Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1513

«» Zhao Hai this breaks the ten points that the words said sharply, Qi non- ball window qi Mu Yu that one hear very worries to record listens to this saying is actually being the complexion big change, his immediately wants to rescue Zhao Hai, but changes mind thinks, immediately understand meaning of Zhao Hai encampment here all Immortal Stage Expert were directed, void that now encampment here can divide, if he in going all out of rescues Zhao Hai, that encampment here strength was also weak a point, if really in having Immortal Stage Expert comes, they possibly really could not block He also knows why Zhao Hai does not come back, if Zhao Hai runs with their together, that Immortal Stage Expert, will certainly chase down, outside these small camp with encampment, simply is impossible to block that Immortal Stage Expert, if when the time comes that Immortal Stage Expert kills encampment here to come, entered encampment with Space Divergent Technique, wantonly carries on the destruction to encampment, these small of that hundred treasure, feared that will not be receiving their Bai Shao control, danger that such adds Therefore Zhao Hai kept outside that Immortal Stage Expert has constrained, has actually delivered him, so long as their these entered to defend encampment here, that hundred treasure also had make a comeback opportunity Mu Yu knows that this is Zhao Hai with the poor life to the time that they win, he cannot impulse although saying that Mu Yu is very confident regarding Zhao Hai, but he is very clear, Zhao Hai now is also not the Immortal Stage Expert match, he can constrain that Immortal Stage Expert, feared that was not easy Moreover Zhao Hai added that Immortal Stage Expert meets Space Divergent Technique, opportunity that also in other words, Zhao Hai possibly escapes with Space Divergent Technique does not have, but their all can returned to encampment here come, is Zhao Hai one presently is not certainly right, immediately has delivered them, at that time that Immortal Stage Expert feared that has not arrived at the battlefield, if to the battlefield, had feared that was they do not come back Mu Yu face calm received computer, at this time Tang Jie and did Tang Wen also run up to the Mu Yu side two to enter being perplexed some look at Mu Yu said : Big Brother Mu, Little Hai? That did youngster run that? How did he return to encampment here to come us?” Mu Yu loses computer to Tang Jie, after deep voice said : looks, do not disclose saying that turn around walked Tang Jie and Tang Wen immediately opened computer, after listening to the message of Zhao Hai, two enter is also complexion changes, Tang Jie just about to yelled that by Tang Wen covering the mouth, Tang Wen in a soft voice said : Senior Brother, do not disclose, settles doing that Little Hai said that first defends encampment here, otherwise also our hundred treasure ended Tang Jie, Tang Wen did not loosen Tang Jie, his look at Tang Jie deep voice said : Senior Brother, this is Little Hai the time that went all out to give us to win, we cannot disappoint the Little Hai good intention, you, when Big Brother Mu doesn't want to rescue Little Hai? He is also the meaning of understand Little Hai, therefore he can only endure, you had not noticed that Big Brother Mu complexion looks The Tang Jie mouth moves, finally has not made noise, but sighed, beckoned with the hand said : walking to say two entered the half step followed Mu Yu , Mu Yu looked at two to enter with, but nodded, then immediately started to begin, this 100,000 entered, arranged encampment various places defend base operation's base very good that encampment here defense base operation's base constructs, can use artillery attack, moreover each defended base operation's base there also to install many mortars, Zhao Hai gave them the white bucket Cannon also to install in here, therefore this defended base operation's base to make to was good Hundred treasure encampment here, besides Mu Yu , several experienced Divided Spirit Stage Expert, Mu Yu after several enter communicate, immediately to encampment here all cultivator has carried on the arrangement, cultivator that therefore practiced, all entered base operation's base, at any time standing by, Mu Yu also Craft Room there, now Craft Room there is refining the bullet and spear|gun Mu Yu immediately made two groups of Crafter stop, was not refining the bullet and spear|gun, but changed to refine to imitate break the formation Spirit Snake needle Mu Yu very clear, this spear|gun although was very strong, but must by the words of attack strength, actually be can't compare with imitates the break the formation Spirit Snake needle only, if were imitated the broken Spirit Snake needle by ten Divided Spirit Stage Expert uses, can constrain Immortal Stage Expert fully some time, but now they need was this

