Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1512
«» this only Fire Phoenix fully has more than 30 zhang (3.33 m), the head has a golden crest, the latter seven long plumes, pair of claws such as the check, the mouth is sharp and long, outside a fiery-red feather, competes however is burning the one layer flame to be equally wonderful probably non- ball window qi

In carrying on the back of this only Fire Phoenix, actually stands to enter, this enters a appearance to enter with other Weave Fire Clan almost, the spear|gun that but behind him carries, actually very special, he at the back at the back of large spear, this spear|gun very big, enters the spear|gun that currently uses longer than Weave Fire Clan, moreover looks like the heaviness of in addition, in carrying on the back to compete however has also installed thing like telescopic sights Zhao Hai saw this spear|gun, suddenly has thought same thing, that was the sniper's rifle, this Weave Fire Clan entered at the back of the spear|gun, especially looked like the sniper's rifle Zhao Hai looked that this situation cannot help but was shocked, he has not thought really that competes however to have into Weave Fire Clan with such spear|gun, original Zhao Hai also feared that own spear|gun extremely in Advanced level, with is too conspicuous, now looks like, weapon that this Weave Fire Clan will enter, will not be that simple Also really made Zhao Hai think right, weapon in Weave Fire Clan also was really not that simple, his spear|gun of use, reason that looked like that ordinary, a most important reason to coordinate their white bucket synthesis spear|gun technique, their present setting produce the spear|gun, most suits the use synthesis spear|gun technique the one type of spear|gun, if changed to Zhao Hai such spear|gun, when use synthesis spear|gun technique, difficult of has plenty Spear|Gun that Zhao Hai their produce comes out, because he does not need to consider to use the synthesis spear|gun technique the issue, therefore makes this to be most appropriate, but regarding Weave Fire Clan is actually not good Naturally, what making Zhao Hai surprised is, this stands in entering that Fire Phoenix carries on the back, his strength competes however is Immortal Stage, not only this enters is Immortal Stage, is his Fire Phoenix, its strength also in Immortal Stage This Immortal Stage Expert appears , Zhao Hai immediately has gathered three, turned into "品" character shape stands in the area, Zhao Hai stands on Yama Ship, coldly look at this Immortal Stage Expert That Immortal Stage Expert is also sizing up Zhao Hai, his both eyes such as two cold electric are ordinary, Zhao Hai although to that Immortal Stage Expert very far, but he felt the one type of very serious pressure However Zhao Hai has not avoided, but is coldly is looking at each other with that Immortal Stage Expert, that Immortal Stage Expert looked that among Zhao Hai dares to look at each other with him, has cannot help but gawked, then laughs said : not to think that Comprehend the world such small place, competes however can leave your this kind of Expert, HaHaHa, good, the old man to has looked down upon the young under hero, Zhao Hai, now is young you to die in in hand of old man, was your good fortune, looked in your strength good, old man on telling you, old man known as Zhu Huwei, nickname Fire Phoenix silver spear|gun Zhao Hai holds the fist in the other hand said : Zhao Hai to see Senior Zhu to Zhu Huwei, Senior Zhu, my hundred treasure with great Spirit Race originally are the bitter enemy, senior is in five side Upper Realm enters, why does take part come in?” Zhu Huwei look at Zhao Hai, laughs said : interestingly, you compete however also want to urge the old man, good, the old man told you, because our Weave Fire Clan wanted the big domain, how this did reply?” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: senior is really honest, that Zhao Hai rubbish, senior invited Zhu Huwei to smiling, but receives the smiling face on face, meets to begin wields, that don’t know, his back carries arrived at in hand large spear, then his spear|gun hits to Zhao Hai

Zhu Huwei this spear|gun very fast, Xin Hao Zhao Hai early is prepared, his front one rose a metal plate, a Zhu Huwei spear|gun hits on the metal plate Zhao Hai felt that the body shakes, his Yama Ship goes toward retreat, simultaneously nearby pagoda and Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, goes toward retreat Zhao Hai when presently Zhu Huwei appears , has concentrated three, moreover used energy to draw continually, no matter that Magical Artifact by attack, large item could together move The time of Zhao Hai this drawing back, Zhu Huwei after Zhao Hai has fired a spear|gun, does not meet to Mu Yu and Tang Jie has fired two spear|guns, retreat that but at this time three flown, his these two spear|guns naturally also failed However his these two spear|guns are actually heavy, Zhao Hai spiritual force certainly was shaken, but fortunately, he has not been injured When Zhao Hai flies to draw back, artillery in three have also made a sound, the good artillery almost simultaneously to project the shell, but target of shell has one, that is Zhu Huwei Zhu Huwei also present this point, his coldly snorted, his Fire Phoenix yelled, then the huge Phoenix/Fenghuang direct these shells comprised of the fire welcomed Then listens to rumbling a loud sound, all shells by that only huge Phoenix/Fenghuang to detonate, but that only huge Phoenix/Fenghuang also caused heavy losses, flame slowly was also put out That only Phoenix/Fenghuang competes however is only phantom that Fire Phoenix of Zhu Huwei under foot comes out, this Immortal Stage Monster Beast, strength really extraordinary At this moment, a sound conveys said : Zhu Huwei, the old man comes to be able you voice to fall, two direct appears in Zhao Hai in front of them, these two entered puts on hundred treasure to enter the black cultivator clothing/taking that the heart is used to wear, not with any weapon, but imposing manner is startled to enter, competes however is two Immortal Stage Expert Zhu Huwei saw that these two enter, two eyes also cannot help but shrinks, obvious hundred treasure to some of he also certain understanding, otherwise is impossible to send two Immortal Stage Expert to cope with him Zhu Huwei in Weave Fire Clan, is very alternative existence, because he does not enter such to other Weave Fire Clan, two or over two Monster Beast, he has Monster Beast, is Fire Phoenix In fact Weave Fire Clan at that time, currently also has much, only then Monster Beast, but these entered have raised two Monster Beast most from the beginning, because afterward fought, in which Monster Beast died in battle, therefore is only leading Monster Beast now

