Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1509

? A Zhao Hai face calm look at front, in his Space, hundred thousand Undead Creature army has prepared, these Undead Creature army in hand are taking the spear|gun, so long as Zhao Hai wields, these person of immediately can kill from Space, carries on attack to Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race. «» However Zhao Hai has not thought these Undead Creature now, if his release hundred thousand is taking Undead Creature of spear|gun, that was too scary, Undead Creature will certainly not make people feel with amazement, lets these people with amazement, is that hundred thousand only spear|gun. If Zhao Hai one puts out the hundred thousand only spear|gun, Mu Yu they feared that did not have the means to be so calm, if were giving some Zhao Hai time, Zhao Hai can put out these spear|guns to be also nothing unusual, after all Mu Tianbo has given Zhao Hai crag star there thing, Zhao Hai made the spear|gun using the crag star there material, yes. However Zhao Hai can in such a short time generate these many spear|guns, this absolutely is Mu Yu their imagination, such words Mu Yu can they produce to him dread the heart, this has not said. Spear|Gun thing does not compare other Magical Artifact, other Magical Artifact operate time is to need Spiritual Qi and spiritual force, your Spiritual Qi is insufficient, spiritual force is insufficient, even if gives you good Magical Artifact, you too could not use. However the spear|gun is different, spear|gun can not come in handy Spiritual Qi, does not use spiritual force, so long as you can take away the trigger, was OK bullet shoot out. Naturally a spear|gun in Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator in hand, with in Divided Spirit Stage cultivator in hand, Might has not managed Law Idol to compare, but hundred thousand only spear|gun, is the strength that cannot be estimated lightly. Therefore Zhao Hai although has given these Undead Creature these spear|guns now, but has not actually been able to take the use, Zhao Hai does not want to annoy to suspect, then to his plan very disadvantageous. However Zhao Hai is also clear, even if he does not put out many spear|guns now, does not need to fear these Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race person equally, because he has the Cannon, this time he only causes more than 200 Cannon, but was this was also enough, because the firing distances of these Cannon were very far, can definitely the great Spirit Race attack range copes with them in Weave Fire Clan and beyond. Moreover besides these Cannon, hundred treasure sends his on the ship that 10,000 hundred treasure natives of China, is bringing the spear|gun, this is also the strength that cannot be estimated lightly. Three Great Magical Artifact flight are quick, before long they heard front have heard the faint crackle of gunfire, the each and every one shadow, not far away of appears in front of them. Zhao Hai immediately made three Great Magical Artifact stop, then his immediately/on horseback waved, these Undead Creature immediately in three Great Magical Artifact started to adjust the muzzle, three Great Magical Artifact these ordinary cultivator curiously walked, actually presently this artillery has not looked like that simple, because on this artillery, some sighting systems, this sighting system very formidable, before above can demonstrate clearly, square-shaped formation ground all. These Weave Fire Clan people are standing on their Monster Beast now, in hand is taking the spear|gun, one after another hits toward camp of hundred treasure, but hundred treasure camp now also with spear|gun counter-attack, once for a while also will shoot a shell to attack the enemy.

Moving that because Weave Fire Clan these people are keeping, moreover they leave hundred treasure camp to be very far, the mortars of hundred treasure, the use also is really not very big. Zhao Hai sees this situation, cannot help but shaking the head of gently, his these Crafter to hundred treasure really somewhat disappointed, the Cannon that his present system uses, improves the version, on these Cannon, not only has the sighting system, same has a tracking system, enemy who can trace locking automatically, Might of such this artillery will be bigger. Three Great Magical Artifact meeting slowly the distance, left is not very far, Zhao Hai paid attention to these Undead Creature situations, before these Undead Creature, is operate Magic Cannon, regarding aiming at anything is not strange, in adding on sighting system Advanced level on this Cannon, They only need 0.1 on the computer screen to aim at that person, then can fire off, the shell will seek for target automatically, destroys target. Moreover this sighting system is unifies control by Space, the body of each target can a appears digit, change that this digit only then and 22 digit keep, if target appears two characters, that has represented two Cannon simultaneously to aim at him, others cannot in aiming, Might although of Cannon is not small, but sometimes wants in one to kill target , is unlikely, therefore the system is to permit at the same time two Cannon locks target, but if two gate Cannon have locked target, that on not. Good. These Undead Creature are operating the Cannon very skilled, Undead Creature special is responsible for choosing target, do not think that this is relaxed living, target has plenty on that screen, must within the shortest time, select to be away from itself appropriately, target is not that easy, moreover he also has another work to do, that fires a gun in command(er), is shouted a that person who lends out, must know at the same time two gate Cannon attack target, that nature is together hits is best, therefore at the same time two gate artillery after having aimed at target, That target under meets appears several luminous spots, when five luminous spots are complete, is firing off time, but person who this is responsible for aiming. Wants, when the fifth light lightens, person firing off that is responsible for firing a gun? Undead Creature special being responsible for installs the shell, the shell is the breech loading, each dozen one will draw back a cartridge case, Undead Creature special is responsible for firing a gun, several people coordinate very well coordinated. When Zhao Hai does not have command(er) these Undead Creature to fire off, but they soon arrived at the war to hold now, these Undead Creature could open fire freely, therefore when three Great Magical Artifact adjust position, intermittent crackle of gunfire has made a sound. Zhao Hai this Cannon also after improvement, the sound is not very big, otherwise this artillery places in Great Magical Artifact, was only that sound can the ear of person shaking deaf. Wish prosperous is standing in own Spirit Turtle beast carries on the back, in hand is taking the spear|gun, is opening fire to camp of hundred treasure, now hundred treasure protective shield of that camp was broken, therefore they started definitely to project on the person in camp, but wished yin of prosperous still face to sink, because he thought this weaponry hit was extremely aggrieved. Their Weave Fire Clan weaponry to run amuck world, is this spear|gun, but they have not actually thought that in hand of hundred treasure really also has the spear|gun, if not because hundred treasure probably just obtained the spear|gun, this accurate aim is also not good, feared that is their present casualties meets even bigger, even if these person of accurate aim of present hundred treasure is not quite good, has brought very big casualties to them. Always is they use the spear|gun to bully others, has not thought that also there is with the spear|gun bullying a day, this lets wish prosperous how can feel better at heart.