After all prepare, Mu Yu arrived at them to leave encampment that direction, face calm was looking around outward, they were actually anxiously, he feared really Zhao Hai left matter however his such mood unable to display, now in hundred treasure, his prestige is highest, these Lower Realm entered don’t know encampment here not to have Immortal Stage Expert to assume personal command, but he knows, if at this time he one chaotic, was not having Immortal Stage Expert to come out to blow the scene, that hundred treasure encampment on danger, therefore his present although worry, actually must display. Leaves a cloud poor business conditions clear appearance Tang Jie and Tang Wen know that Mu Yu worries now, otherwise Mu Yu is impossible to stand in there, actually stands in there anything cannot look, but washes the heart actually to stand in there moves also motionless, Tang Jie and Tang Wen two entered the thoughts that now wants to cry to have, but they were still heavy face calm arrangement these to enter defend, in the surface anything could not look Kong Miao and Xu Wuzun also feel very strange, their very clear, Zhao Hai wants regarding hundred treasure very heavy, the status in hundred treasure is not probably low, Mu Yu to Zhao Hai depending on very heavy, so long as Zhao Hai is not closing up, almost stays with Mu Yu in together, but actually only saw Mu Yu now, has not seen Zhao Hai, this makes them very puzzled, but they have not gone to ask Mu Yu , because of their very clear, their white bucket status in hundred treasure anything is not, there are something is they cannot ask Xu Wuzun was old fox, he felt that in this time their suddenly returned to encampment matter, was passing a strangeness, this matter possibly was the category that cannot ask, therefore he has not gone to touch that nail/saboteur Kong Miao naturally to be inferior to Xu Wuzun Old Daoist, he wants to ask, actually by Xu Wuzun blocking In hundred treasure here, must the clan not too be entered to treat sees, this is related with their beforehand reputations, but now with quite near is Comprehend the world that must the clan walk, therefore Xu Wuzun to Kong Miao is also becoming friends with desirably, now looks at Kong Miao to take thousand piffles, he blocked certainly Kong Miao The flower opens two, various Table, put down Mu Yu they, we said Zhao Hai only Zhao Hai just sent off Mu Yu , feeling all around Space, probably becomes incomparable viscous, he wants to take thing from Space outward, minimum needs to spend normally is bigger than ten lifetime the strengths, is good in Space these Undead Creature, but can also input their white bucket strength to his Liquid Silver, otherwise he really impossible with that Immortal Stage Expert to spelling Simultaneously Zhao Hai also lets Cai'er and Laura they have a look, to have a look at this Space viscous distance altogether far, must, they probably open together Space rift in other place when necessary, then comes these strength formidable Undead Creature release, entering of attack these Weave Fire Clan Zhao Hai very clear, this Space viscous has certain influence to him, he must enter Space now, needs the time that before was longer, but these days, feared that was enough that Immortal Stage Expert uses other method to cope with him the Immortal Stage Expert method, Zhao Hai had not suspected, if that Immortal Stage Expert can really before he entered Space, Space passage sealing, he was dangerous Moreover what Zhao Hai most fears, the time that if Space passage opens was too long, that Immortal Stage Expert, will enter with his together to Space, then on in addition has troubled, whether his don’t know Law of Space cannot stand this Immortal Stage Expert, his not energy this danger, therefore Zhao Hai this time did not prepare to enter Space to avoid Can say situation that this Zhao Hai encounters, since has been he makes a debut most dangerous one time, before he in danger, can enter to the Space avoidance, but this time he cannot enter Space, Space will give his help also very limitedly, this will be his danger biggest root Moreover Zhao Hai also presently, this Space viscous, not only enters Space to be influential to him, uses Magical Artifact to be also influential for him on the present, he must put out normally is more than five generations of strengths, can control the Magical Artifact normal use, not in Magical Artifact will be slower than normally, this is very fatal At this moment, when Zhao Hai summarizes this Space viscous characteristics, a tall and thin old man of Weave Fire Clan appearance, appears before Zhao sea surface not far away, very strange of this old man, his under foot did not enter like other Weave Fire Clan, is only stepping on Monster Beast, his under foot is stepping on two Monster Beast, two blue-green snakes, these two snake very strange, their Bai Shao body is thin and long, if common snake as long as several meters, that minimum on had the lip to be thick or thin, but these two snakes, first choice had 50 many meters, but. Their white bucket is also thick or thin common on such as the bowl, must be thinner than the common snake