But Zhu Huwei is only raising since childhood Monster Beast, is Fire Phoenix, has been bound by a common destiny with Fire Phoenix to him greatly, enters to him like this, in Weave Fire Clan is very rare Zhu Huwei looked at that two hundred treasure Immortal Stage Expert one, Ha Ha knows said : whom I to consider greatly, originally is the wind and cloud double blade, has not thought that my Zhu Huwei face competed however is so big, competes however can make two together cope with me deep voice said : in wind and cloud double blade Zhu Huwei, you little wasted breath, since you know that my brother's name, should know our brothers' customs, no matter you were one enter are 10,000 enter, we were two brothers oppose the enemy, Zhu Huwei, you also became famous by long Immortal Stage Expert, competed however after one poured forth, you did not fear that lost into?” Zhu Huwei sneers said : wind and cloud double blade, you to the old man rigid theorizing, the old man are what kind , but also is not one's turn into to manage, snort|hum, Zhao Hai is he ordinary Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator? If he is, the old man without demur, withdraws from the ten-thousand realms battlefield directly Zhu Huwei said that «» what, said Zhao Hai is ordinary Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator? That simple is deceiving child, feared that is the children does not believe that ordinary Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, can block Immortal Stage Expert with ease strikes, moreover can counter-attack, this saying must say that feared is they thinks, it is fortunate that heart Zhu Huwei looked that two enter does not make noise, this coldly snorted said : little rubbish, under the hand/subordinate saw the true facts, leave here, Mo Shang child said that the Zhu Huwei personal appearance moved, leave the battlefield, the wind and cloud double blade has also disappeared with the flashes body Visited them to walk, Zhao Hai naturally cannot stop, Zhao Hai wielded, three immediately proceeded to flush away, simultaneously three Cannon in time opening fire However at this moment, a fiery-red giant bullet, shoots toward Zhao Hai from Weave Fire Clan behind, Zhao Hai complexion changes, because he just examined through Space Weave Fire Clan behind does not have no Expert, was this bullet or appears , must know that Might of this bullet, looked that was Immortal Stage Expert comes out, in Weave Fire Clan behind, but also was hiding Immortal Stage Expert although Zhao Hai in thinking these, but he simultaneously raised in three metal wall, gave to block entering in three But at this time the Cai'er sound also conveyed said : Elder Brother Hai, you have been careful, this bullet shoots from Space rift, what it seems like these time comes is in Weave Fire Clan one is good at Space Divergent Technique Immortal Stage Expert Zhao Hai stares, then complexion changes, Space is Zhao Hai final taking advantage, really what if comes is meeting Space Divergent Technique Immortal Stage Expert, that Zhao Hai used Space to be careful, so as to avoid presently But the Cai'er words have not ended, Cai'er said : Elder Brother Hai, the situation is not quite then good, Immortal Stage Expert in hundred treasure, all sent out, all by great Spirit Race and Weave Fire Clan Immortal Stage Expert directing, this Immortal Stage Expert appears , had feared that now copes specially your, in has not entered to help you Zhao Hai one hear of Cai'er said that complexion became was ugly, his immediately that added changed three is small, meets to begin to wield, Space rift appears , three one entered in Space rift together, but he remained

He had just closed Space rift, feeling all around Space probably one becomes moistening is very thick, probably all Space had been deadlocked was the same However is good because of Zhao Hai can also feel existence of Space, but he wants to take thing from Space now outward, actually continue compared with on original difficult ten times, if lets Undead Creature in Space, their white bucket strength as centralized as Liquid Silver on, can actually achieve Mu Yu also felt the metal plate in pagoda to rise, but he has not been serious, he thought Zhao Hai to resist Weave Fire Clan these bullets, therefore raised the metal plate, he and outside don’t know has looked unfamiliar anything When he comes back the god to come time, actually presently already returned to in encampment, besides him, all with entering returned to that Zhao Hai exited in encampment, had Zhao Hai not in Mu Yu stares, suddenly presently own computer hears songs and calls, Mu Yu opened computer to look, presently above is the message of Zhao Hai, his immediately opened the message, hears the Zhao Hai sound to transmit said : Big Brother Mu, Weave Fire Clan met Space Divergent Technique Immortal Stage Expert suddenly to arrive at the battlefield, encampment there all Immortal Stage Expert, already by Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race Immortal Stage Expert directing, not to have entered in supports us, therefore I can only deliver in returned to encampment you, I remained to constrain this Immortal Stage Expert, cannot make him attack encampment absolutely, Big Brother Mu, you. Now immediately is leading everyone/Great Clan, strengthens the alert, if the matter may not be, returned hundred treasure saying that did not have the sound To be continued «» &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;