Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1510

Rumbling crackle of gunfire, often transmits from three Great Magical Artifact, the although Zhao Hai Cannon underwent processing, the sound is not loud, but these hundred artillery sound together, the sound of artillery is not small. But opposite Weave Fire Clan person there actually appears a flurry, because they have not thought that to such, the opposite party unexpectedly can also hit them, moreover attack strength also such, they see with one's own eyes, many Weave Fire Clan people by the shell of opposite party being battered to death. Zhao Hai use the shell of the Cannon, is similar to the shell of mortar, this shell will also explode, but command(er) that explosive force gave to kill these cultivator, that was almost impossible, therefore in the shell of Zhao Hai this Cannon, was putting some small Magical Artifact, but these small Magical Artifact that Zhao Hai put were quite special, was some Liquid Silver needles, but his these Liquid Silver needle, was according to the method manufacture of break the formation Spirit Snake needle, attack strength very formidable. Therefore light two shells simultaneously hit wished the prosperous time, wish opportunity that prosperous even/including Dian counter-attacked not to have, directly made into a screen. Not only wished prosperous, his two Monster Beast equally were also killed, even if were that only Defense Item strength not bad Spirit Turtle beast, was killed, person of two beasts died, was received in Space by the Liquid Silver needle directly, simultaneously received to Space, wished the prosperous spear|gun. Wish prosperous spear|gun Zhao Hai unable to have a liking for the eye actually, but presently in his hand other spear|guns are not 1 u comes out, therefore he must wishing the prosperous spear|gun received Space, then wishing prosperous release goes, this nobody will suspect anything. With wishing prosperous same situation, but also in Weave Fire Clan various Great Formation places full, some Weave Fire Clan people had not been killed by an artillery, shell that but the shell of Zhao Hai fire, with others' shell, Zhao Hai does not shoot, these Liquid Silver flying needles, when departs to hit the enemy, is received Space control, if there is a that shell not to kill the person, Cai'er they can immediately/on horseback control the Liquid Silver flying needle carry on two times attack, like this these Weave Fire Clan person difficult escapes by luck absolutely. First round bombing, one has killed more than 100 Weave Fire Clan people, this is also the Weave Fire Clan Great Formation appears chaotic reason. They have to see the deceased person, but these died more than 100 people, this truly somewhat stems from their anticipation, but this was also only just started. The crackle of gunfire rumbling, these Cannon in Great Magical Artifact, often spraying the shell, each artillery sound, the Weave Fire Clan person will die. Zhao Hai does not have to be polite with them now, he was also having scruples before, fears by Mu Yu presently his Magical Artifact extremely in out of the ordinary, but actually does not use now, they to these Weave Fire Clan person very far, even if their spiritual force, did not have the means to search the past, therefore Zhao Hai was not worried that Mu Yu they presently anything, he now can act independently. Zhao Hai when the Cannon adds the sound, used computer with Mu Yu communicate, he Cannon on Great Magical Artifact was carrying on attack in here command(er), but Mu Yu enters to that camp in now, making in camp hundred treasure only person immediately/on horseback enter to Great Magical Artifact, this not only can assure their securities, but can also increase the strengths on their hand. Mu Yu naturally simultaneously, now this camp protective shield was broken, at this time, if not allow these people to enter to Great Magical Artifact, they could not go against how long to be able through Transmission Formation returned to encampment, let their such returned to encampment with, might as well remain, helping them fight. Because of this, Zhao Hai three Great Magical Artifact, has therefore not proceeded, but stops in there, carries on attack to the Weave Fire Clan person. Said that also strange, in this team of Weave Fire Clan people, has not seen people in the other great Spirit Race and small unexpectedly, is the Weave Fire Clan person, the population about 2000.