On these two blue-green snakes is growing very tiny scale, the head of triangle, the rank red snake letter, the ice-cold look, is staring at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai felt the fine body hair of own whole body set upright Stature tall and thin that this always enters, temperament gentle and reserved, two eyes is callous, the eye that Zhao Hai look at this always enters is clear, felt one are looking at each other with a snake probably, that feeling very irritable But what in addition is irritable is this old man behind carries that the spear|gun, this old man behind carries a very enormous spear|gun, with his personal appearance very incompatible Spear|Gun that before Zhu Huwei carried, looked like like the sniper's rifle, but spear|gun that this old man behind carried, looked like in Zhao Hai, simply cannot call the spear|gun, should call the Fire Arrow tube also almost, the barrel was thick, the structure to was very simple, although seemed like the Fire Arrow tube, but the structure actually with the spear|gun same spear|gun's body all over the body was fiery-red, very conspicuous The old men are also sizing up Zhao Hai, some little time then he he strangely smiles said : Zhao Hai, hears your nearest/recent crest of wave very vigor, but you must remember, entered or wanted the low key young, otherwise can die quick Zhao Hai look at this old man, coldly snorted said : „can low key live long? I look not necessarily, your this Immortal Stage Expert, can make a move cope with me, I am also useful in the low key Old man look at Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : Zhao Hai, you are young material, but you should not annoy me to our Weave Fire Clan, annoys entering of Weave Fire Clan, only then dies Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : „you are not first me told that entering of this saying, I since making a debut, don’t know had many to have with me had said this saying, is to the present, I still live well, instead to was entering that these want to make me die, now actually died, was only don’t know, whether you could have killed me really Old man coldly snorted said : extremely arrogant ignorant, Zhao Hai, you have remembered, killed your entering is Spirit Snake blood spear|gun Zhu Gui said that Zhu Gui back large spear arrived at in his hand, a spear|gun hit toward Zhao Hai Zhao Hai has been alerting fully, looked that an opposite party spear|gun makes, his hand wields, at the same time the giant shield kept off in his front these hundred shields has looked like enriching the well-being of the masses , the thickness has been about ten meters, the best pupil had more than 20 meters, looked like formidable might is uncommon Zhu Gui is actually a ridicule of face, he is very confident to his spear|gun, because of his very clear, the spear|gun that Immortal Stage Expert uses, with entering of Divided Spirit Stage with the spear|gun is different, spear|gun that Immortal Stage Expert uses, spear|gun much better that but use compared with Divided Spirit Stage Weave Fire Clan with the spear|gun many years, Zhao Hai has presently used these shortcomings of spear|gun, did they divide presently? Entering of Weave Fire Clan already presently the shortcoming of that spear|gun, but arrived at Immortal Stage time, their Bai Shaoqiang after special refinement, moreover some special with the spear|gun method , because of this, therefore Weave Fire Clan to Immortal Stage, has been able saying that official entry to practice spear|gun boundary, this is the reason that Weave Fire Clan has used the spear|gun, they from using spear|gun, tried to find out that group of one out of the ordinary practice, a Weave Fire Clan Immortal Stage Expert tube this group has been called spear|gun This spear|gun many boundary, Zhu Gui don’t know, what Zhu Gui knows, this Immortal Stage uses the spear|gun, but just touched a spear|gun key, later road also steadily

although he touched a spear|gun key, but he actually knows, Might that this spear|gun exited, was too more than Divided Spirit Stage, therefore he believed this spear|gun, can definitely shield crushing of Zhao Hai Huge red bullet, one struck on the shield, but Zhu Gui imagination the situation of shield disruption did not have appears , saw that big shield fierce will shrink in the future, however relieving getting slower and slower, competed to stop finally, then fierce proceeded, competed that red bullet however gives the ball to fly Zhu Gui stares, the movement of this shield made him get up same thing, that was spring shield just this series of movements too to the spring, his bullet looked like a pressure was pressing this spring press, the spring in the future will be shrinking, when the strength of bullet did not have sometimes, the spring came out in the fierce ball, flew to the ball the bullet Zhu Gui has not thought mistakenly actually, that big shield is a spring, that big shield not possibly has about ten meters shield fully, Zhao Hai naturally to make the solid him, he this big shield, has installed the innumerable springs, these spring one layer one layer, are counter-balancing the strength of bullet, when the after strength of bullet completely low anti-, then on not spring rebound time Reason that Zhao Hai such does, because of his very clear, if met with the shield hardly, his spiritual force will be shaken, does not do well can also injure to arrive at itself, but installs the spring, these springs can play doing of absorption of shock to use, he does not need to worry that his spiritual force will receive to shake To be continued «» &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;