Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1511

Reason that Zhao Hai release these Undead Creature come, wants to have a look at these Undead Creature, when use spear|gun, fighting strength how, simultaneously he does not want to make entering of these Weave Fire Clan run, these enter, if ran, Weave Fire Clan army knew, when the time comes possibly trouble. Wonderful non- ball window qi Fortunately, these Undead Creature have not disappointed him, they line up in formation fires the spear|gun the time, Might is very big, Zhu Huo and his these Monster Beast, do not have what the ability of counter-attack, was killed. Such result Zhao Hai is very satisfied, although said these spear|guns, if gives the entering uses of some strength formidable, the effect will be better, but through a fight, fully explained undergoes the Space improvement these spear|guns, Might is very good. Zhao Hai currently on has military strength hundred thousand, but the opposite party only then 2000 enter, was adding on with the artillery has killed the opposite party about thousand to enter, now Zhao Hai they upward clash, Weave Fire Clan these entered, could not withstand. Moreover entering of these Weave Fire Clan presently, their Bai Shaoqiang does regarding a Zhao Hai point with does not have, this made them more depressed, at heart mood of last resistance, complete vanish from sight. Three entering to these Weave Fire Clan chases down, naturally is impossible to kill, running away these, with the Zhu Huo same destiny, before long the entire battlefield could not see living Weave Fire Clan entered. Looked could not see Weave Fire Clan to enter, three gathered in together, Zhao Hai looked at Mu Yu , nodded, Mu Yu also nodded, they have not spoken, before had planned, so long as now implemented that plan to be OK. Zhao Hai waved, three go toward forward flight, he had asked wished prosperous Weave Fire Clan army in there, so long as now they killed to be OK. Mu Yu with the signalling jade sword, passed on returned to encampment to go information that just obtained, making encampment there be ready, now the encampment there army are many, so long as carried on some adjustments to be OK the emphasis point of defense. However Mu Yu also knows, if Weave Fire Clan real attack encampment, played the war leading role by that time was these Immortal Stage Expert, their these entered to fear that was can only play a young supporting role. Three moving forward fast, in hundred treasure audiences are entering to are very happy, this fight, their actually make a move, Zhao Hai directly with artillery the opposite party destroying completely most probably, such fight although is not conspicuous, is actually these enters to be glad to see. Continually flew for one hour, Zhao Hai they have not met entering of Weave Fire Clan or great Spirit Race, probably here simply has not lived any war to be the same.

Zhao Hai is actually very clear, the fight of their here, captured certainly the entire ten-thousand realms battlefield attention, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, like this time, both sides altogether has used the wars of several hundred thousand army attacks, almost before is, not enters, thinks that does not capture the attention that the audiences enter to be also difficult. Before hundred treasure and great Spirit Race although also had the war to live, however the entering number of use did not have these many, at that time both sides hit very conservative, very discrete, like this time, both sides almost left the situation of trying, has not lived. This hundred treasure hit, that hundred treasure in the ten-thousand realms battlefield here status, will promote, if did not hit well, that hundred treasure also ended. Also flew for about a half hour, Zhao Hai already presently Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race allied armies, they sit in 20 huge on the ship, but they do not have advancing now, the ships stop in there, obviously they and other information. This situation is Zhao Hai release goes to the scout Liquid Silver needle present, Zhao Hai wants to enter great Spirit Race and in the range of Weave Fire Clan allied armies, minimum also takes about 20 minutes. However Zhao Hai has not stopped, he saw, that 20 Spaceship that Weave Fire Clan they prepare, are not used to fight, seems like used to transport probably, therefore Zhao Hai simply is not worried about anything. Zhao Hai has put out computer, told Mu Yu them this situation, making them be ready, 20 minutes are really not anything regarding cultivator. 20 minutes of in the blink of an eye on the past, Zhao Hai they entered to the range that in great Spirit Race and Weave Fire Clan allied armies are, Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race allied armies also present they, large quantities of entering flew from Spaceship. These Spaceship looked that does not look like wooden sailboat is the same, flat head, does not have the sail, is very big, but seems, likely is not used to fight. Zhao Hai will be naturally impolite, after entering the firing distance of Cannon, immediately ordered these Undead Creature to open fire, coped with this, must open fire first. In Zhao Hai the shell of Cannon has the break the formation Spirit Snake needle of small shape, copes with this type not Spaceship that is used to fight, naturally is very relaxed, several artillery in the past, on Spaceship by appears several large hole, but also some shells have projected on Spaceship from large hole directly, then lived the explosion, then the break the formation Spirit Snake needle of small shape randomly flies.