Wish is ready with the rifle firing prosperously, traces person in a 100 treasure camp, his Spirit Turtle beast, already line of steadiness of , without any person Fu Dong, but he wants to hit hundred treasure camp that person is not that easy. Hundred treasure fight of process such long time, understand has clung to tenaciously in a place, that can only wait for death, the migration that therefore their bodies are also keeping, the people of hundred treasure, wish the Spirit Turtle beast of prosperous under foot also, these two move adds on together, will make the aiming difficulty. These people of however hundred treasure have a weakness, that is they have not been familiar in the migration opens fire, they must open fire, must stop first, is aiming, this gave wished prosperous opportunity, so long as the people of hundred treasure stopped, he had confidence to hit the opposite party. When was wishing that person who prosperous has aimed at hundred treasure, his actually suddenly noted other thing, he gawked, eye immediately leave on the spear|gun that crude sight, has looked up, three matter huge Magical Artifact, in hundred treasure camp behind, are moving slowly, slowly approached toward camp there. Wish prosperous one startled, he knows that these three Great Magical Artifact, these three Great Magical Artifact lets the ringleader calamity that on them the a batch person is annihilated, now appears in here, this has let wish to feel a crisis prosperously. Was wishing is thinking prosperously how must cope with these three Great Magical Artifact time, wish prosperous actually suddenly to feel that own fine body hair one firm , before this feeling wished was prosperous, has, that was given the feeling of locking. Is one leaves sharpshooter, regarding this type felt that he was too familiar, is with this feeling, he has evaded many time fatal disasters, but this feeling in time appears , moreover first un- noon intensity. Wish prosperous face somewhat ugly, but he has not let Spirit Turtle beast immediately speeding up, moreover still with normal is flying, at a moderate pace, his flight trajectory was actually present slowly the deviation, he retreat slowly, just retreat was very slow, nobody rather realized. His Spirit Turtle beast is he raises since childhood in a big way, almost with his mind connection, therefore the movements of these Spirit Turtle beasts are also very slow, but wished prosperous actually very clear, now the Spirit Turtle beast has prepared, had the change, he can in the flash achieved quickly, evaded any danger. When wished makes these preparations prosperously, the spatial however that feeling became incomparable formidable, wish knows prosperously the opposite party began, his simply had not looked that the opposite party was the body that used anything to move, but was shouted: Walks!” His voice just fell, his Spirit Turtle beast, probably is behind the buttocks caught fire to be the same, one has put on, this puts on can near kilometer distance, was wishing prosperously looks like, these any attack evaded. However he presently has made quickly a mistake, that locked feeling has not vanished, in wishing prepares to order the Spirit Turtle beast prosperously when escaping, his present two luminous spots to oneself getting closer and closer, his immediately/on horseback wave, a fire direct that two outside luminous spot welcomed, then he issued an order, the golden yellow small snake of plate on Spirit Turtle beast has put on fiercely, welcomed toward that two luminous spots.

At this time that two luminous spots his side, his fire has hit a luminous spot, but that luminous spot did not reduce, still struck toward him, his small snake has also hit a luminous spot, but the effect was also similar, but at this time wished prosperous also sees clearly that two luminous spots is anything. Big bullet!” This wishes prosperous final idea, later his vision one black, any also don’t know.!. Looks without the advertisement welcome to «» Please share &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;