This to is makes Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled, why his understand this group of Weave Fire Clan people cannot the island of resistance come attack this camp, point other armies do not bring, this probably is not the style of Weave Fire Clan person. However now he cannot control that many, along with Cannon resounding, the each and every one Weave Fire Clan person was killed, the remaining these Weave Fire Clan people somewhat have flustered, they presently, oneself actually take the opposite party not to have the means. Their in hand spear|gun, was inferior far that the artillery of opposite party hits, they cannot project on the opposite party, but the opposite party can actually project on, this equal to is they can only come under attack, this makes Weave Fire Clan people feel that choking with rage, also feels fear. Previously they frequently coped with other cultivator with this method, because Magical Artifact of general cultivator use, was inferior far that their spear|guns hit, therefore they beyond the attack range of opposite party, struck to kill the opposite party with the spear|gun generally. However now the situation actually trades, person who they have become these hit, but the opposite party actually in attack that beside their spear|gun attack keeps they, moreover its attack strength, compared with their spear|guns in much stronger. The Weave Fire Clan spear|gun, the attack strength actually and is too strong, after all bullet too small of spear|gun, leaves he has hit cultivator, so long as in vital part, does not wound generally, cannot strike. Naturally, this refers to in the normal situation, in situation that also cultivator of in other words opposite party with defending Magical Artifact keeps off the bullet, if the opposite party with defending Magical Artifact keeps off the bullet, then congratulates you, you have drawn a prize-winning ticket, keeps off the consequence of bullet with Magical Artifact, only then three, either live, either dies, either is remnant! Lived that to be needless saying that your Magical Artifact blocked the bullet, the bullet has not projected on you, you were also comfortably all right. Dies this is very simple, your Magical Artifact has not blocked the bullet, the bullet penetrates Magical Artifact to hit you, is only hitting your former xiong or to vital part near position, you must die without doubt. The Weave Fire Clan bullet is also small Magical Artifact one type of, manufacture hardness of , defense Magical Artifact that but other cultivator use is not the ornaments, defends the Magical Artifact characteristics, that very hard, this bullet hits to defend Magical Artifact, that meets the tough head-on with toughness, this meets the tough head-on with toughness, bullet appears certain transformation, but bullet that distorted, its lethality be much bigger than the normal bullet. The Weave Fire Clan normal bullet hits cultivator, so long as vital part, only will not leave behind a blood hole generally, this blood hole regarding the average person, can be fatal, but regarding resiliency extremely powerful cultivator, is actually not the fatal wound, so long as eats to select medicine pill, quick can restore to come. The bullet that the bullet that however this distorted actually like this did not distort after hitting cultivator will tumble, in adding on him changed, but this tumbling is anomalous, therefore after hit, wound area meets even bigger, therefore the person of this type of transformation bullet, only the frontage hit is almost one dies, even if hit on the arm or tui, that can also under one give to hit on the person remnantly. But most cultivator not understand this truth, therefore they, when with Weave Fire Clan to war, generally first with defending Magical Artifact oneself keeping off, this often aggravated the casualties with, because of the Weave Fire Clan bullet, in broken against on is very good. But Weave Fire Clan has not thought most from the beginning the lethality such dog of this spear|gun, after presently this spear|gun so is afterward easy-to-use, they more and more rely on the spear|gun, to the present their body besides the spear|gun and bullet, little was bringing other Magical Artifact is the belt, belt are not many. Because has not brought too many Magical Artifact, therefore Weave Fire Clan person most basic defense Magical Artifact little has, in their opinion, Weave Fire Clan does not need to defend, so long as can strike to kill the opposite party on the line. But as the matter stands, Weave Fire Clan turned into one to attack defends the weak army, originally this did not have anything, because few people can block the attack of Weave Fire Clan, but they actually presently, without the defense, really have suffered a loss now, the Zhao Hai there cannon made a sound some of their here people dead, this made Weave Fire Clan these people feel that intermittent wool, feared that next can be one.

This has not ended, hundred treasure people in that small camp are not many, before long all entered in Great Magical Artifact, as the matter stands Zhao Hai can also let loose trick/hand and foot. Had join of these people in these Weave Fire Clan people who adding on him kills, hundred treasure send that knot that Great Magical Artifact comes up with the person of spear|gun, now the Zhao Hai in hand strength very formidable Zhao Hai has naturally not been able to fear that 2000 Weave Fire Clan person, after that small camp person enters to Great Magical Artifact in Zhao Hai immediately command(er) Great Magical Artifact, was overrunning toward Weave Fire Clan there. While command(er) Great Magical Artifact overruns, Zhao Hai called Weave Fire Clan Undead Creature, this Weave Fire Clan Undead Creature wished prosperous, but now he is Zhao Hai Undead Creature. Does Zhao Hai look wished prosperous said : why appears in here, only then your Weave Fire Clan person, the small people of your has the Giant Spirit person?” Wish prosperous immediately/on horseback said : to return to the Young Master words, army in behind, this Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race have