The explosion of shell in Spaceship, that consequence is very serious, in Spaceship the machine is on the other hand very close Space, enters also the very dense collection, at this time the shell exploded, the massive small shape break the formation Spirit Snake needle departs, these cultivator want to hide does not have the place to hide, directly became under the needle the ghost. Zhao Hai is not entering of waste, all killed entering, turned into Undead Creature to receive in Space, in these killed entering, was not entering of Weave Fire Clan, but Weave Fire Clan was very strict regarding spear|gun only control, except for Weave Fire Clan, in small of their entered, did not have the spear|gun, they were only some ordinary cultivator, but these cultivator strengths were also very good, most difference was cultivator of some Infant Stage times. Can look, this Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race have also gotten down the initial capital, cultivator of even/including Wanying time drew, if hundred treasure were not because had the spear|gun of improvement, feared that was simply cannot block the attack of Weave Fire Clan. Entering of these Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race also presently Zhao Hai their Bai Shao planned that their immediately/on horseback loudly was shouting, lets also stayed in the cabin enter the quick point to come out, their very clear, these entered, if in staying in cabin, can only wait for death. Wish the eye of Cloud Mountain red, he is this Weave Fire Clan army lead the army, but he has not actually thought that will compete however will meet the attacks of hundred treasure in here, moreover in clan continuously very that three of attention. Sees Zhao Hai their appears , wish Cloud Mountain to know that he sent cleared away the barrier that 2000 to enter, but he has not thought that Zhao Hai in hand competes now however has Cannon Ultimate Weapon, has not waited for him into to call from cabin, that shell has pounded on such as the raindrop generally, their Bai Shaoru has not come out, died more than 10,000. Wish Cloud Mountain to wish one could to rush that three now extinguishing, but he actually cannot, his present most important letting cabin entering in as soon as possible comes out, otherwise membership of death. Zhao Hai face calm look at Weave Fire Clan army there, he has not approached there, this Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race have somewhat pulled rank, they think that now hundred treasure pressing encampment here, that hundred treasure did not have the ability that anything hits back, therefore they have not brought to be good at fighting like Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, but has used Spaceship of this type of being used transportation, this Spaceship cannot help in the fight, is entering of Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race, comes out from Spaceship, what is also very difficult to cause to injure to Zhao Hai three. Conversely, Zhao Hai three want Charging Formation, the opposite party is very difficult to resist. Therefore Zhao Hai has not worried to attack, now that 20 Spaceship, that 20 Spaceship although have not been used for entering that fights, but the build is actually very big, now also flies in in midair, Zhao Hai they to overrun now, Weave Fire Clan these enter, with these Spaceship, when the bunker comes to resist with them, such words will be very troublesome, therefore Zhao Hai wants in wait a minute, with bombing, to ruin after that 20 Spaceship first, is using three to come Charging Formation. The crackle of gunfire rumbling is still making a sound, cultivator in three, run up to window there to look around outward, Kong Miao and Xu Wuzun also. look at opposite party that 20 Spaceship in crackle of gunfire, each and every one large hole, excited of Xu Wuzun also cannot help but face, turns the head to Kong Miao said : Kong Miao Grandmaster, is with Mr. Zhao Hai together fight nearest/recent hidden, HaHaHa, has a look at these fellows, now feared that was exploded silly.”

Kong Miao is also a pride of face, although now Zhao Hai is hundred treasure entered, what however is undeniable, Zhao Hai actually comes Comprehend the world, now Zhao Hai has such achievement, makes on his face have up. Before Comprehend the world in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, simply did not have what fame, but now because of the Zhao Hai reason, in hundred treasure many on and entering, will take the initiative came to draw relationship with Kong Miao, entering of these small Interface, to flattering that he divided, this was almost is impossible to live before. Kong Miao also knows that these in the Zhao Hai face, so will be polite to him, he does not have stance/framework/shelf that one adds, enters also very polite with these, now Comprehend the world in hundred treasure , had certainly has the [lineage/vein]. Some little time, wishing Cloud Mountain to call from cabin all entering, but this unify/unified includes the number, wish Cloud Mountain almost not to have the heart pain dead, is only this bombing, made them lose near twenty thousand to enter, twenty thousand entered that this digit placed ten-thousand realms battlefield here not to calculate little, in small Interface, not necessarily had twenty thousand in the ten-thousand realms battlefield here entering number, in other words Zhao Hai this bombing, has destroyed completely two Comprehend the world on equal to in ten-thousand realms battlefield here entered. Zhao Hai has still not approached, but also is carrying on bombing in the surrounding, wish Cloud Mountain although to come up to go all out, but he also knows that is impossible, such words will only lose even bigger, he currently had has drawn back intent. In this time, suddenly coldly snorted is transmitting, then listens to cry sound of the Phoenix's cry, a fiery-red personal appearance, non-stop flies to come from the distant place, this red shade very fast, Zhao Hai just presently this red shade sound, he is also only one red, but only blinked, arrived at the near, Zhao Hai this seeing clearly, this competed however is Fire Phoenix! ( to be continued ) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;