regarding this digital very clear, but he actually pretends the don’t know appearance, saluted said : to Mu Yu Big Brother Mu, Weave Fire Clan these fellows comes?” Mu Yu has smiled bitterly next step: Came, far more than came, we with their exchange hands, in the clan lost about ten thousand people, small lost about the fifty thousand person, but the loss of Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race are more, two clans add the population of loss, in ten fifty thousand about.” Why does Zhao Hai pretend appearance said : not to call me? Now is the situation what kind of?” Mu Yu forced smile said : „the attack of great Spirit Race and Weave Fire Clan must arrive at encampment outside, therefore called you, the present is your Great Magical Artifact make a move time.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, this does not have the issue, but I require time, about several hours.” Mu Yu said : what matter does What happened? have?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : nothing, but I obtained some materials in crag star there, I must integrate in my Magical Artifact these materials, like this I can install the Cannon on Yama Ship their bodies, if on these three Great Magical Artifact has installed the Cannon, that attack strength can formidable.” Mu Yu stares, then two eyes bright said : good, this does not have issue several hours, we and others, your feel relieved was good.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : helped me say one to the elder, now the time is tight, I did not pay a visit several, first went to be busy at my matter.”

Mu Yu nodded said : to walk, I get you to go to Cave Mansion, I guaranteed, before you come out, nobody will disturb you.” Zhao Hai nodded, with Mu Yu to his Cave Mansion, had then wormed one's way into, did not have the sound. Mu Yu turns the head to defend to Tang Jie said : in here, anybody can not disturb Little Hai, I see Master.” Tang Jie and Tang Wen nodded, they one on the left and other on the right stood in front of Zhao Hai Cave Mansion. Mu Yu arrived at center hall there, now center hall here was expanded, center hall there all rooms made a connection, became a giant hall, inside sits more than 1000 Immortal Stage Expert, these Immortal Stage Expert, mostly are these small Interface, only then more than 100 belong to hundred treasure. Mu Tianbo and Tang Tian graciousness they also sit in the middle of hall, some once for a while people will come to report them, these people report is the tactical situations , the bulletin left various small dead many people. The population of various although this small losses are many, but the average to the body of each small, this population is not many, the people of these small can also accept, but some small Interface Immortal Stage Expert complexion are not quite attractive, after all their Interface are too small, every time loses a person, to their strengths, will have certain influence. Mu Yu enters to the center hall time, happen to hundred treasure person to Mu Tianbo report loss, small camp were broken through, in retreating, lost many people. Mu Yu has not cared, has flown Mu Tianbo directly, to Mu Tianbo gave a salute said : Master, Little Hai came back.” Mu Tianbo stares, then does the spirit shake said : other people? Let his immediately/on horseback command(er) Great Magical Artifact attack, to these bastard lessons.” Mu Tianbo these days pressure very big, although they at defensive position however these days, they actually have not fought any brilliant successful battle, below these small Interface Immortal Stage Expert, some veiled criticism, they have needed a successful battle now, that feared that is the minor victory is also good. Mu Yu said : Little Hai said that he obtained some materials, wants join to his Magical Artifact, like this on his Magical Artifact can install the Cannon, the time is tight, he did not pay a visit you.” A Mu Yu this saying exit / to speak, below these Immortal Stage Expert could not bear buzz one discuss, most people were inquiring that this Zhao Hai was any status, why dares such to speak with Mu Tianbo, must know that Mu Tianbo was in hundred treasure Immortal Stage Immortal top existence, even if were hundred treasure here people, does not dare such to speak to him. Mu Tianbo has not managed these people, but nodded said : also well, had Little Hai said that can use how long?” Mu Yu nod said : he said for several hours, but I want soon, Little Hai to work you also to know, he always routine toward most went bad the matter has thought that then toward best doing.” Mu Tianbo nodded said : do not make anybody disturb Little Hai, dares to disturb Little Hai, no matter any status, kills, after waiting for Little Hai to come out, immediately makes him see me.” Mu Yu nodded. Mu Tianbo turned the head to look at these Immortal Stage Expert one at this time, deep voice said : „, when Little Hai comes out, immediately concentrates the hundred thousand person, exits to weaving the flame clan and great Spirit Race the army with Little Hai carries on attack, does not know that person is willing to go?” The Mu Tianbo voice just fell, must the clan and Comprehend the world Immortal Stage Expert has stood, their said : I hope toward with one voice.” They just stood, immediately/on horseback the people of several small have stood, these small person also said loudly: I hope toward.” Mu Tianbo looks at Interface that these stand, is almost some or following Interface, from battle to the present, their losses is not small, naturally most grieved is also they, because their Interface person are few, loses one to suffice their grieved for quite a while, has not actually thought that saying Zhao Hai must attack, all has stood.

These Interface such performance, makes other small Immortal Stage Expert stare slightly, they represent Interface to obey orders in here, these people naturally hope makes the war do not arrange them, because arranged them to represent them in some people dead, they were not certainly glad. However they have not actually thought that puts down these not making a sound, has duty to lower the head, does not want to note their Interface, actually jumped at this time, moreover on own initiative requested a combat assignment, this made these Immortal Stage Expert somewhat puzzled, Interface that their look at these stood, don’t know they in any insanity. Mu Yu looks at Immortal Stage Expert that these stand, the person who actually understand what's the matter, these stand, has almost blocked Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race small Interface person with Zhao Hai in octopus island there, they got to know the benefits of obviously, therefore heard that Zhao Hai must go to battle, their immediately requested a combat assignment. Mu Tianbo also somewhat is obviously unexpected to this situation, before he asked that must go to battle, Immortal Stage Expert in various Realm, can shrink the body, probably he will not note like this them to be the same, appoint to must him finally, but he also very fair, almost pulls out the person from various Realm, whose meaning has not been partial. although various Realm has not given too many comments now, the situation of but to this on own initiative requesting a combat assignment, is actually the first secondary. Mu Tianbo has gawked, then nodded said : „, since everybody requests a combat assignment, that asked various Realm to leave latter 90,000, my hundred treasure dispatched troops to 10,000, turned over to Mu Yu and Zhao Hai command(er), asking everybody to prepare, so long as Zhao Hai went out, immediately left.” People simultaneously has complied with one, cannot see a worry on the faces of these Immortal Stage Expert the facial expression, instead to is excited of face, this made the person who these were perplexed more puzzled. Mu Tianbo nodded, turns the head you also to prepare to Mu Yu said :, these time must to Weave Fire Clan and a great Spirit Race lesson, must let their understand, our hundred treasure do not want the place that comes to be able to come, has remembered, takes preserving oneself as the first point, took killing the effective strength of enemy as the second point.” Mu Yu nodded said : is, invited Master feel relieved.” Mu Tianbo nodded, let out a long breath, deep voice said : among lobbies to other major how?” immediately had Divided Spirit Stage Expert to stand got up said : to be not quite good, these big manner very ambiguous, has been towing, I think that they were waiting and seeing, wants to have a look at us to defeat Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race possibility.” ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;