concentrated hundred thousand army, wants to open a breach from here, attacks hundred treasure encampment, because of here to encampment nearest/recent of hundred treasure, fears to alert the enemy, therefore only sends us to come out, first puts down these along the way small camp, when army came, direct attack hundred treasure encampment.” Zhao Hai stares, then face does change said : army can catch up quickly?” Wish prosperous immediately/on horseback said : „, this great Spirit Race and Weave Fire Clan, concentrated have been good at the long-range flight Great Magical Artifact, 20, these 20 Great Magical Artifact were flight is quick, thinks of the person to be many, but was not Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, because Giant Spirit Treasure Ship was really extremely conspicuous, moreover was not very fast, therefore useless.” Zhao Hai nodded, hand wielding let wish to draw back prosperously, then his command(er) three Great Magical Artifact were chasing down these Weave Fire Clan people, simultaneously gave Undead Creature of these operate artillery to order, lets the Weave Fire Clan person who they only hit these to escape, person who these still in the resistance, gave other to take the spear|gun solved. After this order passes around, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, appears in pagoda there, Mu Yu has been standing in the pagoda now, look at these Weave Fire Clan people were killed by the each and every one bang, pleased, was in this time at heart, Zhao Hai appears . Sees Zhao Hai appears , Mu Yu cannot help but stares, then face changes, he turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : 1 Little Hai, how you came, had an accident?” Zhao Hai nodded said : just I to ask next Weave Fire Clan Undead Creature, that Undead Creature said that Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race have gathered hundred thousand army, wants to attack encampment from here, they are only sweep clean these small camp, so long as sweeps clean these small camp, their immediately will begin to encampment, has not actually thought that has been hitting our in hand.” Mu Yu one hear of Zhao Hai said that coldly snorted said : good Weave Fire Clan, actually to think sneak attack we, but is somewhat strange, how before to have obtained information?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : they moved much Great Magical Artifact that specifically was used to hurry along, these Great Magical Artifact were being good at long-range flights, now has not approached here, feared that was they and other people these small camp putting down, then they in suddenly surprise attack, in using other break the formation Spirit Snake needles or any thing, gave to break encampment protective shield directly, then advanced in encampment.” Mu Yu makes an effort pats the barricade of pagoda, cold sound said : plans is good, but has now run into us, that calculates them to have bad luck, 1 Little Hai, how do you see?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : first to tidy up this only army, when the time comes I looked that Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race will have anything to respond, they were hundred thousand army, we also altogether were hundred thousand, they had the spear|gun, we also had, they did not have the artillery, we had, therefore this weaponry they lost.” Mu Yu nodded said : well, that first has tidied up these fellows, walks, first reaches an agreement with Little Jie and Little Wen, then we move, must tidy up the child they.” Zhao Hai nodded, their personal appearance moves, to Giant Spirit Treasure Ship on, said to Tang Jie and Tang Wen the situation, then Zhao Hai and Mu Yu returned to in Yama Ship and pagoda, have carried on the full attack to these 2000 Weave Fire Clan people.

These Weave Fire Clan people, itself morale was low, was panic-stricken, now Zhao Hai their this adds strong attack to strike, block, immediately/on horseback scatters in all directions to run away, but this time they cannot run away. Zhu Huo stands on own imperial wind beast, going all out fled the battlefield, regarding him, today's all these looks like a nightmare, especially after that three Great Magical Artifact appears , they are at the aspect of completely passively coming under attack, Zhu Huo very clear, now they do not walk, forever could not get away. Previous time they have sent out 2000 people, is leading the great Spirit Race people and large quantities of small people, was to these three Great Magical Artifact, wiped out in octopus island there, at that time their people fought superiorly, but that two thousand Weave Fire Clan people were annihilated, but now they have 2000 people, to on these three Great Magical Artifact people, they was really energy not. However Zhu Huo regarding own escaping ability is very confident, his imperial wind beast, very fast, it can be said that one of the quickest Monster Beast, therefore he is one of the quickest leave battlefield person Weave Fire Clan people. However Zhu Huo actually does not dare the slight general idea, he to know hundred treasure that cannon very formidable, therefore he is changing his flying route, he also carefully is paying simultaneously attention, can look have the shell to come to him, his spear|gun also momentarily is at may strike the condition. Quick Zhu Huo on complete leave the range of battlefield institute, he has been able to affirm, in this distance is the artillery of opposite party also cannot project on own, he cannot help but relaxed. However in this time, his Zhu Huo suddenly present, their front suddenly appears many hundred wooden people, in hand of these people took one type of he has not been seeing the spear|gun, Zhu Huo sweeps presently these people with spiritual force unexpectedly is Undead Creature. At this moment, these Undead Creature simultaneously raised the spear|gun, Zhu Huo has wanted to hide already without enough time, the sound of gunfire resounded, Zhu Huo and his Monster Beast were killed at the scene! ( To be continued!. «» provides most quickly the latest novel. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;